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Founder: The Christian Democratic Nation of Culture of Life

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RIGHT TO LIFE is a community of nations that recognizes and promotes defense of the unalienable rights of the unborn. The nations of this region oppose induced abortion in all or most cases.

LinkWorld Assembly members are required to endorse our elected President: The Republic of Phydios.

WA Endorsement Cap: 26
Next Election: December 1-4
News: Presidential nominations open

Embassies: The East Pacific, the Rejected Realms, Libertatem, Catholic, Unknown, Coalition of Catholic States, The Universal Allegiance, The Allied States, World Alliance, Pro Life International, Sunalaya, League of Christian Nations, The Great American Union, United Empire of Islam, Vatican II, Eastern Roman Empire, and 148 others.The Allied Republics, North Africa, Antifa, Virtual Roman Catholic Church, Romania, The North Atlantic Ocean, Saint Margaret Mary, Vatican, Jerusalem, Syria, Alabama, Conservative Paradise, New Dinosaurtopia, Concordia, South Sudan, Israel, Christian, Empire of the Romans, Republicans, CSSR, Maltropian Puppet Confederacy, Apartheid South Africa, The Ascendancy, Soli Deo gloria, The SOP, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Christianity, Religion, Union of Nationalists, The Republic Nations, International Republican Union, House of Five Leaves, Dagon, The alliance of homework, The Federation of Dethklok 1000, Alliance of New Europe, Ivory Tower, The Western Empire, The conservative christians, The Illuminati, Continent of Xenonia, International Commonwealth Of Nations, Paraguay, United States of America, The Royal Imperial Directorate, Smiley Faces, The Alliance Pocket Universe, Demolibs, International Socialists, Bloodbender Heaven, Commonwealth of Catholic Nations, REATO, U R N, The Commonwealth States, Anoir, Center Right Alliance, Res Publica Catholicae Borgiae, Iura Pecunia et libertas, Parador, New Vatican, Truangel Christian Fellowship, PuppetStates, The Catholic Church, The Virtual Roman Catholic Church, Conservative League, The Christian Republic, United Governments of NationStates, Ponticus, Bus Stop, Southeastern Wisconsin, The Silver Knights, The Rose Meadows, United Kingdoms of Shiylantis, Brightport, Tellius, Hollow Point, Arconian Empire, The Savage Garden, Avadam Inn, Federation of Free States, United Alliances, FOB Columbia Heights, The Constitutional Union, Elemental Chaos, The Lutheran Craft Beer Confederation, Islamya, Galactic Imperium, New Terra Nova, Bracara et Caralis, The Embassy, The Holy Apostolic See, Silverstar, Westphalia, Alliance Of Neutral Nations, DreamLand, Turkic Union, The Grand Coalition of Countries, The catholic royal alliance, Alliance of Orthodox Nations, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Alliance of Catholic Nations, Rasecenemys, The Utopian Freesocialists, United Poland Union, Christadelphia, Alliance of Puppet Nations, AIDAR, Conservative Coalition, Imperial Russian Empire, The Galactic Federacy, Greece, The Conservative Unions, Alliance of Friendly Nations, The Fangirl and Fanboy Army, Civil Libertarian Region, The United Nations of New Rome, Heiliges Romisches Reich, Zentari, The Dirt Alliance, Eternal Silence, New Christians United, Alliance Of The Amity, MARHAENIA, The Conservative Army, Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations, Greater Iran, New Western Atlantic, ACA, Ausozera, Greenville, The Central Allies, EC 320, The Liberal Party of Nationstates, New North Woods, Pandoran Alliance, United Nations of Pangaea, Greeks, Pet Haven, Heliopolis, Campostohan, Territories of The Great United Monarchy, Control Station Enclave, The United Federation of Planets, Shrimpville, Pankake Land, Babylon the Great, ASEAN REGION, and The Faithful Union.

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Regional Power: High

Right to Life contains 163 nations, the 68th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Authoritarian in Right to Life

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, Right to Life is ranked 8,401st in the world for Most Authoritarian.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dominion of UnderthumbPsychotic Dictatorship“Never without my permission”
2.The Matriarchy of LexmickPsychotic Dictatorship“Education is the foundation to a successful nation”
3.The Kingdom of Potatoe empirePsychotic Dictatorship“Potatoes pls”
4.The Queendom of Republic of WohalaAuthoritarian Democracy“Positive things happen to positive people”
5.The Dictatorship of ArkansomaPsychotic Dictatorship“Ascension is inevitable, take off like a thunderbird!”
6.The Dictatorship of MoplePsychotic Dictatorship“Union for the people”
7.The Theocracy of Poor Fellow Soldiers of ChristIron Fist Consumerists“God wills it.”
8.The Theocracy of The True VinePsychotic Dictatorship“He is the vine, we are the branches”
9.The Community of The Federal Communist state of martariaCorrupt Dictatorship“United. People power”
10.The Dictatorship of KimJongPissIron Fist Consumerists“You kill it we eat it.”
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Regional Happenings


Right to Life Regional Message Board

The Libertarian Republic of Texoma wrote:I enjoyed Notre Dame losing being a TCU fan and all, we might be out of the playoffs but we still spoiled Baylor and finished the season with 10 wins, bowl season here we come!

Right now ESPN has TCU projected to play in the Alamo Bowl vs a Pac 12 team (Oregon or USC). While they have my favorite team Tennessee playing Northwestern in the Outback bowl. And Notre Dame in the Fiesta bowl

Les Abymes and The Polish-Catholic Free State

Sorry for the double post here is the link for the bowl game projections.


Culture of Life and The Polish-Catholic Free State

I just got the issue "World Assembly Woes" and if I pick leave the WA will my nation actually leave?

Culture of Life and Kingdom of the Holy Cross

The United Empire of The United Empire of New Missouri wrote:I just got the issue "World Assembly Woes" and if I pick leave the WA will my nation actually leave?

Yes, it warns you that selecting that option will make your nation resign.

Culture of Life, Phydios, The United Empire of New Missouri, and Kingdom of the Holy Cross

Dear members of Right to life,

Before you cast your votes in the days to come, I request that you do these things:

- Look into the candidate that you are voting for's platform. Do not vote for them because you saw there name the most, or because they had long, eloquent paragraphs, vote for them in the issues.
- Look at the Sub forums that people posted questions on for the candidates, look at as many as you can. Here is mine for your convenience, and others have posted theres already as well http://w11.zetaboards.com/NS_Right_to_Life/topic/11426131/2/#new

Here is my final platform that I am running in, with all of the additions and reductions that have been discussed between me and some of those I have talked to:

- Ensuring that no party or person is allowed to force their given positions onto any other nation in the region
- Keeping the only prerequisite for the region to being pro-life
- Working on WA proposals that would help to once again restore the sovereignty to all WA members and also working on pro-life proposals for the WA
- Keeping the RTL army to a level which can defend RTL and allied region
- Ensuring no new tax is introduced in the Right to Life Bank
- Looking into expanding the Senate from 3 to 4 members
- The possibility of an "International Games" being entered into NationStates to add a new dynamic and assist in spreading the word of pro-life.

As president I would try to spread the word of Pro-Life to other regions and nations, and try to make a real world impact in this respect.
I would do my best to put the power in the hands of the people, with the Independent Nations holding the most power, the Senate behind them, and lastly, the president with the least overall power.

I want to say thank you to all those who have supported my campaign, and all of those who have helpes me form my platform.

I wish for a fun and fair Presidential race this week.

Thanks for your time, Pan-Celtic Nations

New Dolgaria, Phydios, The United Empire of New Missouri, Catholic Republic of America, and 1 otherFranz Republic

The Corporate Baptist Empire of The rouge Christmas state wrote:Right now ESPN has TCU projected to play in the Alamo Bowl vs a Pac 12 team (Oregon or USC). While they have my favorite team Tennessee playing Northwestern in the Outback bowl. And Notre Dame in the Fiesta bowl


Phydios and The rouge Christmas state

The Armed Republic of Les Abymes wrote:GO VOLS!!!

Yep, we're friends. XD

Phydios and Pan-Celtic Nation

So friends, after some thinking, I have a lot of things coming up in my life so similar to Aawia I must resign from the position of News Director and give the position to someone who has the time that the region deserves to write a good newspaper. I did have some ideas and if the future news director wishes to consult me on them they may, but I believe the News Bureau deserves better than someone who doesn't have the necessary time to invest.
- Yours Truly, Texoma.

Culture of Life, Horatius Cocles, The United Empire of New Missouri, and Pan-Celtic Nation

Texoma, thank you for your service. I've placed you back in the forum member group "Right to Life Army," I've removed your name from the forum header, and I've dismissed you as an officer here on the site.

According to regional law, the News Director "shall be appointed by the Founder with the consent of an absolute majority of the Senate" (RTL Code 6:3). After our presidential election, I'll nominate somebody.

Whoever is nominated ought to permit syndication, offer a for-profit premium subscription, allow for columnists, and promote reader involvement. The newsletter is a great opportunity to further our cause, we shouldn't let it go to waste.

Horatius Cocles

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