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RIGHT TO LIFE is a community of nations that recognizes and promotes defense of the unalienable rights of the unborn. The nations of this region oppose induced abortion in all or most cases.

World Assembly members are required to endorse our elected President: The rouge Christmas state.

WA Endorsement Cap: 16
Next Election: August 1-4
News: New treaty with the Allied States

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Regional Power: High

Right to Life contains 146 nations, the 74th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Christian Democratic Nation of Culture of LifeDemocratic Socialists“From conception until natural death”
2.The Federation of Nelson R MandelaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Progression through Diversity”
3.The Kingdom of WellandsScandinavian Liberal Paradise“I will maintain well”
4.The Wholly Holy Hole of ArdaxiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Zug Zug”
5.The Arendellian Duchy of Serene Grand Duchy of the West PacificInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Deus, Unione et Libertas”
6.The Enough to Gun Violence of United MassachusettsLiberal Democratic Socialists“Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem”
7.The Friendly Republic of New DolgariaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Speak softly, but carry an MP40 and a stuffed rabbit.”
8.The Farmer-Labor Agrarian State of HavillandLiberal Democratic Socialists“When will there be a harvest for the world?”
9.The Confederate States of SolunaeAnarchy“Peace and Prosperity”
10.The Federation of FinnolandiaDemocratic Socialists“How do you all know who I am?”
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Right to Life Regional Message Board

Post self-deleted by Clear Bay.

The History of the RCS has been fully documented and can be found here. page=dispatch/id=654592

Horatius Cocles and Phydios

Welcome to Right to Life, The Farmer-Labor Agrarian State of Havilland! I really like your flag. Are you a distributist?

The Republic of Phydios wrote:Of course. Once thousands of years of tradition is discarded, anything goes. It's only a matter of time. Out of all the perversions in modern society, this is the least surprising.

But it's natural! Monkeys do it. #Progress #Love


The United States of Chironistan wrote:It's not often I hear someone use the term "slippery slope" unironically and not refer to the fallacy.
Counter-conclusion: Perhaps society keeps endorsing morally questionable/objectionable initiatives because the alternative is listening to illogical fearmongers. As Culture of Life rightly points out, the progressivist rhetoric has some obvious holes in it, but are "think of the children" (appeal to emotion, CoL), "this isn't the way we do things" (appeal to tradition, Phy), or "X leads to Y leads to Z" (slippery slope fallacy, Parn) rational responses?

My comment wasn't an appeal to emotion. The article says that the children of polygamous individuals are less well off than the children of traditional households. Then, it suggests that the discrepancy in well-being is due to society's bigotry toward polygamists. I responded that sexual libertines, on the contrary, should consider the likelihood that the polygamous lifestyle itself harms children. That's not an appeal to emotion. It's an observation of a cause-and-effect relationship: polygamy (the cause that polygamists won't admit) leads to declines in child welfare (the effect that polygamists acknowledge).

Also, I don't think Phydios committed a logical fallacy. Many great thinkers, including Thomas Aquinas and Edmund Burke among others, have maintained that it is perfectly reasonable to keep traditions because past generations, in all likelihood, had good reasons for creating and keeping them. Traditions are the product of the collective wisdom of earlier generations, so they should not be discarded, unless there are compelling reasons to do so.* A fallacious "appeal to tradition," in contrast, values traditions because they're traditional -- a form of circularity.

* For some reason, an opposite, irrational tendency has taken hold in modern times, namely that we should automatically discard the collective wisdom of earlier generations, unless there are compelling reasons for keeping traditions. Thus, our society is forced to reargue the same foundations over and over again rather than building upon them.

The United States of Chironistan wrote:If we are to convince our communities to see things from our point of view, we need to paint a clearer picture than our political opponents do.

I wish that were true, but the "opposition" has won its victories based purely on emotion.

The United States of Chironistan wrote:So, as for this issue, what's really wrong with polyamory/polygamy? (Alternatively, what's right with the way we do things now?) For instance, it is conceivable that altering the way the government handles marriage licenses to account for more than two possible concurrent spouses would result in a loss of efficiency and/or an increase in government expenditures. Or, we could look at the effects of polygamy throughout human history and infer from such practices that allowing certain marital arrangements to take place - for instance, a harem - could potentially be detrimental to the civil liberties of women. Granted, these aren't perfect arguments, but these are just off the top of my head - my point is that we should at least make the effort to challenge ideals we find untenable in a rational, reasonable, and articulate manner.

As you say, polygamy objectifies women. It also harms children, and it deprives many people of the opportunity to marry by drying up the pool of bachelorettes and bachelors.

Horatius Cocles, Phydios, Stellonia, The United Empire of New Missouri, and 2 othersPan-Celtic Nation, and United Massachusetts

Can you guess who Clinton and Trump's VP picks are? The reward is currently 32 LifeMarks

The rouge Christmas state and Stellonia

The Enough to Gun Violence of United Massachusetts wrote:Can you guess who Clinton and Trump's VP picks are? The reward is currently 32 LifeMarks


The rouge Christmas state

Rant mode:

So the article really gets me angry because I'm limerent. Limerence is something that I could explain in detail but I simply don't want to take the time. In essence I am addicted to romantic love and the idea of it I take love really seriously and living in a society where sex is portrayed nonstop it really peeves me off. As of now I am, as of the moment, polyamorus I am limerent over one girl and I have an actual crush on another. It's something I don't have much control over much like an addiction.

That article says many truths to limerence. But that's were it bugs me. Limerence is very common but most people just don't know about it. Limerence is very unhealthy way of life, it drove me deep into depression I have developed heart attack sensations under stress because of it and when I was in the worst of my experience I called it a curse. That was just because of one girl. And many people who acknowledge their limerent behavior know that even when they are married they steel get almost obsessive over a coworker or even a stranger they see often.

Polygamous behavior is just a breeding ground for a psychological condition that no one in their own right understands. Limerence was discovered by Dorothy Tennov in 1979 and there is still research piling in on it because they just brushed it off to the side. The entire paragraph that was about the breakups is painful to read. Polyamory will lead to more chances to have a break up. If there are more chances for a break up and you have a closer bond to someone you're not really in love with then your going to get hurt in a far worse way than that of a breakup in a relationship with a single other person. I was severely depressed over a girl who I didn't go on a single date with when she said she didn't like me I can't imagine the pain if we did date.

That's just the personal reason as to why I hate this entire idea. Sorry if the last paragraph is confusing bringing up my limerence drains me emotionally I can probably clarify some things, if needed, tomorrow but for now I'm done with the Internet.

The Republic of Clear Bay wrote:As of now I am, as of the moment, polyamorus I am limerent over one girl and I have an actual crush on another. It's something I don't have much control over much like an addiction.

I don't believe you're "polyamorous" because you have a crush on a girl other than your girlfriend. That's fairly normal for guys.

Also, in general, I just want to say that I tend to be skeptical of medicalizing normal human emotions.

John thinks that George Clooney is good-looking; therefore, he must be homosexual or bisexual.
Jane enjoys playing football and playing first-person shooter games; therefore, she must be transgender.
I have crushes on multiple girls at once; therefore, I must be polyamorous.

I don't know you in real life, but I would suggest that you avoid thinking of yourself as mentally ill, unless you're actually diagnosed by a licensed and reputable psychiatrist. Thinking of oneself as mentally ill when one isn't can actually lead to psychosis and isolation and, consequently, loneliness. In short, if you suspect that you might have a problem, please see a professional. Do not attempt to diagnose and treat yourself via the internet. It's harmful.

New Dolgaria, Horatius Cocles, Phydios, Stellonia, and 1 otherPro Life Nation

The Environmental Disaster Zone of The rouge Christmas state wrote:Let us not forget those killed in terrorist attacks, RIP.

When my nation's news broadcast showed the Istanbul airport bombing i thought "No one is here, so everyone's fine?" Then i heard there were 3 more.

Hopefully this wont happen again in any nation

I've reordered the top of our region's embassy list as follows:

1. The East Pacific
2. The Rejected Realms
3. Lazarus
4. The Allied States
5. Pro Life International
6. Catholic
7. Unknown
8. Coalition of Catholic States
9. Westphalia
10. Libertatem
11. United Kingdom
12. Antarctic Oasis
13. Conservative League
14. The Universal Allegiance
15. The Great Conservative Alliance
16. Grand Central

Also, I'll be publishing the June newsletter later in the day.

Phydios and Vulkata II

The Christian Democratic Nation of Culture of Life wrote:I've reordered the top of our region's embassy list as follows:

1. The East Pacific
2. The Rejected Realms
3. Lazarus
4. The Allied States
5. Pro Life International
6. Catholic
7. Unknown
8. Coalition of Catholic States
9. Westphalia
10. Libertatem
11. United Kingdom
12. Antarctic Oasis
13. Conservative League
14. The Universal Allegiance
15. The Great Conservative Alliance
16. Grand Central

Also, I'll be publishing the June newsletter later in the day.


Vulkata II

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