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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Trumpity Trump Empire of The rouge Christmas state (elected )

Founder: The Christian Democratic Nation of Culture of Life

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Most Nations: 82nd Most World Assembly Endorsements: 161st Most Devout: 1,462nd
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RIGHT TO LIFE is a community of nations that recognizes and promotes defense of the unalienable rights of the unborn. The nations of this region oppose induced abortion in all or most cases.

World Assembly members are required to endorse our elected President: The rouge Christmas state.

WA Endorsement Cap: 16
Next Election: August 1-4
News: New treaty with the Allied States

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Regional Power: High

Right to Life contains 146 nations, the 82nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Longest Average Lifespans in Right to Life

Nations ranked highly have lower rates of preventable death, with their citizens enjoying longer average lifespans.

As a region, Right to Life is ranked 9,485th in the world for Longest Average Lifespans.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Christian Democratic Nation of Culture of LifeDemocratic Socialists“From conception until natural death”
2.The Federation of Nelson R MandelaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Progression through Diversity”
3.The Constitutional Empire of Bueno SolNew York Times Democracy“Honnor and dignity are the everlasti sun of human race.”
4.The Throne of Holy EucharistInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Religion and Politics must go together”
5.The Distributist Agrarian State of HavillandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“When will there be a harvest for the world?”
6.The Catholic Republic of The Christian Democracy of MexicoAuthoritarian Democracy“La Patria y Dios son Primero!”
7.The Theocracy of AawiaDemocratic Socialists“Our God is marching on!”
8.The Friendly Republic of New DolgariaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Speak softly, but carry an MP40 and a stuffed rabbit.”
9.The Life At All Stages Republic of United MassachusettsLeft-wing Utopia“Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem”
10.The Federation of FinnolandiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“How do you all know who I am?”
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Last poll: “Should we change our embassy policy? ”

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Well, over 20,000 DNC emails were leaked! What a wonderful way to start the DNC! :)

Phydios, The rouge Christmas state, and Texasa

Sometimes I love being a delegate, if it's receiving "lovely" telegrams from Pro-Choice nations or even better from Pro-Abortion nations, those are my favorites, To the endless telegrams to support proposals. With these responsibilities by far my favorite is to review proposals being submitted. Today I found a real gem, feel free to take a look. page=UN_view_proposal/id=barliona_1469206290 The proposal appears to have some effort put into it, but dosen't actually make sense. Take the first clause, "Desiring to leave the world in the most capable hands and provide the world a capable workforce." Ok so I'm thinking this will have something to do with education, and it dose kinda. Ok now clause two, "Recognizing that Millenials (and young people in general) are lazy bums and good for nothing. Also, noting that younger generations are getting worse and that they cannot be entrusted with the future of the world". Wait, what? I thought this was about pet education, and know your attacking Millennials? Maybe you should consider putting this in the SC, not the WA. The third clause gets back on track and actually addresses the topic of this proposal. Just why was this written and what's the point? But nonetheless it's good to know the WA is still producing legislation of importance.

Just curious if anyone is fluent in a language other than English, if so I may have a job for you.

Breaking News: Bill Clinton tells Mrs. Clinton he wants Tim Kaine as her running mate for his run for a third term in the White House.

A Bill Clinton third term is way better than Trump. Bill was probably the best dem president of the last century.

We want to join the pro-life internation

Culture of Life and Phydios

The United Imperial Kingdom of St nevis and kitts wrote:We want to join the pro-life internation

The best players to contact are Aawia and Frustrated Franciscans.

The United Imperial Kingdom of St nevis and kitts wrote:We want to join the pro-life internation

I mean pro-life international

On the regional forums, new topics have been created for region members to discuss the World Assembly proposals Repeal "Condemn the Pacific" and Repeal "Humanitarian Aid Expansion Act." Please consider sharing your thoughts.


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