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WA Delegate: The Holy Empire of Clairetopia Ultima (elected 61 days ago)

Founder: The Kingdom of Divon

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Fearless Leader The Holy Empire of Clairetopia Ultima

Royal Family The Kingdom of Divon

Ground Defense Minister The Empire of United Greater Kingdoms
Air Defense Minister The Disputed Territories of Al Aaraff
Sea Defense Minister The Republic of Ab Aeterno Dystopian

Lord of the North The Glorious Imperium of Dukratus
Lord of the East The Empire of United Greater Kingdoms
Lord of the South The Holy Empire of Clairetopia Ultima
Lord of the West The Rogue Nation of The Great Machine Empire

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Rhydin contains 23 nations, the 511th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Average Tax Rates in Rhydin

Although some nations have similar tax rates for all citizens and others tax the rich much more heavily than the poor, the following provides a rough guide to the most taxing governments.

As a region, Rhydin is ranked 6,139th in the world for Highest Average Tax Rates.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Disputed Territories of Al AaraffFather Knows Best State“Exterminate all the brutes!”
2.The Kingdom of AdennaFather Knows Best State“FOR KING AND COUNTRY!”
3.The Holy Empire of Realms of UndinePsychotic Dictatorship“Our way is always right.”
4.The Federation of DeadpoolopiaWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Give me Chimichangas or give me Death”
5.The Allied States of Valhalla of the TrinityInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Deficit omne quod nasciture”
6.The Republic of Ab Aeterno DystopianWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Every man dies. Not every man lives”
7.The Holy Empire of Clairetopia UltimaWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“Get Good”
8.The Sultanate of AtaniInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The desert will choose who is right and who is wrong.”
9.The Principality of Royal Coral LeagueDemocratic Socialists“Patria et Scientia”
10.The Holy Empire of Alcar NationWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Do as I say, my little playthings!”
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Regional Happenings


Rhydin Regional Message Board

The Glorious Imperium of Dukratus suggestion of adding "Minister of Intelligence and Minister of Counterintelligence" is noted and will be put into consideration.

Map map map! Map map map! :D

Divon and Clairetopia Ultima

On a map Divon would be a mountain bordered peninsula, except for the area that connects it to the main realm. They have a wall separating the peninsula from the main land though. Snowy in the winter, but lush other times of the year. It's supposed to be in a sort of highlands environment.

Atani would be anywhere there's a desert since it's supposed to be a take on some middle eastern countries.

http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/15/14950/kingdoms_2010-03-17_20-35-15-82.png would be a good example of Divon, except the mountains would go all along the coast line, with a small island at the north where their navy would be stationed.

So I thought it over. We could do an IC sort of board on Rings of Honor in the Rhydin Atlas.

The idea is...

1: It would be an alternate timeline of Rhydin. Which means the local / map could be different since the realm is larger than just the city as seen currently. This also allows for a defacto ruler of Rhydin, which would be the WA head as voted for here.
2: WA delegates could be congress-like thing, since they are the ones who vote a person into power
3: WA Head = President / Prime Minister / Whatever they want to be called, of Rhydin
4: If people are interested, the idea can easily gain 20 posts and we can request our own folder.

So if anyone is seriously wanting to roleplay a political theory sort of thing, feel free to respond and we can see how to start things up. It doesn't need to be serious. Your country can be silly, etc.

Clairetopia Ultima

and to add to that. Or WA members could be the head of their political group if they so choose, so non-WA members could work under them. I dunno, it's just an idea so things could be worked out later.

http://i.imgur.com/iotZRuO.jpg http://i.imgur.com/2SRW7Xn.jpg

Just a couple of things I made up in about 30mins, hope you likes them!


NICE. Looks really good.

http://i.imgur.com/kJgbmbd.png I made this on some map editor to test it.

::Lords it up in the East::

"It's been a slice" -Gandhi, probably.

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