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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Kingdom of Morthalegan

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In which no countries are really that happy and everything is corrupt and we are awful, awful people. The region's climate varies from the cold snowy mountians of The Kingdom of Morthalegan, to the warm, sandy beaches of the south.

Head Council: The Kingdom of Morthalegan & The Kingdom of Ipsumis
Recruiting Nation: Position open

Any nation with more endorsements than the Kingdom of Ipsumis shall have their soul eaten

Now accepting all nations that dream of world domination.
Record Nations: 13
Recruitment Goal: 15

Please endorse your WA Delegate:The Kingdom of Ipsumis
(it's not like you have a choice here, what do you think this is, democracy... pfft)

We are currently working on a forum page for all member nations

Embassies: the Greater German Reich, United Dictatorships, The Alliance of Dictators, Monoffian Militarized Zone, The Shadow of Mordor, Eastern Roman Empire, Soviet Russia, German Army, The Ascendancy, Groland, Hellenic Civilization, Prussia, Order of the Red Eagle, The Atlantic, Right to Life, North Africa, and 6 others.Austritaria, NAZI EUROPE, World Alliance, Community of Independent Nations, Dutopia, and The Darwin Allied Republics.

Tags: Anti-Security Council, Anti-World Assembly, Steampunk, Minuscule, and Monarchist.

Rhalith is home to a single nation.


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As a region, Rhalith is ranked 1,556th in the world for Most Politically Apathetic Citizens.

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1.The Kingdom of MorthaleganIron Fist Consumerists“Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit”

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Rhalith Regional Message Board

In due time. In due time .

From the desk of Ms Raven:

Jew-sexual, welcome to the planning convention. You come highly recommended. We can use all the assistance we can get. The goal is to establish a strong foundation, one that is built well enough to handle the multitudes of personalities we are targeting. Essentially, it will work like this:

1. On the day of our founding we will send out personal invites to people we know and to people we know will be strong leaders. These personal invites will be personal as well as professional to sell the idea that we have created (or recreated). Nations will be requested to send in a new puppet nation of their own creation. This personal invite stage will go on for a week. These leaders will be dubbed 'The First Wave'.
2. Simultaneously I will be also recruiting, and experiment with the new recruitment system at my own expense, and be recruiting nations to a second region built, (or maybe this region), for the purpose of training new people, before the enter the home region. The purpose for this is to get the strong leaders established there first, before we bring in new people. While the leaders are being put into place, I will be training the new people. I want to have 100 nations in one week here in the waiting. Once that has been achieved, and they have been given the proper documentations about globalism, we will 'mass exodus' out of this region and go home. Realistically, I expect about a third to go, but at least those who do will prove they are ready to play simply by their act of moving. We will dub this 'The Second Wave'.
3. The Second Wave will then be given one week to establish themselves into various positions of power, and start their communities.
4. This should supply us with enough members after two weeks of constant work to have a fully staffed government. It will be up to first wave people to get the government functioning and start to function and act. This means that everything that every aspect of the roles of various positions must be defined, and stated. Questions that people have will need to be answered quickly. When the gears of government start to turn, I am aiming at a population count of 50.
5. The Final Wave will be ongoing, until the point we hit 500 nations. I am hoping to have 50 nations recruited a week. 500 nations will take two months of solid recruiting. Two months is just enough time to get the basic infrastructure of the government built. This includes an aggressive embassy exchange policy, media, global forum, and for the communities within to establish themselves.
6. Once the 500 mark is achieved or two months have passed, whichever happens first, we launch the Globalist agenda. Our Defender communities will begin to work with other defender regions, our invader, imperialists, socialists, fascists, and everyone else will follow suit. We must increase our level of trust in the world, and it also serves as training for our new people. Zarvarza said that his most difficult part of running media was getting large regions to participate. Of course he tried lofty words and horridly long speeches to do it and it failed. We will earn it. First through working together with them, allowing our communities to intermingle. Then when a reasonable cooperation and trust is acquired, we will exchange embassies. Once embassies are exchanged, it is a minor next step to have a unified media.
7. Using our media correctly, our vast swaths of communities, and trained people, we will descend upon the feeder regions, and repeat.

I am waiting on a more reasonable timeline from Zarvarza as to when that forum is going to be completed. We are not ready to launch just yet, but are fast approaching the day.

Ms Raven

From the desk of Ms Raven:


I loved the essay. My increasingly famous token word is about to be used here:


Let me ask you this: Plato's Theory of Forms is just an ancient philosophy for your second religious point, is it not?
If globalism is perfected, why would it die? Is that true perfection?
Is this essay of yours implying that an idea is synonymous with the divine?
Would you agree that by your own words that a paraphrased version of your essay says: We should bring about the final chapter of world history to a spiritually or philosophically advanced humanity through globalism.? If this is the case why do this if, like everything, it is destined to one day end, die and begin anew?

It does emphasize the second point, because that is more along the lines of my beliefs. As with anything, there is a level of bias, no matter how much a person tries not to be.

When you rebuild a classic car, you build it perfect, but doesn't start to deteriorate after a while? Death isn't something to be feared. A book has to end somewhere.

Yes, an idea is synonymous with the divine, at least in my opinion.

Why rebuild that classic car? Why put together a puzzle only to rip it apart afterwards? Why does life on earth exist, if it will die. Death is a natural cycle. It does not mean that Globalism was somehow 'bad' or 'corrupted'... no more than the classic car was bad, or the puzzle picture was corrupted and disliked.

Ixir, when you become admin, let me know, or can you just install the chat rooms?

I already am admin, I registered yesterday. The chatroom is installed, but there isnt a link yet showing because I have not put it on the leaderboard yet. But, in the URL, if you type IRC after /index/ it will come up.

I did this because I took out the Submenu. It is not needed anyway, except for search and members, and those links are on the leaderboard too.

Ixir, Jewsexual, we shall launch officially in one hour.

Stick to the plan.

Alright then. I am logging out of this, please use my main nation and MSN.

Greetings from the World Alliance :-)

As the official ambassador of our region, I have been sent to pay a visit.
Just to ensure that we are committed in strengthening our regional relations!


338 days ago

All greatness to Bosniland!

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