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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Workshop of Puppet Caretaker

World Factbook Entry

Park your idle or abandoned Linkpuppets here for as long as you like.
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LinkJennifer Government: NationStates at Wikipedia
Yes, we are indeed tagged as Recruiter Friendly. Our RMB is your RMB, within reason.
Puppet Park will gladly exchange Linkembassies with any region, without exception. On an experimental basis we are giving RMB posting privileges to all nations in regions where we have an embassy.

Embassies: Antifa, Black Mesa Islands, Dagon, Divergent, Emirates of Futurnia, Flame, Get Rid Of Slimy girlS, Hippy Haven, In The Flesh, Inner heavens grace, League of Cobalt Nations, Lower Canada, Maltropian Puppet Confederacy, New Europe, New Europe Puppet Depot, One big Island, and 27 others.Puppet Storage II, Right to Life, The Abandoned Playground, The Ascendancy, The Asylum of Loopy Mad Nutballs, The Darwin Allied Republics, The Empire of Friendship, The Flying Squadron, The Heart, The House at Pooh Corner, The Illuminati, The international space consortium, The Jungle The Desert or The Moon, The Republic Nations, The Sith Bros, The Space For Periods, The Taldrenite Haven, The United Empire of Corruption, The United San Diego States, The Worst Region Known in NS, Trainsylvinea, United Empire of Islam, United Frontier Nations, United Socialist Republics, urkalgurk, U R N, and World Alliance.

Tags: Medium, Puppet Storage, Neutral, and Recruiter Friendly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Puppet Park contains 50 nations, the 221st most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Unemployment Rates in Puppet Park

World Census experts studied the ratings of daytime television chat shows to determine which nations have the lowest rates of unemployment.

As a region, Puppet Park is ranked 11,745th in the world for Lowest Unemployment Rates.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Jamhuri ya Muungano of TanzaniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Uhuru na Umoja”
2.The Stern Gaze of Roller of Big CigarsCorporate Police State“The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream”
3.The Privileged Few of The One PercentCapitalist Paradise“Maximize Profit, Minimize Loss”
4.The Fetid Fears of Reptilian BrainsCorporate Police State“OBEY YOUR FEAR”
5.The Upper Crust of Usury and AvariceCompulsory Consumerist State“Kleptocracy for Fun and Profit”
6.The Borderlands of Black Flags FlyingAnarchy“We Neither Rule Nor Are We Ruled”
7.The Empire of President SkroobRight-wing Utopia“I have the same combination on my luggage!”
8.The Republic of Nova SofiaCapitalist Paradise“PACTE, HO HE CTAPEE”
9.The Free Land of GrangerAnarchy“Rough Cut”
10.The Republic of Observation 7New York Times Democracy“POS”
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Regional Happenings


Puppet Park Regional Message Board

"Tyranny destroys or strengthens the individual; freedom enervates him, until he becomes no more than a puppet. Man has more chances of saving himself by hell than by paradise." -- Emile M Cioran

We bring you blueberry smoothies! Enjoy

Blue! Smooth! Yummy!

What music are puppets listening to whilst they while their time away in the park?
Answering my own question, Little Boots....


Hmmm, it would seem my disco moves have gotten a bit rusty. I should be able to walk again by tomorrow...




I am Richard, from Kingdom of Saxony, which I'd like you to join!

Kingdom of Saxony is a relatively new, Saxon themed region with plenty of potential to grow. We offer equal opportunities to all those who join, whether they are new players or seasoned NationStates veterans, and will strive to make everyone feel welcome and work towards building a great community!

You can find our offsite forums here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Kdom_of_Saxony/index/. Feel free to check it out as it is there where most of the fun takes place. We have it all there! Roleplays, politics or just the general discussion or chit chat for anyone to participate in.

Feel free to telegram me any questions you may have and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I hope to hear from you soon!


+ Richard Wettin I
His Royal Majesty the King of Saxony

Hello friends!
Divergent is a new and small region where your voice can be heard in regional government. It is a place where you choose how and what you do to contribute to regional society. Enjoy raiding/defending? Join our Dauntless Army. Like politics? Run for office in our regional council. Newspapers, espionage, intelligence gathering? Join our Erudite Intelligence Agency. Join Divergent now and help us form our region's future!

Hello fellow NationStates goers!! I hope that everything in your life is going well. So, today I would like to tell you about a region called Ridoreg. It is a brand new region that is looking for some awesome people. I can definitely tell that you are one of those awesome people. Before I get into my reasons of why you should join Ridoreg, I want to show you what the world factbook entry:Rideoreg is a region created between two nations. We secretly came up with plans until we felt ready, then I made it all happen. We are democratic here. That is a very important one!! We want everyone to feel welcome here and we want to have a continually active region. Anyone that has any questions will always get them answered. Enjoy your time here in Ridoreg!!
Vice Representative:
We will vote for the rep and vice rep eventually when we get more people. Also, at some point we will have justices, too.
The regional motto is BE HAPPY.
But, why would an awesome person like you want to join a region like Ridoreg? I will tell you why. Here are three reasons:
1. We are democratic, so everyone has a fair shot at getting into the government.
2. The founder[me] is kind and caring. I will help you with any needs.
3. The RMB. Eventually I am thinking about having daily debates!
So, I hope you decide to come join Ridoreg! Thanks so much for your time!

Hello Friend!
If you are looking for a region where you will be heard by your government and have a hand in the running of that region then look no further than Divergent! Interested in raiding/defending? Join our Dauntless Army. Interested in politics or law? Then join our Candor-Judiciary Committee or the Abnegation Legislature. We have multiple places for you to work and serve here in Divergent, we ask that you take a look and see if what we have is right for you!

---The Nomadic Peoples of The Amity Faction, Head of Recruiting and Regional Committee Member

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