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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Colossal Furball of Nanatsu no Tsuki

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(A~ gyeran~ gyerani wasseoyo. Matjoheun gyerani wasseoyo~)
Taeng-geultaeng-geul noreunjaga choego maeryeogiyeyo (I LOVE EGG~)
Ggeopjil anui bboyan soksal nuni bushiljigyeong-iyeyo (I LOVE YOU~)
Danbaekjildo bitamindo mineraldo bbangbbanghae (a~ bbangbbanghae)
-"I love egg" song

Pay the Persian Tricycle Riders, but don't feed the ebil penguins.

--Allied region to The Golden State Empire & The Franco Spanish Empire. Re-founded by The Democratic Principality of Inchland.

Embassies: Dreamworld, The Franco Spanish Empire, Youth Rights Alliance, Farkistan, The American Indian Confederacy, Heavy Metal Heaven, The Hill, Laissez Faireholm, Iran, Leninist Russia, The Nightmare Realms, The Illuminati, Inner heavens grace, The Epic Pony Region, and Nova Chrysalia.

Tags: Password, Anime, Minuscule, and Generalite.

Persian Tricycle Riders contains 3 nations.


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The Best Weather in Persian Tricycle Riders

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Persian Tricycle Riders is ranked 15,312th in the world for Best Weather.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Colossal Furball of Nanatsu no TsukiWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Veni . Vidi . Sibilaverunt et ego .”
2.The Nomadic Peoples of Eternal SwordDemocratic Socialists“Let the eternal sword pass through you”
3.The Misunderstood Dictatorship of GalloismFather Knows Best State“One, to rule them all.”

Regional Happenings


Persian Tricycle Riders Regional Message Board

Night night, soft kitteh!

*I run through the fields..feeling the wind through my fur when i see a pile of medal*

"What is that" i say with wide eyes

*I halt at the sight....the sight of a plane*

"Wow..." i say

*I get in and find a key...*

"Who would just leave this here?" i say with wonder

*I start it and slowly take off*

"NES?" my mother calls

*I fly over the fields with adrenaline coursing through me*

"NES?!" she calls again

*I spot her and make my way down*

"Wonder where he went..." she says

*I land behind her and she turns around and goes pale*

"Hai!" i say

"Get down from there! You could have been hurt! Bad kitty!" she yells

*I get down and move to her,my ears flat*

"Im sorry i just found this awesome thing" i say in a whisper

*She comes over to me and holds me*

"Its ok...i just didnt want you hurt" she says

"Can i keep it?" i ask with a smile

"No" she says with force

"Please???" i ask with big eyes

"Fine but be careful..." she said

*I smile and beam with happiness*

"Now go eat your breakfast" she says

"Fine" i say with a sigh as i head back in our house

*I eat and get sleepy*

"Im tired again" i say in a whisper

"Shhh" she says

*I fall sleep next to her warm loving arms*

That was enjoyable to read, again. :)

*I fly through the air enjoying the flight when i spot a dark spot*

"What is that?" i wonder

*I come down near the darkness and stare*

"NES?" calls mother

*I dont hear her and continue into the darkness*

"Hes probably flying around as usual" she says

*I turn around and notice im completely in the dark*

"Mom" i say my voice quivering

"Shes not here" says a dark voice with a evil growl

"Who are you?" i say with a tear on my face

"Im a friend" it says

*I hear light footsteps around me*

"Mom?" i call out

*Suddenly a claw swipes my leg*

"Oww" i say with more tears

*Then adrenaline courses through me and i feel a slight change*

"What are you doing?" it hisses

*Slowly i began to feel a pain*

"Whats happening?" i ask

*My eyes turn a sliver color and my fur is pure white*

"You arent a normal one" it says with a fainting voice

*I begin to make my way out with my new night vision*


To be continued...

I can picture these little stories as an anime. ^_^

*As i continue my way out i feel a pinch and i start to shrink again*

"What is this?" i say with amazement

*I return to my plane and feel the adrenaline leaving me*

"Im hungry" i say with a drowsy voice

*I faint right there before my plane*

"Ive seen this before" i hear a soft voice say

" cant be" her loving voice says

*I stir in my sleep*

"He will be fine as long as you keep him away from them" says the voice

"I try to but he just loves exploring...hes a sneaky one" says mother

"They always are" says the voice

*I black out*

End of chapter 1

Post self-deleted by Eternal Sword.

"NES?" she called

*I awaken from my last adventure*

"Yes?" i say

"We need to talk" she said

"Ok..." i say

"Your going to be leaving tomorrow" she said with a tear

"WHY?" i say crying

"You need to be trained" she said

*I sigh*

"But.." i say

"I cant help you sweetie...its the law...all those with element must be trained" she said


To be continued

And so years passed and NES was trained. He then eagerly ventured home to find his mom on her deathbed. Holding her hand as she passed he made a vow. A very deep vow. A vow to uphold justice but he had no idea that the same day a dark vow was created. A pact between the tribes of war. Now called the Dark Dragons. A pact to conquer all

That was strange but good. :)

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