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Founder: The Commonwealth of Pawgland Founder

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Land of the PAWGs.

The region is password protected for the time being, but all cool leaders and cool nations are welcome.

(Like if I've sent you a telegram telling you how cool your nation is, the Pawgs would be grateful to you
if you decided to call the Pawgland Region your home, or if you decided to establish a colony here.)

If you want to join, ask Pawgland or The Commonwealth of Pawgland Founder
for the password, and if you're cool, I'll give it to you.

If we've sent you a request to establish an embassy, it means we think your region is cool!

And thanks for visiting!


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Pawgland is home to a single nation.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Most Authoritarian in Pawgland

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, Pawgland is ranked 8,026th in the world for Most Authoritarian.

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1.The Commonwealth of Pawgland FounderScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Founder of the Pawgland Region - Region of the Pawgs!”

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Pawgland Regional Message Board

(Sorry, eight hours just like I said 16 hours ago. I was looking at the wrong post.)

All right, well, I didn't expect it to take three days to happen, but I just withdrew the embassy to North Africa. (If I had known it was going to take three days, I would have just withdrew it and then put it to vote to cancel the withdrawal, which I can still do, apparently. It's just silly.)

Now, where do we think Ambassador at large should go next?

Post self-deleted by Nu-pawg.


That is a very good question.

Naturally, as a small region, diplomacy should probably start with small regions. Assuming you haven't already, considering any/all of the other 4 African regions (as listed on the North African Page), seems to me to be the most logical direction.

Assuming you have and you are expecting me to actually do some form of research, and make an informed decision, i'd probably only do so if you, the founder, really deem it necessary. Otherwise I'm probably just going to sit here and not do anything.

On a side note, what is actually being done in the way of recruiting?

First, let me say the difference between recruiting and spreading good will. Recruiting is what you do to brand new nations or leaders who come to you, and Pawgland usually does that herself. Spreading good will is the ambassador at large's job. Extra-regional allies are almost as good as region members, and it's her job to secure those.
(Now, in your case, Nu-Pawg, we have the best of both worlds - an extra-regional ally (Ai-sha), and a member of the Pawgland region here (you!). Which is the perfect ideal situation, so you and your parent country really deserve thanks.)

The problem with sending the ambassador at large to a small region, or even a large region with only a couple cool nations in it, is that it would be just as easy for her to telegram those cool people without having to move her to their region. That's not to say I'm against moving her to small regions, but I think moving her to larger ones is a better use of time.

You don't have to do anything, Nu-Pawg. This is low on the list of priorities. I'm just asking to know if you or General Hein have come accross any cool regions in the past that maybe we hadn't considered. If not, then don't worry about it.

As for recruiting, I haven't done any in a while, but I'll probably do more this weekend.

Hey, works for me.

And if I may, I'd like to take a moment to welcome the precious new arrival to the region, the product of the love between Pawg and Ai-sha man, Aishapawg!

Aren't they such a blessing? Thank you for letting us give them to you, my great, big, strong African warriors!

Everybody, please read more about the Aishapawg here:


Post by General hein suppressed by Pawgland Founder.

Andromeda, set us free,
From this pyramid scheme.
Andromeda, Andromeda!
Hear us, hear us!

We need your help before
We kill ourselves in war
All over again.
We could be so much more
Knowing what came before
This amnesia.

Andromeda, set us free
From this pyramid scheme.
Andromeda, Andromeda!
Hear us, hear us!

I'm not sure what that last post meant, but I'm going to surpress it for the time being until I can figure it out.

Pawgland heinan ambassador

1 year 339 days ago

And since I'm not sure my office is even supposed to exist or not anymore, I'm going to move to a sinker region and await death.

And GENERAL HEIN, if this is all just the misunderstanding that we hope that it is, please TELEGRAM Pawgland, because I'm not going to login anymore if my office no longer serves any purpose.

Thanks for the good times while they lasted.

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