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Oceania is the fifth continent of the world. It contains several Pacific islands and it is subdivided in 4 regions, Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. The term "Océanie" was coined circa 1812 by Danish-French geographer and journalist Malthe Conrad Bruun. Among its explorers stands out the British captain James Cook. Oceania is also the name of the "1984" nation ruled by the INGSOC.

LinkJames Cook's map

LinkGeorge Orwell's map


Rules for the regional map

1. Continental claims must be contiguous.
2. If you are in the WA, you must endorse The Protectorate of Spanish Micronesia.
3. You can choose one of these options:

  1. 1 Australian land.

  2. 2 New Zealander lands.

  3. 3 Papua New Guinean lands.

  4. 4 or more atolls and islands.

  5. Unlimited orwellian lands.

Embassies: Animosity, Brasil, Czech union, Europa Unionem, Future Earth, Goal, Hollow Point, Hong Kong, Isolert Ulv, Mediterranean, Nakhitchevan Autonomous Republic, New Democratic Republic of Foothills, Palm Beach, Republic of Hellas, Social Democratic Union, The Fangirl and Fanboy Army, and 18 others.The Haukian Federation, The Infinite Plains, The International Cafe, The Kingdom of Sainam, The Land of Extremes, The Rose Garden, The Union of Totalitarian States, The United Kingdoms of Ohmicronia, The Utopian Freesocialists, Turkic Union, United Dictators of the Anti Matrix, United Legion of Peacekeepers, Warzone Africa, Warzone Asia, World Alliance, World Conference, World Space Administration, and British Territories.

Tags: Totalitarian, Game Player, Generalite, Modern Tech, Future Tech, Independent, Map, Eco-friendly, Socialist, Role Player, Medium, Post-Modern Tech, and 1 other.Human-Only.

Oceania contains 36 nations, the 372nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Pizza Delivery Sector in Oceania

As a region, Oceania is ranked 17,809th in the world for Largest Pizza Delivery Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of Leafus CrembukelFather Knows Best State“Absolutley NO BOSNIANS or Croatians”
2.The Republic of New AitutakiFree-Market Paradise“Ao o wehe”
3.The Democratic Republic of SuavelandDemocratic Socialists“Upward and Onward ”
4.The Republic of LinsinkiScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Homogenously United ”
5.The Dictatorship of Vee 8Compulsory Consumerist State“By my hand, you will rise from the ashes of this world!”
6.The Natrium of NaNew York Times Democracy“Na”
7.The Democratic Republic of SentinskiScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Ordem e Progresso”
8.The Republic of AeoqmnFather Knows Best State“Eeeeem 0-”
9.The Oppressed Peoples of Rambler3Father Knows Best State“42”
10.The Colony of GroBherzogtum LuxemburgInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Wir wollen bleiben was wir sind”
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Oceania Regional Message Board

The Eternal Empire of Eastasia 1984 wrote:"Reports indicate that several neighbouring nations are engaged in major weapons programs in contravention of international law and treaty, focusing public discourse on Eastasia 1984's foreign policy—specifically, its position on preemptive strikes." ("The Empire Strikes First?" Issue)
Alright, which one of you 'neighbours' is developing weapons of mass destruction? Be warned: we have ways of making you talk!!! (lol)

//hides laser cannons and genetic mutation vials behind back
//leans on executive desk
Ahhahaha... we totally aren't creating giant golems from living trees...

Eastasia 1984

The Unstoppable Political Force of Brohacci wrote:... aw crap

The Forest of Mweep wrote:shifteyes
//hides laser cannons and genetic mutation vials behind back
//leans on executive desk
Ahhahaha... we totally aren't creating giant golems from living trees...

Our Eternal Leader is watching you! (btw. least pacifist in the region! Score one for Eastasia! lol)


Huh, my influence is falling. What's happening?

Only 6th in Oceania for Most Extreme? What gives?!?!?


The Forest of Mweep wrote:Huh, my influence is falling. What's happening?

As is mine. Perhaps its to do with the founder coming back?

Eastasia 1984

Can't wait until the Tourism badge becomes mine :)

I have +40 on the index lol

Eastasia 1984

1st for highest police ratios? Score another for Eastasia 1984! First rounds on me friends (OR ELSE!!!)

GroBherzogtum Luxemburg and Brohacci

The Unstoppable Political Force of Brohacci wrote:As is mine. Perhaps its to do with the founder coming back?


Eastasia 1984, GroBherzogtum Luxemburg, and Brohacci

1st for Largest Arms Manufacturing! (ps. anyone want to purchase weapons, you'll know who to call! lol)


3rd for largest welfare. Huh

Eastasia 1984 and Brohacci

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