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North Korea contains 169 nations, the 60th most in the world.

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As a region, North Korea is ranked 3,369th in the world for Most Authoritarian.

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The People's Republic of Scieca wrote:I'm interested in contributing another part of the regional education course. Any ideas?

I'm quite interested in women's liberation. Marxist-Feminist theory states that women's liberation cannot be achieved while capitalism remains in place. I would write about it if I could, but I'm new to the theory. I'm currently reading a book - Marxism and Feminism by Charlie Guettel - on the subject, and I would definitely be interested in reading more. Do you (or any other comrades) know anything about Marxist-feminism?


The People's Republic of Kazirstan wrote:Do you (or any other comrades) know anything about Marxist-feminism?

I think our founder very obviously does :P I'm no expert, but I could do some research and whip something up.


The People's Republic of Scieca wrote:I think our founder very obviously does :P I'm no expert, but I could do some research and whip something up.

Yeah, something tells me Ming might know a thing or two about Marxist-Feminism. There's no need for you to research an entirely new topic, just write about whatever you're comfortable with, I'll be reading it either way.


Just in time for International Women's Day! Fantastic!

Chaego and Kazirstan

I just have to point out that Marx was not an idealist. His body of work forms the basis of the most coherent materialist philosophy yet created, and in upholding materialism it is anathema to philosophical idealism.

Anti-imperialism is a basic and almost universal leftist principle at this point. It has become part of not only Marxism but anarchism, communalism, and even adapted in part in some left-liberal groups. The struggle for self-determination has been one of the greatest engines for various socialist revolutions so far and continues to this day (Rojava for example). Ultraleft opposition to it has done nothing but alienate workers and is in most cases de facto support for neocolonialism.

It is also very ironic to see what seems to be a libertarian aligned socialist push such rigid, deterministic sorts of plans for revolution. Outside of the Communist Manifesto (which was a small pamphlet Marx initially didn't place much importance on) Marx was never one to push such prescriptive measures to achieve socialism.

Marxist-Feminists, Kazirstan, and Chartist Socialist Republics III

1 day 11 hours ago: The Federation of Central Asian Republics arrived from The New Cooperative Union.

All the crap that's happened, I dunno that you were given a formal welcome. WELCOME! Hope you enjoy it here.

Marxist-Feminists and Kazirstan

The Mass Line of Comradeland wrote:...
So that's why I'm against third-worldism, in a nutshell.

I'm happy to see you make such ideological progress comrade! The vulgar usage of Marxian language in their economic analysis that you mention is what turned me off Third-Worldism. I believe the last time we discussed TWism I mentioned another critique of the ideology, the organizational structure they tend towards. The cell structure that many TWists like RAIM use is more akin to Blanquism than any potential mass party and is frankly pointless unless these organizations are active in illegal revolutionary work.

Have you moved on to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as practiced by the Naxalites and NPA or something else?

Comradeland and Kazirstan

The People's Republic of Kazirstan wrote:Yeah, something tells me Ming might know a thing or two about Marxist-Feminism.

Not as much as one might think. I've read some Kollontai, Zetkin - and Lenin and Stalin have written quite a bit on the subject of women's liberation/place in socialism also. I attended lots of Young Communist League schools and we covered tons of area including women's liberation/oppression.

This is pretty good too;

Marxist Feminism vs. Bourgeois Feminism


Tonight KPA & TRF defended a dumb, dead & empty RP "communist" region, International Union of Socialist States, from a VERY pathetic attempt at a raid from anticom.

We did it not because we cared for or valued the region. The region obviously holds no value what-so-ever.
We defended it because we could. We did it because all it requires is the smallest amount of effort for us to do so.
We did it because they valued it, this tiny, long dead & entirely insignificant region. For them, taking this region would have been a massive success, a huge victory from their perspective.
And stopping them required almost nothing from us.

And if they would only learn this lesson early, sooner rather than later, they would save themselves so much time and energy in trying to beat something they do not have the ability to win against.
How long should it take someone to beat themselves against a brick wall before they realize that they can't even break a hole in it?

How long did it take Libertatem/REATO?
They lasted about two years fueled by early successes when the Left was at its weakest. When there was no United Left. No brick wall.
And when that brick wall was built up, they threw themselves against it time & again. And where did that get them? Where are they now? Which ditch did they fall in?

That ditch, the frustrated & impotent irrelevance of repeated failure is all that awaits anticom or any others who want to play at being dementia-addled, Reagan striding, counter-revolutionaries. Or in anticom's case, I think they'd prefer Mussolini or Franco to Reagan. Not that there is a tremendous amount of difference.

Chaego, Marxist-Feminists, Comradeland, Kazirstan, and 4 othersIrish Peoples Liberation Force, Comrade Diljan, Scieca, and Chartist Socialist Republics III

"[T]he bomb represents freedom. The bomb has the power to obliterate the invaders, it can eliminate thousands in an instant. The aim of the game in this sense is not to hit the united states with it, but to make the threat of its use so potentially costly for the united states that a war would seem unfruitful and disastrous. It is the guerrilla bomb. The bomb that can be used to stand up to the technologically and numerically superior force which has been used countless times to destroy any expression of independence in the Third World. This bomb, much like the guerrilla, is being used to assure a costly war to all imperialists which tempt it. It is a bomb whose intention is to reach amerikkka without ever landing there, its shockwaves will be felt in Washington with the thousands of coffins that will be buried there."

^^I saw this and just thought it would be important to post.^^


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