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North Korea contains 151 nations, the 71st most in the world.


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As a region, North Korea is ranked 371st in the world for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Marxist-Feminists of The Defender AllianceWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“In defense of Korean socialism!”
2.The Revolutionary Republic of CorpasWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Public ownership of all for everyone!”
3.The United Socialist States of ChaegoWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Let us work together to build a prosperous future!”
4.The Republic of Juche SongunDemocratic Socialists“Forever the Korean revolution.”
5.The Science Research Satellite of Kwangmyongsong 3Iron Fist Socialists“Bright Star”
6.The Jozevian Overseas Territory of The Democratic Peoples Republic of KoreaDemocratic Socialists“강성대국”
7.The People's Republic of A Unified KoreaDemocratic Socialists“Let Morning Shine”
8.The Korean Youth Guard of IridiomCorrupt Dictatorship“The Korean People Will Not Be Subdued!”
9.The Republic of ChucheCorrupt Dictatorship“Independence!”
10.The Restless Youth of GEN-R-8 REVOLUTIONScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Land of the revolution, home of the relentless”
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The People's Republic of Sornian vanguard wrote:I return from five days of hiatus! I've been in Italy, attempting to assess their political situation.

I'd love to hear more about this, I bet Italy is beautiful and I know it's rich in history and struggle.

Is comrade Gramsci buried there? Is there a monument or statue to him?

The Marxist-Feminists of The Defender Alliance wrote:I'd love to hear more about this, I bet Italy is beautiful and I know it's rich in history and struggle.

Is comrade Gramsci buried there? Is there a monument or statue to him?

Indeed, I visited Gramsci's grave in Campo Cestio. There are no monuments, no status, only a tombstone.

During my trip, I stopped in Monteriggioni and Siena. Unfortunately, February is not the ideal season to visit Tuscany, so I didn't get to see much aside from Renaissance architecture.

In the first few days I toured the historic city of Pompeii and observed the Roman settlement below Vesuvius. I didn't get the opportunity to go to Herculaneum due to lack of time. The ruins of Pompeii are wonderfully preserved. This was a great opportunity to observe Roman society further. From the various pompous Domus of the Patrician upper class and the gutter.

I stayed in Rome for the last three days. I visited the Vatican and was absolutely disgusted at the pomposity of the Basilica, the square and the Sistine chapel. It was interesting to view the historic Papal residence, however.

On the second day of my stay in Rome I visited the Castel Sant'Angelo. Interestingly, I found out that Hadrian was in fact buried in the Castle. Up until now I had thought his successors had prevented his burial there. On the same day I also visited Augustus' residence on the Palatine as well as the forum below the hill. I got to see the hub of the wealthy Roman Patrician class in the days of the republic.

On the last day I attempted to visit the Capitol, however, there was some sort of ''problem'' on the hill, as the Carabinieri explained. It was rather disappointing. I managed to visit the Colosseum and Caracalla's baths and another imperial forum. The Colosseum allowed me a great view of entertainment in the imperial days. It was originally built by Vespasian (the elder, not Titus) and is obviously a display of class segregation in the empire.

During my stay I also managed to stop in Milano, where I managed to observe the progression of the Italian city states and communes.

Italy is a fascinating nation, however, very under-developed, especially in the southern region. When I stopped in Naples, I was appalled. Most of the southern cities of Italy were completely neglected by the bourgeois state apparatus of Italy, allowing local mafia families to dominate them. The streets were horrifying.

The Defender Alliance, Comradeland, and Gorshkovia

"We have suffered since then, it was near the same time when the Soviet Union collapsed, and then we were also denied money from the PLO," Mohanna said. When asked how the financially beleaguered PFLP fills its coffers, Mohanna responded, "I will tell you honestly, Iran funds us, as much as they are able. We also receive money from wealthy Palestinians, those who haven't given up on the right of return." The right of return is the notion, backed up by UN Resolution 194, that all Palestinians made refugees as a result of conflict with Israel be allowed to return to their homes or compensated for their loss."



This is really interesting stuff Comradeland, excellent post. I'm shocked Vice has a progressive writer on its staff to cover such things with objectivity - they certainly haven't been able to do so on their past articles about the DPRK.

"29 minutes ago: The troll nation that spams ceased to exist.
29 minutes ago: The troll nation that spams arrived from Glorious Nations of Iwaku.

The attempts of the reactionaries to try to override, divide and antagonize revolutionary and progressive development never ceases to amuse me.

Barely made it past the defense perimeter this time.

The Defender Alliance

The Marxist-Feminists of The Defender Alliance wrote:"29 minutes ago: The troll nation that spams ceased to exist.
29 minutes ago: The troll nation that spams arrived from Glorious Nations of Iwaku.

The attempts of the reactionaries to try to override, divide and antagonize revolutionary and progressive development never ceases to amuse me.

Shane Smith is not a journalist. Despite what he, or wikipedia might say. And his "Travel" series came before Vice News existed. Back when it was only Vice. The "Travel" series (of every country) was:
In fact, to this day, nearly everything the original Vice creates has an exceptional mondo feel to it.
Luckily, his influence in Vice News appears minimal in the actual reporting.

The Defender Alliance

Post self-deleted by Godless Munky.

Post self-deleted by Godless Munky.

I just realized that I quoted the wrong post there Ming :P What I said had nothing to do with what I quoted, it was the post before that one that I meant to quote.

The Defender Alliance

The Marxist-Feminists of The Defender Alliance wrote:I should mention, speaking of ideology comrade Violet-Red that The Black Panthers on Nationstates was once run by myself and another comrade here. And Fanon's writings on the national liberation struggle for the African people bodes well here in North Korea - a region founded on the principals of socialist revolution and national liberation.

May I ask if you've ever read any Harry Haywood? I particularly like his position on the Black Nation in the United States and demands for self determination

I'm unfamiliar with his work. Thank you for the link - the work of people like Harry Haywood is exactly what I'm looking for to guide my approach.

The Marxist-Feminists of The Defender Alliance wrote:Very interesting comrade Violet-Red, nice to meet you and welcome to North Korea!

Here in Canada the LGBTQ struggle is bound up in many places. Today 'pride' marches are coopted by big banks for mass appeal. Trans issues are still taboo amongst the working people and while there's some understanding of homosexuality transgender and gender identity issues are largely ignored and kept out of the mainstream media.

I was recently listening to a bourgeois judge speak about her time as a part of the legal system in Canada before retiring and she stated that the Trans issue has been the issue with the most progress in her time serving the legal system - which I find tragic considering the issue is still swept under the rug by a majority of Canadians.

The capitalist press works to divide us, labeling us as Woman, Man, Black, White, Gay, Straight and treating us how it suits the agenda of its corporate sponsors - in a manner to create division and disharmony between the working people ending in manifested actions like restricting the wages of minorities, ignorance supported deportations and limiting the amount of state funding to help exploited minorities advance in the bloodthirsty capitalist's game.

A pleasure to have you here comrade and an excellent discussion starter!
I hope you can learn from us as we learn from you!

Revolutionary regards;

V Ming

Thank you for the welcome.

The global situation facing trans people is grim. The seriousness of the sheer oppression we face is a given (to trans people and to true materialists, at least). However, the true gravity of our situation can only be properly grasped when the toxic influence of postmodernism is taken into account: postmodernist politics, usually derisively referred to as "identity politics", is the site of internal struggle.

In my analysis, which follows Marx and Engels, the historical transition to modernism (in other words, the transition from feudalism to capitalism), was marked by the Enlightenment movement, which represents the answer of philosophy to the scientific empiricism spawned by Galileo and Newtonian physics. Industrial capitalism is the result of the translation of Enlightenment philosophy to the economic domain.

For me, postmodernism is the direct translation of the capitalist economic ideology into the political domain. For Marx, "economy" is always-already a political economy - however, it's crucial to note that since Marx's time (say, around 1850), while "politics" and "the economy" in capitalism are inherently and inextricably linked, it's only in very recent times that the two have shown signs of fully overlapping. Take, for example, the oppression of women in United States 120 years ago - from the perspective of a liberal capitalist, this oppression is unprofitable; the only reason to condone this oppression is because of ideological holdovers that predate modernism, that predate capitalism.

While it's possible to trace postmodernism back to the late 19th century, for me, postmodernism began in what I call "full force" around the advent of the New Left in the west (1968-ish). From here on, especially in recent decades, it's increasingly common to see liberals say things like "Why can't women and racial minorities have leadership position in businesses?"

More importantly, it is during and after this period that we see the advent of what I call "reactionary revolutionaries": not leftists, not fascists, but liberals who are revolutionary in the same sense that Marx described capitalism as "revolutionary". Chief among these is bell hooks, who laid the groundwork for the translation not just of capitalist ideology, but the actual economic mechanisms of capitalism itself into liberal politics itself by way of a postmodernist theoretical apparatus. Exemplary here is the social justice movement on tumblr: observe and analyze for a while, and you will notice not just striking similarities with the capitalist economy, but strict homologies that endure philosophical rigor. In other words, in the tumblr social justice movement, the structure of political social relations is identical to the structure of capitalist economic social relations - a spontaneous, indefinite, discursively-constituted, performative process which constantly self-revolutionizes itself in order to overcome inherent internal contradictions, necessarily and inevitably leading to upheavals and boom/bust cycles which result in varying degrees of social unrest.

Tumblr is just the best example to convey my basic theory, though - the problem is much more serious than a single western-dominated social media site.

Liberal postmodernism dominates political discourse. It was postmodernism, and not Marxism, that captured the hearts of those who now participate in the ideology of identity politics. In fact, it is so pervasive today that even Marxists who oppose postmodernism in favor of properly material analysis almost always end up, intentionally or not, borrowing from postmodernism. This postmodern liberalism, as an inherently bourgeois ideology, is today the obstacle to the emancipatory struggle of the victims of transphobia, homophobia, and racism, because its revolutionary potential is the pseudo-revolution of capitalism's self-overcoming dance. The justice and equality sought by this postmodernist liberalism is equality and justice defined by and in service to capitalism.

My central thesis is: just as Marx discerned the path from capitalism to communism based on the dialectical-materialist analysis of capitalist socio-economic relations, what is necessary today is repeating this process based on capitalist socio-political relations.

The Defender Alliance

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