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Construction of embassies with Hoddmimis Holt has commenced. Completion expected in 1 day 2 hours.

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Regional Power: Moderate

North Korea contains 124 nations, the 85th most in the world.


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The Most Subsidized Industry in North Korea

Nations ranked highly devote relatively large amounts of public money to subsidizing business, a practice known as 'corporate welfare.'

As a region, North Korea is ranked 5,334th in the world for Most Subsidized Industry.

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Regional Poll • Z-Day, impending doom!

The Marxist-Feminists of The Defender Alliance wrote:In this annual Nationstates tradition, zombie hordes will infect the region. We can choose to attempt to exterminate the zombies with military force or try to research a cure - whatever we do, we'll do it together. Democratic Centralism will prove to be the most efficient form in dealing with zombies - saboteurs ejected on sight!

Voting opened 8 hours ago and will close in 6 days. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Changes in the WFE”

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Going to use this as an ambassador account. So long comrades.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty proud of being in the top 100 most developed nations.

The Socialist People's Democracy of Golanchia wrote:Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty proud of being in the top 100 most developed nations.

Thats pretty awesome comrade. Out of like 112,000 or so.

PKK Are the New Heroes of Kurdistan:

The one thing I don't like about the PKK is that they switched from Marxism-Leninism as their party ideology to "democratic con-federalism", which is Utopian. The Kurds have a major external and internal autonomy problem, yet they think throwing away the state is going to help them in the long run. With Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and parts of Armenia bordering the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, throwing away the state and somehow achieving an armed revolution seems highly unrealistic on their part.

However, I do like their armed struggle for Kurdish autonomy, as they are an oppressed people, but there isn't much else I particularly support in the PKK.

Post self-deleted by Godless Munky.

Posted for V Ming:
"8 hours ago: The Security Council resolution Repeal "Condemn North Korea" was passed 6,165 votes to 2,248."


With 75% of Nationstates backing us, the reactionaries failed to hold their condemnation of our great region. Socialist and democratic forces, as well as forces of the bourgeois liberal intent - see that North Korea is not worthy of the ranks of vile regions carrying the WA badge. That our fight is a fight for the working people and oppressed and that Libertatem has failed to convince the inter-regional community of any 'crimes' committed by our region.

Comrades, I've been quiet as of late, currently being silenced by moderators for my militant and aggressive attitude towards the reactionaries and fascists. Let the comrades not feel an once of sorrow for I will return as dangerous as ever to the political right quite soon. At first I didn't want the enemy to see me in such way, keeping this problem quiet - but let it be known - that we will bring the fight in any way we can, legal or otherwise - and this is why the communist is so feared by our enemies.

The Korean Peoples Army and Das Kommune should be commended for taking the vanguard position in the liberation of The International Communist Union not a single update after the WA cast off the password.

It should be known that the KPA and DK could not do this alone and the inter-regional leftist efforts to secure the region are impressive and paramount. TICU should be treated as a war zone with no cross endorsements until the threat is over - which may be a long while. The People's Republic of Comradeland should be commended in particular for his swift action and spanning leadership regarding the mission.

As far as the condemnation of The Yoshika Zombie Military of Vandoosa goes I won't support it, the nation in question is too new to Nationstates and a condemnation too much acknowledgment. What should also be said is that as revolutionaries we'll take our battles to the battlefield and not hide behind the prestigious World Assembly bureaucracy.

Comrades, my WA nation fights beside you shoulder to shoulder, let the reactionaries and fascists see that the unity of the working class and students will end their operations of hate and division. Let the Antistatists see that we 'see right through them', let them fear working peoples political power!

Let the fascists see a unified left, determined in its goals and producing results!

Antifascism is no longer enough!

This is the class war!

Revolutionary regards;
V Ming

Some 20,000 indigenous men and women, milicianos and support bases of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) among them, held a silent mega-march in solidarity with the students in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero.

With slogans like “your pain is our pain,” “you are not alone,” and “your rage is ours” on banners and signs, EZLN members came from the five Caracoles that bind the five Good Government Juntas together to San Cristóbal de Las Casas in dozens of trucks and got out in the west, at the exit for San Juan Chamula.

Some of the indigenous traveled up to 12 hours to get to this city from their communities in the heart of the Lacandón Jungle. Chols, Tsotsils, Tseltals and Tojolabals, milicianos and support bases of the EZLN arrived wearing ski masks and paliacates tied at the neck.

They formed five lines and headed towards the center of the city, entering through San Ramon Street until reaching the central park. They passed in front of the municipal presidency and returned on the parallel street to the city’s exit.

The EZLN flag and the Mexican flag were in front of the contingent. Among the Zapatista commanders, Comandante Tacho, a member of the Comandancia General del Comité Clandestino Revolucionario Indígena-General Command (CCRI-CG), could be seen with a radio in his hand for communication.

The Zapatistas did not make any stop or any pronouncement. All those wearing masks, men and women with babies in their arms, left the same way they arrived.

Like the Zapatistas, thousands of teachers added themselves to the solidarity march with the Ayotzinapa students, three of whom were murdered and 43 more are still disappeared.

In San Cristóbal, Tuxtla, Palenque, Comitán, Tapachula, Motozintla and other Chiapas cities, some 45,000 teachers from the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) went to the streets and chanted: “They took them alive, we want them alive,” “Guerrero endures, Chiapas rises up” and others.

Normal school students from all over the state of Chiapas joined them, in San Cristóbal, the Jacinto Canek Normal School, the School of Social Sciences, the National Front of Struggle for Socialism (FNLS), the Emiliano Zapata Proletarian Organization (OPEZ, its initials in Spanish) and other social organizations.


Originally Published in Spanish by Chiapas Paralelo

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chiapas Support Committee

Post self-deleted by Communal Earth.

Tactical KPA Report:

I feel it important to inform all comrades about the recent events in the KPA. Several days ago it was decided to wind down the operation in Coalition of Right Wing Nations and to consolidate forces for a budding plan to retake The International Communist Union. Rather than waiting for a password a refound was to be attempted. Members were moved out slowly, hoping to draw some attention from either the Nazis or the Capitalists. If forces from either side engaged it had the potential to weaken the occupations of TICU or CAPS.

And thats exactly what happened. On the day of the refound the Nazis launched an operation to seize the delegacy. With 6 strong they attacked the region to our 4 endorsements. They were thwarted however by swift bannings which saved the WA spot by banning 5 out of 6 Nazis in under 30 seconds. Unfortunately the last Nazi had arrived a second later and was not banned, thus preventing the region from deleting. At this point a tactical decision had to be made, and an advantage either taken or a stand taken. The choice was to organize troops for a guaranteed retakeing of TICU (and thus secure the region from the possibility of the fascists returning), or to rally forces to pour back into the CoRWN and retake the delegacy.

As general of the KPA the decision was mine to make. I chose to put our efforts towards our comrades first, and our pride second. I chose the practical securing of our comrades region before my own pride and desire to close down CoRWN. TICU will be secured permanently for the native comrades, the Nazis will be prevented from returning, this the KPA spearheads and guarantees.

In solidarity comrades
The People's Republic of Comradeland

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