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North Korea contains 108 nations, the 98th most in the world.


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The Most Extensive Civil Rights in North Korea

The citizens of nations ranked highly enjoy a great amount of civil rights, or freedoms to go about their personal business without interference or regulation from government.

As a region, North Korea is ranked 3,418th in the world for Most Extensive Civil Rights.

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Blackwater Execs Remain Free as Guards Convicted for Killing 14 Iraqis in Massacre

A federal jury has returned guilty verdicts against four Blackwater operatives involved in the 2007 massacre at Baghdad�s Nisoor Square. On Wednesday, the jury found one guard, Nicholas Slatten, guilty of first-degree murder, while three other guards were convicted of voluntary manslaughter: Paul Slough, Evan Liberty and Dustin Heard. The jury is still deliberating on additional charges against the operatives, who faced a combined 33 counts. The operatives were tried for the deaths of 14 of the 17 Iraqi civilians who died when their Blackwater unit opened fire.

Mexico: Tens of Thousands Protest Students’ Disappearance; Iguala Mayor Implicated

Mexican authorities have ordered the arrest of the fugitive mayor of Iguala and his wife, accusing them of ordering last month’s police attack on students from a rural teachers college. Six people were killed in the initial attacks, and 43 students have been missing for almost a month. On Wednesday, protesters set fire to Iguala’s city hall, as tens of thousands gathered in Mexico City, including fellow students from the teachers college.

Diego, student at Ayotzinapa Normal School: "Who is the most guilty person here for the extrajudicial massacre of our fallen comrades on the 26th of September and the forced disappearances of our comrades is the executive-in-chief, Enrique Peńa Nieto, because he should ensure that the Mexican society is safe."

Family members of the missing students traveled to Mexico City to attend the protest. Bernabé Abraham Gaspar’s son is among the missing.

Bernabé Abraham Gaspar, father of Adán Abraham de la Cruz: "I don’t understand what is happening with the authorities. Why do they kill students who are just starting to build their lives, to have a life and a dignified career and work?"

The challenges ahead in Venezuela:

Venezuelan revolutionaries are continuing to debate the future of the revolutionary process set in motion during the presidency of Hugo Chávez. Since Chávez's death in 2013, the right-wing demonstrations against the government, now led by President Nicolás Maduro, have continued and escalated. Maduro has made further concessions, including initiating "peace talks" with leading figures of the right-wing opposition.

Gonzalo Gómez is a member of Marea Socialista (Socialist Tide), a revolutionary tendency within the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, which Chávez led until his death. In an interview with Eva María and Wael Elasady, excerpted here, Gómez talked about the revolutionary process and the social conflicts that will shape the country's future.

Accomplish Revolutionary Cause of Juche:
Today marks the 88th anniversary of the formation of Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU) by President Kim Il Sung.

The DIU is the root of the Workers' Party of Korea, origin of Songun, model of unity and banner of victory of the Korean revolution.

All Koreans should dynamically advance for the final victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche, holding higher the flag of DIU which fluttered during the long journey of the revolution under the leadership of the great party.

Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il performed immortal feats by wisely leading the revolutionary cause of Juche to successfully realize the idea of DIU for a long period.

The shining history of succession of the Korean revolution created by holding Kim Jong Il in high esteem at its head is being given a steady continuity by Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un is the peerless great man who is successfully carrying forward and accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered under the banner of DIU.

Under the tested leadership of Kim Jong Un the history and tradition of the single-minded unity established by DIU are being successfully inherited in the new century of Juche and the Korean revolution is advancing straight along the road of independence, Songun and socialism.

There are many ways in advance but the way of DIU is the only one to be covered by the Korean revolutionaries.

Moral Corruption of Capitalism Can Never Be Concealed:
Pyongyang, October 19 (KCNA) -- No matter what rhetoric it may let loose, capitalism can never cover up its incurable sickness - reactionary nature and corruption of its bourgeois morality, says Rodong Sinmun Sunday in an article.

Bourgeois idea and reactionary bourgeois morality based on extreme individualism have reigned in capitalist society, notes the article, and goes on:
"Private interests are inviolable"
"I can live when I kill you"

This is the wrong way of thinking and viewpoint of those living in capitalist society in which bourgeois morality based on extreme individualism prevails.

Bourgeois morality in capitalist society, from its nature, inevitably incites the people to a jungle-law struggle for existence.

"A man should become a wolf before other men"
"He who robs the other by hook or by crook is a wise man"

This is the outlook on existence in capitalist society.

In capitalist society dominated by bourgeois view of value and morality the corrupt and depraved way of life prevails as it is further fostered by its reactionary rulers. So, in capitalist countries, various type reactionary ideas and decayed way of life are rampant to paralyze the sound mentality of people and make them ignorant. Such a mode of existence as the stronger preying upon the weaker has been encouraged there to be ridden by such social evils as immorality and corruption, murder and robbery, throwing the people into fear and uneasiness.

Moral vulgarity of capitalist society has reached an extreme phase. By no remedy can this be cured as long as capitalist system exists.

Inevitable is the collapse of capitalism festering with corrupt morality.


There exists in the Horn of Africa a small nation that few living in the West have heard of. A former Italian colony, Eritrea is only reported on in the mainstream media when the U.S. imposes further sanctions on this small country of six million, or when Hollywood makes a movie about a dictator in a fictitious country that shares its exact borders. But for those journalists living in Eritrea, the country is the "Cuba of Africa."

During the "scramble for Africa", Italy colonized the port of Asseb in modern day Eritrea in 1869, to compete with French and British control of the Red Sea shipping lanes. Britain administered the colony of Eritrea and Italian Somaliland following the defeat of Italy and the Axis powers in World War 2, and a United Nations resolution, backed by the U.S., made Eritrea an autonomous territory of Ethiopia in 1951. When Haile Selassie I, the feudal emperor of Ethiopia, unilaterally revoked Eritrea's autonomous status, separatists led by the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) fought a 30 year war of independence.

When Eritrea achieved formal independence in 1993, its infrastructure had been devastated. A third of the population was in exile, agricultural and industrial production was in a state of collapse, and the ruling EPLF had to begin rebuilding the country in a state of ruin. The National Democratic Program outlined socialist development in four pillars: food security, water, health, and education.

Agrarian reforms radically transformed food security. Peasants were allocated small plots of land and provided with more modern tractors to work their farms. But the construction of a micro‑dam irrigation system had the greatest impact on food security. These micro‑dams broke the age-old dependence on the rains in this arid region of Africa. In 2011, the United Nations Famine Early Warning System predicted millions would starve in capitalist Ethiopia, despite being the birthplace of the Nile River and the Zenawi regime exporting 10,000 tons of rice to Saudi Arabia that year. But the people of Eritrea were able to survive the worst of the drought.

Access to clean drinking water has improved dramatically. In 1990, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), only 43% of Eritreans had access to safe drinking water; by 2013 that number had risen to 85%, compared to 48% in Ethiopia. The government has supported a variety of methods to provide safe drinking water, including harvesting rainwater through roof collection and solar-powered pumps to extract ground water reserves.

Eritrea's "existing national health policy aims to ensure equity and access by majority population to essential health services at affordable cost, consistent with the Universal Health Coverage principles," the WHO reported. Eritrea is one of only three countries in Africa on target to reach the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals. Eight major vaccine-preventable diseases have been eliminated, life expectancy is 66 years, the country is moving towards eliminating malaria, and HIV/AIDS infections in the general population is less than 1%. By comparison, HIV/AIDS in Washington, D.C. is around 3%, and Eritrea's life expectancy is equivalent to the state of Mississippi, in the richest country in the world. In Ethiopia, hailed as the "African lion" by pundits for its creation of millionaires, the WHO reports: "The main health concerns in Ethiopia include maternal mortality, malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS compounded by acute malnutrition and lack of access to clean water and sanitation. The limited number of health institutions, inefficient distribution of medical supplies and disparity between rural and urban areas, due to severe under‑funding of the health sector, make access to healthcare services very difficult."

Adult literacy in Eritrea is 80%. Education is provided free to all students, including university and college, and the government spends 45% of its budget on education.

When it became clear that Eritrea would not adhere to Western neoliberalism, imperialism launched a campaign of demonization and economic sabotage, calling it a "rogue" state, a "dictatorship", and an "international sponsor of terrorism." Ethiopia invaded Eritrea in 1998 with the support of U.S. imperialism. Hundreds of thousands of troops were deadlocked in trenches along an 800 kilometer front, the largest and deadliest conventional war since the Iran‑Iraq War.

Allegedly the war was the consequence of Eritrean territorial expansion into Ethiopia, but this can easily be disproven. Ethiopia unilaterally superimposed its Tigray administrative zone into Eritrea. This change can be seen in maps created by the Ethiopian regime in 1997, compared to those by international organizations. The change was even visible on Ethiopian currency issued in 1997 showing an enlarged map of Ethiopia. A peace agreement was signed in Algeria in December 2000, establishing the Eritrean‑Ethiopian Border Commission (EECB), a UN body tasked with identifying a "final and binding" border between the two countries. In 2002, the EECB released its findings, awarding the controversial village of Badme to Eritrea, infuriating Ethiopia's leaders, who have rejected the ruling. To this date Ethiopia continues to militarily occupy Eritrean territories with U.S. support.

But the war wasn't about a border dispute. In a secret cable published by Wikileaks, Meles Zenawi, the former prime minister, tells Susan Rice, the former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs: "The outbreak of hostilities ... was never about the border dispute in Badme and Zelambessa... It was about economic and political differences". Smaller "border conflicts" also occurred between Eritrea and U.S.‑backed Yemen and Djibouti.

Now the U.S. has imposed crippling sanctions on Eritrea for its alleged support for al‑Shabaab in Somalia. Wikileaks also disproved this claim in its "Ethiopia Files". In a secret cable, former U.S. ambassador to Ethiopia Donald Yamamoto said, "The role Eritrea plays in Somalia... is probably insignificant." The United Nations monitoring group in Somalia admitted it "has found no evidence to substantiate allegations that Eritrea supplied Al‑Shabaab with arms and ammunition by air in October and November 2011," even though this was used to justify Resolution 2023, imposing sanctions on Eritrea's mining development.

Canadians should be aware of Western imperialism's violent policies, and support the right of all people, whether in Eritrea, Cuba, Venezuela or Korea, to self-determination.

The People's Republic of Communal Earth wrote:

That's a really good article

The People's Republic of Comradeland wrote:ERITREA: "THE CUBA OF AFRICA"

Also very interesting. I was only marginally knowledgeable of Eritrea's history.

New-type Solar Follower Developed in DPRK

Pyongyang, October 24 (KCNA) -- The Mechanical Engineering Institute of the State Academy of Sciences in the DPRK has recently developed a new kind of solar follower, conducive to increasing the utilization of solar energy.

This mechanism makes it possible for tens of solar panels at once to follow the sunlight vertically all the time. According to the results of its application, it helps raise the power output 1.3 times than before.

The device won a high appreciation at the 13th National Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies.

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