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WA Delegate: The White Sands of Yoh-en-Boeit (elected 143 days ago)

Founder: The Nomadic Peoples of African Bushman

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Welcome to NORTH AFRICA!

Our glorious region welcomes peoples of all ideologies, religions, races, creeds, colors to our lands!

Official Regional Alliances


Defense: Vacant

Mediation: The Socialist Nationalist Reich of Holus

Economic: The Socialist National Reich of Malavia

Foreign: The Green Book of Moammar El-Gadhafi

Chief Ambassador: The Federal Rebels of Nigeria Confederacy

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Greater Africa

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Embassies: United Empire of Islam, Africa, The Graveyard, Greece, Islam, South Sudan, Iran, Vatican II, Central Eastern Europe, USSR, India, Israel, Weed, The Ascendancy, Democrats, Global Powers, and 59 others.The Commonwealth Society, South Africa, The Franco Spanish Empire, Eastern Roman Empire, God, Antifa, Occitania, Right to Life, Benghazi, West Africa, Syria, Democratic Social Union, Abkhazia, The Shadow of Mordor, Leninist Russia, Republic City, The Grand Old Duke of Pork, The United League, East Africa, World Alliance, the Land of Power, united socialist states of indi, Hezbollah, Central Pacific Empire, Callington, Laissez Faireholm, United States of America, Republic of Seychelles, Island of Union, League of Christian Nations, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries, The Darwin Allied Republics, Black Mesa Islands, Sufism, Land of Israel, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, Lower Canada, The Coalition of Psychlo States, The Island of Mythology, The Arab League, League of Cobalt Nations, Iberian Peninsula, The Illuminati, The Sea Of Love, The Savage Garden, The United Empire of Corruption, The Military Commonwealth, Trainsylvinea, The alliance of homework, Empire Coalition, The Rose Garden, Horn of Africa, Parkerican Lands, The united region of republicans, Confederacy of Egalitarian Democracies, Cyrenaica, and Ministreyl Union.

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Regional Power: High

North Africa contains 72 nations, the 156th most in the world.


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The Best Weather in North Africa

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, North Africa is ranked 12,496th in the world for Best Weather.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The White Sands of Yoh-en-BoeitWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Khen Pef Ran”
2.The Socialist National Reich of MalaviaWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Ein Volk, Ein Umdrehung, Ein Zukunft.”
3.The Republic of Stato Mentale di Monza e Brianza IINew York Times Democracy“Stato Mentale di Monza e Brianza Remembers”
4.The United Kingdom of Brian GardnerFather Knows Best State“I rule all”
5.The Free Parliamentary Republic of DorianterrasCivil Rights Lovefest“God, Justice, Freedom, Equality”
6.The Democratic Republic of Sahrawi ArabiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“حرية ديمقراطية وحدة”
7.The Free Land of SinloselandScandinavian Liberal Paradise“No Worries, Bru!”
8.The Empire of The Swamp Empire of ZaMundaMoralistic Democracy“Prince Akeem and royal servant semmi”
9.The Democratic People's Republic of A New LiberiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Pro libertate et salute omnium.”
10.The Afghan Republic of -Azadistan-Civil Rights Lovefest“وحدت، آزادی، عدالت”
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Regional Happenings


North Africa Regional Message Board

Swaithlying supports Abrinams decision to send more troops into The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and can and will support with troops of our own if ever deemed necessary


General Ramasees the III told govt members of ancient Query of that the Master force's Will send 5.900 armed troops to the Islamic state of Iraq and support there militants against western countries in a interview with Al " Arabic news in Thebes temple city. Queen nefertiti said military tanks on armed boats will arrive tomorrow morning in the Islamic state.and helicopter forces of Kufu would fire on Abrinams forces from the ground to air campaign showing support for our Islamic brothers and sisters in damage land's. Missiles lead by guide ship would lay hell on all that dont comply and leave there landscape. More votes by the Hedjt court would or could block the air force from fighting against western force's. But as of now the clear has been given by the Ancient gods court some worry that ancient Egyptian army " could lead to a north Africa war. Statements could be heard by opponents in the Pharisee seats as Nubian delegates are against all fighting.

^^^[^]^^^^^^^^^ Dendara government Temple`

Astana zamunda.

Air support came into zamunda islands tonight as nomadic Egypt army goes too war with Abrinam forces. Nab alliance spokesman Lom ba" kim Ba" said each independent government inside nab alliance would vote in there government's to respond to the nomadic Egyptians government actions against force's outside our alliance. King joffe said his government is dealing with a lot after The hurricanes hitting the nation's islands this past week.and that paratroopers camouflaged forces would not fight as talk in the Royal palace is against humanitarian wars. Still with the Alliance allied vote from ancient Egypt and Kenya " may decide if zamunda will fight under their own government.

Zamunda royal society.

مساعدة /:)

We need a plan Against zombies guys,,,, ? I'll help your zombies fight if u help me? Yoh sounds good or goofy ,? LOL Mássãlama ,

What's wrong with goofy? :P And I think we'll get back to that plot-line once we're through battling the likes of ISIS. In the meantime, we can probably assume that the likes of zombie-kind are stewing, unbeknownst to most, in the ghettos of YHDOD, ready to be our next crisis.

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The White Sands of Yoh-en-Boeit wrote:What's wrong with goofy? :P And I think we'll get back to that plot-line once we're through battling the likes of ISIS. In the meantime, we can probably assume that the likes of zombie-kind are stewing, unbeknownst to most, in the ghettos of YHDOD, ready to be our next crisis.

BBC BREAKING NEWS: Government Forces Gain In The Republic of Iraq-

Despite the disgusting terrorist attacks against Abrinam, Iraqi government forces along with Abrinam and Maltean ground troops are gaining on all fronts in Iraq-. According to activists on the ground, The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is in full retreat. The combination of a influx of well trained and armed foreign solders from the armies of Abrinam and Malte into Iraq- coupled with intensive bombardment from air by the joint air forces of Iraq-, Abrinam, and Malte as left the group in chaos and on the run. According to multiple high ranking officers within the Iraqi Armed Forces have estimated that ISIS could be pushed completely out of Iraq within two-six weeks. Later going on to say that Abrinam and Iraqi ground forces are advancing some 20 km2 a day.

In Northern Iraq-, Coalition forces have scored one of the most decisive victories in the war against ISIS so far, with the fall of Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, to coalition forces. Following a intense bombardment of the city by Coalition forces against The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria positions for several weeks. Iraqi government troops supported by Abrinam and Maltean special forces stormed the city. Capturing 50% of the city in the first 24 hours of the assault. After three days of bloody urban combat, coalition forces successfully forced The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria to withdraw into the countryside, conceding Mosul in the process. Thousands of people in Mosul have subsequently taken to the streets to welcome the coalition solders and thanked them for liberating Mosul.

Hello Sirs/Madams,
I have recently started a Newspaper in my Region. If you could have someone send an update from here every week or two, it would help. We want to have different articles from around the world and such.

President of Kolkatta.

Achmel Algerian is gone who you come back inshallah ./:(,

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