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Welcome to NORTH AFRICA!

Our glorious region welcomes peoples of all ideologies, religions, races, creeds, and colors to our lands!

Official Regional Alliances

Presently uncertain...


Defense: The United Socialist States of Swaithlying

Mediation: Holus

Economic: The Democratic People's Republic of A New Liberia
**Economic Advisor: The Liberal Sultanate of Mafinia

Foreign: The Green Book of Moammar El-Gadhafi
**Advisor of Foreign Affairs: The Republic of Vietslavijia
**Ambassador: Nigeria confederacy

Greater Africa

_________North Africa
West Africa<-Africa->East Africa

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Regional Power: Moderate

North Africa contains 23 nations, the 590th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Drug Use in North Africa

World Census experts sampled many cakes of dubious content to determine which nations' citizens consume the most recreational drugs.

As a region, North Africa is ranked 1,758th in the world for Highest Drug Use.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Empire of Islamic MauritaniaMoralistic Democracy“الله أكبر (Allāhu Akbar) God is Great”
2.The Monarchy of Islamic SpainFather Knows Best State“Taking it easy”
3.The Nomadic Peoples of African BushmanLibertarian Police State“The Gods must be crazy....”
4.The Stratocracy of GrezniyaFather Knows Best State“Rebuild and reunite”
5.The Abdiwali Family of Achmel AbdiwaliWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Resident of Algeria”
6.The Green Book of Moammar El-GadhafiWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya”
7.The Socialist Republic of Insert nationname hereNew York Times Democracy“Sed cur cervisia abest”
8.The Bolshevik Republic of Saharan LibertaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Progress, together”
9.The Democratic People's Republic of A New LiberiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Pro libertate et salute omnium.”
10.The Kingdom of KhargistanFather Knows Best State“From struggle, comes strength”
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Regional Happenings


North Africa Regional Message Board

The Republic of Vietslavijia wrote:Ahahahahaha fair enough, sounds quote exciting actually :) hope everyone I'm the region is OK, but the way <3

It is pretty cool, apart from being a sports sim nutter, it's cool to expand your nations geography, as well as businesses that would sponsor teams in racing or whatever... Really good fun, for me at least! XD

Bitterne Park

The Democratic States of Seamair wrote:Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to be apart of this region. Seamair will do anyhting in it's power to keep this region strong!

Will that include good spelling! ;) only joking dude ahaha

The United Socialist States of Swaithlying wrote:Will that include good spelling! ;) only joking dude ahaha



BREAKING NEWS: New Greznych Constitution Cements Military Power, Ebrin Minkov Becomes Regent-General

The Greznych citizens' and international community's fears were confirmed today as General Minkov (now known as Regent-General and official head-of-state) announced the finality of the state's new Constitution. However, when published, the leaders of other regional nations found that Democratic processes had been omitted entirely and behind the jargon and straw padding were postulates written to allocate complete government power to the current - ballooned - military force.

A large feeling of disillusionment has befallen over much of the Greznych populace, as many wished for a democratically elected leader. The High-Regent has "assured" the people that they will be enjoying all the benefits of a democratic system - with some limitations as it turns out, as the Regency Army has already begun shutting down news services in favor of a select few the Regency will influence.

New regime policies have called for the following:
- The creation of Regency services including the Regency Army, Media, Overwatch (police force), etc.
- The seizure of mass media by the state, in order to "protect the people from harmful and false misinformation"
- A country-wide ban of firearms. Authorizing only the Regency services to weaponry will "assure peace and safety of the people", the Regency claims
- The disbanding of city police and militia forces, surrendering all protection responsibility to the Regency Overwatch, the new police force

Although the High-Regent hadn't mentioned it in his press release, the Regency is also pulling support of the current Vietslavijian government in their civil war. Regency officials have explained it as "the nation does not need to get caught up in the war of attrition going on in that nation. The current government in power may also be in suspect of shady practices as the ones practiced by those they currently fight. Several other nations have made the mistake of jumping head-first into a nation's internal conflict and Grezniya will not follow that path." In light of this, critics claim that the Regency is obligated to spare humanitarian resources as the current Viet government has provided this nation with so much despite their current conflict, calling the action "incredibly ungrateful".

This will be the last broadcast of the Tselinoyarsk Voice, the former largest news organization of the nation. As I relay this to you, listeners of the region, I suspect the Regency Army or Overwatch or whatever are speeding over to the facility to remove us and end our airtime at gunpoint. Whether any good comes of the new Regency or not, those around the world deserve to know this side of the story as well, for in the next couple months dispatches posted will be under control of the Regency Media department. This is Vitaly Spelkova, chief of the Voice, signing off. Have a good evening and for my fellow people, stay safe out there.

[What follows is simply a buzzing, signaling the death of this news broadcast.]


Papon will be doubling food shipments where it can in response to growing food shortages. Paponese labor and engineers are also volunteering as part of a Peace Corps to begin with aiding in construction of proper shelter for all innocent life displaced by the Viet Civil War. Critics have called the cessation of Greznych support completely disgusting and the formation of the Regency "a bad sign of things to come".

Papon is also warning the Old Viet army that reports of 20 or more Paponese humanitarians killed within Viet lands at the hands of their men, and if one more humanitarian life is lost then we will be forced to supply soldiers to fight alongside loyalist forces. One more drop of blood from an unarmed, selfless Paponese humanitarian and there WILL be Paponese boots on Viet ground.

Post self-deleted by Papon.

In other news:

o Former Commandant Donatien Trivett has been found dead over the weekend after Colonial Police raided a compound of a previously unheard-of militant group located on the countryside. Trivett had been found being held in a prison area under the complex along with many other officials and civilians. Trivett seemed to have been deceased for a long while prior to our discovering him. Others pulled out were in a massive state of unhealth but alive. Officials have taken to calling this new but frightening group the Ceintures Rouges. (Red Sashes, for imaginable reasons)

o The Interim Regency of Papon has announced an official election for a new Prime Minister within the coming months.

o Papon has officially ended trade and economic accords with The Stratocracy of Grezniya, effectively cutting existing relations. This nation will not support the new Greznych Regency.

An attempt was made on Vietslavijian communist leader Theit Quyen's life today, and, although there was no capture of the assassins, the Viet Republic is surely those who were behind it. This had been followed by a drive from the Viet Republic following the loss of support from The Stratocracy of Grezniya. Theit Quyen had criticised this lack of support, and has also pledged to defend as well as it can the humanitarian aid from Papon, citing that 'such attacks were disgraceful' '. Overall however, it's a week to forget for the brave troops on the front lines, as Viet forces move closer to the capital

BTW will be finishing my final year of college in the next couple of weeks, so sorry if I don't message too often :( hope everyone doing exams is OK <3


Welcome back, guys. :)

And don't worry, Viet, tis the season. Lord knows that's where I was the last 2 weeks. School is lovely and all, but lord is it ever time consuming. :/


Ceintures Rouges Attack: Hostage Situation in New Reims

Seventeen gunmen armed with rifles and body armor entered a high-end restaurant in central New Reims, across from the Reisaire mall. The party opened fire and covered the exits, trapping the thirty-seven dining customers and restaurant staff inside. The acting Ceintures Rouges members cited the raid on the home being used by the organization located on the countryside - it is clear this is an act of revenge.

Hostages include customers, servers and kitchen staff; among the customers is a high-ranking official visiting from Grezniya before the turmoil between the two nations. No reports of hostage death as of yet. Negotiations have started as the standoff continues, but many believe that negotiating with the Ceintures Rouges will prove futile.


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