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Welcome to NORTH AFRICA!

Our glorious region welcomes peoples of all ideologies, religions, races, creeds, colors to our lands!

Official Regional Alliances


Defense: The Confederate States of Blumaria

Mediation: The Socialist Nationalist State of Holus

Economic: The Socialist National Reich of Malavia

Foreign: The Green Book of Moammar El-Gadhafi

Chief Ambassador: The Federal Rebels of Nigeria Confederacy

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Regional Power: High

North Africa contains 101 nations, the 114th most in the world.


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The Largest Mining Sector in North Africa

As a region, North Africa is ranked 115th in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

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1.The Corporate Oligarchy of YouhavediedofdysenteryCorporate Police State“All your base are belong to us”
2.The Unbelievable Hekkers of Bitterne ParkCompulsory Consumerist State“Perception is the prison, morality is the sentence ”
3.The Confederate States of BlumariaWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“Patriotism Purity Prosperity”
4.The Nordic Colonies of BlumeriaCorporate Police State“Star of The North”
5.The Grand Republic of RussistanCorporate Police State“Blood and Honor”
6.The Constitutional Republic of AbrinamWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Prosperity Can Only Be Achieved By Faith In Sacrafise”
7.The Slavic Republic of BlumericoFather Knows Best State“Industry Progress Enlightenment”
8.The Free Parliamentary Republic of DorianterrasLiberal Democratic Socialists“God, Justice, Freedom, Equality”
9.The Dictatorship of The People Republic of JordanIron Fist Consumerists“Dangerous and Prosperous ”
10.The Imperial Sultanate of North SaharaCorporate Police State“Allahu Akbar”
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North Africa Regional Message Board

Hello, Hatay! Welcome to this crazy train we call a community! :) If you like excitement and the occasional moment of whimsy, then I think you've wandered in to the right place.

The Unbelievable Hekkers of Bitterne Park wrote:Hi Hatay.

I am Jesus, therefore he is.

Found the Antichrist.

Found the noob scrub

The Unbelievable Hekkers of Bitterne Park wrote:Found the noob scrub

Found the scruba-dub-dub.

The American Northeast Blasts Russistan For Escalation

The President issued an order today, condemning Chancellor Medvedev for his escalation of the crises through choosing sides. The USSAAF Command has been ordered to mobilize all combat troops within the USSA in reaction to this gross and obvious crisis escalation.


After 2 months of endless unrest in the capital of Stalinobad and throughout Qadhafistan, an escalation in the past week has proved to be the final nail in the coffin of embattled President Viktor Kovalenko. Beginning last Monday, the protests took a very deadly turn for the worse as Kovalenko authorized deadly force in order to disperse pro-NATO protestors and right-wing activists, leading to a bloodbath with over 150 killed. National outrage and international condemnation and sanctions from Blumaria and -America proved devastating for Kovalenko, and revolutionary forces pushed him to flee to Qadhafistan's northern neighbor, The Federation of Putins Russia. Upon his departure this morning, a lavish and extensive palace housing Kovalenko's loot from the public treasury was displayed for the entire world. A provisional Government with opposition political leader Arseny Polyakov as President will remain in power until National Elections take place, slated to occur in 2 months.

What occurs in northern, majority-Russian Qadhafistan remains to be seen. As an atmosphere of triumph and fanfare envelops the rest of the country, resentment and bitterness steams in the north, and surely in Putins Russia.

What do we all think about a religious, oppressive government to pose a baddies in a story?

Secretary Forbes Dispatched to Stalinobad, New Qadhafistani Govt Poised to Adopt NATO Aid Package

President Bush has ordered Secretary of State John Forbes to Stalinobad this evening, wasting no time in bringing the new government of Qadhafistan and President Arseny Polyokov under Blumaria's sphere of influence. With Putins Russia's own aid package now spurned, tensions in the region are sure to escalate quickly. Already, reports of unrest in the north of the country, near the Russian border are being cycled. To the south, The Slavic Republic of Blumerico maintains an aggressive pan-slavic foreign policy and is sure to comply with President Putin--and possibly The Internationale--in combating NATO expansion. For now, Blumaria has made its move, what's to follow remains to be seen.

President Putin Vehemently Condemns Qadhafistan Uprising

Moscow, Russia- President Vladimir Putin harshly criticized the ouster of President Viktor Kovalenko in Qadhafistan, lambasting the revolt as "engineering of the west" and a direct attack on Russian stability. The full text of Putin's statement can be read below:

V. Putin: "The past 24 hours have been a tragedy for global stability and order. Again, as always, NATO under the aggressive and imperious guidance of The Confederate States of Blumaria is trying it's hand at taking advantage of an unstable and vulnerable society. Qadhafistan, which enjoys a long and storied history with the Russian people is merely their newest victim. I was shaken and dismayed to hear reports from Dyatlov that the new "government authorities" in Stalinobad are very actively persecuting Russian ethnic minorities in the Qadhafistani North. We will not sit and watch as ShortQadhafistan]/nation] spirals into civil war. We will not sit and watch as fascist radicals with the full backing of the west hatch an unstable breeding ground for terrorism as a failed state on our border. In the coming days, the 450,000 Ground Forces will mass on the border near the city of Dyatlov. I will personally travel to the exercises and observe the readiness of our Federation's mighty army. Russia will always guarantee the security of our diaspora and proud cultural heritage, regardless of where a subject ultimately resides. Let this serve as a warning to NATO, The Internationale, The Co-Prosperity Sphere and Coexistence alike: If the stability of Putins Russia and our people is threatened at any time, we will respond, swiftly. May god bless Russia and extend peace to all."

Following his address, the President signed an official directive welcoming The Slavic Republic of Blumerico into an official military alliance. This is being pegged as the first of many steps to creating a Slavic Bloc or possibly a Eurasian Union--including [nation]short]Iran-[/nation], and North Sahara or less likely even The Third Reich. Either way, this is a rejection of the treaty offer to join The Greater North African Co-Prosperity Sphere tendered to Russia by Tysk Reich.

Malavian Statement on Qadhafistan Crisis

Although we can identify with the struggle of The Federation of Putins Russia when it comes to protecting its ethnic population and standing up to the West, we cannot pursue this opportunity for military or economic alliance at this time, unfortunately. The Internationale is always willing to work with enemies of NATO, as the enemy of our enemy is our friend, but there have been too many instances of former COMECON nations entering an alliance with these sorts of blocs and effectively being stabbed in the back by these (still) imperialist nations.

Although we express our verbal support for Russia and her aims, if Mr. Putin would like to seek anything further in regards to cooperation and mutual defense, he will have to make a much stronger case and many realistic promises.

Covert Ops:

-10,000 covert Red Guards are to be deployed to The State of Qadhafistan, in the southern part of the country
-5,000 Socialist National Party advisors and Commissars are to be deployed to educate the people about the revolution and Socialism
-Undisclosed amounts of arms are to be gifted once the People's Revolutionary Army of Qadhafistan is formed within days
-Recruits to be given Red Guard training
-Deployed Red Guard troops to covertly begin to shut down southern part of the country to NATO, aka drawing lines in the sand

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