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Welcome to NORTH AFRICA!

Our glorious region welcomes peoples of all ideologies, religions, races, creeds, and colors to our lands!

Official Regional Alliances

Presently uncertain...


Defense: Swaithlying

Mediation: Holus

Economic: The Democratic People's Republic of A New Liberia
**Economic Advisor: The People's Sultanate of Mafinia

Foreign: The Green Book of Moammar El-Gadhafi
**Advisor of Foreign Affairs: Vietslavijia

Greater Africa

_________North Africa
West Africa<-Africa->East Africa

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Embassies: Syria, United Empire of Islam, Africa, The Graveyard, Greece, South Sudan, Iran, Vatican II, Central Eastern Europe, USSR, India, Israel, Weed, The Ascendancy, Global Powers, South Africa, and 44 others.The Franco Spanish Empire, Eastern Roman Empire, God, Antifa, Occitania, Right to Life, West Africa, Republic City, The Grand Old Duke of Pork, East Africa, World Alliance, united socialist states of indi, Hezbollah, Central Pacific Empire, Laissez Faireholm, United States of America, League of Christian Nations, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Black Mesa Islands, Sufism, Lower Canada, The Island of Mythology, The Arab League, League of Cobalt Nations, The Illuminati, The Sea Of Love, The Savage Garden, The alliance of homework, The Rose Garden, Confederacy of Egalitarian Democracies, ITALIA, Germanic Confederation, FOB Columbia Heights, United North Atlantic, The South, Alliance Of Neutral Nations, Free State of Wisconsin, Westphalia, Dill Country, The Constitutional Union, Union of Arab Republics, Union of Fraline Communist Republics, Holy Avadam Empire, and The Federal Galactic Conglomerate.

Construction of embassies with Greater Iran has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

North Africa contains 32 nations, the 389th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Armed in North Africa

World Census experts took their lives into their hands in order to ascertain the average number of weapons per citizen.

As a region, North Africa is ranked 13,444th in the world for Most Armed.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic People's Republic of A New LiberiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Pro libertate et salute omnium.”
2.The Corporate Oligarchy of YouhavediedofdysenteryWA MemberCorporate Police State“All your base are belong to us”
3.The Bolshevik Republic of Saharan LibertaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Progress, together”
4.The Free Parliamentary Republic of DorianterrasNew York Times Democracy“Justice, Freedom, Equality”
5.The Nomadic Peoples of African BushmanLibertarian Police State“The Gods must be crazy....”
6.The Nomadic Peoples of African Intel AgencyCompulsory Consumerist State“NationStates Premier African Spy Agency”
7.The Abdiwali Family of Achmel AbdiwaliLeft-wing Utopia“Resident of Algeria”
8.The Free Land of African CrowDemocratic Socialists“Caww caww Cahw Cawh”
9.The Front of PolisarioFather Knows Best State“por la liberación de Saguiat el-Hamra y Rio de Oro”
10.The Swedish Socialist Republic of SvennFather Knows Best State“yah you betcha”
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Regional Happenings


North Africa Regional Message Board

The White Sands of Yoh-en-Boeit wrote:Again: love ya too, Shawna. Glad we spread such kindness and friendship in this region instead to hating on each other. That being said: I've bent over backwards for you for the last 3-4 years, being the perfect diplomat every time you wanted to throw a hissy fit and call everyone racists. We've all known for a long time that you're the only racist, the only mean-spirited person in all North Africa. We've all known for a long time that you're the only one starting fights. We've just always been nice people, willing to suffer to appease you, in the interests of tolerance and peace. But this time I'm simply to tired and weary to jump through hoops for you, Shawna. You've been needlessly cruel to me and everyone in the game since you arrived, and if you don't want to be kind and respectful to your fellow players, then I'm simply not bending over backwards to chase after you this time. I'm done.

Sorry to get involved but thank you for finally telling her the truth, she just over reacts to everything ever since i met her in RORMS, she has used the "your all racist and anti female" game to become members in the cabniet and other roles with no real reason. She even called me a Jinn and a animal only because of my sect, and i still continued to respect her but she doesn't seem to care she has some sort of phobia from everyone, i bet she even calls her own family racist...

Saharan Liberta

Post by Nigeria Confederacy suppressed by a moderator.

I haven't said a thing, hun. But he's well within his rights to tell his side of the story. And I really don't appreciate the inappropriate way you're responding. Stop please or I'll have to start suppressing posts.

For the good of the region I have banned The Federal Rebels of Nigeria Confederacy, a long time associate nation of North Africa.
While I appreciate her past contributions to our regional government, we cannot accept her recent threats to the security of our government and the nonsense she posted on our board. While our regions history with Shawna and her 'family' began in a similar manner to its end, we gave her another chance and for over a year she was a valued member to the mosaic of personalities that made up the North Africa 'golden era' is with some sadness that it came to this.

To help promote the security of our region, I encourage all WA Nations in North Africa to endorse our elected delegate The White Sands of Yoh-en-Boeit.

I don't know or care what any of this is about, can RP yet or nah.

Bro, I sent you a telegram about RP last night. >.< Some ways back there's a suppressed post with in IC summary of the last year, since we left off. We just need some help picking the plot back up again. You know what, lemme go see if I can find that post and re-post it for everyone's convenience. And I guess I should change the maps again since we've lost 1 Blu and gained 1 Mal.

Na ambassador of yoh wrote:In-character status of North Africa:
The super-continent and associated far-eastern islands that constitute the region of North Africa were once plentiful lands, populated by over a hundred independent states. They fought many conflicts; nations made allies and enemies; civil wars divided and reformed peoples; the lines of their regional map were redrawn again and again. Then, sometime in the 2200’s, the region faced its final conflict. A chaotic organization known as ISIS rose out of the remnants of many fallen terroristic nations. They struck at all sovereign states and maximized their loss of life whenever possible. They had no apparent political alignments; no agenda. They had no allies save for the states that were willing to hand themselves over to the terrorists entirely. They divided the world and disrupted ancient alliances between nations. Entire nations were left destroyed by the martial, social, and economic conflicts that ISIS had wrought.
Eventually, however, ISIS apparently burned themselves out, for they utterly disappeared. In their wake, the entire face of North Africa had been forever changed, and fewer than 50 states remained across the map. The region grew quiet. Nations scarcely spoke to each other as each sorted out his own economic issues. Few alliances remained, though there were some exceptions. In the wake of ISIS’s terror, the Republican Security Alliance notably fell with the sudden loss of most of their states—including Blumaria Blumeria, -america, and Blumaria, Confederado, and The confederate states of america-. With the fall of the capitalists, came the worst economic crisis the region had ever faced, and new alliances formed in the wake of the ISIS disaster.
Former RSA member, Bitterne Park stepped forward representing the region’s greatest capitalist states and swiftly aligned with Abrinam. The nation of Holus formed a second alliance, consisting of small, newly-formed states under their influence. Youhavediedofdysentery remained allied with Insert nationname here and Yoh-en-Boeit, though they no longer called themselves Coexistance. Likewise, Malavia and Saharan Liberta remained together, though they too abandoned the name of their former socialist alliance. The NAB also remained together, and former Tehran pact nations Iraq, Iran, and Syria likewise aligned. The rest of North Africa remained independent and unaligned for the most part, many fearing or even despising those they had once called allies. Still, it seemed that North Africa might eventually recover. However, subtle signs began to emerge that the worst was yet to come.
Following the fall of the RSA, many began to fear that the remaining capitalist states might soon fall and take with them the regional economy. In a series of great public speeches, however, the leader of Bitterne Park assured their fellow nations that nothing was amiss. Everything was wonderful in Bitterne Park! In fact, the loss of their greatest trading partners had done nothing but strengthen their economy! Many were skeptical, but no one was in a position to argue. Like Bitterne Park, Youhavediedofdysentery initially claimed that the loss of so many old trading partners had done nothing to harm their all-consuming economy. Some suspected, however, that this might not have been the case. As a nation overrun with disease, lacking any social systems, and filled with poorly-maintained nuclear reactors, this made the region more nervous than had Bitterne Park. Reports began filtering in of strange mutated people flooding the borders of Dysentery’s neighbour nations, to which the nation’s lead scientist (Dr Hojo), had no answers. Saharan Liberta and Yoh-en-Boeit began a covert investigation together, determined to prove that Dysentery was collapsing within and spreading an unknown plague across the region. But their efforts were halted… when war broke out again.
The conflict opened when the regional economic crisis resulted in desperate action by the people of Syria and Iraq. Militants within the nations seized the area’s massive oil fields in the name of fallen ISIS, and left the former Tehran Pact nations demanding help from the rest of their region. Many nations answered the call; Nomadic Egypt Army and A New Liberia immediately sent out troops; Malavia and Saharan Liberta both pledged their support. Following Malavia’s entry into the war, Holus was conflicted on whether or not to follow. Eventually, the Holusian people handed over their entire nation to Malavia and went to war. A group of rebels, however, broke away and formed the capitalist nation of Malte in defiance of Malavia, but likewise joined the war. As the conflict increased in pace, Syrian and Iraqi rebels issued threats against the Christian nations of North Africa, including Abrinam and Yoh-en-Boeit. Abrinam responded at once by declaring war against Iraq and Syria, but Coexistence instead retreated and stayed out of the conflict altogether. With their considerable defences, no one bothered them any further. For a while, it seemed the new ISIS would fall at last to the allied states of North Africa, but the tide of battle turned swiftly when a series of terrorist attacks overwhelmed Abrinam. This resulted in a surprise twist, however, and Iraq- aligned with Abrinam and began to strike at the terrorists together. The conflict was reaching its climax, and all of North Africa held its breath as they prepared to see ISIS fall at last—!
Unfortunately, it was too late.
For everyone.
Before the final blow could be delivered to ISIS, a new threat swept the region, leaving a wave of destruction in their wake: zombies. In a matter of days, every nation was infected, and some were completely wiped out altogether. The conflict in Iraq and Syria grinded to a halt as both sides were overwhelmed with the disease. Zombies ran rampant. Proud states fell. All conflicts were forgotten. Eventually, Saharan Liberta, Yoh-en-Boeit, Insert nationname here, Youhavediedofdysentery, and Malte came together and developed a cure. They bombarded the remaining states with curative missiles and eliminated the zombie threat at last. But… it was too little too late. Following the zombie apocalypse, many nations were reduced to ghost towns. Fearing the possible contamination there, the remaining nations stayed away. If there were survivors, no one knew about them. North Africa… fell silent again. Some of its greatest states—including the likes of Malavia—were seen no more on the international scene, and many feared this was the end. When a regional map was finally re-drawn, fewer than 20 nations graced it.
In recent years, North Africa has recovered, but continues to be in shambles. Both Holus and Malte have grown frighteningly silent, and some suggest that they too have fallen. New nations have sprung up from the ruins of their predecessors—including Vietslavijia, who became fast friends with Saharan Liberta. In a surprise, the forgotten nation of Papon also resurfaced, though highly unstable. At once, they were assisted by the fledgling state of Swaithlying as well as Vietslavijia and Saharan Liberta. Grezniya rose proudly from the ashes of Putins Russia, and likewise the long-lost nation of Mafinia also resurfaced during this time. A minor conflict erupted between Vietslavijia and a nation called the Viet Republic, which drew in the nations of Swaithlying and Grezniya. As a result, Grezniya underwent a major political upheaval, which was stabilized by help from Papon, and the two states became friendly. This ultimately resulted in attacks on all involved nations, after which Swaithlying and Vietslavijia have fallen unnervingly quiet… This turn of events worries all of the remaining North Africans, and whispers begun that perhaps this was the beginning of the end for the region after all. In the midst of their worry, however, a new group of charismatic leaders have emerged who promise hope for the region. They claim to be the new RSA, ready to save the world again! And, unnervingly… these men claim to be the new leaders of nations once thought dead: Blumaria Blumeria, -america, and Blumaria, Confederado, and The confederate states of america-!

Yes please.

Also can't find my flag. kek

Hey fellows, check this out (particularly Yoh-en-Boeit): page=news/2015/10/11/index.html

Woo! At last, an in-game way to allocate powers/duties in a region. I think most organized places were doing this already, but it's still a nice touch! :D

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