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Nordic Lands contains 87 nations, the 148th most in the world.

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1.The Imperial Province of North ElsinoreAnarchy“For the Greater Good”
2.The Imperial Main Province of Copenhagen MetropolisCompulsory Consumerist State“For the Greater Good”
3.The Thousand-Year Empire of New LollandCorporate Police State“I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.”
4.The Imperial Province of Roa-XiCapitalist Paradise“For the Greater Good”
5.The Imperial Province of TarturraCorporate Police State“For the Greater Good”
6.The Imperial Province of PlutonaCorporate Police State“For the Greater Good”
7.The Federation of The RalikInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I WANT YOU”
8.The Interstellar Mothership of NeckonCapitalist Paradise“Follow The Light”
9.The Eternal Kingdom of DratnirIron Fist Consumerists“With the people for the Fatherland”
10.The Free Land of GodislandIron Fist Consumerists“Den som kontrollerar sockret styr universum !”
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I am not comfortable with the idea of mental health checks.... they would be abused to deny people unfairly with an expensive appeals process. Government access to private health records in itself is a violation.... and then there's the people running the exams who may wish to deny everyone they see a firearm and unfairly exaggerate their report. Too many factors. The Orlando shooter... something is not right. The FBI didn't even flag him... there are such things as just a flag for a waiting period so you can't get the gun the same day... but he wasn't even flagged for that. There's just so much fail... it's hard not to believe the government isn't doing its job... they want these people buying guns "legally" to help their agenda... I believe the current administrationnis capable of this.

I am a gun collector Mausers to Kalashnikovs... with state license to carry a firearm concealed in most places except jail/prison and I do hold a federal firearm license(ffl) as well... I am well versed in the nitty gritty laws and can not believe he simply "slipped through a crack". I know people who have been flagged for a waiting period with no criminal record. So this I do not believe.

Our current laws work, citing the steady decrease in gun violence. But these things will happen no matter what. The absolute biggest difference between here and the uk/austrailia/etc is we share a border with a nation who is out of control... and we even fuel Mexico... the CIA runs guns to the cartels and the cartels bring them back in and sell. It's just easier for criminals here to getvs gin on the black market. I would love to see statistics on crimes committed with legally obtained firearms vs illegally obtained... and I know there have been several "mass shootings" since the first of the year... but with gang violence I'm honestly surprised it's not higher.. the definition is four or more wounded or killed... and if the gangbangers had better aim the numbers would be higher... yet we still don't talk about gang violence anymore... we quietly changed from the war on gangs, which we lost, to the war on drugs... which we are losing... and now to the war on terror...

Seriously 40+ people get shot and it's a regular weekend in Chicago... and it's guaranteed to be gang violence... no media attention because they don't want to admit the failure of past efforts.

Aboveland and Sorlovia

You make a good point. That report I read just said one hundred and seventy six mass shootings, it didn't say what type of shootings and I guess the website could have been a fringe one aimed at eliminating guns. To be realistic, in a country the size of America the average citizen needs a firearm. Criminals have guns and you can't always afford to wait for the police to show up. Gun control does have its merits in certain circumstances but in the case of America it is a different story - I freely admit that I am entirely ignorant of American gun laws. But it saddening to continue to see the news reports of mass shootings.

But that makes you think, the news reports being broadcast in New Zealand (where I live) could be altered to suit the agenda of certain organizations in the US. We see what they want us to see, but you as an American might see something entirely different. I agree with you about the mental health checks, they are wide open for exploitation. Say you were a member of the staff in such a place, you might deny someone a firearm because you don't like them or they've done something against. It would be nice to trust people's honesty but in places of power people aren't always honest.

Now, let me give you an example for New Zealand. Over here we are in an entirely different situation to America. We do not have a law like the Second Amendment in our Constitution and gun control is very heavy here. We have mental health checks, background and security checks and to cap it all off you have to go out on a training night with the police. Gun control has worked well here because we don't have the same gun culture as America does - we are allowed to own guns but there are very strict rules around them (storage, what kinds of calibre etc). Our police are unarmed and we have very minimal gun crime - but our criminals are still armed with other weapons.

New Zealand doesn't have a culture of gun ownership. They've never really been all that much of a thing here. Sure, you might know someone who owns a gun but it is very rare. America, quite naturally, is in a unique position. But we are a US ally so perhaps it is only a matter of time before we begin to look more like the United States (which wouldn't actually be a bad thing in a few areas).

Well that escalated quickly...

Meanwhile In Svenskis; Everyone tried to get drunk for Midsummer. The only problem was alcohol only being available on prescription :D
Ohh, those poor Borgish souls...


The Resurrected Borg Dominion of Svenskis wrote:Well that escalated quickly...
Meanwhile In Svenskis; Everyone tried to get drunk for Midsummer. The only problem was alcohol only being available on prescription :D
Ohh, those poor Borgish souls...

Alcohol only available on prescription?! What black magick is this!

The brewers of Sorlovia would be more than happy to meet the needs of those poor deprived Borgs.

Oh ffs... if the only way to reason with him is getting banned, then f**k it.


Trez-Nem, Vulkanas, and Sorlovia

Post self-deleted by Sorlovia.

Post self-deleted by Sorlovia.

The Democratic Federal Republic of Bienvia wrote:Oh ffs... if the only way to reason with him is getting banned, then f**k it.

I will join with you on that one. Best not to bring the Hammer of Askerike down on ourselves.


*hides in the corner hoping to avoid the hammer of vengeance*

Looks like we need a new research officer... I might happen to know a certain guy fit for the job... *wink wink*

What the actual f*ck is happening here? If you can't keep the debate civil and keep yourself from using personal insults to bolster your own cause, then don't f*king have a discussion in the first place.

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