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WA Delegate: The Department of State of Conpatraia (elected 24 days ago)

Founder: The Federation of Radiatia

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Embassies: The Cornellian Empire, Caprecia, Esquarium, The Alliance of Grittonia, The Vast, Mystria, Haven, Valeria, Nysa, Sondria, Aurora, Panessos, Astyria, and Ancyria.

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Noctur contains 11 nations, the 1,128th most in the world.


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The Largest Mining Sector in Noctur

As a region, Noctur is ranked 627th in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federation of RadiatiaFree-Market Paradise“Please send all TGs to Alizeria”
2.The Great People's Republic of AinotulaPsychotic Dictatorship“Workers of the World, Unite!”
3.The Confederacy of Independent Trade CitiesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Neither rashly nor timidly”
4.The Caliphate of Al-DjezerCorporate Police State“بالشّعب وللشّعب”
5.The Eternal Empire of SeglandCorporate Police State“VENI VERI VENIVERSVM VIVVS VICI”
6.The Federation of Segland WA DelegateWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Send telegrams to Segland, not me!”
7.The Independent Republic of Higgins and BrownLeft-wing Utopia“The most valuable things in life cannot be measured.”
8.The Commonwealth of AkatosScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Be true to your blood, to your homeland”
9.The Kingdom of FaransiaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Liberté, égalité, fraternité”
10.The Republic of ConpatraiaLeft-wing Utopia“Democracia, Xente, Paz”
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Regional Happenings


Noctur Regional Message Board

We plan on merging with them--more specifically, because there's so few Nocturians, we're going to really just transition over, with Noctur being a subregion of Caprecia.

Can Noctur become an equal entity to Caprecia and Nysa within this framework? I.e., can we be citizens of Noctur, within this offsite website?

And, in doing so, can we maintain our current map (as a region of the world of Capecia and Nysa)?

And can we retain and maintain this page?

In theory, that was the original plan. However, as we reflected on it, Caprecia, Faransia and I kind of concluded that there simply wasn't enough demand for Noctur for that to happen. I mean, if the majority of us came back, certainly I could approach him about it--but things just have been so dead around here that it was difficult to justify throwing a whole new region into the mix, when there are like, only 5 of us that are active.

HOWEVER, I did just contact Caprecia about it, so MAYBE we'll be an equal entity.

Here's Caprecia's response:

"Well we could compromise. We could create a separate membership for Nocturians as well as granting one of you moderator powers and to join the staff. In that way you'd have representation, the only issue is there's so few of you so we'd need to be sure you will make some recruitment efforts to grow Nocturian membership.

You could relay this to your members."

I think that's entirely fair, personally, especially seeing as how they've actually been really accommodating behind the scenes with integrating us. If you haven't signed up and want to, I'd recommend doing that, if you're okay with this course of action. Basically, you can still be masked as a Nocturian, and you'll have representation on the site's government, as it were.

We'd just have to select one of us to represent Noctur on the staff, basically. My understanding is we still get to use this region on-site, and you get to have Nocturian membership on the offsite forum--the only thing we DON'T get is being a full, separate region in the world. However, given our size, this doesn't seem to be an issue.

What say you guys?


As such, I do think we should consider both options--there's the compromise, which might address your concerns, Seg and Higgs, but we have to commit to being active and recruiting.

Alternatively, we can always just immigrate normally--and believe me, the folks in Oracia are more than welcoming.

But, it's up to you guys.

Hello everybody. I'm here to help oversee the merger.

I will advocate to make sure that Noctur's map and lore remains intact, and that hopefully it is just included as a sort of subregion.

Also bear in mind that because I know the founder of Caprecia in real life, and because he is smaller than me, I can easily use violence in negotiations to make the terms of the merger more favourable to Noctur.

I'm not fussed on what happens on the regional forums. He's been trying to get me to sign up since 2010 and I still haven't, so that part is up to you.

If you need anything, TG The Kingdom of Alizeria which is my new main nation. DO NOT TG this one as I will not respond and probably won't log in.


We're discussing the Noctur merger over on the offsite forums, so PLEASE go register and take part. If you're serious about coming back and being active in Noctur, your input is HIGHLY REQUESTED, as is your registration on the site!!!

Here's the link for the discussion:

Here it goes:

I won't be joining Caprecia / Nysa / Oracia. I can't and I won't abide by their standards, and I have no interested in scrapping all of Crataan backstory and starting anew.

I wish you the best of luck over there, but my days of RP'ing outside of the random I&I thread will most likely be over.

I have to admit, the negotiations have not gone the way I had wanted them to go and I'm a bit disappointed.

Nevertheless, I will be closing down Noctur soon so I'm afraid I will have to ask you all to go whatever way you wish. I don't want this region just sitting here, rotting away forever. I've put too much work into it for that.

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