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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Calvinist-Lutheran Federacy of Neu Heidelberg

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Map of North-America and world-wide positions are being revised at the moment. Time: 3098 BCE

Embassies: Gay, Philosophy 115, Circle of Badularity, World Alliance, Sinterventie, Puppet Park, Africa, Democrats, New Europe Puppet Depot, New Coalition of Nations, Deutschland, United Empire of Islam, Amerikanisch Empiredom, Ozzy, The Sea Of Love, Dune, and 14 others.The Ascendancy, Vissella, United States of America, Misftits Archipelago, Laissez Faireholm, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, The Cooperative Union, Suomi, The United Nations of Here, Land of Israel, Gay Equality, Kingdom of Ireland, Wyndia, and Montreal.

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Regional Power: High

New Europe contains 116 nations, the 89th most in the world.


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Today's World Census Report

The Most Cultured in New Europe

After spending many tedious hours in coffee shops and concert halls, World Census experts have found the following nations to be the most cultured.

As a region, New Europe is ranked 2,702nd in the world for Most Cultured.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Checkmating of Aki ZetaAnarchy“ One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble...”
2.The Pipe Dream of -Mushroom KingdomCivil Rights Lovefest“Oh, did I win?”
3.The Multi-colored Dinosaurs of Isla de YoshiAnarchy“Yoshi! ”
4.The Concerto Democracy of BrahmskLiberal Democratic Socialists“Tune into your inner music & find the key to happiness”
5.The Black Women's Holy Cause of NiwexLiberal Democratic Socialists“Mandri! Gib Utan.”
6.The Fashion Police State of New Gay PrideScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Born to be here and queer.”
7.The Holy Green Community of EosylvaniaFather Knows Best State“From the forest, a virgin emerges”
8.The Holy Green Pastures of Lari PenatiqueLeft-Leaning College State“Proud guardians of the Elysian Fields”
9.The Holy Black Alluvial Plains of Akh-n-AtonCompulsory Consumerist State“Where history is stored”
10.The Holy Blue White Red Flag of EscargothiaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“For garlic breath and glory!”
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New Europe Regional Message Board

Does that make you defenseless? Or are you like the ancient Cretans: always so expansionist that all the world is too busy defending itself to have men and arms left for attacking you?

You want me to spill all of my secrets, Brahmsk, and have people realize I'm already running the region? NO WAY! ;)

I have noticed that the Dutch members of our region have not said much in the past week. I think we all know why - and I extend my sincere condolances and sympathies.

Indeed. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} to all who lost friends or fellow citizens in this horrible tragedy.

*not feeling very sympathetic towards Ukrainian rebels*

Mushroom takes least corrupt trophy.

And Chez takes the anti-trophy from Madam Butterfly...

-Mushroon takes the trophy and Chez steals the anti-trophy from Madam Butterfly.


Aki Zeta: 21 (Armed, Beautiful Environment, Best Weather, Cultured, EE, Fastest Growing Economy, Happiest, Healthiest, Largest Population, Longest Lifespan, Most Developed, Pacifist, Politically Apathetic, Publishing, Rebellious Youth, Rude, Scientifically Advanced, Smartest, Subsidized Industry, Tourist Destination, Welfare)
Chez Satan: 20 (Agriculture, Arms Manufacturing, Automobiles, Avoided, Basket Weaving, Cheese, EE, Fattest, Furniture Restoration, Insurance, IT, Lowest Taxes, Manufacturing, Mining, Pizza, Retail, Shortest Lifespan, Soda Pop, Trout, Woodchipping)
NH: 10 (Compassion, Devout, Influence, Founder, Low Crime Rates, Niceness, Public Sector, Safest, Highest Taxes, WA Endorsements)
Yoshi: 7 (Civil Rights, EE, Extreme, Gambling, Godforsaken, Lowest Unemployment, Politically Free)
BW: 3 (Defense, Highest Police Ratios, Stupidest)
Termiopolis: 2 (EE, Most Corrupt)
Vlpska: 2 (Rich-Poor-Divide, Pro-Market)
Al-Leilah: 1 (EE)
A-n-A: 1 (EE)
Belemnotia: 1 (EE)
Brahmsk: 1 (Healthcare)
Druzestan: 1 (Authoritarian)
Gnoss: 1 (EE)
Maarnix: 1 (EE)
Mammunda: 1 (Nudest)
Molkh: 1 (EE)
[+]Mushroom Kingdom: 1 (Least Corrupt)
My Briefcase: 1 (Average)
Pieuvre: 1 (Drugs)
Roge-Adyge: 1 (EE)
Saakashvia: 1 (EE)
Saxavoy: 1 (EE)
Silent Crusaders: 1 (Conservative)
Tunguz: 1 (EE)
Ulfingen: 1 (EE)
Ustex: 1 (EE)
Uubengalas: 1 (Primitive)
W & V: 1 (EE)
Wolvingen: 1 (EE)

In Memory of the Fallen

Chinese Dragons: 0
Cypronesos: 0
Dwergoe: 0
Hulagu: 0
Huldenvolk: 0
Kabardine Balkaria: 0
Lesbaustralia: 0
Loanden: 0
LP: 0
Magyarbania: 0
Nibelpfalz: 0
Niwex: 0
Philephebia: 0
Sklavonia: 0
Weather Guys: 0
Wisentia: 0

In memory of the Risen

Apkhazia: 0
A-n-A: 0
Damnachya: 0
Gael Dn: 0
Gift from the Gays: 0
Grand Ararat: 0
Fahdain: 0
Farkaszorszag: 0
Hydrozoa: 0
Kananagal: 0
Khazarya: 0
Maarnix: 0
Minimuth: 0
Nilotia: 0
Nippainu: 0
Oghuz Khanate: 0
Saxavoy: 0
Sation: 0


Aki Zeta: 28 (Agriculture, Arms Manufacturing, Automobiles, Avoided, Basket Weaving, Cheese, Compassion, Deadly, Defense Forces, Fat, Furniture Restoration, Gambling, Insurance, Low Crime Rates, Manufacturing, Mining, Niceness, Pizza, Highest Police Ratios, Primitive, Public Transport, Retail Industry, Safest, Short Lifespans, Soda Pop, Stupid, Trout Fishing, Woodchipping)
[+]Chez: 13 (Beautiful Environment, Best Weather, Eco-friendly, Happiness, Healthcare, Healthy Citizens, Least Corrupt, Long Lifespans, Pacifism, Public Sector, Highest Taxes, Tourism, Welfare)
Mushroom: 4 (Conservatism, Corruption, IT, Publishing)
BW: 3 (Development, Rebellious Youth, Smart)
NH: 3 (Godforsaken, Lowest taxes, Rude)
Silent Crusaders: 3 (Civil Rights, Drugs, Nudity)
Byrussa: 2 (Rich-Poor Divide, Pro-Market)
Yoshi: 2 (Authoritarian, Devout)
JOE: 2 (Armed, Averageness)
Alawites: 1 (Political Freedom)
Evolving Life: 1 (Subsidised Industry)
Frisigothia: 1 (WA Endorsements)
Gnarlingen: 1 (Large populations)
Howlingen: 1 (Influence)
Huldenvolk 1 (Fast Growing Economies)
[-]Madam Butterfly: 1 (Income Equality)
My Briefcase: 1 (Extremism)
Na Dene: 1 (Political Apathy)
Termiopolis: 1 (Culture)
Uubengalas: 1 (Scientifically Advanced)
Ulfingen: 1 (Lowest Unemployment)

Can anybody explain to me what our 'influence in the region' is based on? I seem to be rising to minnow and then falling to vassal again on a regular basis, but I cannot think for the life of me what I do or didn't do to make that happen.

Post self-deleted by Aki Zeta.

The Most Serene Republic of Abdomine Islands wrote:Can anybody explain to me what our 'influence in the region' is based on? I seem to be rising to minnow and then falling to vassal again on a regular basis, but I cannot think for the life of me what I do or didn't do to make that happen.

Influence is primarily for WA nations--the more endorsements you get for the longer period of time gets you more influence. For non-WA nations, my understanding is that Inluence is based on length of residency. If you leave and come back, apparently the clock starts over.

It is easier by far to accumulate influence in a small region. On the other hand, influence rises extremely slowly in very large regions.

When they reworked Influence months ago, they introduced some unknown variable that causes your Influence to vary for some unknown reason.

The levels of influence, from most to least are thought to be:

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