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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Calvinist-Lutheran Federacy of Neu Heidelberg

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Map of North-America and world-wide positions are being revised at the moment. Time: 3098 BCE

Embassies: Gay, Philosophy 115, Circle of Badularity, World Alliance, Sinterventie, Puppet Park, Africa, Democrats, New Europe Puppet Depot, New Coalition of Nations, Deutschland, United Empire of Islam, Amerikanisch Empiredom, Ozzy, The Sea Of Love, Dune, and 14 others.The Ascendancy, Vissella, United States of America, Laissez Faireholm, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Suomi, The United Nations of Here, Land of Israel, Gay Equality, Kingdom of Ireland, Wyndia, Montreal, The Rose Garden, and Eros.

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Regional Power: High

New Europe contains 116 nations, the 90th most in the world.


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Today's World Census Report

The Best Weather in New Europe

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, New Europe is ranked 12,536th in the world for Best Weather.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Checkmating of Aki ZetaAnarchy“ One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble...”
2.The Calvinist-Lutheran Federacy of Neu HeidelbergDemocratic Socialists“Killing geese is pointless!”
3.The Concerto Democracy of BrahmskDemocratic Socialists“Tune into your inner music & find the key to happiness”
4.The Queendom of PhilephebiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Dare Love to Speak Its Name!”
5.The Black Women's Holy Cause of NiwexLiberal Democratic Socialists“Mandri! Gib Utan.”
6.The Pipe Dream of -Mushroom KingdomCivil Rights Lovefest“Oh, did I win?”
7.The Holy Red Matriarchy of LesbaustraliaDemocratic Socialists“We shall love and tolerate the **** out of you.”
8.The Holy Federated Green Forests of Roge-AdygeDemocratic Socialists“The people federated can never be hated”
9.The No Man's Lands of Dionaea FieldsCivil Rights Lovefest“Hail Venus”
10.The Holy Mountain Trolls of TaloniaDemocratic Socialists“No to new things!”
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Regional Happenings


New Europe Regional Message Board

Aki and Chez are Yin and Yang? That's new to me - but probable all the same.

I sincerely doubt that they form a monopolar opposition.

Heterogene oppositions rule!


Aki Zeta: 21 (Armed, Beautiful Environment, Best Weather, Cultured, Developed, EE, Fastest Growing Economy, Happiest, Healthiest, Largest Population, Longest Lifespan, Pacifist, Politically Apathetic, Publishing, Rebellious Youth, Rude, Scientifically Advanced, Smartest, Subsidized Industry, Tourist Destination, Welfare)
Chez Satan: 20 (Agriculture, Arms Manufacturing, Automobiles, Avoided, Basket Weaving, Cheese, EE, Fattest, Furniture Restoration, Insurance, IT, Lowest Taxes, Manufacturing, Mining, Pizza, Retail, Shortest Lifespan, Soda Pop, Trout, Woodchipping)
[-]NH: 9 (Compassion, Devout, Influence, Founder, Low Crime Rates, Niceness, Public Sector, Safest, Highest Taxes)
Yoshi: 7 (Civil Rights, EE, Extreme, Gambling, Godforsaken, Lowest Unemployment, Politically Free)
BW: 3 (Defense, Highest Police Ratios, Stupidest)
Termiopolis: 2 (EE, Most Corrupt)
Vlpska: 2 (Rich-Poor-Divide, Pro-Market)
[+]Adzharia: 1 (Most WA Endorsements)
Al-Leilah: 1 (EE)
A-n-A: 1 (EE)
Belemnotia: 1 (EE)
Brahmsk: 1 (Healthcare)
Byrussa: 1 (Income Equality)
Druzestan: 1 (Authoritarian)
Gnoss: 1 (EE)
Maarnix: 1 (EE)
Mammunda: 1 (Nudest)
Molkh: 1 (EE)
Mushroom Kingdom: 1 (Least Corrupt)
My Briefcase: 1 (Average)
Pieuvre: 1 (Drugs)
Roge-Adyge: 1 (EE)
Saakashvia: 1 (EE)
Saxavoy: 1 (EE)
Silent Crusaders: 1 (Conservative)
Tunguz: 1 (EE)
Ulfingen: 1 (EE)
Ustex: 1 (EE)
Uubengalas: 1 (Primitive)
W & V: 1 (EE)
Wolvingen: 1 (EE)

In Memory of the Fallen

Chinese Dragons: 0
Cypronesos: 0
Dwergoe: 0
Hulagu: 0
Huldenvolk: 0
Kabardine Balkaria: 0
Lesbaustralia: 0
Loanden: 0
LP: 0
Magyarbania: 0
Nibelpfalz: 0
Niwex: 0
Philephebia: 0
Sklavonia: 0
Weather Guys: 0
Wisentia: 0

In memory of the Risen

Apkhazia: 0
A-n-A: 0
Damnachya: 0
[-]Frisigothia: 0
Gael Dn: 0
Gift from the Gays: 0
Grand Ararat: 0
Fahdain: 0
Farkaszorszag: 0
Hydrozoa: 0
Kananagal: 0
Khazarya: 0
Maarnix: 0
Minimuth: 0
Nilotia: 0
Nippainu: 0
Oghuz Khanate: 0
Saxavoy: 0
Sation: 0


Aki Zeta: 28 (Agriculture, Arms Manufacturing, Automobiles, Avoided, Basket Weaving, Cheese, Compassion, Deadly, Defense Forces, Fat, Furniture Restoration, Gambling, Insurance, Low Crime Rates, Manufacturing, Mining, Niceness, Pizza, Highest Police Ratios, Primitive, Public Transport, Retail Industry, Safest, Short Lifespans, Soda Pop, Stupid, Trout Fishing, Woodchipping)
Chez: 13 (Beautiful Environment, Best Weather, Eco-friendly, Happiness, Healthcare, Healthy Citizens, Least Corrupt, Long Lifespans, Pacifism, Public Sector, Highest Taxes, Tourism, Welfare)
Mushroom: 4 (Conservatism, Corruption, IT, Publishing)
BW: 3 (Development, Rebellious Youth, Smart)
NH: 3 (Godforsaken, Lowest taxes, Rude)
Silent Crusaders: 3 (Civil Rights, Drugs, Nudity)
Byrussa: 2 (Rich-Poor Divide, Pro-Market)
Yoshi: 2 (Authoritarian, Devout)
JOE: 2 (Armed, Averageness)
Alawites: 1 (Political Freedom)
[+]Eosylvania: 1 (Most WA Endorsements)
Evolving Life: 1 (Subsidized Industry)
Gnarlingen: 1 (Large populations)
Howlingen: 1 (Influence)
Huldenvolk 1 (Fast Growing Economies)
My Briefcase: 1 (Extremism)
Na Dene: 1 (Political Apathy)
Termiopolis: 1 (Culture)
Uubengalas: 1 (Scientifically Advanced)
Ulfingen: 1 (Lowest Unemployment)
Vlpska: 1 (Income Equality)

Great to see Belemnotia back! Long time no see, sir!

Chez is surging on drug use. #85 in the world? wow...

Is Aki sinking on low tax rates?

Rumor has it that they measure taxes from +400% to -400%, although they officially show on 0-100%. If the literal is true, then they have a 2,000+ tie for first place at 0% (including me) and list something like by residency. [violet] knows for sure, but she ain't talking.

Ulfie, dearest, would you revive your puppet and send it to Philosophy 115? Otherwise I'll be forced to stop your daily beatings and instead strap you in front of a large-screen TV showing exclusively Disney offerings like That Darn Cat, The Parent Trap, The Nutty Professor, the Love Bug, etc.

But but: it's still there!

So it is these past 9 days. *friendly smackity-smack-smack-POW!*

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