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Founder: The Calvinist-Lutheran Federacy of Neu Heidelberg

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Map of North-America and world-wide positions are being revised at the moment. Time: 3098 BCE

Embassies: Gay, Philosophy 115, Circle of Badularity, The Pollaetorian Guard, A Liberal Haven, United Empire of Islam, Judean League, New Europe Puppet Depot, Dune, Deutschland, Gay Equality, Sinterventie, World Alliance, Africa, Amerikanisch Empiredom, Ozzy, and 24 others.The Sea Of Love, The Ascendancy, Vissella, United States of America, Laissez Faireholm, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Suomi, The United Nations of Here, Kingdom of Ireland, Wyndia, The Rose Garden, Demolibs, Unified Coalition of Nations, Germanic Confederation, Republic of Hellas, Vendettaland, Free State of Wisconsin, United North Atlantic, Avadam Inn, The South, Turkic Union, Nelborne Union, The Christian Nations, and The Constitutional Union.

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Regional Power: High

New Europe contains 127 nations, the 86th most in the world.

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The Lowest Crime Rates in New Europe

Nations ranked highly have very low levels of crime, given the population.

As a region, New Europe is ranked 11,727th in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Calvinist-Lutheran Federacy of Neu HeidelbergLiberal Democratic Socialists“Killing geese is pointless!”
2.The Concerto Democracy of BrahmskDemocratic Socialists“Tune into your inner music & find the key to happiness”
3.The Theocracy of Bare WishnaIron Fist Consumerists“No more clemency!”
4.The Elusive Existence of HuldenvolkDemocratic Socialists“Little People with Big Hearts.”
5.The Republic of DruzestanCorrupt Dictatorship“The renaissance of Faith”
6.The Queendom of PhilephebiaDemocratic Socialists“Dare Love to Speak Its Name!”
7.The Holy Republic of Grand AraratMoralistic Democracy“One nation, one culture”
8.The Uniting Kingdoms of Akh-n-AtonCompulsory Consumerist State“Where history is stored”
9.The Holy Green Community of EosylvaniaFather Knows Best State“From the forest, a virgin emerges”
10.The Holy Federated Green Forests of Roge-AdygeDemocratic Socialists“The people federated can never be hated”
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Regional Poll • What is the best name for Wisentia and Kananagal's combi-nation?

The Calvinist-Lutheran Federacy of Neu Heidelberg wrote:Wisentia and Kanangal have a love baby: a combi-nation that serves as an IC equivalent of the Scots and their ancestors. But which is the best name for it? Please vote, and share your opinion on the RMB.

Voting opened 7 days ago and will close . Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


New Europe Regional Message Board

Mon takes back its agricultural trophy from NGP.

Aki Zeta: 27 (Armed, Beautiful Environment, Best Weather, Cultured, Developed, EE, Eco-Friendly, Fastest Growing Economy, Gambling, Godforsaken, Happiest, Healthiest, IT, Largest Population, Longest Lifespan, Lowest Unemployment, Pacifist, Politically Apathetic, Political Freedom, Publishing, Rebellious Youth, Rude, Scientifically Advanced, Smartest, Subsidized Industry, Tourist Destination, Welfare)

Chez Satan: 16 (Arms Manufacturing, Avoided, Basket Weaving, Corruption, EE, Fattest, Furniture Restoration, Insurance, Lowest Taxes, Manufacturing, Mining, Pizza, Retail, Shortest Lifespan, Soda Pop, Woodchipping)

NH: 8 (Compassion, Devout, Influence, Founder, Low Crime Rates, Niceness, Safest, Trout)

BW: 4 (Conservatism, Defense, Highest Police Ratios, Stupidest)

Brahmsk: 4 (Healthcare, Public Sector, Highest Taxes, Public Transport)

Mushroom: 3 (Civil Rights, Inclusiveness, Least Corrupt)

Gnoss: 2 (Cheese, EE)

Adzharia: 1 (Most WA Endorsements)
Al-Leilah: 1 (EE)
A-n-A: 1 (EE)
Belemnotia: 1 (EE)
Byrussa: 1 (Income Equality)
Frisigothia (Pro-Market)
Frysdan: 1 (EE)
Hulagu: 1 (Automobiles)
Kabardine Balkaria: 1 (EE)
Loanden: 1 (EE)
Maarnix: 1 (EE)
Magyarbania: 1 (EE)
Minimuth: 1 (Nudest)
Molkh: 1 (EE)
[ + ] Mon: 1 (Agriculture)
My Briefcase: 1 (Average)
Pieuvre: 1 (Drugs)
Qalanama: 1 (Extreme -ly unsafe)
Roge-Adyge: 1 (EE)
Saakashvia: 1 (EE)
Saxavoy: 1 (EE)
Silent Crusaders: 1 (Authoritarian)
Talonia: 1 (EE)
Termiopolis: 1 (EE)
Tunguz: 1 (EE)
Ulfingen: 1 (EE)
Ustex: 1 (EE)
Uubengalas: 1 (Primitiveness)
Vlpska: 1 (Rich-Poor-Divide)
W & V: 1 (EE)
Wolvingen: 1 (EE)


Chinese Dragons: 0
Cypronesos: 0
Druzestan: 0
Dwergoe: 0
Huldenvolk: 0
Lesbaustralia: 0
LP: 0
Mammunda: 0
[ - ] NGP: 0
Nibelpfalz: 0
Niwex: 0
Philephebia: 0
Sklavonia: 0
Weather Guys: 0
Wisentia: 0


Alawites: 0
Apkhazia: 0
A-n-A: 0
Damnachya: 0
Eosylvania: 0
Frisigothia: 0
Gael Dn: 0
Gift from the Gays: 0
Grand Ararat: 0
Howlingen: 0
Huldenvolk: 0
Fahdain: 0
Farkaszorszag: 0
Hydrozoa: 0
Kananagal: 0
Khazarya: 0
Maarnix: 0
Minimuth: 0
Mithli: 0
Nilotia: 0
Nippainu: 0
Oghuz Khanate: 0
Sation: 0
Saxavoy: 0
Ulfingen: 0


Aki Zeta: 24 (Agriculture, Arms Manufacturing, Automobiles, Avoided, Cheese, Compassion, Deadly, Defense Forces, Devout, Fat, Furniture Restoration, Insurance, Low Crime Rates, Mining, Niceness, Pizza, Highest Police Ratios, Primitive, Public Transport, Safest, Short Lifespans, Soda Pop, Stupid, Woodchipping)

Chez: 11 (Beautiful Environment, Best Weather, Eco-friendly, Happiness, Healthcare, Healthy Citizens, Least Corrupt, Long Lifespans, Pacifism, Highest Taxes, Welfare)

BW: 4 (Development, Inclusiveness, Rebellious Youth, Smart)

Mushroom: 4 (Basket Weaving, Corruption, Manufacturing, Retail Industry)

NH: 4 (Armed, Godforsaken, Lowest taxes, Rude)

Silent Crusaders: 4 (Civil Rights, Drugs, Publishing, Nudity)

Vlpska: 3 (Authoritarian, Income Equality, Public Sector)

Byrussa: 2 (Rich-Poor Divide, Pro-Market)

Damnachya: 2 (Tourist Destinations, WA Endorsements)

Lesbaustralia: 2 (Fastest Growing Economy, Lowest Unemployment)

Al-Qatar: 1 (Political Freedom)
Brahmsk: 1 (Gambling)
Chinese Dragons: 1 (Scientifically Advanced)
Evolving Life: 1 (Subsidized Industry)
Gnarlingen: 1 (Large populations)
KB: 1 (Trout)
My Briefcase: 1 (Extremism)
Na Dene: 1 (Political Apathy)
Termiopolis: 1 (Culture)
Uubengalas: 1 (IT)
Yuda / Yisrael HaGadol: 1 (Influence)
Yoshi: 1 (Conservatism)

anti-trophy up for grabs: 1 (Averageness)

The Holy Blue Kraken of Aki Zeta wrote:Who doesn't like a sexy man in a kilt? :P

Depends on his character. And why would his looks matter? Native pride always looks good.

The Kingdom of Bwllkilt wrote:And this is the other one.

Which one do you like better?

I call for a poll on this question!

Good idea.

The Empire of Khazarya wrote:Bwllkilt seems more ... Scottish?

With a hint of Welsh...

Then Bwllgal seems a better, less Welsh name.

Exciting news, the Rose Garden Interregional Message Board (IRMB) is celebrating it's grand reopening, as as members of the Rose Garden IRMB project you are all invited to come to the region and take part in the celebration.

Please note that our IRMB does not require you to actually move your nation to our region. Simply by going to the Rose Garden you can post! So, broaden your horizons and come chat with nations from across the NationStates world!

Guys, I need to vent my anger.

This past Saturday, Amsterdam held its gay pride parade. And one of my gay cousins was gay-bashed just afterwards, on his way home. When he had managed to call the emergency services (pretty impressive, considering his face had been smashed witha chain) and was taken to hospital for various stitches to the face, the nurses casually informed him that he was the fourth patient with gay-bashing injuries to report that night - in that hospital alone.

F*** THIS! I've said it before, it's my motto in fact. We need more than tolerance, we need more than equality. We need a cultural change where even outloawing heterosexuality is only the start. We need laws that protect us from cultural excuses for abuse. We may even need to put the shoe on the other foot. If the police cannot be trusted to protect us in - of all places, g*dd*mmit - the self-annointed gay capital of the world, maybe it's time for some vigilante actions.

I am furious. I am full of hate. I am gay. I want revenge, as ugly as possible.

The Holy Blue Kraken of Aki Zeta wrote:Who doesn't like a sexy man in a kilt? :P

don't let me answer that question for you. But I'd like it to be the uniform of a vigilante gay posse.

I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin, Odrobites. I'll pray for him, and I'm sorry that's all I can do.

Blessings on you and your whole family in this trying time.

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