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Most Nations: 84th Largest Populations: 1,348th Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 1,858th
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New Europe contains 130 nations, the 84th most in the world.

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2.The Calvinist-Lutheran Federacy of Neu HeidelbergLiberal Democratic Socialists“Killing geese is pointless!”
3.The Concerto Democracy of BrahmskDemocratic Socialists“Tune into your inner music & find the key to happiness”
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9.The Deserted Holy Red Sand of Weather GuysCapitalist Paradise“It's raining men”
10.The Many Holy Plompebedden of FrysdanDemocratic Socialists“Frysdân Boppe!”
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Regional Poll • Whom would you vote for in the USA presidential elections?

The Calvinist-Lutheran Federacy of Neu Heidelberg wrote:It doesn't matter whether you are eligeable to vote in the presidential elections in the USA (too young, not a citizen), you are eligeable to vote in this poll. Additional information may be found all over the Internet, so I'm just giving you the 7 options the Americans have.

Voting opened 1 day 15 hours ago and will close . Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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write in Bernie Sanders: the guy who would have won the primaries if the DNC had been fair and impartial.

The Republic of Pieuvre wrote:First of all: I am glad that you are now recovering and hopefully your health will be better than ever.
As for the presidential elections: nobody becomes president by being nice. presidents are smug bastards - it is part of the job description. But there are bastards and there are utter and complete bastards (and then there are people like Trump). Clinton is an utter and complete bastard - and she is very dishonest trying to cry "sexism" any time someone accuses her of having serious character flaws. It is true that there was a time (say: the end of the 20th century) when women were held to much higher standards than men, thus giving them a disadvantage in any profession. But times have changed (except maybe in Clinton's mind), and now a man with Clinton's record and character would never even have been given the nomination. Let alone that the whole party would go out of its way to connive against his opponent by all means legal and illegal.
I guess what you hate is not just Clinton as a person, but everything she embodies. It is easy to hate that more than hating what Trump represents: Trump represents hollow phrases, ignorance, bigotry, and nothing substantial. Clinton represents the whole damned status quo. I too hate the status quo more than ignorance and bigotry. Because ignorance and bigotry help to keep the status quo in place, and the status quo helps to keep them in place. Trump is a product of the system Clinton embodies. She is much closer to the root of the problem than he is. That is a good reason to hate her more.
Did you know that a vote for Gary Johnson or a vote for Jill Stein is an option?

Yes, I am aware there are a plethora of political parties across the political spectrum, often portrayed in tiers, as they vary enormously in popularity. Johnson is that close to breaking the 15% barrier as an average of his support among likely voters, so it's possible that he could participate in the national debates and he could be a spoiler for one candidate or the other, a la 2000. Typically, though, as Election Day approaches, people tend to return to their pre-election positions. Grumpy and estranged Republican voters will continue to flock back to Trump; Or, ...who knows?

I would prefer that the American national legislature were a parliamentary system. The UK, for instance, has had its share of political turmoil and upheaval since the close of WW II, but the flexibility of its parliamentary form of government has saved them from various challenges the USA faced immediately after 9/11.

The Protectorate of Fenugria wrote:write in Bernie Sanders: the guy who would have won the primaries if the DNC had been fair and impartial.


What evidence do you have for the DNC being unfair and partial to Clinton? Just because you lose doesn't mean the system is rigged My progressive votes tend to get crowded out by partisan bickering. SC is a rather unique place. My stream of electoral defeats was broken in 1992 when Slick Willie was elected. I'm one of those political wonks who is glued to the TV for results and I seldom go to bed fefore the winner is announced.

The Safe Haven of LGBT Equality wrote:
What evidence do you have for the DNC being unfair and partial to Clinton? Just because you lose doesn't mean the system is rigged.

A whole slew of e-mails, courtesy of Wikileaks. DWS rigged the primaries for Clinton's sake. The whole DNC was not extremeely biased, and the one impartial member (Tulsi Gabbard) resigned.

not impartial / extremely biased. (Sorry, lack of sleep)

Let's see:
Clinton has supported DADT and DOMA and as a senator opposed equal rights (and Kaine has put a restriction on gay rights up for a vote while governor)
Trump: homophobe
Johnson: homophobe
McMullin: homophobe
Stein: never opposed to gay rights in her life. True ally.

Sometimes voting is very easy.

Trump: he is best positioned to prevent a Clinton presidency. But I'd vote for him while holding my nose.

Clinton's policy for Syria was: stir the hornets nest and then ignore for three years. She should be allowed nowhere near the power she craves.

The Protectorate of Fenugria wrote:write in Bernie Sanders: the guy who would have won the primaries if the DNC had been fair and impartial.

Good idea. I'd be with you.

Clinton is the kind of person who satys mum about gay persecutions in Saudi-Arabia as long as Saudi-Arabia pours $20 M into the coffers of her family foundation.

Jill Stein campaigns on $27 contributions. (Anyone to the right of Clinton is a fascist.) Jill Stein it is.

"Bigtopian Lives Matter" -

Mon was reclassified from a Left-Leaning College State to a Civil Rights Lovefest.

Mon's Civil Rights rose from Excellent to Superb.

Mon's Political Freedoms rose from Excellent to Superb.

Clinton is a friend of Rahm Emanuel, who likes to protect police officers after they shoot unarmed blacks. A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for black lives. And Black Lives Matter.

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