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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Calvinist-Lutheran Federacy of Neu Heidelberg

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Map of North-America and world-wide positions are being revised at the moment. Time: 3098 BCE

Embassies: Gay, Philosophy 115, Circle of Badularity, World Alliance, Sinterventie, Puppet Park, Africa, New Europe Puppet Depot, New Coalition of Nations, Deutschland, United Empire of Islam, Amerikanisch Empiredom, Ozzy, The Sea Of Love, Dune, The Ascendancy, and 15 others.Vissella, United States of America, Laissez Faireholm, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Suomi, The United Nations of Here, Gay Equality, Kingdom of Ireland, Wyndia, The Rose Garden, Eros, The Christian Nations, Demolibs, The Alliance of Protestant Nations, and Unified Coalition of Nations.

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Regional Power: High

New Europe contains 118 nations, the 95th most in the world.


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Today's World Census Report

The Most Devout in New Europe

World Census experts polled citizens from nations worldwide to determine which seemed to be the most religious.

As a region, New Europe is ranked 2,562nd in the world for Most Devout.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Calvinist-Lutheran Federacy of Neu HeidelbergDemocratic Socialists“Killing geese is pointless!”
2.The Theocracy of Bare WishnaIron Fist Consumerists“No more clemency!”
3.The Holy Blue Knighthood of Silent CrusadersPsychotic Dictatorship“Dar-Isay-al-bini-Maryam”
4.The Concerto Democracy of BrahmskDemocratic Socialists“Tune into your inner music & find the key to happiness”
5.The Holy Republic of Grand AraratMoralistic Democracy“One nation, one culture”
6.The Holy Federated Green Forests of Roge-AdygeDemocratic Socialists“The people federated can never be hated”
7.The Republic of DruzestanCorrupt Dictatorship“The renaissance of Faith”
8.The Queendom of PhilephebiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Dare Love to Speak Its Name!”
9.The Caucasian Stone Age of SaakashviaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A harbour to every people.”
10.The Empire of the Khagan of HulaguFather Knows Best State“Obey and live in freedom”
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Regional Poll • What is Valentine's Day?

The Calvinist-Lutheran Federacy of Neu Heidelberg wrote:For Girls and fabulous guys: With the day of love shimmering on the horizon, please tell us what Valentine's Day menas to you. Vote and / or leave a comment on the RMB. For all you miserable souls: With February 14th looming on the horizon in all its gloom and doom, please tell us why you dread it so. Vote and / or leave a comment.

Voting opened 1 day 13 hours ago and will close in 12 days. Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Islam and Jihadism”

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New Europe Regional Message Board

"Any way I want them,
Your Golden Trophies,
That's the way I need them."

I'm too late to vote in the poll, but my respect to NH for allowing a vote on such a topic. It has entamated the discussion in a good way.

I was close to Yoshi on some of those. I can snag a trophy or two, I think.

Maybe, but the first kill is for Vlpska (or should I say: carrion-eating?) who has snatched the authoritarian anti-trophy. The trophy itself, once more, bounces from Druzestan to Silent Crusaders.

Aki Zeta: 23 (Armed, Beautiful Environment, Best Weather, Cultured, Developed, EE, Eco-Friendly, Fastest Growing Economy, Happiest, Healthiest, Largest Population, Longest Lifespan, Lowest Unemployment, Pacifist, Politically Apathetic, Publishing, Rebellious Youth, Rude, Scientifically Advanced, Smartest, Subsidized Industry, Tourist Destination, Welfare)

Chez Satan: 20 (Agriculture, Arms Manufacturing, Automobiles, Avoided, Basket Weaving, Cheese, EE, Fattest, Furniture Restoration, Insurance, IT, Lowest Taxes, Manufacturing, Mining, Pizza, Retail, Shortest Lifespan, Soda Pop, Trout, Woodchipping)

NH: 8 (Compassion, Devout, Influence, Founder, Low Crime Rates, Niceness, Safest, Highest Taxes)

Yoshi: 5 (EE, Extreme, Gambling, Godforsaken, Politically Free)

BW: 4 (Conservatism, Defense, Highest Police Ratios, Stupidest)

Brahmsk: 3 (Healthcare, Public Sector, Public Transport)

Mushroom: 2 (Civil Rights, Least Corrupt)

Termiopolis: 2 (EE, Most Corrupt)

Vlpska: 2 (Rich-Poor-Divide, Pro-Market)

Adzharia: 1 (Most WA Endorsements)
Al-Leilah: 1 (EE)
A-n-A: 1 (EE)
Belemnotia: 1 (EE)
Byrussa: 1 (Income Equality)
Gnoss: 1 (EE)
Loanden: 1 (EE)
Maarnix: 1 (EE)
Magyarbania: 1 (EE)
Minimuth: 1 (Nudest)
Molkh: 1 (EE)
My Briefcase: 1 (Average)
Pieuvre: 1 (Drugs)
Roge-Adyge: 1 (EE)
Saakashvia: 1 (EE)
Saxavoy: 1 (EE)
Silent Crusaders: 1 (Authoritarian)
Talonia: 1 (EE)
Tunguz: 1 (EE)
Ulfingen: 1 (EE)
Ustex: 1 (EE)
Uubengalas: 1 (Primitive)
W & V: 1 (EE)
Wolvingen: 1 (EE)

In Memory of the Fallen

Chinese Dragons: 0
Cypronesos: 0
Druzestan: 0
Dwergoe: 0
Hulagu: 0
Huldenvolk: 0
Kabardine Balkaria: 0
Lesbaustralia: 0
LP: 0
Mammunda: 0
Nibelpfalz: 0
Niwex: 0
Philephebia: 0
Sklavonia: 0
Weather Guys: 0
Wisentia: 0

In memory of the Risen

Alawites: 0
Apkhazia: 0
A-n-A: 0
Damnachya: 0
Frisigothia: 0
Gael Dn: 0
Gift from the Gays: 0
Grand Ararat: 0
Fahdain: 0
Farkaszorszag: 0
Hydrozoa: 0
Kananagal: 0
Khazarya: 0
Maarnix: 0
Minimuth: 0
Nilotia: 0
Nippainu: 0
Oghuz Khanate: 0
Sation: 0
Uubengalas: 0


Aki Zeta: 28 (Agriculture, Arms Manufacturing, Automobiles, Avoided, Basket Weaving, Cheese, Compassion, Deadly, Defense Forces, Fat, Furniture Restoration, Gambling, Insurance, Low Crime Rates, Manufacturing, Mining, Niceness, Pizza, Highest Police Ratios, Primitive, Public Transport, Retail Industry, Safest, Short Lifespans, Soda Pop, Stupid, Trout Fishing, Woodchipping)

Chez: 12 (Beautiful Environment, Best Weather, Eco-friendly, Happiness, Healthcare, Healthy Citizens, Least Corrupt, Long Lifespans, Pacifism, Highest Taxes, Tourism, Welfare)

BW: 4 (Civil Rights, Development, Rebellious Youth, Smart)

NH: 4 (Armed, Godforsaken, Lowest taxes, Rude)

Mushroom: 3 (Corruption, IT, Publishing)

Byrussa: 2 (Rich-Poor Divide, Pro-Market)

+ Chinese Dragons: 2 (Politically Free, Scientifically Advanced)

Silent Crusaders: 2 (Drugs, Nudity)

Vlpska: 2 (Authoritarian, Income Equality)

Yoshi: 2 (Conservatism, Devout)

Eosylvania: 1 (Most WA Endorsements)
Evolving Life: 1 (Subsidized Industry)
Gnarlingen: 1 (Large populations)
Howlingen: 1 (Influence)
Huldenvolk 1 (Fast Growing Economies)
My Briefcase: 1 (Extremism)
Na Dene: 1 (Political Apathy)
Saxavoy: 1 (Public Sector)
Termiopolis: 1 (Culture)
Ulfingen: 1 (Lowest Unemployment)

anti-trophy up for grabs: 1 (Averageness)

I would like to thank all those who discussed the relationship between Islam and Jihadism. We had a respectful and insightful discussion on our Message Board. Perhaps we can move on to something a little less controversial, but equally topical.

By popular demand: the Valentine's Day poll is up.

I once was a member of the region Democrats. I'm sorry to see it go down in such a dishonourable way. Stupid Raiders.

I suppose I'm one of those incorrigeable do-gooders who try to present secret Valentine's cards with no hardwritten text to the wall-flowers at the office.

And I might get one for myself two. (Can a man be a wall-flower? Or are we some boring potted plant?)

The Republic of Yukaghir wrote:I suppose I'm one of those incorrigeable do-gooders who try to present secret Valentine's cards with no hardwritten text to the wall-flowers at the office.

And I might get one for myself two. (Can a man be a wall-flower? Or are we some boring potted plant?)

You can be whatever you want to be. My fraternity referred to such people as "social doughnuts."

It's ironic that Valentine died fighting the plague. I'm sure for many of us, the day still feels like the plague.

I find Valentine's Day to be the straight variety of the Gay Pride: extravagant and in-your-face. Except I can get away from a Gay Pride, but not from Valentine's Day.

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