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WELCOME TO THE NCON ó A new type of Post-Modern/Future Tech and IC-Only region based on a simple but complete set of rules and awesome sweet RP tools.


Ne Cedes Malis!

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    NCON Council of Heads of State and Government

    MetaGameplay by Athretvari 4 days ago. 7 reads.

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    NCON Regional Bank

    MetaGameplay by Athretvari 4 days ago. 10 reads.

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    NCON Regional Law

    MetaGameplay by Athretvari 4 days ago. 8 reads.

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New Coalition of Nations contains 7 nations, the 1,710th most in the world.


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As a region, New Coalition of Nations is ranked 13,091st in the world for Most Beautiful Environments.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federation of United RaptureInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We talk about peace, when we actually meant war”
2.The Grand Duchy of GalindijaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“If God is with us, who can be against us?”
3.The Federation of ElinasInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Verum et Honore ”
4.The Theocracy of SajallandCorrupt Dictatorship“The Pontiffs have spoken!”
5.The Kingdom of Supers Booty ShopInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Come to Super's Booty Shop”
6.The Administrative Secretariat of NCONWA MemberCompulsory Consumerist State“Welcome to the New Coalition of Nations.”
7.The AI Technate of AthretvariNew York Times Democracy“351872”

Regional Happenings


New Coalition of Nations Regional Message Board

Post self-deleted by Athretvari.

Although I canít get your thoughts now, I canít help but want to share with you. :(

I figured out how to use NS new refactors for the regional bank.

Since NS will calculate your govt budget, you can use the change in that budget over a short period, say a RL-month...

  1. Publish or RP your govt budget covering a RL-week, month, several months, or even a year.

  2. This budget is locked in for that time period, unless you RP a new budget with new numbers.

  3. It takes upto 1 RL-week for a budget change to take effect. (Like to boost defense budget, you just canít RP boosting the defense budget and get instantaneous boost to your defense, but instead it would take a week to get the boost.)

  4. You get to deposit any positive difference between your RP budget and your NS budget reported at the end of the time period covered by the budget.

    Example: Athretvari RPs budgeting ж 119 T for January 2015, this is the max I can claim for govt expenditures including defense in January. (My RP would include how much of the ж 119 T goes to defense budget, etc.)

    At the end of January (when I go to RP my next budget), if NS says my budget is now ж 120 T (ж 1 T more than I originally budgeted), I can claim the the extra ж 1 T as a government surplus for January and deposit it.

    Great thing, sometimes if you mess with answering issues, the later budget quoted by NS may be less than the earlier one, meaning a budget deficit happened as opposed to a surplus, just like in the real world.



  1. All start fresh, everyone begins with one nation on a new world.

  2. Simple and firm set of rules.

  3. No mob deciding and constantly vetoing what you can and cant do. If the rules say you can, you can.

  4. No weird, arbitrary rules about map claims or population sizes.

  5. Players will be allowed shared or personal planets, or Ourus Ring sections.

  6. A voluntary banking system.

  7. A national and regional tracker with custom settings to let control everything from taxes to military deployments.

  8. All players are automatically members of a Council of Heads of Government and State, which will be the de facto IC ruling body of the RP.

  9. Players will have access to custom maps of any place in the nation, custom currency, and custom weapon design to enhance their national factbooks and RPs.

  10. And much more to come!

Post self-deleted by Athretvari.

^^For those players that have expressed real fears retribution for participating, association, or migration, puppets are OK.

Post self-deleted by Gaier.

Dear Member of the NCON

Please accept my apologies again. I hope that from this day forward we can move on to many great things and a much brighter, friendlier, and fun region.

I have some EXCITING NEWS! (In case you haven't seen already.)

The NCON will be participating on a voluntary and individual basis as part of a new developing open FT RP called The Andromeda Imperium set in the Andromeda Galaxy. Players are invited to join and participate. Change of region residency is not required.

Athretvari has been commissioned to be this RPs general cartographer. Detailed cartography and other RP services will be available to players in the NCON.

Again, it's a voluntary participation, the NCON will only be a small location/setting in that greater Andromeda "universe". So nations that reside in the NCON do not have to participate in The Andromeda Imperium RP, or vice versa.

The NCON will also begin a new regional RP based on our well-worn, but righteously reformed Regional RP Rules and set several centuries after "The Great Conspiracy and Apocalyptic Wars of Liberation". Players can recolonize Enkon, their own nearby planet (single or shared with friends or puppets), section on the Ourus Ring, or other location/celestial object.

To help begin and develop our new regional RP, I thought it would be cool if we adopted a type of regional RP (soft) application based on the one currently being used for The Andromeda Imperium RP. My page (no need to try to be as pretty as mine), is a good example of what I propose:

Andromeda Imperium RP Information.

The idea is simple, one factbook page with basic information we can use for RP.

Check out my page, and hit me back with comments and questions. If we get a general agreement to do it, we'll vote to add it as a basic rule to our Regional RP Rules.

Many thanks,

We are back and this time.... we are going to bring glory!

Dear Member of the NCON

I'm very happy to report that several very important regional institutions are now up and functioning!

There is an NCON Council of Heads of State and Government, an NCON Regional Bank, and an NCON Regional Law archive and working section.

New foundational laws are currently being drafted that will control every aspect of our region's governance and role-play.

Members have had accounts opened for them at the NCON Regional Bank. Values for January have been tabulated for you already. You may change the amount of Other Taxes and Government Expenditures to control your National Balance. Your Treasury may be used for any RP purpose either in or out of the NCON.

Next project, RP thread and update the map!

TG me with any questions.

Ne Cedes Malis

The AI Technate of Athretvari

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