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Welcome to NationStates, aiming to become one of the strongest ranking regions. Pro-Economy, Pro-Society, Pro-WA, Pro-Peace; Join our glory! Above all, freedom for all nations to control their own destinies in a region free from war.

NationStates stands AGAINST the Security Council

Endorsement Limit: 22


Regional Embassies signal that two regions have established formal ties with one another.
The NationStates Region remains a Neutral Region ~ Friends With All; Aligned With None.

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The Democratic States of YFRICANTUS

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    Against Security Council Statement

    FactbookPolitics by Mikeswill 1 year 349 days ago. 879 reads.

Embassies: the Pacific, The East Pacific, the West Pacific, The North Pacific, Osiris, Balder, One big Island, Nation States, NationStates 2, Mikeswill, Trav khar, Gatesville Inc, Funen, Atheist Empire, International Western Union, Greater Dienstad, and 2 others.Capitalist Paradise, and Antarctic Oasis.

Tags: Independent, Enormous, Anti-Security Council, Pacifist, Founderless, and Neutral.

Regional Power: Very High

NationStates contains 345 nations, the 25th most in the world.


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The Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector in NationStates

As a region, NationStates is ranked 17,077th in the world for Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The People's Republic of Stinky BudCapitalist Paradise“Puff, puff, pass”
2.The Communist State of SaulinivilleCompulsory Consumerist State“Communism - A better future for all”
3.The Grander Duchy of -EFather Knows Best State“Dont sweat the small stuff.”
4.The Federal Republic of The Stars in DaylightWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“We Shall Rise Again!”
5.The Dictatorship of Ahmed Sekou ToureFather Knows Best State“We prefer poverty in liberty to riches in slavery”
6.The Corporate State of Midgaard Technology CorporationInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Tomorrow, today.”
7.The Dictatorship of BomfWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Duty, Honor, Country.”
8.The UnHoly Red Fighting Uruk-Hai of IsengardslavesCorrupt Dictatorship“I am so much better than before!!! #LegallyBlonde”
9.The Turkish Empire of WaryakistanIron Fist Consumerists“For the empire”
10.The Principality of Neu OrdenNew York Times Democracy“Not worth dying for; but worth living for 'til death”
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Sunday, 21 September, 2014 :: 33

Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
mastering yourself is true power.

If you realize that you have enough,
you are truly rich.
If you stay in the center
and embrace death with your whole heart,
you will endure forever.


So Scotland voted against independence by 55% to 45% in favour.

Personally, I am delighted with the result. I live in a part of England that has more in common with Scotland than we do with London and the south of England. Indeed, southern Scotland and my part of England were a single country - the basis of this NS nation - until some disconnected, self-serving nobles drew and arbitrary line across the map and decided it would be the border between Scotland and England.

Indeed, Scots (historically Lowlands based as opposed to Highlands based Gaels) historically had more in common with Northern England than it did with the Highlands. The Scots language is descended from the Northumbrian dialect of Old and Middle English. The two only began to diverge in the time of Shakespeare and Early Modern English.

Scotland remaining in the Union hasn't only strengthened it, it has empowered it. In a Scotland-free United Kingdom, my part of the country would be more ignored than ever. With Scotland choosing to remain, albeit with expanded powers, it has also spoken for all the regions of England neglected by Westminster.

Personally, I favour a federal UK, similar to Canada, with each province (or, in our case, home nation) having its own parliament with equal but separate powers to one another. This would be over-arched by a 'federal', Westminster-based British Parliament which would be halved in size and would have exclusive powers such as constitutional affairs, foreign and defence affairs and economic affairs. The House of Lords would be reformed into a partly or wholly elected 'Senate' under a proportional system of voting (as opposed to the first-past-the-post system used to elect the House of Commons).

Alas! I've taken up enough of this RMB on pipe dreams.

God Save the United Kingdom!

Thank you The Anglian Kingdom of Northumbria for your kind words

Today’s Featured Nation:
The Allied States of Anategria

”Strength in numbers, power in peace”

WA Category: New York Times Democracy

Civil Rights: Excellent
Economy: Strong
Political Freedoms: Superb

Anategria's national animal is the Albion Hawk, which soars majestically through the nation's famously clear skies, and its currency is the Dais.

Anategria is ranked 184th in NationStates and 40,314th in the world for Largest Welfare Programs, scoring 25 on the Safety Net Mesh Density Rating.

The Mikes Hope Essence of Mikeswill

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The Queendom of HSPVA

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Hi here...
...should I make this post super-long or something ;)

Monday, 22 September, 2014 :: 34

The great Tao flows everywhere.
All things are born from it,
yet it doesn't create them.
It pours itself into its work,
yet it makes no claim.
It nourishes infinite worlds,
yet it doesn't hold on to them.
Since it is merged with all things
and hidden in their hearts,
it can be called humble.
Since all things vanish into it
and it alone endures,
it can be called great.
It isn't aware of its greatness;
thus it is truly great.


WKNS Radio: Roy Orbison ~

"You Got It"

Every time I look into your lovely eyes,
I see a love that money just can't buy.
One look from you, I drift away.
I pray that you are here to stay.

Anything you want, you got it.
Anything you need, you got it.
Anything at all, you got it.

Every time I hold you I begin to understand,
Everything about you tells me I'm your man.
I live my life to be with you.
No one can do the things you do.
Anything you want, you got it.
Anything you need, you got it.
Anything at all, you got it.
Anything you want
Anything you need
Anything at all

I'm glad to give my love to you.
I know you feel the way I do.
Anything you want, you got it.
Anything you need, you got it.
Anything at all, you got it.
Anything you want, you got it
Anything you need, you got it
Anything at all, you got it
Anything at all
You got it


Today’s Featured Nation:
The Democratic States of YFRICANTUS


WA Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Civil Rights: Some
Economy: Reasonable
Political Freedoms: Average

YFRICANTUS's national animal is the LION, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the RON.

YFRICANTUS is ranked 39th in NationStates and 29,119th in the world for Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector, scoring 3 on the Charon Conveyancy Index.

The Mikes Hope Essence of Mikeswill

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