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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Beastling States of Crystal Spires (elected 10 days ago)

Founder: The Beastling States of Crystal Spires

World Factbook Entry

The Lands of Mystria, land of the Gods and Primordials blessed by the tendrils of Mana and Aether, Connected to the world by shifts by the Etheric Planes. The Land is Populated by Man, Elves, Beastlings, Unbidden, Changelings, and Dwarves. Also sharing the land are terrible beings, monsters of imagination and the darkness that comes from a dream turned to a nightmare.

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IRC: #Mystria, irc://

Current Roleplays

  • Tears of Scarfell

  • The Nightmare you don't Awaken From

  • Lessons to the Lion

  • Shadow Veil

  • An Island's Reckoning

  • Bardic School RP

Embassies: The Keystone Dimension, Thedas, Pony Lands, Tareldanore, Hyrule, Carnival of Souls, Ankh Mauta, Western Atlantic, HiberNationStates, The Ascendancy, Goliath SpecOps inc, Equestria, Leninist Russia, Meridon, the Land of Power, The Mictlan System, and 14 others.The Proletariat Coalition, Noordija, Francia, The Nightmare Realms, Armagedox, The Darwin Allied Republics, Greater Dienstad, The Forgotten Lands, The Scarlet Empire, The Illuminati, The Remnants of the Mian Empire, New Odessa, D S9 8081 II, and Nocturnalya.

Tags: Password, Fantasy Tech, Role Player, Medium, and Multi-Species.

Regional Power: Moderate

Mystria contains 50 nations, the 215th most in the world.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Longest Average Lifespans in Mystria

Nations ranked highly have lower rates of preventable death, with their citizens enjoying longer average lifespans.

As a region, Mystria is ranked 3,549th in the world for Longest Average Lifespans.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Beastling States of Crystal SpiresWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Reborn from the ashes we arise steadfast as solid stone”
2.The Pansapient Empire of RastynhavenCivil Rights Lovefest“Onwards as One”
3.The Socialist Commonwealth of Post War AmericaWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Gloria Revolution series fragmentis Capitalismus!”
4.The Constitutional Empire of Rohane AlistaWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Progress is Salvation”
5.The Changeling Lands of NeutraligonNew York Times Democracy“I don't know so I'm staying out.”
6.The Mostly Sublime Republic of CantalviaWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Compassion, Knowledge, Well being for all”
7.The Beastling States of DhalbrisirScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Reborn from the ashes, we arise firm as solid stone. ”
8.The Republic of DokyrLeft-Leaning College State“In Unity, Liberty”
9.The Kingdom of LamilariaMother Knows Best State“For Her Highness”
10.The Most Serene Republic of CarcenoDemocratic Socialists“Super Ardua: Let us overcome our Difficulties”
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Mystria Regional Message Board

Uh Spires you is making me scared.

Spires, methinks this is just some hullabaloo... I mean, I checked the NS++ code... it is clean as far as I can tell.

NS++ should be fine, I think.


This is what I am pointing out, and given that it has a way to manage various puppets at once, it can possibly use the code as an exploit. I am trying to tell you right now in case something DOES come up. Alforess made NS++ and he also made the threat to make a regional password cracker.

That's a regional password cracker... ie something that would make a raider's life easier... ironics given the region of origin... but I digress. Given that it was never completed nor can it work for a nation password as the password "slow the hell down" mechanic works differently... with a region password, you have a certain set of requests per minute, with the nation password if you fail X times to log into an account you are blocked logging in for about an hour. A brute forcer operates by spamming password requests until you get it right. With the lock out, and the warning there will be substantial notice if someone actually attempts to hack your account. Given,, the that the code doesn't apply a brute forcer, nor does it seem like there is sufficient back door information provided by puppet switching to allow for a hack that way. Basically Afforess, who has now been deated and who's MAC Address is likely being monitored by the mods would have to find a way to sneak past NS Security Measures and apply the brute forcer without any of the Administrative or Game-Side Moderator Staff noticing to login to an account change the password AND the email on sudden notice.

It is still best to be careful, wouldn't want anyone's accounts cracked.

I for one am getting really freaking sick of this whole raider vs rp thing.

And why is that Cant?

Because there is much to be considered with the reprehensible nature of R&D and its actions toward RPers and RP regions. What makes this a terrible situation is ultimately we have no defenses against R&D that cannot be circumvented. It is why I heavily vet people who enter the region before even thinking of giving them the password.

Mave, you ARE the one defense against Raiders that can't really be circumvented (unless they secretly established a puppet to force yourself to flame into a DEAT... or you CTE)...

Otherwise I just don't seem to think that the Devs are going to put one in. I mean we used to have virtually unbreakable passwords, but the Defenders complained about Raiders setting them and making defense/liberation impossible, and then the Devs created the Liberation mechanic, which Raiders found a way to glitch into a tool to raid. Another opt out will take something big to happen and even then its only a matter of time before that opt out is breakable bc raiders use it to make the region unliberateable, and then Defenders ask for a workaround and the Raiders exploit that workaround... the only way the R/D would stop attacking non-R/D regions is for everybody to move to TRR or for the mods to stop sanctioning it, which they won't because a goodly number of them support it, and the rest either don't care or are powerless to do anything about it.

My biggest problems with the whole game is the destructive nature of the bigger raids. I know that the smaller "tag" raids are much more common where a small group of raiders comes into a region gains delegacy changes the flag, maybe the WFE and leaves a day or two later. This requires only slightly less planning, and doesn't destroy communities. The problem is that (especially in RP regions as WAA and Generalite regions typically have sufficient WA membership to slow or stop them), there are some where the raiders come in banject everyone, and then leave that one nation under password lock to prevent refounding.

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