Mile Highlands RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: Humanity everywhere

World Factbook Entry

A region built around the foundation of brotherhood and honor above all others.

Senate of the Mile Highlands

Grand Emperor: The ethereal tau
Lord Grand Marshal: Turian independence
Inquisitor: Reapers salvation
Quaestor: The Capitalist Empire of Dick Chappy Land
Legatus: The People's Republic of Griffindorks

If you wish to join the Mile Highlands, contact the Legatus, or WA Delegate.

Tags: Password, Founderless, Minuscule, and Regional Government.

Mile Highlands contains 2 nations.


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The Highest Police Ratios in Mile Highlands

Nations ranked highly have large numbers of police or other law enforcement officials compared to the number to citizens.

As a region, Mile Highlands is ranked 1,575th in the world for Highest Police Ratios.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Capitalist Empire of Dick Chappy LandCorporate Police State“Wiggle your Nibblets”
2.The People's Republic of GriffindorksWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We advance east!!!”

Regional Happenings


Mile Highlands Regional Message Board

Reapers salvation

297 days ago

I will allow this, thank you President-Warlord Granville. We have reclaimed the city and everything is back to normal...minus the large amount of citizen casualty in fire fights between the terrorist sympathizers and the Salvation Army.

The One and True Leader of Reapers Salvation: Lord Prophet Grim.

The ethereal tau

241 days ago

It would seem that our region has fallen back into a period of stagnation so as WA delegate and the lone executive member of the region now that the regions founder has vanished I find that in the interest of the region and to reward those loyal to the region I will enact a set of edicts.

1. All nations are required to devote at least half of there army to the regional Grand Army, failure to do so will be seen as treason.
2. All nations will be required to adopt the religion of The Church of the Flame, failure to do so will be seen as treason.
3. All nations are required to use the currency the Imperial Vatras, failure to do so will be seen as treason.
4. All counts of treason will be punishable by the execution of the nations leader and the annexation of there nation.
5. All senatorial nations are exempt from these edicts and are free to command there army freely, practice whatever belief system they choose and use any currency system the want.
6. These can be overturned by a unanimous vote in the senate. As well all senate members can only be removed from the senate by a unanimous vote in the senate

Thank you all for your dedication, and my we all perform to our best for the sake of the region.

Most faithfully from
-Grand Holy Dragon Emperor Alexander the Wise

Dick Chappy approves of such measures, so long as he remains in a senatorial position.

Grand Master Nibblet Wiggler Dick Chappy

Griffindorks just decided to emerge from the shadows, after laying low during all the terrorist plots. Now that we have come back to the spotlight, we are shocked by Tau's new demands. I, Pantsalot, an willing to devote what little potion of an army I have left, but that is all I can give you. All your other edicts resemble a bully given a higher position than the others, and I wish to retain Griffindorkian culture in my own country. I hope you understand my concern.
Sir Pantsalot.

The ethereal tau

225 days ago

I hope you understand that Griffindorks is a senatorial nation as the Legatus thus excluding Griffindorks from all the edicts. The edicts are to instill order and cooperation in newer nations to avoid future conflicts and allowing the loyal nations to retain the power needed to keep the peace. You are allowed to retain your nations culture and even your full military in fact you are encouraged to do so to foster individuality. I was actually looking to change the edicts so that each new or returning non senatorial nation will be required to choose a host nation and they would be required to adopt that nations religion and currency and will be held accountable to that host nation. So that no nation can join untill they have declared a host nation and that nation has accepted. I hope these are more acceptable to you.

Most faithfully from
-Grand Holy Dragon Emperor Alexander the Wise

Well, gentlemen, our region has managed to plummet from over forty active nations to six semi-active nations. I would just like to take a pause for this melancholy situation, and to reminisce on the glory that was once the Mile Highlands.
Sir Pantsalot

The ethereal tau

192 days ago

Upon mountains of sands we stood, now withered away by time we stand in the wastes of desolation yearning for an age long past.


Well it's just you and me Dick Chappy.

*a single violin begins playing depressing music* Yup

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