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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Empire of Flixerine (elected 177 days ago)

Founder: The Archemperor of The Understone Keep

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Welcome to the Dominion of Markarth!
A fun and relaxed region dedicated to casual map-based roleplay

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Embassies: Clindea, Palocris, Isla Sorna, Lancastle, Athos, Balkan, The Germanei Sivanian Alliance, Warwick, Ravenspire, Judean League, and Greater Regional Alliance.

Tags: Map, Offsite Forums, Medium, Social, Casual, and Regional Government.

Regional Power: Moderate

Markarth contains 17 nations, the 631st most in the world.


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The Most Average in Markarth

World Census staff took time out to pay tribute to those most overlooked of nations: the determinedly average.

As a region, Markarth is ranked 11,203rd in the world for Most Average.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federal Republic of MesharaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Justice through Prosperity”
2.The Kingdom of AurmoyeWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“In the name of the three faiths”
3.The Empire of ArcandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Strength in Liberty. Strength in the Empire.”
4.The Secular Humanitarian State of Multi-CulturalistsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Have no friend not equal to yourself”
5.The Archemperor of The Understone KeepFather Knows Best State“Out of the ashes, we rise.”
6.The Kingdom of The MushroomsCivil Rights Lovefest“The Princess is not in this castle”
7.The Queendom of Lady Ray Caedus TurnMother Knows Best State“Volo anaticulam cumminosam meam!”
8.The Dominion of QassiarsukFather Knows Best State“Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”
9.The Sivanian Representative of Sivanian MarkarthDemocratic Socialists“תחי הימפיריה”
10.The Imperial Republic of KalanFather Knows Best State“Pacem per potestatem”
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Markarth Regional Message Board

No problem :).

No one else said a word for 2 days already. Could we be lacking numbers?

The Secular Humanitarian State of Multi-Culturalists wrote:No one else said a word for 2 days already. Could we be lacking numbers?

I think you already know the answer to that question(We are lacking in numbers).

We have some options:

a) Give up Markarth to CTE
b) Recruit the expensive way
c) Recruit the cheapskate way
d) Wait to get raided
e) Merge with another region

f) Cookies.

But yes, something, probably merge, would be the easiest way.

What would this mean for the GRA though?

The Secular Humanitarian State of Multi-Culturalists wrote:We have some options:

a) Give up Markarth to CTE
b) Recruit the expensive way
c) Recruit the cheapskate way
d) Wait to get raided
e) Merge with another region

MC, when I appointed you as High Steward, I expected that you would use the position to take the initiative on regional affairs. I did not appoint you to make commentary on how inactive the region is after every two days of RMB silence.

To everyone: the fact of the matter is that this is not "my region". Yes, I am the Founder, and yes I am the Archemperor. But if everyone just waits for something to happen, then you are basically putting all the responsibility on me to get things done in this region.

Contrary to the options presented above, there are a lot of things that can be done in Markarth and the GRA. For one, MC, you never followed up on your contact with the Judean League. In this region, you could start up a roleplay or suggest a new recruitment drive. You could propose a government plan, you could draft a Welcome TG, the options keep going.

But how do options like "Wait to get raided" or "Give up Markarth" advance anything except cynicism and despair? This is not a tone that I want to hear in the region, most of all from the High Steward. If you feel that things are not up to speed, you need to communicate that to me, not just throw up your hands and make a negative list of options.

One of the best methods of communication for the old government was through the regional chatroom. In fact, many government discussions are lost because they were held there. Thus, I would heavily suggest everyone use it more often; it's a lot more convenient for discussions that TGs or the RMB.

In conclusion, Markarth isn't going anywhere. But at the same time, it can't just be me initiating everything. The region needs to step up and propose what they want to see, not just lament the problems.

Hope that helps,



- I am taking part in regional affairs, but in a way that may seem unorthodox to you at first. This is how I operate when I feel things feel too silent. I break the silence.

- I got Judean League to vote for the ratification of the treaty. They are still voting, so don't expect miracles to happen before they happen. I'm working under a puppet called Kim Kardashian II (make of that if you may).

- Well, to be fair, you are a citizen of this region as well. If we are stuffed for ideas, who would we look to to ideas at first? The founder of course because there are no restrictions imposed on himself because he knows what is best.

- XD I'm glad you spotted that cynicism side of me. I apologize for that... My bad. But, it's funny because it's ironic. It ironic because you got pessimistic ideas versus optimistic ideas in the mix. Especially if you take into account how I ordered them. But otherwise, my bad.

- Old habits die, my friend. It's very convenient to post on the RMB because you get a notification every time you log into NS. In other words, we just got a tiny bit lazier.

- However... As much as lamenting the problems may not be the way to go, if someone cannot do the work, then someone else needs to do it for them to accomplish said goal. Since this is a small community, you are not completely detached from the community. Ergo, people start to tend to rely on you because you know what's good for the region. They don't because they don't know how you think especially if they propose something that you may not like.

I know you are in college (are you still there?) now, but maybe you could escape from NS for a week (which I'm sure you do anyways) and come back with a clear(er) mind. I do the same as well and I even do escape to my fantasy world because my parents are on each other's throats most if the time. That's the luxury of being an author. It also helps you write really long essays much quicker.

Well, I agree with the way you have put things, MC, but here's my challenge to you: if I were to step back, then you need to step up.

I appreciate the things you have been doing in terms of the GRA and our allies, but I very much feel that you did so at the behest of my requests. What I need you to do, as High Steward, is to start proposing and carrying out your own ideas without me suggesting a direction or lead. The GRA, right now, is facing a significant problem due to the fact that the Judean League Founder is not that active. Without addressing this problem, we effectively lose their 40+ nations during military maneuvers. On the other hand, cooperation between the GSA and Markarth is limited to shared ambassadorship; I recently suggested a joint-roleplay in the roleplay forums to fix that. Maybe you could work with the GSA founder to integrate regional maps (not trying to lead you, just putting my challenge into context).

Basically, the Trinity is meant to be made up of the top administrators in the region. You, as High Steward, have the power and responsibility to advance this reason through your initiation of programs and reforms. I hope you do not think that you are completely subservient to me: I will only overrule you if a program is illegal according to NS rules or unfairly targeted against a specific individual or entity. Otherwise, I am more than likely going to let you do as you please.

If I see this kind of initiative from you, I will gladly take your advice to withdraw and mull over the possibilities for a while.


Sometimes, I feel lucky to have founders like you who are responsible.

This is because in other regions, there are founders who simply don't care to perfectly reasonable options like a peace treaty during a war or even liberating regions instead of raiding them.

I just know this from the time I was in TEK. I hope GRA will stand up to be an alliance that is capable of liberating regions.

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