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Libertatem contains 55 nations, the 241st most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Community of Z0Psychotic Dictatorship“Hope sustain life.”
2.The 2nd Republic President I of MiencraftAnarchy“Vidiy ner Esae Esaeiy Minsarkh”
3.The Objectivist Empire of Ronald Reagan and Rick GrimesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sic Parvis Magna”
4.The Metallic Goth of The Serbian EmpireCivil Rights Lovefest“Woooo! Here Comes Death Metal!”
5.The Empire of JinkyrInoffensive Centrist Democracy“If you choose the action, you choose the consequences”
6.The Republic of United environmentalist states of mhomenInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Anoka Noka”
7.The Loquacious Bodacious Colony of Kumquat CoveCivil Rights Lovefest“We have a lovely bunch of coconuts”
8.The Holy Empire of Your StateCorporate Bordello“Liberty of the indivudal is the key!”
9.The Confederation of The Auridon IslesNew York Times Democracy“ Senātus Populusque Auridonii”
10.The Lack of A better nameInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Things fall apart”

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Hi I am kaxukame representing the foreign minister of The Mystical Council kazukame. I have come here to see the partnership we have with your region. I want to know what you feel about our region.

I think the United States has already passed the tipping point.

The 2nd Republic President I of Miencraft wrote:We're screwed.
I can only hope that people realize, if things get bad enough, it's our right and our duty to destroy the government and establish the original one in its place.
We're getting closer to that being the only option.

The Commonwealth of Narland wrote:I am not giving up the fight by any lawful means necessary, but I am under no illusion that we are living in a good (as in not morally stupid) and virtuous (as in not morally corrupt/criminally insane) country. I once thought that there was some justice and promotion of liberty somewhere in the government, but since 9/11 and the passage of the so-called Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act what little assurance of freedom we had left was made that much more precarious. The good and virtuous principles for which America once stood that make any nation free and prosperous will endure even as America abandons them. My hope is that the up-coming generation fights tooth and claw for their birthright. What good did it do to fight for the fail of national socialism (nazism) in WWII and international socialism (communism) in the Cold War only to see a more insidious form of socialism (progressivism) take root? I am voting 3rd Party--my state is solid red and will to to Trump--the lesser of two evils imo. If Hilary is elected, I fear our liberty will be irrevocably lost, and the bright side to Trump is he understands that the establishment must be uprooted.

The Asst Min of Bad Behavior of The Ambassador to the CLFR wrote:I think the United States has already passed the tipping point.

If seems that I'm not the only one who is certain that America is in decline. I personally believe that this country and world will continue to go on that path.

I had a great time in your region. I hope to see you soon.

Narland, New Jaslandia, Kumquat Cove, and Rateria

There are times my government really pisses me off. This latest event has set a new high on that scale.


I think that history going to end up how Atlas Shrugged's word ended up. Basically, the world went super progressive and the world nations turned into "People's States" besides the U.S. which is the last somewhat free (more like a left leaning mixed economy, but quickly leaning farther). As the story went on, the economy degrades more and more primarily from further regulation until finally even the U.S. collapses economically (along with the entire globe) due to the world's last functioning company disappearing. The last refuge is a place known as Galt's Gulch, a flourishing capitalist valley.

Essentially, I think history will end up from Corporatist (what Marx calls Capitalism, as we have now), to Socialist and then libertarianism (to what scale, who knows).

P.S. My theory on history is basically Marx's six stages except Communism never follows
Socialism, instead a libertarian society follows.

The Ambassador to the CLFR and Teuberland

The national hero and leader of the Republican movement has been elected.

The UN is really quite awful. They spend more time promoting anti-semitism in the Middle East, globalism and the white gurl feminist agenda than they do actually preventing war, what it was freaking created for. I don't know the exact number, but there have been dozens and dozens of wars that have occurred under the UN's watch since its inception. It either just sits by and pretend it's not happening or it slaps whatever country is allegedly at fault on the wrist. If we're to have a UN at all, then more time should be prevented on spurring free markets and democracy in the Third World and combating radical Islam than churning out another round of counterproductive sanctions on Country A or Country B.

As it stands, the US and UK should withdraw from this corrupt organisation unless it can get it's sh-t together.

Miencraft, Narland, Kumquat Cove, The United States of Patriots, and 1 otherShirayuki Mizore

The way things are going right now, I'm convinced the world is being sucked into a chasm of instability and crisis. The 2010s will go down in history as the 1970s 2.0. We've got weak economic recoveries in the west, continued failure of soft-Keynesianism, the collapse of the European Union due to the overwhelming weight of its statism, the rise of ISIS and the emboldenment of Russia, open and abetted corruption in the US government, the office of the presidency and in the State Department that goes ignored, and the repeated failure of our leaders to deal with any of this at any substantial level. Meanwhile, as America clamours for a saviour, we have a false prophet that would reverse what progress has been made in making the world freer and more open, and an openly corrupt and duplicitous career politician whose main argument for being is elected is that "the other one is worse".

Brexit gives me some hope for the future, but in the United States it really is shameful just how much of a failure this President has been. 1.4% GDP growth, a doubled national debt, millions more Americans in poverty and on food stamps, record-low labour participation, a ballooning regulatory state, slick and loose monetary policies that benefit the rich at the expense of everyone else, time-bomb entitlement programs and a disastrous attempt at health care reform that is, as everyone except for its architects predicted, is now collapsing under its own weight. And while countries around the world touched by this administration - Libya, Lebanon, Syria - teeter on the brink, President Obama proclaims victory and reasons that he's made the world a better place. For diplomacy with Iran and Cuba, and maybe even trade, perhaps this is the case. But what we have here is not a resurgent America, but an America in retreat as problems that were previously small and afar from our worries now loom on our doorstep and threaten to drag us into another decade of turmoil.

America needs a revival in the way that it was brought out of the darkness in the 1980s; it needs a leader who will foster and develop free markets, and confront foreign policy issues from a position of strength while ending the dangerous strain of interventionism that has opened the can of worms we are facing now.

Miencraft, Narland, Kumquat Cove, The United States of Patriots, and 1 otherShirayuki Mizore

Also, good article on Reagan's free-market environmentalism:

Miencraft, Narland, and Rateria

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