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Libertatem contains 95 nations, the 129th most in the world.

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Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, Libertatem is ranked 1,708th in the world for Most Avoided.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Definitely Not a Micronation of MiencraftAnarchy“Minsarkahi et Esetethnik”
2.The Sleeping Giant of Gabriel PossentiAnarchy“Semper Paratus, Semper Liberis!”
3.The Republic of ArlentonCapitalist Paradise“Living Free”
4.The Free Market Republic of RenegalisCapitalizt“Altruismus ist das schwert der tyrannei”
5.The United States of DollariaCapitalist Paradise“Speak softly and carry a big stick”
6.The Elves of The Serbian EmpireCivil Rights Lovefest“Communism Is Not Good For Us”
7.The Chairman of PevvaniaAnarchy“I come from a land down under”
8.The Attorney General of Yrellian ConfederacyCapitalizt“Libertas et Prosperitas”
9.The Free Market Paradise of Muh RoadsAnarchy“Free the market, free the people”
10.The Macro-Micronation of Republic of MinervaCapitalizt“Land of the Rising Atoll”
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The Oppressed Peoples of Dinglebear wrote:Capitalist scum!

Now available in 3 flavors, I'll sell you mine in 3 easy payments of $9.95

Pevvania and Hallo Island

The Oppressed Peoples of Dinglebear wrote:Capitalist scum!

Oh boy, you got us there

Hallo Island

And all of the hate on Liberosia exercising his right as the highest executive with veto power is because....?

The New United States

Amendments to the Future Regional Activity Unfair Discourse (FRAUD) Act

Section VII
Section I
Unless renounced or revoked, a registered citizen of Libertatem remains a registered citizen of Libertatem
Section II
Citizens may keep their citizenship even when outside of Libertatem or when their nation has been deleted
Section III
Citizens may transfer their citizenship to a puppet nation verified by the Department of Internal Affairs

Section VIII
Section I
The Board may 'fast-track' a nation's citizenship waiting time by a super-majority vote
Section II
The Board may repeal an action or order by the Department of Internal Affairs by a simple majority vote

Section IX
Section I
This section authorises the negotiation and ratification of shared citizenship treaties
Section II
The government may negotiate treaties with other regions to create common citizenship rules and allow a citizen of one region to be a citizen of both
Section III
Such a treaty, if agreed upon by both regional governments, must be ratified by two-thirds of voting House members and 4/5ths of the Board

Authored by Chairman Pevvania on the 18th of April, 2015.

I would like FRAUD II to pass the House before it is introduced to the Board. Is everyone happy with this?

Post self-deleted by Miencraft.

The Republic of Humpheria in Libertatem wrote:And all of the hate on Liberosia exercising his right as the highest executive with veto power is because....?

Because obviously when you vote to do something it has to be carried out or else you're being oppressed.

The New United States

Contrary to popular belief, Bush II was not a gun nut, and has a mixed record on gun rights. He supported gun control in his 2000 presidential campaign, and said multiple times that he would re-authorise the assault weapons ban or sign a trigger lock law if they arrived at his desk. He did, however, sign a law absolving gun companies from responsibility when their guns are used to commit crimes, and pushed against the DC gun ban. He also appointed two Supreme Court Justices, Roberts and Alito, who ruled two gun bans unconstitutional in two critical Second Amendment cases, Heller and McDonald. So his impact on gun rights was probably positive overall, but his positions do not exactly smack of a defender of gun rights.

I think we are fine at playing the waiting game. Shut the government down! No elections, amendments, or anything, until Condealism is rightfully returned executive power over the WFE, of which the flag is apart of.

Hallo Island

The Definitely Not a Micronation of Miencraft wrote:Because obviously when you vote to do something it has to be carried out or else you're being oppressed.

Duh. Ain't this a democracy?

#EndRLPtyranny #UsurpTheFounder #CultofHallo2015

Hallo Island

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