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Visit a region where you can gain the benefit of a small group of like minded players, but with no other restrictions, where your rights end at the tip of the other guy's nose and where smaller government is better government, and no government (aside from national defense and regional dispute resolution) is best of all.

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Regional Power: High

Libertarian contains 36 nations, the 328th most in the world.


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The Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry in libertarian

As a region, libertarian is ranked 60th in the world for Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Confederation of Paul MarksNew York Times Democracy“Do not tread on me.”
2.The Amerikanisches Reich of ThinkPadsAnarchy“Rebellis ut tyrannus est obsequium ut Deus”
3.The Empire of SnifkowolandBenevolent Dictatorship“You Will Respect My Authoritah!”
4.The Republic of Totoso_MussoliniCorporate Police State“O Poder meu”
5.The Matriarchy of New ChelelCapitalizt“In Sharess We Trust”
6.The OBNOXIOUS BARKING DOG of Libertarian ChaosAnarchy“Anti-State, Anti-War, Pro-Market”
7.The Armed Republic of NotonthemapistanCapitalist Paradise“Democracy= 51 beats 49 that's why own a .45”
8.The Constitutional Republic of Alternate Universe 912Anarchy“From many, one more”
9.The Commonwealth of FinsowokAnarchy“For King and Country!”
10.The Dying Empire of Cynical ConservativesCorporate Bordello“God save the Republic”
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Mathematics is 100% true - although "proven" is the wrong word. Mathematical truths (such as 1+1=2) just are true (by definition), as certain philosophical truths (such as the law of noncontradiction and the law of identity "A is A") are true (by definition).

If there is a need for proof then there is doubt - and new evidence may overturn existing accepted science.

Hat tip to the late Karl Popper.

The world contains 122,235 nations in 17,004 regions. Libertarian contains 38 nations, the 312th most in the world.
As a region, libertarian is ranked 16,959th in the world for Largest Public Transport Department. (bottom 0.3%, only 45 regions scored lower)
Paul Marks is ranked 38th in libertarian and 121,894th in the world for Largest Public Transport Department, scoring -545 on the Societal Mobility Rating. (bottom 0.3%, only 341 nations scored lower)
Well Done!

Paul Marks, AU 1912, and everyone else here. You guys have been my home ever since I joined. However, I regret to say that I must be leaving this region after my three year life here. Who knows, maybe I'll come back?

I'll miss you guys!

I hesitate to ask "why," so I'll just say that we'll miss you, and when you return you'll be welcomed with open arms! :D

Many thanks Constitutional Republic of Alternate Universe 912.

I have wished The Republic of Libertarian California good fortune in his new home.

Karl Popper - that name is a blast from the past - read him in graduate school

No one is correct about everything - but Popper was often O.K.

Of course do not try to follow Karl Popper on the methodology that economists should use - but then he was not really interested in that subject. Ludwig Von Mises was - very.

Wasn't Von Mises of the Austrian School?

Ah it's been forever, glad to be back. Yes Mises was an Austrian.

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