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The Council of FJK Rants wrote:i heard a view that hillary needs "coloured" voters, woman and latino votes. the interesting bit is that the election will be dirty/negative. this will turn off woman voters, so lowering turn out, causing a swing to trump.
trump has the votes of blue collar workers, which is another swing. this may mean that he wins the rust belt states, including ohio. it would be wise to not under estimate trump's abilities at getting people to believe his fibs.

There is underestimation as to how repulsive the notion of another Clinton in the white house is to those who remember the last one, (even among the most ardent Democrats, hence the stubborn stance of Sanders) and an underestimation as to Trump's endurance.

People didn't think Trump stood a chance to be the candidate, even up to the day Jeb Bush quit people were still backing him to pull through, the same with Cruz and it was not so long ago that Christie in some quarters was hailed as the Republican nominee before the race even heard the starting pistol.

Trump or Clinton, it will be a choice between different shades of Hell.

Paul Marks and July 1st

The 90s was quite good for the US and the world economy. alan greenspan had finally instituted a decent monetary finally since 1971. govt debt to gdp went down. unlike reagan/bush/bush/obama.

The only good thing about the prospect of either "President Hillary Clinton" or "President Donald Trump" is that, as they are both well known Big Government Progressives, at least Big Government Progressivism will get the blame for the massive BUST that is coming.

The 1990s - Welfare Reform good. But forced on Bill Clinton by a Republican Congress (Hillary Clinton would never have accepted it - no more than Barack Obama would have, and it is Hillary, not Bill, who is going to become President).

Massive cuts in the military in the 1990s - economically good (Obama has played this trick as well), but bad for security in the world.

The Alan Greenspan "keep the price level stable" monetary policy good?

Certainly not.

FJK Rants - I have told you before that this Benjamin Strong (Irving Fisher) policy is terrible. It creates a massive Credit Bubble that has to BUST sometime.

The 2000s witnessed the same (demented) monetary policy as the 1990s, and we still have it.

The whole Financial System is now f--ked - a 1982 style Volker clear out would no longer do the job of liquidating the malinvestments.

As basically the entire economy (the entire Capital Structure) is a mess of malinvestments.

Eventually it will all fall down - and people will have rebuild (after some very nasty times).

Actually I am astonished that this Bubble Economy has lasted this long.

Milton Hayek

Paul Marks now has the lowest tax burden in Libertarian.

A much more important story than a pointless election between two Big Government Progressives.

Milton Hayek

Honestly, I doubt I disagree, with a but. From my pov, take the NZ case. the penultimate of socialism in NZ, was Rob Muldoon, the national PM 1975-84. In 1982, wage increases, exchange rates, interest rates, capital flows and tariffs/quotas set by the govt were in place. in 1992, wages were contracted, goods were more free to trade than before, exchange rates were open, capital was free flowing. i remember sitting on a lawn with 2 friends in 1991 and were amazed that interest rates for mortgages were only 7%, after a decade of up to 27%. why? monetary policy was moved from the minister of finance to the reserve bank. likewise, it was later for the same for the UK. to me, this is a great achievement. i get what you saying about irving fisher approach. i do challenge the B Strong being price fixated, as there is evidence that he is actually hard core not price orientated, rather gold/ global stability, and given his illness would have sorted most things out. also, the irving/keynesian approach to money policy was learnt from strong, not the other way around. but whatever! banter!
i hear what you say, but what do you suggest? what i suspect is the austrian school 100% reserve ratio approach. that may be an ultimate goal. in terms of steps, i suggest, that assets be included in the "goods/services" basket. as well as export prices. in NZ, they tend to ignore major spikes of commodities. to me this suggests a median approach, rather than an average.

One can not "sort things out" once the bubble has been created - the bust is inevitable. Action may delay the bust, but it will also make it worse.

However, would NOT blame Benjamin Strong for the full Great Depression - first one must have the bust (as in 1921 or 1929 - or 1819 come to that, or so many other times), but to turn a bust into a Great Depression takes a panic response from the government. Higher government spending. higher taxes, de facto intervention to keep up real wages (the "demand" fallacy), and a trade war.

Step forward Herbert "The Forgotten Progressive" Hoover.

Still turning to another matter........

The Japanese government is boasting that its increase in government spending has boosted GDP - which shows just how absurd a measure of the economy GDP is.

Milton Hayek

yeah, but in terms of forecasts and predictions, you said things would collapse 3 years ago. "this is the last summer to enjoy." so, wrong is wrong.
i do agree Japan is kaput, and borrowing from its high capital account to increase current account. but that has been the way for a while.

Paul Marks

The Council of Free Jedi Knights wrote:yeah, but in terms of forecasts and predictions, you said things would collapse 3 years ago. "this is the last summer to enjoy." so, wrong is wrong.
i do agree Japan is kaput, and borrowing from its high capital account to increase current account. but that has been the way for a while.

Timing - timing.

Economics can tell us what will happen - but not when.

But I remain astonished they (the establishment elite) have pushed it this far.

Still we can see the future - Brazil and so on.

After all Goldman Sachs were selling Brazil as the place to invest "three years ago".

I did not charge you a Dollar for saying it was awful.

Yes, Yes, Yes, I was wrong about how long it would take for the United States to go down the drain.

But it will.

Milton Hayek

The Allied States of July 1st wrote:
The Japanese government is boasting that its increase in government spending has boosted GDP - which shows just how absurd a measure of the economy GDP is.

That's got '1997 again' written all over it. This and China possibly being less than honest it's about it's own GDP too.

'Asian flu' has proven to be contagious in the past.

Not only Trump had successfully demolished argument that he would appoint liberal SCOTUS judges, he leads against Crooked Hillary in several polls.
He also has pretty sensible ideas how to fix American higher education.

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