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1.The OBNOXIOUS BARKING DOG of Libertarian ChaosAnarchy“Anti-State, Anti-War, Pro-Market”
2.The Republic of Dyero CapisadCapitalist Paradise“...”
3.The Republic of ZenolInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Zen”
4.The Freedom of NellyCorporate Bordello“Strength is beauty”
5.The Nomadic Peoples of TalborScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Sand is patient”
6.The Free Land of XardelInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Money makes the world go around.”
7.The Colony of OuterrimDemocratic Socialists“Follow the moon”
8.The Dominion of InteralScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Choose wise”
9.The Fiefdom of VermylLeft-wing Utopia“We will survive!”
10.The Principality of YssalFather Knows Best State“Money makes the world go around.”
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Freise is ranked 1st in libertarian and 19,940th in the world for Most Beautiful Environments, with 162.5 Pounds of Wildlife less Pounds of Concrete per square mile.

Milton Hayek

The Empire of Snifkowoland wrote:
Don't be a dork.

You are basically repeating your view, I am repeating mine, then you resort to personal abuse while circling the drain because you don't like it.

You've lost the argument, I'm done debating with you as there's no point debating with somebody who basically repeats everything you've just responded to, while insulting you with abuse straight out of Kindergarten in the process.

The Amerikanisches Reich of ThinkPads wrote:If most people weren't ok with Statism, it would have been overthrown long ago.

Or they think there's no alternative to what they have governing them, so go to the polling booth thinking one party might be better than the other and is to them the alternative, and become trapped in the lie of whatever party is not in power being an better alternative, and then cease participating in politics at all through disillusionment because they think that's it.

The Night-Watchman State of Milton Hayek wrote:You've lost the argument.

Wow. This is awesome. If I'd knew before that I can just declare that other person lost just like that, I'd save a lot of time arguing with people. It works way better than answering their points one by one. Thanks, I've learned something new. XOXOXOXOXO

Post self-deleted by Snifkowoland.

Because, when I make statement about majority of people supporting statism (while not claiming that their view is correct due to its popularity), I am collectivist a**hole who baselessly claims to speak for everyone. But when you make a statement about majority of people hating statism, well, you just speak hard irreffutable facts.

If they think there's no alternative to what is governing them, they go to polling booth based on misplaced ideals, and become disillusioned with it, they are not bother to investigate whet the alternatives may be, don't care much if who they are voting for is evil or not, and become politically apathetic. They are ok with it enough not to do anything about it.

Some of my father's cousins were gassed by the Nazis - but to say that Stalin and Marxism were a "lesser evil" is absurd. Stalin (and Lenin before him) had already murdered millions of people before Hitler even got started.

Also Hitler and Stalin were in close alliance for the first two years of the war - the National Socialists could not have successfully attacked British and French forces in the West without the support of Soviet natural resources.

As for 1945 - the West was in a position to crush the Soviets and prevent the coming to power of the Marxists in China in 1949 (the Mao regime murdered tens of millions - see the works of Frank Dikotter on this as well as "Mao: The Untold Story").

Sadly a very weak policy was followed - it was worse under Franklin Roosevelt (who may have been suffering from a brain tumour) than it was under Harry Truman - who at least drew the line against the Marxists in Western Europe and Korea.

But even Harry Truman does not deserve the good reputation he has been given.

Remember the vast advantages he had.

Not just an atomic monopoly - but economic strength that was utterly massive.

Half the entire economic out of the world was from the United States in the late 1940s - the Soviet Union was nothing in comparison.

Given the hand he was given - Harry Truman did not really play well.

China - the tens of millions murdered by the Mao regime (from his coming to power in the 1940s to the his death in the 1970s) is particularly unforgiveable.

For example the order to Chang in 1946 to end the Manchurian offensive (the last chance to defeat the Communists) and engage in "talks".

As for domestic elections.

As the Houston based libertarian Stephen K. (the anti IP man) says - who to vote for is easy.

"Who is going to cut my fu.... taxes?"

If there is a candidate who can win and will (you believe) cut taxes and government spending (and hopefully regulations also) then vote for them.

Government is massive - huge.

Someone who says there is no scope for a reduction in government is not just "not libertarian" - they are nuts.

Well, if you were a Jew with a choice between being gassed and not, choice is obvious.
Also, if you were business owner in 1930s Germany, choice also was obvious. Nazis turning you into mere manager of defacto state-owned company or Communists shooting you after stealing from you. Weimar establishment is unfairly blamed for supporting Nazis, since communists were fairly open in wanting to destroy them, and there wasn't real third option (althout SPD was probably less insane than either nazis or KPD).
Lesser evil is relative in this way. Although "evil" might be a bad term, since it implies moral superiority or inferiority. "Lesser threat" might be better choice of words, but it still depends who are you talking to.
Even if in longterm both choices are equally horrible. But being killed today or five years from now is no-brainer choice. Latter also gives you time to think of third option.
The thing is, most people who were choosing "lesser evil", could not know that without benefit of hindsight. They were often told Soviets were their allies, and will "totally" leave after Nazis are defeated. Even Poles who got invaded by them in 1939, suddenly forgot Communists still were their enemies. That's why, after it became obvious Soviets would win, they should've drop fighting nazis, and keep their strength for resisting future communist occupation. Instead they've bleed themselves in Warsaw uprising.

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