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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Protestant Christian Society of Chemung (elected 34 days ago)

Founder: The Constitutional Republic of Union of Christian States

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I hate raiders... Pardon our mess.



IRA Chairman:
The Nation formerly known as of Providence and Port Hope

The Protestant Christian Society of Chemung

The Constitusional Empire of Statsen

Embassies: Right to Life, The Unified Christians Alliance, Soli Deo gloria, Minecraftia, Christian, The Ascendancy, Israel, Asia, Romania, Antifa, Apartheid South Africa, England, Brasil, The Republic of Belarus, Vatican II, Greece, and 77 others.India, France, Saint Margaret Mary, Continental Navy, World Alliance, Republic of Seychelles, Central Eastern Europe, The United League, Asiana, Sunalaya, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Christianity, Pokemon World, Callington, The League of Just Nations, New Suffolk, Hellenic Civilization, North Africa, Laissez Faireholm, Eastern Roman Empire, United Alliances, Spectrasonic, Constantinople, New Republica, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, The National Alliance, Benevolent Capitalism, New Coalition of Nations, Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, the Land of Power, Death Star, The Darwin Allied Republics, Philippines, NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries, Republic of Azerbaijan, Repubblica Italiana, Groland, United Empire of Islam, Africa, Old World Union, The Nation of Nations and Friends, Pony Lands, Federation of Free States, Alliance of Absolute Monarchs, Land of Israel, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, The alliance of homework, The Space For Periods, Blahbania, Holy Rome, Gibraltarr, Bracara et Caralis, The conservative christians, Coalition of Independent States, The Satanic Alliance, Beyond Redemption, The Land of the Most Compitent, Chinese Taipei, The Revolutionary Council, The Americas, The New Old South, The Coalition of Conservative States, International Commonwealth Of Nations, The Royal Imperial Directorate, Desert Islands, The Military Commonwealth, Hail the One Trinity, The Empty Quarter, Epidavros Limira, U I N, Basileia ton Rhomaion, Pro Life International, Christians United, League of Northern European Nations, The States Of New Eden, Yerfilag, and The Christian Nations.

The embassy with U I N is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 2 days 10 hours.

Tags: Democratic, Offsite Forums, Social, Free Trade, Map, Conservative, Role Player, Medium, Religious, Regional Government, and Serious.

Regional Power: Moderate

League of Christian Nations contains 36 nations, the 316th most in the world.


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The Most Extensive Civil Rights in League of Christian Nations

The citizens of nations ranked highly enjoy a great amount of civil rights, or freedoms to go about their personal business without interference or regulation from government.

As a region, League of Christian Nations is ranked 8,697th in the world for Most Extensive Civil Rights.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Nation formerly known as of Providence and Port HopeCivil Rights Lovefest“Together we aspire, together we achieve”
2.The Free Land of Grand ProvinciaWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Fortitude and Friendship”
3.The Libertarian Republic of Northern-ArmeaniaWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“LIBERTY ”
4.The Kingdom of La TemplanzaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Temperance”
5.The Holy Empire of Sainte HughesDemocratic Socialists“The Land, The Lord, The Light”
6.The Constitutional Republic of Union of Christian StatesWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“One Nation, Under Christ”
7.The Kingdom of JuverlanNew York Times Democracy“United as one”
8.The Kingdom of God of Carthage MaximusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“My best diplomat is a cruise missile.”
9.The Republic of KaylorniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God and Family is most Sacred!”
10.The Republic of The Cascadian StateNew York Times Democracy“United Under Christ”
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League of Christian Nations Regional Message Board

I was gonna say this last night, but I had internet problems.

We should find our divide our military oriented nations into attack mode and our advanced ones into cure mode. Those in between can do something else.

So since i have no military at all i will probably try to cure...

We should pray instead of cure, god will cure it for us.

The Most Serene Republic of Veneza wrote:"Most beloved brethren, today is manifest in you what the Lord says in the Gospel, 'Where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them.' Unless the Lord God had been present in your spirits, all of you would not have uttered the same cry. For, although the cry issued from numerous mouths, yet the origin of the cry was one. Therefore I say to you that God, who implanted this in your breasts, has drawn it forth from you. Let this then be your war-cry in combats, because this word is given to you by God. When an armed attack is made upon the enemy, let this one cry be raised by all the soldiers of God: It is the will of God! It is the will of God!"

These are the words of Urban II exhorting the people of the Christian faith to defend their brethren. I come here to ask you to do this again. The Coalition of Catholic States was raided by the servants of Satan, and I beg you all to fight for our faith to defeat them and reinstate Wagafraga as delegate! My petition comes at dire straits as one Christian region after another falls to these blasted monsters, these scourges upon the earth. You yourselves have experienced this once before. Our faith has always been stronger when we are united as one force for good, for morality. I know some of you have had our differences with me, and I with you, but let us leave that argument for another day as we face a common foe. Please, please, please fight with us. Let us make this a stand against them! Let us turn them back with the light of Christ!

~Il Borgia Vaticano

Hello, I am the co-chairman of Inter-Regional Alliances for LCN. Send me a telegram and we will discuss the matter. That is all I shall say about this on the forum, for security reasons.

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on very much recently. My brother was only home for 10 days leave before heading back to Camp Pendleton for combat training last Monday, so I tried to visit with him as much as I could. Then I was kind of busy for a while (still a little bit busy but not as much). I still probably won't be on as often as usual for a while but I'll do my best to get everything taken care of as soon as possible.

UCS, please send me a telegram as soon as you can. I wish to discuss something.

Hey, me and some friends started a YouTube channel called "OurVideosAreFunny" (great frigging name). So far we've only got two videos uploaded, but check them out and tell me what you think.

Here's the link to our channel:

Looks like the that raid that Europia's naval commander has described as "fun" has sucked the will of some nations in CCS. I hope they'll recover.

Is there a way we can send them some help until they recover?

Raiding again... :(

The Republic of Xzaeron wrote:Is there a way we can send them some help until they recover?

I don't believe so. Maybe contact Crumpets & Cream? The raiders should have left by now.

Ugh...every time I hear them say "raiding is fun"....

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