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NationWA CategoryMotto
The Community of -Communist Party of China-Psychotic Dictatorship"Single-Party Socialist State of China"
The Republic of -Dreise-Civil Rights Lovefest"Deus et Monarchia liberandum Dreise"
The Republic of 0117Democratic Socialists"Get out or get funky"
The New Number of 0118 999 881 999 119 7253Capitalist Paradise"They're YOUR emergency services."
The English Socialists of 0ceania 1Iron Fist Consumerists"War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength"
The Chaotic Alliance of 10000 ManiacsLeft-Leaning College State"So Much For Civilization"
The Republic of 10QInoffensive Centrist Democracy"None"
The Republic of 1X3Inoffensive Centrist Democracy"I rule"
The Armed monarchy of 5-star GeneralsFather Knows Best State"May I have a cup of kool-aid?"
The Allied States of 5679Corporate Bordello"5679 is un stopable "
The Rogue Nation of 6143Iron Fist Consumerists"Blood For The Blood God. Skulls For The Skull Throne."
The Eminent Domain of 640-607New York Times Democracy"No place like ::1!"
The Constitutional Monarchy of A3161WA MemberLeft-Leaning College State"Quia Ego Sic Dico"
The Republic of A BubbleInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Blub blub, BLUB BLUB BLUB, blub"
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