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Re-established by The NationStates' Mossad.
Shalom and welcome to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem enjoys a unique position. It has played a crucial role in religious history as a holy city for the three monotheistic religions, Judaism being the first.

For thousands of years Jerusalem has been the temporal and spiritual center of The Land of Israel, the Holy Land, for which more tears and blood have been shed and more prayers offered than for any other place on Earth.

Jerusalem is the eternal undivided capital of the State of Israel.

Anti-Zionist nations will not be tolerated here!!!

Embassies: Israel, CSSR, Right to Life, Antifa, Soli Deo gloria, Natan Region, The Illuminati, The Royal Imperial Directorate, Parador, PuppetStates, The Silver Knights, The Second European Empire, The United Caribbean Island Alliance, The Constitutional Union, Free Trade Zone, Yehuda, and 2 others.The Embassy, and Turkic Union.

Tags: Small, Democratic, Isolationist, and Anti-Fascist.

Jerusalem contains 6 nations, the 2,549th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Average in Jerusalem

World Census staff took time out to pay tribute to those most overlooked of nations: the determinedly average.

As a region, Jerusalem is ranked 2,688th in the world for Most Average.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Capital of Jerusalem CityInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Jerusalem!”
2.The United Kingdom of BehariaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sic Semper Tyrannis”
3.The Zionist Colony of GokgiebelWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Midden in de sjarijve”
4.The Zionist Republic of Jewish Jerusalem IINew York Times Democracy“Israel Rules”
5.The Free Land of TheOrevDemocratic Socialists“What YOU Looking AT ?!?”
6.The Republic of United State Of JewishWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“It's ours”

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Post by Scientific research center suppressed by Jewish Jerusalem II.

Scientific research center

Read The New Bulletin 'The Science'

THE KAKAPO ( Strigops habroptilus) is a very unusual parrot found only in New Zealand. Its Latin name translates to something like “owl-face soft-feather.” It does possess very soft feathers and a prominent facial disc of fine feathers, like an owl. It also sometimes goes by the name of owl parrot or night parrot.

Read on to meet this charming bird, and to understand why New Zealanders are mounting a monumental effort to save it from extinction.

1. It’s the world’s only flightless parrot. Kakapos can’t fly. They use their short wings for balance and support rather than flapping. Their feathers are much softer than those of other birds because they do not need to be strong and stiff enough to support flight.

2. Even though they can’t fly, they get around. The kakapo has strong legs that make it an excellent hiker and climber. On the ground, they move around with a jog-like gait. They can also climb tall trees and use their wings to help “parachute” to the forest floor.

3. Kakapos freeze when startled. One of their defenses is to freeze and hope to blend into the background when danger is near. This worked well when their only predators were eagles that use sight to hunt; it is not so successful with introduced mammalian predators that rely on their sense of smell to find prey.

4. They’re nocturnal. Kakapos roost in trees or on the ground during the day and only become active at night.

5. They smell nice. The kakapo has a well-developed sense of smell, useful in its nocturnal lifestyle. It also has what’s described as a musty-sweet odor. This likely helps kakapos find each other in the forest; unfortunately, it helps introduced mammalian predators find them, too.

6. They’re friendly. Both the Māori and early European settlers kept kakapos as pets. Even wild kakapos are known to approach, climb on, and preen people. George Edward Grey, the English ornithologist who first described the kakapo in 1845, once wrote that his pet kakapo’s behavior towards him and his friends was “more like that of a dog than a bird.”

7. They’re critically endangered. The kakapo’s problems began with Māori settlers, and intensified when Europeans arrived. Both groups cleared large areas of the kakapo’s habitat and brought with them predators like cats, rats, and stoats that the kakapo had no defenses against. In the 1980s, the New Zealand Department of Conservation implemented a Kakapo Recovery Plan. The Plan involved the rounding up and relocation of kakapos to predator-free islands, setting up supplementary feeding stations for the birds, and sometimes artificial incubation of eggs and hand-raising of chicks. The effort has averted the kakapo’s extinction, but they are still critically endangered. As of early 2012, there were 126 kakapos in the wild.

8. They’re possibly one of the longest-lived birds. Kakapos live life at a slow pace. Males don’t start breeding until they are about four years old, and females around six years of age. Their life expectancy is over 90 years.

9. Kakapos are sturdy birds. Unlike other land birds, the kakapo can store large amounts of energy as body fat. It’s the world’s heaviest parrot: at about 24 inches tall, it weighs between 4 and 9 lbs.

10. Males court females with a group song and dance. During the breeding season, male kakapos can walk up to 4 miles to reach a special arena where they compete with each other for the attention of females. Each male digs a bowl in the ground, often in an area next to rock faces or banks to help reflect his mating call. To attract females, the males emit loud, low-frequency “booms” that can travel as far as 3 miles. After 20-30 booms, they switch to a high-pitched metallic “ching.” The booming and chinging can go on for eight hours a night, every night for the duration of the 2-4 month breeding season.


Post by Colonel qaddafi suppressed by Jewish Jerusalem II.

Colonel qaddafi

"Our race (speaking of the Jews) is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." - Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel

The Israeli JUSTICE Minister has stated that “the entire Palestinian people is the enemy” and called for the destroying of Palestine, “including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.”

"Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar Fauqua Kaidi L'mutadi
Allahu Lilmazlumi Hairumu'ayyidi
Allahu Ana Bilyaqini Wabissilahi Saaftadi
Baladi Wanuru L-haqqi Yastau Fi Yadi
Qulu Mai
Qulu Mai
Allahu Allahu Allahu Akbar
Allahu Fauqa L-mutadi.
Ya Hadihi Ddunya Atilli Wa 'Smai
Gaisu L-aadi Ga'a Yabgi Masrai
Bil-haqqi Saufa Fa-saufa Afnihi Mai.
Qulu Mai L-wailu Lil-mustamiri
Wa Llahu Fauqa L-gadiri L-mutagabbiri
Allahu Akbaru Ya Biladi Kabbiri
Wa-hudi Binasiyati L-mugiri Wa-dammiri."

Down with Israeli Imperialist Genocide! The Zionist bigots must be expelled from Palestine, which they have exploited, raped, murdered, and enslaved. It's people made sub-human under law and sent to camps, it's children killed in drone and artillery strikes. Invaded, betrayed.


Post by Colonel qaddafi suppressed by Jewish Jerusalem II.

Colonel qaddafi


Post by Colonel qaddafi suppressed by Jewish Jerusalem II.

Colonel qaddafi

Colonel qaddafi wrote: -Stuff-

OR we could all just get along in peace and harmony. Which sounds like a better plan to me.

Jewish Jerusalem II and Internationalairport


Tomorrow is the International day for older persons 2015 is observed on 1st October and theme is " Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in the Urban Environment.


If U could enble Us To post on Ur RMB it would be easy for Us. Free Trade Zone want misuse that oppertunity.

Post self-deleted by Balforiya.

Shalom, my brothers.

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