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Islam is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion based upon the Qur'an, a religious text considered by its adherents to be the verbatim word of God (Allāh), and, for the vast majority of adherents, by the teachings and normative example (called the sunnah, composed of accounts called hadith) of Muhammad (c. 570–8 June 632 CE), considered by most of them to be the last prophet of God.

With about 1.6 billion followers or 23 percent of the global population, Islam is the second-largest religion by number of adherents and, according to many sources, the fastest-growing major religion in the world. —Wikipedia

Islam is owned by Nazi Europa.

LinkBattle Hymn of the Republic—Fountainview Academy

Embassies: Islamya, New Vatican, Role Player Coalition, OPEC, BLITZKRIEG, Nazi Europa, Arabia, Arabian Peninsula, Turkic Union, Palestine, Islamofascism, Imperial Russian Empire, The New Alteran Empire, MARHAENISME for The World, Communist International League, The Islamic Republic of Iran, and 5 others.The Land of Israel, The Holy State of Israel, Mossad, Jewish Justice League, and The Middle East.

Tags: Small, Capitalist, Imperialist, Anti-Communist, and Fascist.

Islam contains 8 nations, the 1,869th most in the world.

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The Largest Soda Pop Sector in Islam

As a region, Islam is ranked 18,249th in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of BalouishtanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Never Give Up”
2.The Kingdom of Eastern SyriaCorporate Police State“Allah is great!”
3.The Gentle Breeze of Westerly WindsFather Knows Best State“#Hugs4Syl”
4.The Free Land of Heinrich BartelsRight-wing Utopia“Jets”
5.The Emirate of Betelgeuse the Bio-exorcistPsychotic Dictatorship“XXXXXXXXXXXXXX”
6.The Burnished Rows of Steel of Iron BarkCorporate Bordello“Skin on skin, let the love begin”
7.The Islamic Republic of UllahiaPsychotic Dictatorship“The Eye of Truth Sees All”
8.The Swinging Sultans of IslamyaDemocratic Socialists“Islamya”

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Im back from the dead, I have been gone for a while aye?

For those who dont know me I was the Minister of Defense long ago

The Republic of Tewhijan

5 days ago
give me the power in this region, I want to make it big

The Republic of Tewhijan

5 days ago
I just want to improve religion in here and to make own forums, everything is going to be under your control

Islam's non-executive delegacy is available to anyone who wants it. You want to make a forum? Make a forum. I'll put a link in the WFE. I'll even revise the WFE on request. But—and this is a really big butIslam is owned by Nazi Europa will remain in the WFE.

Don't blame Nazis for the loss of Islam, folks. One of your own approached The North Pacific (who holds the keys to NAZI EUROPE with a deal that would return Islam to the Islamic community in exchange for NAZI EUROPE. The North Pacific refused to give up their prize.

Take your fight to TNP, the lovely Gameplay community and NS communists. They value an erstwhile three-placeholer region—which is what NAZI EUROPE was when it was taken—more than they do the Islamic community and the religion you hold dear.

Yes, I think they [neo-Nazis] have to right to be alive, to think wrong, evil things, to not be imprisoned simply for their beliefs. If this is supporting them, then I support every group in the world, including many who would, if they achieved power, want me killed or imprisoned.

I believe people have the right to think and say the wrong things. (And I believe that marching peacefully is a form of speech.) I believe our remedy for that should be to argue with them or to ignore them or to march against them. We have the right and the ability to mock them, to vilify them, to speak out against them, to expose them or to cut them out of our lives.

I believe that you, whoever you are, as a human being, have the absolute right to think things that I find offensive, stupid, preposterous or dangerous, and that you have the right to speak, write, or distribute these things, and that I do not have the right to kill you, maim you, hurt you, or take away your liberty or property because I find your ideas threatening or insulting or downright disgusting. You might well think some of my ideas are pretty vile too.

I believe that if you give the state powers to limit free speech, there is no guarantee that you will find yourself on the right side of what speech is permitted. That laws used to clamp down on one set of political groups, religions or ideologies can also be used against others, ones you identify with, like and really do support.

—Neil Gaiman

Hello I have created an new nation , can somebody help me on how to use this game ?


21 days ago

Now it is not only about Islam region anymore.
Now, it is also about Nazi Europe.
Be preapared comrade.

Wrong, comrade. It's about ME. It's always about ME.

I plan on taking over this region, i believe i am the most qualified here. Seriously tho, unite with me or die. K thanks.

If we are truly muslim leaders of a muslim peoples, then we cannot align ourselves with/under those who's beliefs involve that of suppression of other races and the supremacy of their own. It is contradictory to our way of life, outlined by the holy word of god. Islam cannot, should not, and will not tolerate those who are intolerant themselves. Therefore i move forward with the act of complete unconditional separation and independence from Nazi Europe, in hopes that we may create a homeland for ourselves, where all may live their lives happily without persecution for the way they look; under the protection of not only the state, but of god. It is my hope that this act of independence can be accomplished without blood being shed from either side; yet make no mistake, the muslim people are not afraid to lay down their own lives, as well as take the lives away from their enemies, if they are forced too.

As a union of democratic muslim republics, i believe we should hold this act to a vote of yay or nay.
Yay for the agreement of separation, and nay for the disagreement of separation.

Please post your responses here, i will be reviewing them over the course of a month, after which a final course of action will take place according to the results.

Thank You

Hammad O.Q. Ali

Iron Bark

The Islamic Republic of Ullahia wrote: Therefore i move forward with the act of complete unconditional separation and independence from Nazi Europe

You mean Nazi Europa. How do you figure NE is intolerant? There's no pw on Islam. You're free to come and go as you like. No suppressions and no ejections. I've given the green light to a non-executive delegacy. Last but not least: free pupus and booze. You don't know when you've got it good.

The Islamic Republic of Ullahia wrote:
Please post your responses here

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