Nations of International Republican Union

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NationWA CategoryMotto
The Republic of AnhangueraCapitalist Paradise"Work overtime, do Ritalin"
The Republic of Capital OneCapitalist Paradise"Bringing in the profits faster then ever"
The Confederacy of CarsontopiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy"We repel all invaders"
The Great Roleplaying Nation of Castle CrashersInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Roleplaying is an outlet of true emotion."
The Federal Republic of CisqjordamiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Steel, fire and force"
The IRU Founder and Chancellor of Conservative IdealismCapitalizt"Government as a partner, not a ruler."
The Incorporated States of CorplandiaAnarchy"Freedom and success "
The Republic of Greatist Britain and IrelandCapitalist Paradise"God is my right and freedom "
The Holy Empire of Imperial TexasCorporate Police State"Jesus, Guns, and Fascism... That's Texan Nationalism"
The Legislative Archives of International Republican UnionCapitalist Paradise"We consider everyone a Republican here."
The Epsilon Program Headquarter of JadentopiaCapitalist Paradise"Kifflom!"
The Republic of KentuckyWhigsDemocratic Socialists"A nation mighty and strong"
The Dictatorship of LibertarianEmpireFather Knows Best State"Live Free and Kill Others"
The Federation of MadacoRight-wing Utopia"Imagination is the mother of invention "
The Republic of Minerva in IRUCapitalizt"Land of the Rising Atoll"
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