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The Imperial Union of Procrustes (IUP), founded in 2009, was a union of regions coming together to bring about greater prosperity for their people. After years of history, this region became vulnerable to raids, which resulted in the government of the region relocating to the region of Procrustes and the refounding of this region after a unanimous vote. Now it stands secure against its enemies and as a monument to the long history of its people.

Those seeking to become a part of a new era of Procrustean history are advised to go to Procrustes.
Grand Emperor: Adolphus ii of procrustes
Refounded December 2nd, 2014.

Embassies: Procrustes.

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Imperial Union of Procrustes is home to a single nation.

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As a region, Imperial Union of Procrustes is ranked 2,702nd in the world for Most Politically Free.

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On this day, December 2nd, 2014, the Imperial Union of Procrustes was refounded by the Government of Procrustes. This act was sanctioned be a referendum, called by the Lord Protector & Regent of the Realm, David Alexander Winston Adolphus Evireux of Kantior, and the Prime Minister, Archibald Winthrop von Rhamsei II of Eastdoomania, wherein the populace of the realm unanimously voted in favor of refounding the region. After the referendum, the Government of Procrustes, led by these two men, dutifully carried out the will of the people, relocating the civilian population to Procrustes, now the home of the Procrustean people, so that this region could be secured for posterity and stand as a monument to past eras.

For their efforts, all those involved in this courageous act are awarded, in perpetuity, the status of Minister Without Portfolio in the Conclave, or an equivalent position in the case of any structural reforms, and the shared title of "Guardian of Procrustes".

Their nation names are recorded here:

Kantior, Lord Protector & Regent at the time of the Refounding.
Eastdoomania, Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs at the time of the Refounding.
Most loyal, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense at the time of the Refounding.
Kastrianople, Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time of the Refounding.
Adeadfish, Minister of Fisheries at the time of the Refounding.

Praise be to their names, the Guardians of Procrustes!


The Empire of Procrustes-Kantior wrote:AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT


I come before you today at the conclusion of a long mission. By your will, unanimously expressed through referendum, it was ordered that my government refound the region of Imperial Union of Procrustes and take all measures needed to secure the Procrustean people's future. I can say now, with great elation, that we have succeeded in achieving this end. Never before in all of our history have we been so united in such a profoundly important manner. We have not merely secured our history, but have fulfilled the quest of those who came before us who sought to liberate our people from the shackles used to bind us. My fellow Procrusteans - my friends - we have won a great victory today, one which will echo through the ages for all of our people to bear remembrance to. You should all be very proud. All those who participated in the heroism of the refound have been awarded the status of Ministers Without Portfolio in perpetuity, with rights to an equivalent status in the event of the government being restructured, as well as the right to be known as "Guardians of Procrustes", in echo of the Heroes of Procrustes of eras past.

Having secured our home, and thus our future, I instructed the Conclave, led by Prime Minister Rhamsei of Eastdoomania, to name a monarch for the region. The Conclave had invited the last legitimate monarch our region has had, Adolphus I, to return to us as our monarch after the refound was completed. He has refused, calling upon a new generation of Procrusteans to take upon themselves the mantle of the region and ceding all of his rights to the throne to whoever the Conclave names as monarch. In light of this, the Conclave has unanimously chosen to name me as the new monarch of the region, effective immediately. I have accepted this role with great reluctance, knowing the great burden of trust placed upon me, and the hopes for a better future that I carry with me in doing so. Accordingly, I lay down my position as Lord Protector and Regent and take up that of the Monarch. As Monarch, I shall take upon myself the principle title of "Grand Emperor of Procrustes", with the style of "His Most Imperial Majesty". Out of respect to my predecessor, whose name I already bear in my own, I will be known by the regnal name of Adolphus II of Procrustes. In light of being the last known member of my family, I assume the role of Acting Patriarch of the House of Evireux and name myself Patriarch of the House of Evireux-Kantior, which shall be a cadet house of the former and which shall serve as the Grand Imperial Family of Procrustes. A coronation will be scheduled shortly.

In my new capacity, I shall continue to serve the greater interests of Procrustes and to allow us to build a better future, free from the chaos and vulnerability which chased us these last few months. To this end, in my first official act as Grand Emperor, I hereby name Procrustes as the new home of the Procrustean people, in place of the old region of Imperial Union of Procrustes, which shall be converted into a monument to our illustrious history. I will be meeting with Prime Minister Rhamsei and the rest of the Conclave shortly, and will be taking my own initiatives to begin the process of building a new future for our region and people.

Strength Through Unity.

HMIM Adolphus II, Grand Emperor of Procrustes

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