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Illuminati contains 416 nations, the 20th most in the world.


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1.The Jingoistic States of BulvipiaIron Fist Consumerists“What do you despise? By this are you truly known.”
2.The United States of Me myself and IversonConservative Democracy“Get Rich or Die Tryin'”
3.The Republic of EskillundaDemocratic Socialists“Lives once”
4.The Confederacy of The Knocking of The RavenCorporate Police State“Hate is more lasting than dislike”
5.The Theocracy of Orthodox Laissez-FaireCompulsory Consumerist State“The only fair is Laissez-faire”
6.The Sultanate of Tentacular HorrorWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Back in action”
7.The Kingdom of PatrickStarfish LandMoralistic Democracy“Chum Is Fum! Fum Is Chum!”
8.The Republic of Sent telesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Aa”
9.The Dictatorship of BradakastanCorporate Police State“All Hail Mike Brown”
10.The Kingdom of DopelandiaLeft-Leaning College State“Green's Good, but Purple's Perfect”
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Regional Poll • Do you agree with "Net Neutrality?"

The Illuminati Directorate of Dominionaire wrote:Today, the FCC in the United States approved "net neutrality". Since I'm completely illiterate in this topic, here's a link to the article on CNN (sorry, it's the most detailed for those of you who don't like CNN) --->

Voting opened 22 hours ago and will close in 89 minutes. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “What should the US do with ISIS?”“What should the next poll be on?”

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Illuminati Regional Message Board

The Illuminati Directorate of Dominionaire wrote:Well, there's RPs on the forums, but you said you can't access it, so that's a bummer :/

Do you have a phone or a computer at home that you can access the forums from or nah?

I do not, but i am getting an ipod soon so i may be able to in a few days

Other: what is net neutrality?

The Borderlands of Purple Nexus wrote:Other: what is net neutrality?

banning internet providers adn website holders the right to remove and be bias to content that is stupid and offensive.

The Borderlands of Purple Nexus wrote:Other: what is net neutrality?

If you go to the provided link right above the poll, provided by The Illuminati Directorate of Dominionaire, it explains what it is.

Thanks lost soul, I'll change my vote now.

The Borderlands of Purple Nexus wrote:Thanks lost soul, I'll change my vote now.

good choice. :)

Illuminati confirmed. ;)

If you don't know what that is, it's the 'challenge' part of the new theme. It used to be only NS++ users who could do this.

The Republic of Helsania wrote:Also, I do this on a school computer that won't let me get into the forums for the initiation.

I feel ya, my friend. Although mine is just it's not blocked. Just won't show. Sucks :(

The Confederacy of A lost soul wrote:isp and websites should have full freedom to block content they think is sh*t. this encourages content to not be sh*T!

ISPs will not use it for that reason. They NEVER have. They will use the freedom to restrict data to make any competitors they have go out of business.

Ex. It would be terrible (And Illegal) if lets say the water company limited your water use for showers limiting it to 3 gallons a week unless you paid an "unlimited water plan". Water is water and data is data and we will always need more and more. ISPs should be treated as what they are a f*cking utility (also Net Neutrality makes sure you can GET TO websites. Has nothing to do with what on websites)

The Confederacy of A lost soul wrote:banning internet providers adn website holders the right to remove and be bias to content that is stupid and offensive.


The Borderlands of Purple Nexus wrote:Other: what is net neutrality?

He worded it stupidly. Net Neutrality can be broken down to one statement. Treat all data equally. Makes it so ISPs can't lower speeds for certain websites just to 1. get more money or 2. Run them out of business (Or both)

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