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Grand Chancellor: Rhyphix
Director: open
Dynasty: 5
Session: 3
Elected Chamber: open, open, open
Selected Chamber: Open, Open, Open,
Appointed Chamber: BrazC, The Tribe of Issachar, Pheonix Land,
Founded: Dec. 19, 2014

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    Universal Codex of Illuminati

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    How the Chamber is Chosen

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    Useful NS sites and Utilities (updated: 2/12/2015)

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    European Society

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Regional Power: High

Illuminati contains 613 nations, the 18th most in the world.

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The Nicest Citizens in Illuminati

World Census sociology experts studied citizens from various nations to determine which seemed most friendly and concerned for others.

As a region, Illuminati is ranked 13,571st in the world for Nicest Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Republic of NomoiaCivil Rights Lovefest“We can achieve more if we work together!”
2.The Anti-Capitalist Republic of The Country Of AlexDemocratic Socialists“O Rly?”
3.The Ancient Lands of Tacitae PopulusWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Actiones tacitae loquitur”
4.The United Socialist States of WaterveilWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“For the People, Then the State”
5.The Empire of Ivy LandWA MemberAuthoritarian Democracy“Ivy here, Ivy there”
6.The United Socialist States of Malcom MarxDemocratic Socialists“Death to those who don't think”
7.The Savage Nation of The CarfanoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“It's better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven”
8.The Free Land of Anathema Armaments Nature SanctuaryLiberal Democratic Socialists“Where there is peace; There is enlightenment!”
9.The Islamic Sultanate of United Middle East RepulicsCorrupt Dictatorship“Many republics united as one”
10.The Constitutional Monarchy of DelroniaDemocratic Socialists“The Boldest of Measurements are the Greatest”
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Why are you people even giving this attention? Issachar is Issachar.

Wintony, Weeksia, and Dominionaire

An update from the field HQ of the Illuminati Resistance

Many things have been alleged about the revolution. It has been called aimless, it has been called hopeless. People have called it out for being needlessly destructive. Some have said I seek only personal power and the abolition of law and good order.

Despite my best efforts, it would seem the revolution still hasnít effectively communicated its goals so allow me to, once again, attempt to clear the air about who we are and what we are trying to do.

First, understand that we act out of desperation. We believe that Roma Qochasiva has manipulated this region to his advantage and that, because of his position and influence, he is tantamount to a tyrant who lurks in the shadows but is no less oppressive. We also know that he is an active schemer who plots destruction and mayhem at every turn in order to entertain himself at the expense of others. We seek to avenge those he has harmed and to overthrow him, if we can, and institute a new system whereby his power and influence will be diminished.

It would be too dramatic, and incorrect, to say that our dispute with him is personal. Roma Qochasiva is a decent player and a cunning one. However, we reject the world he would have us live in and we seek to create our own.

On the goals and objectives of the revolution:

The demands of the revolution have already been stated multiple times. I will state them again here for the sake of simplicity.

1.) Rhyphix (hereafter referred to by his original name, Roma Qochasiva) must step down from all current positions of leadership. As long as he is both the founder of the region and the owner of the forums he has unprecedented power to influence regional events. If this region is to continue in peaceful existence, he must renounce all titles and claims to power. In the future, he may never rise to the position of Director, Grand Chancellor, or be a member of the chamber.

2.) The WA Delegate's position must remain open. Chiefly so that our cause may be championed despite the protestations of Roma Qochasiva.

3.) Former Director Dominionaire must be reinstated in government and the corrupt charges that were leveled against him must be withdrawn and stricken from the record.

4.) A new constitution must be adopted for the region. The current system of government will be maintained but its laws and procedures will be wiped and replaced by something that hasn't been marked for approval by Roma Qochasiva.

If our revolution is successful and Roma Qochasiva is ousted, we intend to restructure the entire Illuminati government. Among our planned changes are a rethinking of the role of founder. Under the system we are planning, the founder nation would not belong to a single individual, but would be shared between appropriate government officials so that no one man has the power to control the region but the founder is still present to guard against invasion. We would also see certain government positions removed or reconsidered for their usefulness. At the very least, the people currently in power will be removed.

On my involvement in the revolution

It has been alleged that I am in this for my own personal gain. Well of course I am.

Take away the GuideStones, the canons (universal and otherwise) and all the government positions and this region is about one thing: achieving power through whatever means necessary. This region is about the struggle for dominance. Itís why I joined and itís why Rhyphix created it to begin with. I believe that he, like me, longs for competition. He wants to play a game of politics because, quite frankly, itís fun and he enjoys the conflict, the tension, the breathtaking scandals and the hand-wringing conspiracies. I donít blame him.

The laws of this region were written up to give structure, to give order to the chaos and provide some rules by which we all must abide in playing the game of politics. Roma Qochasiva, and all those who tout his system, made one mistake however, when establishing this precedent: We are politicians, not lawyers. Our job is to ascend to power, not bicker over the legality of it. In the modern age the law is the only medium by which to ascend to power but in an older age it was the sword. In beginning this revolution I was not violating the core principles of this region, only the rules by which Roma wanted us to play. I am politicking as hard and as well as any of the bureaucrats in the chamber and if my revolution succeeds it will be just as legitimate as any canon.

Does this make me a power hungry maniac? Perhaps. I recognize that my motivations are entirely selfish. I donít proclaim to be a champion of the people. Iím not going to make all government positions elected ones if I succeed. Instead I intend to maintain this regions traditions in their purest form. I am not alone in my struggle. Like Rhyphix, I have friends who also wish to gain power. The difference between us and him is that, if I succeed, then I wonít be the final arbiter of fate. Other people can take me down just as easily while Roma, schemer that he is, has a most unfair advantage.

I also began this revolution out of anger. This was not a plot that was structured in its beginning stages. The Illuminati Resistance is not something that has had a single, focused goal since its inception, other than the seizure of the WA Delegacy of course. I did not intend to use this to secure power. I didnít even think it would succeed. My only intention was to show that I wasnít powerless. That if I couldnít be politically free then at least I could shout out my displeasure with it and hopefully teach everyone else about the reality of their situation. In that sense, the revolution is simultaneously a way to vent, a way to teach, and hopefully a way to win.

I am under no impression that the revolution will completely secure power however. I am fully aware that the odds are against me and the barring of the WA Delegate from regional administration is a harsh blow to my efforts. This doesnít make my goals pointless though. Even if everyone in the region disagrees with me. Even if I am stripped of all conceivable powers and banned. Even if I am ignored. My purpose will have been greater than anything than those who oppose me can possibly fathom. I will have shown my personal defiance. It is not enough to simply reject the region, its ways, and the ways of its founder. I will scream my rejection and in doing so I can only hope to convince others of why it must be rejected.

Are my actions those of someone trying to assume power? Yes. But they are also the actions of an angry young man whose friends were betrayed by people they called allies. They are the actions of a man who can see the fabric of this region and who understands its ways and is so repulsed by it, so frustrated by its existence that I canít help but shout. They are the actions of a man who, in his final days in this region, will make sure that everyone knows his rage and his reasoning. For the rest of time, so long as Roma Qochasiva has a computer to log in to he will be faced with the lessons of this rebellion and he will know that someone defied him, not because they were controlled, but because they understood the force by which they were controlled and they found a way to defy it.

Weeksia and Dominionaire

And where is rhyphix in all of this. I want to here his opinions. If he is truly dead (although highly unlikely) then technically the resistance has won.

A lost soul

If Rhy has been dead know, are we expecting this to just been one bigpractical joke? Andy Kauffman style?

The Borderlands of Purple Nexus wrote:And where is rhyphix in all of this. I want to here his opinions. If he is truly dead (although highly unlikely) then technically the resistance has won.

Not everyone is available 24/7.

Jalona and Weeksia

How the heck can you even assassinate a country?
And if he's dead, why is he still apart of Illuminati?
And if Issachar is joking and does this all the time, WHY????

When do you guys think we can have our whole goverment thing fixed?
And you know, go back to being a stable, fun loving, happy illuminati?

Post Election Speech

As many of you know, I have just been elected as Illuminati's 2nd Director. I would like to thank all of those who voted for me, to give me this opportunity. I would like to take this time, to thank, you, The Dystopic Amusement Park of Rhyphix for allowing me this opportunity to run for this position. I respect you and The Borderlands of Purple Nexus highly, and all those who did and didn't vote for me.

Now, as Director, I would like to make a few statements. Times have been rough lately, with the abrupt impeachment of The Imperial Dominion of Dominionaire, and the leaving of our Grand Chancellor, A Lost Soul. But, these new elections should spark a new age of Illuminati! We need to press on, and grow out of this experience stronger and grow in unity.

I would also like to say a few words, to those of you who do not believe I should be in office, as Director. The Constitutional Monarchy of SaintsEmpire, I would like to bury the hatchet with you. Although our beliefs do not match up in some places, I'm sure that we can work things out, and move on without tension.

Also, I would like to do the same with you, The Theocracy of The Tribe of Issachar. At first, you fully supported me, and sent out propaganda, promoting my candidacy. And I would like to think you for that. However, later, when I sent out a message of the regime from The Free Land of Wintony, our beliefs also did not match up either. However, this was the opinion of a citizen, which In my campaign, I promised I would voice people's opinions. (Although I may not necessarily agree) With you, I would like to move on in unity, as well.

Again, thank you to all of you! I will be choosing my scribes along with my cabinet soon. Please, come to me first if there is anything wrong. Please don't just jump the gun and lay accusations out on someone. (Including me) I would hate if we had a repeat of what happened recently.

With best of intentions,

The 2nd Illuminati Directorate of Jalona

Congrats to SE and Griff.

The Tribe of Issachar

Yes congrats!

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