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Founder: The HellenicMacedonian Empire of Alexandros o Megas

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The Region glorifies Hellenic Civilization from Mythology heroes Hercules, Theseus, Perseus, the Argonauts, Achilles and Ulysses towards Sparta, Athens,Thebae, Macedonia, Byzantium and Modern Hellenic Era of 1821, 1912 and 1940.

Hellenic Civilization was NS Featured Region on January 13th & March 2nd, 2011 and on August 3rd, 2014.

Member of Eastern Roman Empire Alliance.

Honor to The 300


Embassies: Eastern Roman Empire, Republic of Greece, Greek Macedonia, Ellada, Ellas, Empire of the Romans, Alexandria, Greek Islands, Athens, House of Lancaster of Wessex, VCG, Aegean Sea, India, Holy Mountain, Laissez Faireholm, Hellenic Macedonia, and 47 others.Solar System, Bactria, The SOP, Asia, Greece for Greeks, United Empire of Islam, World Alliance, Constantinople, Union of Nationalists, League of Christian Nations, Federation of Europe, Romania, Astyria, Isles of Socialism, The United Nations of Here, Empire of Andrew, Ivory Tower, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, Lacedaemon, Empire of Rome, The Illuminati, Greek Empire, Peninsula Iberica, The Hellenic Empire, Smiley Faces, Union of Confederate Regions, Ravencroft, The Rose Garden, The Christian Nations, Freecomunism, The Bastion of Slavery, Srbija, Germanic Confederation, The Waters of Lethe, Winterfell, Multireligious Region, The Red Raiders, NewByzantium, Xavierland, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Avadam Inn, Southern Ocean Union, Sacred Empire of Atenea, The Wiccan Realm, The Land of Beaconites, The Kingdom of Two Sicilies, and Pandaria.

Tags: Democratic, Enormous, Featured, International Federalist, National Sovereigntist, Offsite Forums, and Role Player.

Regional Power: High

Hellenic Civilization contains 302 nations, the 32nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Shortest Average Lifespan in Hellenic Civilization

Citizens of nations ranked highly tend to die earlier, whether from poor health, crime, accident, or government encouragement.

As a region, Hellenic Civilization is ranked 12,336th in the world for Shortest Average Lifespan.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
2.The Heavily Armed Republic of Pict-landInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sic vis pacem, parabellum.”
3.The Colony of Porto LeoneCorrupt Dictatorship“Mottorcycle ...”
4.The United States of ImportsExportsCapitalist Paradise“Laissez Faire”
5.The ERE Alliance Princess of RoleplayingInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I am your Princess !!!”
6.The Fiefdom of ZonianaCorrupt Dictatorship“Our grass is tasty !!”
7.The Fiefdom of Greek RefereesCompulsory Consumerist State“Na zissi i paraga !!”
8.The Armed Republic of Battleship AverofInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Lucky Uncle George sink the Turks !!”
9.The Republic of Pindos FightersInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ite Paides Ellinon”
10.The Hellenic Mythology Hero of Achilles The GreekCompulsory Consumerist State“Live and let die !!”
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