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WA Delegate: The Mad King of Hell of The Stalker (elected 4 days ago)

Founder: Satan

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Hell, We are the Demons that haunt your dreams and feed on your soul.
When the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan,
He who deceiveth the whole world, he was cast out into the earth,
And his angels were cast out with him...

The Fallen
LinkLucifer: The Stalker
LinkBelial: Big Jim P
LinkLeviathan: Freddland
LinkBeelzebub: Cynical Alcoholics
LinkBaal: War-Salvaged Soldiers
LinkRatsmodee: Sabana Santa
LinkMammon: Boolaroo


Hell Radio: LinkHail to the King

All nations are encouraged to join the WA and endorse the LinkKing of Hell The Stalker.

Nations seeking to join Hell must first Linktravel to the Underworld, and undergo the trials to earn their passage.

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    The Kingdom of Hell

    FactbookLegislation by The Stalker 6 hours ago. 29 reads.

Embassies: Underworld, The Red Empire of the Toad, and Hells Gate.

Tags: Featured, Password, Medium, and Founderless.

Regional Power: High

Hell contains 48 nations, the 244th most in the world.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Rudest Citizens in Hell

World Census experts telephoned citizens from all nations at just before dinner time, in a study to determine which populations were the rudest.

As a region, Hell is ranked 1,256th in the world for Rudest Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Evil Mad Scientists of FreddlandWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Hmmm...That wasn't supposed to happen.”
2.The Satanic Empire of Big Jim PWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Hell knows what Heaven only suspects. Hail Satan.”
3.The Pub of Cynical AlcoholicsWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“So it goes.”
4.The Extremely Evil Empire of The AuditorCompulsory Consumerist State“WE ARE THE WORST PLACE IN HELL. AND WE'RE LOVIN' IT!”
5.The Schurkenstaat of Sabana SantaWA MemberCompulsory Consumerist State“Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei”
6.The Anti-Harry Potter Prison of Eta CarinaeIron Fist Consumerists“Anyone caught with Harry Potter will be EXECUTED!”
7.The Mad King of Hell of The StalkerWA MemberCorporate Police State“Never underestimate the King of Hell, darling.”
8.The Free Land of Impending DamnationCivil Rights Lovefest“Freedom from authority; freedom from accountability”
9.The Utterly Awesomenessismatron of Evil PersonzCorporate Police State“I bring you pain, the kind you can't suffer quietly...”
10.The Spy of Sangre GrandeCapitalist Paradise“Together we aspire, Together we achieve”
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Regional Poll • Which of the Seven Deadly Sins are you?

Poll called by The Mad King of Hell of The Stalker

Voting opened 2 days 4 hours ago and will close in 7 days. Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


Hell Regional Message Board

Post self-deleted by The Stalker.

Greetings my fellow Hellions, I have returned to the Delegate seat once again, something I've been planning with Jim and Fredd for awhile now.

We have established a new elaborate hierarchy based off of the Dante's nine circles of Hell. I encourage people to give it a read over and let me know if you guys have any thoughts or suggestions on the updates. I will be making tweaks to them over the next few days.


In this new hierarchy we will be giving everyone a title from among the fallen angels and archdemons.I highly encourage people to look through the various names and pick one you'd like best.

You can find many to choice from here and elsewhere;

Your circle will be determined by location, WA status, activity, length of residency, and Elder status.

I have only just begun, I have a plan to get Hell back on track, and it is my intent to rebuild Hell to even greater heights than ever before.


I like it.

So, if I read that right, I'm in the 3rd circle?
Oddly fitting that gluttony is a sin I commit every Saturday during football season. lol

To those natives who are curious about what the Hell is going on, heres my take. For security reasons, we locked down Hell pretty tight after the invasion. Basically nobody in unless somebody vouched for them. The problem with that is stagnation. No growth. No new blood. So, right after we regained control of Hell (or before, not entirely sure), Stalker approached Jim and I about the possibilty of him taking over. Stalker had some big plans for Hell. Whatever Stalker's (legion) faults are, he's a Hell of a recruiter. Jim's been too busy and I'm too lazy to give Hell the attention it needs to bring it back to former glory. So we bought into Stalker's plans
So, you will see a lot of newcomers. Not invaders. You might notice those newcomers getting choice spots in the new hiarchy. If you want one too, get involved. Join the WA. Ask for an assignment. Participate in discussions in the forum.

Yea that's pretty much sums it up, though I actually approach you guys awhile after the invasion, closer to a month ago I believe.

I have a two pronged approach planned for the rebuild, in the short term I know some good guys to invite and we should be able to get our WA numbers up without much trouble. In this Underworld will be playing a role as the "public half of Hell", which you'll notice makes up the first two circles. Also as Fredd suggest the forum may also take up a bigger role in the future as another means to jointly interact within our boarders.

The Coffee Cakes Bard Puppet of Blind Guardian wrote:I like it.

So, if I read that right, I'm in the 3rd circle?
Oddly fitting that gluttony is a sin I commit every Saturday during football season. lol

Glad you approve! Yea, currently you and other non-WA resident are in the 3rd circle. If you choose one of the Fallen Angel / Demon names that would promote you to the 4th circle and you will be noted in the factbook like a number of people currently are.

And by joining the WA you can move up (descend further) to the 5th through 7th circles.

Greetings, fellow damned.

Just call me Buer - fallen angel who teaches philosophy, logic and ethics.

Welcome to Hell, Buer a fitting choice mate.

Hi there, I'm a puppet of The AnarCity of YoriZ, invited to Hell by Neo Nibu.

Welcome to the fiery pits. :)

Sloth is the cutest of the Seven Deadly Sins, no?

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