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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Free Land of Guardian Network

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Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 49th Most Cultured: 59th Most Primitive: 125th+20
Most Developed: 133rd Longest Average Lifespans: 148th Most Beautiful Environments: 153rd Most Advanced Defense Forces: 155th Most Popular Tourist Destinations: 156th Lowest Crime Rates: 213th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 218th Most Efficient Economies: 273rd Most Subsidized Industry: 331st Most Secular: 370th Most Corrupt Governments: 435th Most Influential: 726th Most Stationary: 788th Most Advanced Public Education: 815th Largest Governments: 870th Smartest Citizens: 986th Healthiest Citizens: 1,056th Most Authoritarian: 1,595th Largest Populations: 1,743rd Highest Economic Output: 1,883rd
World Factbook Entry

Guardian Network

A collection of regions that are completely safe regions. With 100% living founders sworn to protect their regions from invasions and griefers, should the need arise.

The GN does not impose its will on individual regions, only that the founders remain active nations and do not eject or ban nations without good reason.

Embassies: Digiphysical Interface, Outland, Firestorm, Monkey, Karrhai, Punxatawny, Family Guy Land, Slamdown, Secret Bear Plaice, GIF Base, Carpathia, Colours, The Crypt, Good Friday Island, The Premier League, the Bear River, and 1369 others.Secret Bear Police, Secret Bear Place, Polar Bear, Captive Bears, G O R E, PC World, Keglen, Amarr Empire, Tortuga, The Imperial Alliance, The Holy Alliance of Theocratic Nations, Socialist Union, United Protected Nations of Mount Scott, The United Urban Explorers, Selymbria, Maldoiss, Actiunedon, United Sharia States, Iecoosed, Nicoziana, Ubania, German People, Kingdom Of Naples, The United Commonwealth of Nations, Onyko, USSCR, the Elder Commonwealth, Rohir, Boston, the Tumblrian Archipelago, Sierra, South Island School, Uranzar, Ixilis, O L Y M P U S, Morraerd, Kaplan Destroyers, The Empire Of God, Cats Land, Islamic Caliphate, Waterloo Station, Caliphate, Reformed USA, The Old Guard, Testdom, June, Oasis, Termina, Chelsea2011, The YuGiOh Academy, Neo Mediterranean, Columeryn, The Refined Tacketti, Robotic Realm, Premier 194, The Void, LAZOR, Ranukabija, Nughoth, Swiss Family, Doranel, Puppetown, Thruhiad, Zartoo, Commonwealth of Independent States, Bazinga, Anastasia, Yadakistan, Planet Vegeta, Trixie, Chesapeake, Fratoen, The Geth Collective, Apamea, the Final Region, Fashoda, Pacific Islands of Antarctica, Velocity, the Warring Factions Of The Warp, BAMF, The Pax, Incorporatia, Shemazzaland, Sovengarde, Nieskruid, Waziristan, Jakkalsbessie, Emporia, Brasil Potencia, Anti Inland, Remarian, Do Not Give Two, The Cool Ones, Swiseut, Sonoria, Quilt, Frazis, Wiki Walkers, Ceni, Chicken Islands, Twotonia, The World Empire, Penguin, Vaalsewejaartjie, Squirrelephant, La La, the Pariahan Imperium, Oceaniprym, Koldfront, Illyarrie, Wisconsin89, Kinwood Bridge, Jaarsalie, Wandering Wildebeest, Litiec, Akhufu, Test, Anime Fans, Fralol, Southern Tranquility, Rhendok, Ouveumae, Underground Economy, SuperFunTime Minecraft, South East Asia, Opportunis, NONI, Aiding, Kimeyk, Aillona, Jack In The Pulpit, Drangiana, Vindicator, Mychaull, Found, Valley Oak, Programmers United, Leaping Llamas, Princeton, The Safe Zone, Eranshahr, The Rubex Cube, Throltec, Zhosaet, Odermennig, Daxoyap, Rikias, Free Choice, Nichann, Iayaentod, HMWHC, the Region of The Killer Murderers, Phashayrr, the Council of Evil, Vapai Bavi, Wood, Utopian Societies United, O K, Whialia, Isojuuri, the Conglomerate States of Dominion, Daisy, Traissea, The Land of Periodicity, Trollandia, Byonds Ragtag Group of Fools, Boosh, Talesworld, Hedgeburs, Kamchatka, The Wasteland, Crystallus, Myhauq, F 7, North Asia, Dave, ALOYU, KLBL, Borlase, Wildcats, the Land of Free, Vaj, Totalis, The Gate of Evil, Rachenbach, Europia, Torinia, Mazelot, Known, Ruivchec, Ambriogard, Radulph, New Archosaur, Kunaith, Spectrocity, Sneumi, Nindaylt, Jalapa de Mejico, Wookies and Cream, The Shadow Knights, Centennia, Ukon, Jedi Temple, Oskorusa, East America, Noghayst, Republic, WCCP, Zanzia, Twente, Northern Imperium, Peace Place, Blood Chapel, Bueidup, Singapore Inc, The Open Road, UNSCDF, Southfall, Temperance, Retheyd, Allied States of Ultimate Supremacy, End of Time, Valinor, Falador, JaFari Tagetes, Thraekam, Oimeishih, Gaea, Kidney Islands, Muslim, Thynooth, Bogetopia, Kobob, Krazy Koalas, Rzezuszka, Mitchell, Roma Union, Phantaird, Joe Belt, Berkeley, Heathania, Sayck, Lost Sabanoer Remnants, Region of United Muslim States, Icondra, Aurean Sphere, The Sleeping States Of Rogue Nature, Auvergne, Kittendom, Vallonea Oak, Universal Echon Order, Ixuirrigh, Base, The Latvian Republic, Monsters Inc, Barren Wastelands, Spy Regions, Defendering, Gontaeld, Rindomolo, Orlaya, Chronicle, Keunnyt, Kopheph, hinburg, Recruitment Services, The Land of the Freeish, JacobeaSenecio, DUAN Puppet Storage, Islamic Britain, Morooza, ArFlux, Hoerunn, the Deep South, Lasherr, Rordeg, The PBL Borderlands, United Nations of Sarcalogos, Ydandor, Jalapeno Chile, Jakkalskos, Vynnal, Leone, Nydien, Oepas Oepan, NorthStar, Atlantitopia, Fradoid, Lundeland, Silly Sossages, Arcadia, Lastus, Tyribyn, Occidental Gentian, Hyrcania, Legion Of Germanic Nations, New Keglen, Tholauch, Zhadum, Wolfpack Battalion, A Word, Neyfai, Whefayn, Christian Followers, Micras, Stranoez, Tosaiph, RAPP, Islands of Sunshine with Hemp, Sandar, Gigaverse, Loec, Valletta, Alamut, Evilness, Theveann, One Man Region, New Freedom Islands, Nydeynn, Zhaghan, Pantauch, Rododendro, Arhazil, Utopia of Death, Hibfig, Gaza Strip, Rochiel, Jack Pine, Vaalsuikerbos, Paltoin, Trerdouh, Rerreus, Fond Memories, Strildich, Thedeer, Paisolt, Archipelago of Wild Endeavours, Hainklette, Men, Uijosu, Brotopia, DIOSHD, Nordound, Elkelen, temp region gkropeasg, Yuznetovia, Smondoin, Ostricone, Ruolaeigh, Phoosh, Imagination, Kureuss, Frazolt, Capitalizt, Or Continue, Promethion, Baloos Homeland, Oimuizou, Ruby, Royal Union, Jacobs Rod, Oondooroo Kangaroo, Lazy Tigers, Loopy Lions, Yialou, Guoseh, Thasaenn, Confederal Assembly, Jaburan Lilyturf, Most Average, Llifourd, Trabezon, Fedoon, Gasp, Fast Drivers, Fryslan, Jakobs Greiskraut, Thralloiss, Nyantica, Imperatoria, Vissent, Loroo, Stratego, Jacobs Staff, Plus U, Rollerskating Mongoose, Union of Empires, Commonwealth Society, An Old Hard Drive, The Intergalactic Dominion, West Region, Zaffer, Demotratic Nations of Turithiea, Commonwealth Realms, Heckenknoterich, Jacinthe Sauvage, Llonuinn, Stronghold of Klein, Jalapa de Orizaba, Tiltoum, Jalapa Tuberosa, Y 1, Quetaym, Kausass, FRA, Inneston Abbey, Fraseg, Vaaltolbos, Turkey Cyprus, Aeternam Unione, I will stab you with an Ice pick, Oleum Roseum, Nyraeld, Kommunistischen Deutsch Russische Freund, Jacques Marrionet, Utopialand, Zamarrila, Fell, Jacobs Cattlebean, Okooshalt, X 3, Quiardird, Romazroja, 1984, Moose on the Loose, Orenpre, Socialist States Sisity, Jephyt, African Union, Frasiad, United Nationstates, WorldHistoria, Blank, Psychosomatica, Diablo, Golden Battle Field, Gauvran, Gluesnail, Yugas, November, Ravenstadt, Varnish Grevillea, Zeedill, Jaggery Palm, Tandaesh, Poobyv, Dominatorium, Rhurdees, Jakkalsbos, Marbilliam, Aeonia, Variegated Aquilegia, Sielke, BORG COLLECTIVE, Nenteaph, Homestead Verbena, Jack Oak, The Land of Morning Calm, New American Territories, the Grander German Reich, Sandthorpe, Variable Bossiaea, TDR, Variable Cassia, Uidiatenn, Warsaw Pact, Schorrat, Allied Nations of Java, Eykeeref, FRAroosh, Loldoich, Scaraboog, Reformed Presbyterians, Ronneag, Monoclinus, the Sanctuary, Bastinado, Varkslaai, Rhycheut, Wynbeormladde, Vanwykshout, Sesame Street, Kyhard, Yo Mamma, Jacobea Senecio, The Region of Free, The Solar Union, Ortanique, Lapaind, Henbit, Turtle Island, Ryshoon, Nosh, Lady Gaga, Hobowhores, CPE, Mycandeis, Zebrantilope, Jakkalsbossie, Rare Place of Rareness, LaLa, Kassinarthia, Thruldarr, Nydyr, Kanour, Rhuinn, Aliquantum, Seagullama, PMOI, Throtosh, Llyqes, Teshoonn, Isle of Wight, Nationstates Loyalist Resistance Army, Golden Moon, Ipecacuanha, Tuaidoc, The Overworld, Vaalkreupelhout, Jacobs Cattle Bean, Riolo, Laodicea, Jakobsleiter, Tawhiwhi, Green Community of the People, The NSRS, United Nations Of Freedom, Dotxom, Khorramshahr, Doomian Paan Eating Ring Bull, Zombie Nation, The Warsaw Pact, EGG, The Spot, Anarchy Divine, East Ladonia, Nations of Christendom, Herpidty Derpity, Jellyfishippopotamus, Various Shapes, U Got Rekt, A Cold Place, Ololiuqui, Zhypauck, Hotel, Nymoo, Rafah, Oblebicha, YCM, Panicking Primates, Red Square, the Defender Federation, Commonwealth of Apathetic States, the UN, Wolftopia, Caribbean League, Region of Isshu, New Albion, The Dark Side Of The Moon, Invader, Jump, Mediterranean_, Hate It Here, Superawesomeland, Keziel, Gliese, the League of Greatness, United Front of Communism, Greyfell, the Promising Alliance, Masakatsu, Yes, Jalap Bindweed, Free Mans Land, Frahaer, The Empire of Austria Hungary, Vault City, Imperial Legion, AFJ, My Happy Place, Gholgoth Minor, Covenant of Royal Blood, Big Mountains, the Russian Federation, Sinnoh, Burnesrulem, Niltauy, Everon, the Dark World Triagra, The Dominion of Satan, the Socialist Union, Jalawe, Akaviri, Regiao Luso Brasileira de Pinheiro, Centrasia, Heat Death, the Dark Void_, Trz Utopia, Rugtas, Ligann, the Al Aqsa Mosque, Region Of Evil, Heronfield1, Schoothel, Lucia, Hogsmeade, Quaneur, Brownistan, Delegation of Warlocks, Camp, Nylarus, Technocratic Horde, Kamazk, the Meatball Islands, the Holy Galizonian Empire, U S S C R, Fairlandia, the Coroxian Democratic Union, Nynoend, Varkwortel, Norse Fire, the Region of Greatness, The USA, The Base, Dragons of Middle Ages, Lagheig, Arcsic, Land of the Unicorns, Maharashtra, Long Island Sound and Coastline, the Divided Nations, the Icy Earth, Serdia, Oceargynn, The Volturan Empire, Sea Land, World Alliance of Citrus Nations, Schoos, the Fascist Territories, Wiki Walker, the Kingdom of France, Silly Acres, Expansionist Monarchies, Thelema, The Union of Power, Hegemonic Empire, Olienhout, the Heshin Kingdom, Installation 04, Revelations, Jai Ghantiali, Ippocastano, Zaxober, TBoB, Izooli, the Coalition Against Ebsim and Jain, Germanium, Free Lands of Agorapolis, Sub Saharan Africa, Free People Land, Rhirrek, Jalapa, Szinkaustjanovia, RNOI, Incienso, Orno, Bubble Islands, Orris, The Islands, Weird, Unified Democracy of Earth, Purple Violetists, Sworairr, Half Moon, The Supreme Hovering Isles of Ledermania, the Illustratusian States, International Conglomerate of Businesses, United Nations of the Roman Republic, The Region of Jauntland, Titan Station, New Age Republic, Graffistan, Pangaea II, Zemilid, Dusk Alliance, The Military Empires, Wondeuropa, Onaecie, Luminastra, the Justice League, Islands of Eternal Fire, Nations You Made For Fun, Union of Celtic States, Allied Empires, Jordan Region, AABCA, Zhoke, Neuphoe, Cynical Dictatorships of the Third World, French Nationwide, I Dunno, the Great Empire of the Vulcans, Free Trade Asylum, Military Powers of The North, Gairo, the United Islamic Nations, the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan, The Dark Void, the United Region of Friends, Arachosia, The Bear Islands, Vamperia, Higan Bana, Neocontinent, North American West Coast, Wolverine, Corso Spezia, Pyli, E FEDeration Knights, Obama Won, Lazaronia, Nya Hosossepthetah, Phoenix 1, SJSU, the State of Apathy, the United World Alliance, Otaerui, the Caribbean Union, Carthuania, Greater Robot Island, The Northern Wilderness, Reading Railroad, Lonely Puppies United, Ieseurdagh, Crete, The Rift, Greater Eleknar, Oberon, Green Isles, Whales, the Holy Razakian Empire, The Shtetle, Society of Liberty and Turtles, Mandalor, Savorn, Arcturus Galaxy, Yroodylt, the Region of Calradia, Luek Empire And Allies, The Forbidding Sea, Office Space, Union State, The Bands of Awesomeness, Grand Land of True Canadians, Kanag Aarym Faschine Alliance, The Continent of Agonartha, a Region to All, Galbador, Cuddlepilia, Ellonia, Raete, Shinra Electric Power Company, Chipotle Lovers, the Kindness Land, Citadel Space, Worthless Realms, Vijari, Happy Valley of Contentment, The Rose League, the Lost Lands, Enlightened Absolutism, Kerradallonice, Laychoi, Purus Socii, Schepa, Iaroruc, Oiniellev, Eezonia, Imperial Era, Johnsy Moses, Smyrna, Glacialnord, the Republic of United Puppets, Ocean is Theory, Gatismo, Stietoy, The Region of Rage, Hindustan, The Church of the Square Root of Five, The Japanese Communist Union, Collumia, Island of Mu, the Eagles, Chimeras, Threumend, Triphis, League of Nerds, Dunktopia, Rhentay, Ziggian Lands, the Joint Communications Initiative, Fox in Socks, United Slavic Fascists, Borea, Neumano, Gotham, First Republic of Earth, Verucana, Lower South District, Black Raiders, Raiderville, League of CFI Nations, Shen Lao, Ixosirt, Northern Canadian Empire, Scoochasaurus Rex, Aurura, Homeland Television, Omega Mysterium, Carpeinia, Neverland, the Land of Val, Intelligent Discussion II, The Riverlands, Yeme, Utaeci, SW Coalition, Confederation of Peoples Republics, Kleo, the Enterprise, Senatus Populusque Imperium, Germanic Peoples, Alterana, OvoLactoLand, Defending, Falkaria, Hell on Earth, Rhousyt, Kupier Belt, Hazmat, Eykoeghop, the New United States, Womendom, Liberty Plateau, the Gaming Isles, The United States of Lettuce, Western Springs, The Armed Coalition, Yaikach, Raven Wrestling Federation, Eutopitimus, Threenud, Izoorilt, United Embassy of Europe, Sleuday, the Transcontinental Alliance of Nations, Section 3, Viva la Vida, United Democratic Capitalist States, Snaissid, United States of Prestonia Collegium, Union of Talkhausia, the Northern Wasteland, The Brotherland, Matur n Sofistacated Club, the Black Arks, NPC Ruled States of the World, the Animal Kingdom, Southeastern Europe and Asia, Otaku Utopia, Great NetHack Conglomerate, Frozen Wastes of Ralarii, Palm Islands, Wasteland, Hangar, Woegoth, Multiplay, Merseyside, Hejira, the New Pool, Smoobirr, North AaAhmerica, Silvana skins, Palm Planet, The Government and the Fox, Defender Flag, Smunna, Judy World, New Panem, Scripto Creativum, Killaz, Streta, Union of Democratic Leftist Regions, Iverae, GalSec 299, Region RW, Government, Rerrarr, The Amalgamate, Schleswigstein, the Glorious Schism, Goldlantis, East Chesapeake, Vulchigrad Pact, Phoebe, the Isle of Misfit Toys, Grey Sea States, Continental Alliance, Sovereign Swag, One Night Stand, the Aether, Malton Department of Defense, United Nations of Meng, Region V9, Southern Pacific Islands, Union of Sosialist States, Ezordosh, Farvel, United Liberals, Galatasaray, Wakizashi, Independent Nations of Minnesota, United Kingdom of Britain and Eire, Shtara, Region W0, the United Corporate States, New Pangaea, The Imperial Conquisition, Fun Alliance of Independence and Liberty, Christian Alliance, Llaubud, Land of the Brave, Asia Pacific, New Eastern Barvania, Rodae, 1850, Tharsis, The Glorious Fourth Reich, the Evil Empire, Sliatich, South West Cracow, Hellstrom Federation of Solitude, Gulf of Aden, La Fille Belle, Courtopia, The Soviet 13, Nortish Sea, Outer Terminus Systems, Surirap, Workers Paradise, Minecraft enemies, Bentoto Comal, the Empire of Gangnam Style, Water Tribes, the Chalk, The Royal Empire, Group of Underrated Neolithic Societies, Joes Garage, Governed Empire, Update, Sysia, Quosa, Greater Gazyrystan, the Holiest of Holies, United Mechlords, Farberhulse, Vanadiel, Rhineland Palatinate, Northern Lands, the Empires of the Free, Planetfall, Duck Dynasty, The Proliteriat Unification Pact, People of the World, The Pagophagic Powers, the Little Bowl of Salad, Somerset, the United Socialist Nations of Roma, the Free Peoples Movement PLA, the Aeionian Union, the Sword and Shield, Soviet States of the French Fry, the New Global Powers, Joint Communications Initiative, Topia, Military Dictatorship Of Conservatism, The NEWera Empire, Pyae, Empire of Addled Red Faced Generals, South Western France, League of Communists, United Nations of Gustavo Almadovar, Animal Liberation Army, Mooldos, Draconis Ultimas, Fire Nation, Skaia, Ponies, The Everglades, Himalia, The Land of the 6 Devils, Northern Democratic Union, the Leftist Gathering of the Universe, W 4, ZeitGeist, Valyrian Freehold, Ultra Socailist League of Nations, AWESOMENESS, Golden Daybreak, New British Isles, the Centralwestern Pacific, Optimus, Slianoo, the Free Commonwealth of Nations, Worst Villains Conglomerate, Vigila Pacem, X ll nkw, Hibi, Strategic Defense Coalition, League Of Fighters, Jeekwiggen Commonwealth, RARWR, Region RV, United Communist Countries, the Alliance of Champions, The Land of Fire and Shadows, the Land of Liberty, Tricity, Sydney, 30 Rock, the Greater Alliance, Avatar, Cherowaka, Region X6, Vanibrae Coast, Epic Region of Dictators, Aegis Inc, Cat Ladies, First Chance, Holy German Empire, Insert Name Here, Righty Tighty Left Loosey Ville, Titanfall, Water tribe, Pelican, Libertatia, The Other Dimension, United Socialist Republic of Indonesia, Philippine Islands, the Fantabulous League of Dull Nations, the Utopia, Frozen Wastelands, The Land of Milk and Cookies, League of International Nations, the Federal States of Reikland, SkyNet, Arda Unmarred, Oeteyluc, Oimeissa, Pheasant Flight Zone, Economania, Morbekia, Vinovia, I Varashii, Greater Wallachia, Khatanga Gulf, Da Indian Army, Trinosophic Church, Imperial Joselltopia, TBR, Musarkisus, Mistsparkle Doom, Toast4, Ijaurdav, Alliance Defense Network, Mudhole, Imperial Monarchist Union, New Freeland, 0siris, Labyrinth of Amala, The Last of the Earth, 8 A, Purgatoria, The Zaglands, Voolday, Hiedra Terrestre, the Place of Complex Issues, Borderlandic Resistance, Land of Conformation, BRChan, Minecast, Galactic Union, Enterprise, Zodiac, The Communist Regions, Taickyn, Kerry, Region of Unified Nations, Euradonis, Schudu, Sporks, Royal Merchants of Caltono, International Coalition, Pond, Republic of Eurasia, the Commonwealth of Tudor Nations, Ralenn, United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland, Tanglewood, Hylia, IMPACT Wrestling, True South, Welshan Hemisphere, Land Of Ooo, the JCI, Finland and Estonia, the Scullions of Duct Tape 24, WFDY, Solandes, Noimach, Imperium of Man, Da Rokz, Eastern Motherlands, Procrastinators Isles, Eonaland, the League of Shadows, Sheldonia, Conservative America, Community of Rajesh Khanna, Hallis, the Islands of Satania, Zephyr Landmass, FAR Community, ISA, The Imperial League, Fraser Coast, Hammerfell, Puppet Paradise, EURA, the SOL system of Imperialist Nations, the Union of Nations Against Communism, Vasgar, Bromacia, The Islands of Quatoridian, the United Nations of Beauty and Evil, Univision, the United Republic, Wolf Bane, Hair Grass, Ponyreach, Llamaception, Montagris, the Forbidden Voodoo Kingdoms, Lloozai, Morto Archipelago, Wakanda, the United Confederation of Nations, Sovereign Commonwealth of McQuaid, The Region of Unforgivable Hopelessness, Fusionist Paradise, Jinglebelljog, New Pagan, WinrarLand, Rhysse, Maarn, Arcation, The High Kings Stronghold, Szi Geir, A Place Where Countries Are, Deep South Pacific, Usara Archipelago, The Socialist Homeland, Commonwealth of Australia, JCI, Royal Navy Base, Irene Arcipelago, Grand Boneyard, the Underground, Lui Letterenland, Lukeenivad, Ouketoy, Reetoi, Pirate Encampment, United Brotherhood, The Cult of Bob, The Tropics, Oideashoss, DeFranco Nation, BLITZKIEG, Scoochasaurus, The Jewish Polish Empire Capitol, Union of New Soviet Socialist Republics, Beyond Yamaku, ZZ Top, Holy Grail, Greece Cyprus, Neoterra, Redneck, Earth Kingdom, Noosas, Synchor, The United Slavic World, Aijaban, the Distributist Dominion of Chesterton, YouTube, The Topless Towers, Llessea, Waterfall Cove, Pen Island, Iacyrrall, Hyperborea, REGIONS WILL NOT FALL, NLO of Allied Nations, United States of Mamooth, Lebanon, Bosnia Herzegovina, Liba, Socialist International, Shrewsbury School, Philemons Realm, the League of Hollow Assassins, Jamliard Confederacy, Isles of Dylaine, Zeradias, the Confederacy of Beans, Eatonopia, Eastland, the Cave of the Dragon, Unity, Mobius, Porkopolis, Orion Molecular Cloud Complex, Greater New Tyuu Honorary Area, the Free Peoples Middle East, Anarchism, Tenka Fubu, WesternWesteros, Suimilt, The Cacophonous States of Unanimity, the Republic of Seabury Middle School, TIPtania, Nayndyld, Khazan, The Allied Nations of Hampstead, Two Cans and String, Erda, Roogeu, Omon Empire, Hookyp, New Corinthia, Caturday, European Federation, The Mercinaries, Pressdale, Super Happy Fun Place, Uncharted Territories to the West, Isolated Systems of Unsustainablity, Penguins, Region UO, United Kingdom and Ireland, Island of Kaimu, Great Soviet Region of Bolsheviks, Zalost, Targa, the Land Before Time, New World Troubles, Federations Union, Tropical Islands, Spodermanland, the Commonwealth of Indepndent Nations, The Fesslands, CTY Land, Keassi, That Land, OCCUPY GAIAPHAGIA, Britain, Terra Deorum Lucis et Tenebros, the Coalition of Somewhat United Planets, Neertai, Snoshay, Australindian Antarctica, Eco, The Social Union of Anti Oppression, The United States of Conservatives, The Atlantic Isles, Valtyt, Tongeren, Xatia, The Socialist Confederacy of West Korea, Zodaic Universe, the Great Barrier Reef, Elrissian Ocean, Slowdive, The United Sovereign States of Valhalla, Drum gun kan di, Great Britian and Eire, Osounte, the Unified Party Party, the Realm of Middle Earth, RussiaReach, The League of High School Nations, Kingdom of Macedon, Dirty Martina, Enterprise D, Morrowind, Loichui, Rucius, Gokajuf, Free Thinking Society, the White Lotus Isles, Counter Terrorist Unit, Liberation, Far Away Books, Uleildack, Olium, Eynaril, Strouqus, Progressive Dictatorships, Uncharted Territories, Green Isles Charter Organization, Seryg, a Chunk of Land, Region S1, Crimson Alliance, the Thanes of Brightstone, Kalde, Peshzawar, Alliance of Common Honor, Monastery of Peace, Yanagi Towata, Sumitand, The United Nations of Band Geeks, Nobomyu, Oojeirrea, Xasudihy, the Supreme States Congregation, City of Bree, Rhineland, Union of the Two Towers, Planet Templaria, Borealia Guardian, Esperivira, AwesomeSpaceLand, the United Nations of Pacifica, Valholl, Ishtarian Kopimist Empire, Allmystery Region, Undertow, New Pool, Friends of the Earth, Sourtart, Reighort, Hengrammax, Pheseu, the United Forces of Light, League of the Eye, Oceanic Coalition, ICN, Yac Ipecac, Il Aureus Republique, Rheirdi, Group of the Northwest, New Tharsis, Shaboozey, Deos Terra, Heronfield, Smolder Shores, Exhawk, and Ridgefield.

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Guardian Network is home to a single nation.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Advanced Public Transport in Guardian Network

World Census experts captured, tagged, and released trains in order to identify which nations have the most extensive, well-funded public transportation systems.

As a region, Guardian Network is ranked 18,827th in the world for Most Advanced Public Transport.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Land of Guardian NetworkCorrupt Dictatorship“Guardians of the world”

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Strange. Embassies but no activity.

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hey what happened to all the members

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Howdy. Just respawned. hopefully will be around a bit longer this time



Dia duit mo chairde! I am the Irish drunkard of Zalost! Proceed to throw potatoes at me :D

Gavit wc student tours

Do people still do stuff in here? Just askin'

Does anyone here know the nation 4Z? They log in, but do not see my telegrams. Since my region, Ridgefield, has an embassy with you, you might be familiar with that nation.

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