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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Grand Duchy of Paros Island

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Best Weather: 343rd Most Beautiful Environments: 610th Most Cheerful Citizens: 670th+10
Largest Populations: 745th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 824th Most Cultured: 932nd Healthiest Citizens: 1,273rd Highest Economic Output: 1,471st Nicest Citizens: 1,589th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,659th Largest Welfare Programs: 1,833rd Most Nations: 1,961st Smartest Citizens: 1,992nd
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A region for Greek Islands in Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, Cretan Sea or Mediterranean Sea in general ...

For everyone who loves the Greek sun, the glass blue water, sandy beaches, fresh fishes, ladies in sexy bikinis, ouzo, souvlaki, tzatziki and village salad ...

Member of Eastern Roman Empire Alliance

Live your myth in Greece !!

Embassies: Eastern Roman Empire, Hellenic Civilization, Athens, Empire of the Romans, Hellenic Macedonia, Solar System, The Ascendancy, Greece for Greeks, China, Constantinople, Srbija, The Illuminati, Free State of Wisconsin, The Dirt Alliance, The Mid Pacific, Rasecenemys, and 11 others.Pasargada, Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy, Seleucia, Eternal Silence, Levee, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Illuminati Council, Free Trade Zone, Dragon Clan, Martyville, and United Imperial Union.

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Greek Islands contains 8 nations, the 1,961st most in the world.

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The Most Armed in Greek Islands

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As a region, Greek Islands is ranked 5,218th in the world for Most Armed.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Grand Duchy of Paros IslandCapitalist Paradise“”
2.The Rogue Nation of Wrath of KhanCompulsory Consumerist State“The outcome of Project Genesis !!”
3.The Principality of GPE Embassy5Moralistic Democracy“Join the Glorious Praetorian Empire Region!!”
4.The Dictatorship of Baker VimoestFather Knows Best State“Lmao bow down to me you worthless scum”
5.The Hellenic Republic of Aegean PelagosCapitalist Paradise“12 miles of territorial sea (International Law of Sea)”
6.The Hellenic Republic of 01 ERE Embassy2Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Join the glorious Eastern Roman Empire !!”
7.The People's Republic of KKE_GreeceDemocratic Socialists“Power to the people”
8.The Mystery Cult of DemeterInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Keeper Of The Eleusinian Mysteries”

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Greek Islands Regional Message Board


Article 1 - Mutual Recognition of Governments

1. In Ratifying this Treaty, each Party recognises the ratifying Government of the other as the legitimate government of that Party, subject to any such lawful changes of government as may from time to time occur.

Article 2 - Common Defense

1. Neither Party shall participate or support any action taken with the intent to destabilize or overthrow the government of the other Party.
2. Neither Party shall participate in military operations against the other Party's home region or its colonies, vassals or other subordinate possessions.
3. Neither Party shall conduct, promote, encourage, or otherwise support the use of espionage, sabotage, or any other covert action against the other Party.
4. In the event that a Party's home region or subordinate possession becomes founderless, the other Party shall render military assistance in the defense of that region at the request of the leader of their recognized government.
5. The Parties shall share all information related to any known or suspected threats to the security of the home regions, subordinate possessions, and off-site properties of either region.
6. The Parties agree that participation on opposing sides of a military engagement outside either Party's home region or subordinate possessions shall not constitute a violation of this Treaty.
7. The Parties agree not to utilize a third party to circumvent the provisions of this Treaty in any way.

Article 3- Non-Aggression

1 The signatories vow neither to attack the home region of the other party nor participate in any action with the intent to overthrow their legitimate government.

2 The signatories will refrain from conspiring, either directly or through a third party, to destabilize or overthrow the legitimate government of either party.

3 The signatories will refrain from conducting clandestine operations, espionage, or other forms of spying against either party.

4 Both signatories will, in good faith, report any known threat or concern related to the other party's security, to the appropriate security organs.

Article 4 - Diplomatic Support

1. The Parties shall endeavour to provide diplomatic support to each other where such support would not conflict with the internal policies of the Parties.

Article 5 - Cultural, Military and Intelligence Cooperation

1 Both signatories agree to promote cultural diffusion and exchange between their two regions, such as through interregional conferences, discussions, or ventures, at the discretion of their governments.

2 Both signatories agree to miltiary cooperation on joint missions, at the discretion of their respective military commands.

3 In pursuing cooperation in military operations, both signatories agree that participation on the opposite sides of a military engagement does not automatically constitute hostility or an attack on either signatory.

4 Both signatories agree to provide intelligence information at the request of the other party, as long as this information does not harm their own security or jeopardize ongoing intelligence gathering operations.

5 Both signatories are obliged to provide intelligence information to the other party if it refers to an immediate security concern to said signatory.

Article 6 - Embassies and Ambassadors

1. Each Party shall establish a designated embassy for the other on its forums and shall provide an Ambassador to the other Party. Each Party will endeavour to keep the other up-to-date on their regional affairs.
2. Each Party's Ambassador shall behave in a respectable manner towards his host region. This includes, but is not limited to obeying regional laws where it is applicable and following any ambassadorial protocol that the host region has already in place.
3. A Party may request that the particular Ambassador sent to them by the other Party be replaced if it considers that that Paragraph 2 of this Article has not been followed by the Ambassador in question.

Article 7 - Termination

1. A Party may terminate the operation of this Treaty by providing a Notice of Termination to the Government of the other Party on that Party's forums. Termination shall take effect seven calendar days after the Notice is provided.
2. If a Notice of Termination is served, the Parties shall endeavour to resolve any differences before the Treaty is terminated.
3. Both signatories agree to attempt to seek a diplomatic solution before the termination of this treaty.

Signed by, Harry Tsoukla JR (Overseer of Foreign Affairs)

01 ERE (Prince Alexander of Byzantine Glory)
Alexandros o Megas (Founder of Hellenic Civilization)
Comnemnus (ERE Alliance Prime Minister)

Special press release,
Today our Head of state ceremonially opened up the newly constructed Internationalharbour as well as the InternationalAirport in our region in the 'Free Trade Zone'. Now it is opened for international maritime shipping and aviation.

Head of the state of InternationalHarbour the Blue whale addressing the public gathering quoted;

"This would mark a only a small step forward by our nation but would be a giant leap forward not only in the history of our region but in the history of NS? Is their any other International harbour in NS? at least I Did not find any. This would provide a tremendous boost to our regional economy; especially in the areas of international trade, tourism, shiping , arms manufacturing, passenger transport as well as cargo transport . But please No Whaling Vessel (Looking around suspiciously!)"
Internationalharbour was duly appointed as the Regional Minister of trade with effect from tomorrow which we accepted with much reluctance and joy?.
(Share Prices of our multinational company rose filling the pockets of our very much non corrupt ministers and officials).
Press Releases

Negotiations with other nations have being very successful and from now onward, we plan to use a single currency by all FTZ nations. At Present we would use Kahawanu as the Universal regional currency and their is a strong intention towards modernising our universal currency to e-money in the future.

Tomorrow is the International day for older persons 2015 is observed on 1st October and theme is " Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in the Urban Environment.

All nations here should start developing a cure against Zombies.

We are clean!! Good job!!

Welcome Aristagoras!

Welcome Aylan Island!

We celebrate the opening of the embassies between our regions!

* You open the door to the Bar on the Corner and a barman with a big grin on his face welcomes you while walking towards you from behind the counter*

Ladies and Gentlemen, what a pleasure to break 100 days of silence! *bows*, I'm honored to welcome you as guests in our facilities! This is a bar in your region! So you can access it conveniently from here (via embassy posting). No need to move your tired bodies! Isn't that awesome! The first guest of every region gets a drink for free!

*holds the door open for you with one hand while it so happened that he is holding a bottle of your favorite drink in the other hand*

Take a seat and enjoy a drink, or have fun with pool billiard, darts and the gambling machines. We also serve some delicious choice of food! Just don't feed the Cthulhu in the restroom!

Btw, let me know if you know how to mix drinks. Trust me, people here are very generous with tips! And folks always fall in love with the person handling the cocktail shaker ; ) Also other jobs available (via embassy posting) !

*you immediately know that you would sell your soul for a starvation wage but you feel tempted. Do you? It's a luxury to have the possibility to be a bartender (via embassy posting) ! Just look at this wall of bottles behind the counter.amazing*

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