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Glass Gallows only approves embassies from regions with whom we share regional characteristics.
Creativity is celebrated and rewarded and we are looking for those who have a desire to share their inspiration.
Founded on the 7th June 2012 as the heir of Tiamat.
Glass Gallows once boasted a membership of over 350 nations and the WAD held over 60 endorsements.

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Embassies: Unknown, Ainur, New Warsaw Pact, Community of Independent Nations, House of Five Leaves, Osiris, The Independent Order, The Brotherhood of Malice, Lone Wolves United, Gatesville Inc, The New Galactic Empire, Sanctuary of Syl, Cimmeria, Antarctic Oasis, and Winterfell.

Tags: Featured, Anti-Security Council, Anti-World Assembly, National Sovereigntist, Medium, Casual, and Neutral.

Regional Power: Moderate

Glass Gallows contains 13 nations, the 965th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Public Transport Department in Glass Gallows

World Census experts captured, tagged, and released buses in order to identify which nations have the largest public transportation systems.

As a region, Glass Gallows is ranked 424th in the world for Largest Public Transport Department.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Recursiveness of AibohphobiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Abandon all hope”
2.The Third Federation of United Citizens RepublicsNew York Times Democracy“Servitium Fert Ordinem, Ordinem Fert Unitate”
3.The Skeptic Dwellings of KakurineWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Why?”
4.The Empire of The Republic of FantasiaIron Fist Consumerists“Of course I won't betray you... -EJB ”
5.The Chaotic Evil Dominion of MournivaliaFather Knows Best State“The enemy of my enemy is next.”
6.The Republic of Destral nuiPsychotic Dictatorship“Freedom is life(and tanks too)”
7.The Dancing in the Depths of ManiacalCorporate Police State“For Every Goliath...There Is A Stone filled Trebuchet”
8.The Empire of GozutulCompulsory Consumerist State“As Churishadu rules Sadu, the Emperor rules Irkad.”
9.The Holy Empire of UrsaviniWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Oderint Dum Metuant”
10.The United States of SugarrushWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Sugar rush is the best”
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Glass Gallows Regional Message Board

Alice is trapped in a nightmare and wonderland has gone down the tubes...haven't you played the game? ;)

Yeah! Lol. I absolutely adore anything Wonderland. Has anyone read the original books?

I had a dream that I ate a cookie and grew too large for the house of a chimney sweep lizard whom I had called upon. It was dreadfully aweful.

Wow! That's awesome. I juat had a dream last night that I made hot choc, but it was a glowing blue ans green.And I just kept hankering for more hot choc. I also had one where I had two kittens, but one kept breaking in half and putting itself back together.

No time to say hello, goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

(piano intro [continues in back])

The shadows rise

It is in darkness that I drift
To Neverland, to Neverland
How do I close the rift
Of my Heart

Madness in the Heart
Lunacy takes the mind
Save the mind but fall apart
How do I heal my Heart

I saw Peter Pan flyin'
Over towers in the sky
I always have dreamt
Of what it's like to fly

Can you tell me

What is it like to fly
Above the shadows
The shadows rise
Never say Never

It is in darkness that I drift
To Neverland, to Neverland
How do I close the rift
Of my Heart

Madness in the Heart
Lunacy takes the mind
Save the mind but fall apart
How do I heal my Heart

(guitar solo)

I saw Peter Pan runnin'
Over the world we have built
The nightmares are all here
Don't you feel surreal

So surreal

So surreal are the dreams
Of light in the dark
The towers fall, up they go
The Fall into the sky
Where Peter Pan flies
The Shadows Rise

Never say Never

It is in darkness that I drift
To Neverland, to Neverland
How do I close the rift
Of my Heart

Towers falling up
But we don't give up
So surreal, so surreal
When towers fall up

Find the rift in your Heart
Close the rift in your Heart

hmmm, I was just playing Skyrim but maybe I should fire up Oblivion and close some rifts :P

Nice mate, do like!

The Republic of Fantasia

Nice! Skyrim and Oblivion are the best

though my three fav games of all time are Force Unleashed, Black Ops 2, and Spider Man 2

Man, I thought Black Ops 2 was the biggest load of crap ever I'm sorry to say. It was like playing linear garbage in between set pieces. Was VERY disappointed, esp since the original 2 CoD games are def on my all time faves list.

Lol. Idk, I get caught up in story lines. I adored the story line, so I loved the game. Plus I enjoy the multiplayer. And it hasvsentimental value for me, many late nights at friends houses, we used to have tons of fun, and you know, we actually interact with eachother while playing games, lol, as opposed to staying glued to the screen.

But you may have a point, idk.

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