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Founder: The Dancing in the Depths of Maniacal

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Most Nations: 201st Largest Black Market: 1,639th
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Glass Gallows only approves embassy requests from regions with whom we share common characteristics (laymen call them tags).
Founded on the 7th of June 2012 as the heir of Tiamat.

Creativity is celebrated in all its forms:
we are looking for those who have a desire to share their inspiration in whatever manner it strikes.

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Dictatorship of the Prime Directorate!

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Random Enlightenment:
The United States Marine Corps experimented with the use of off-the-shelf skateboards in the late 1990ís. They used these in urban-combat military maneuver exercises to detect sniper fire and tripwires. WTF?

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Embassies: Unknown, Ainur, New Warsaw Pact, House of Five Leaves, Osiris, The Independent Order, The Brotherhood of Malice, Lone Wolves United, Gatesville Inc, The New Galactic Empire, Sanctuary of Syl, Antarctic Oasis, Winterfell, The Haukian Federation, Entity, Ether, and 5 others.Imperium of the Wolf, Grand Central, The Council of Fantasian Masters, The Church of Eris, and Discordia.

Tags: Anti-Security Council, National Sovereigntist, Silly, Social, Casual, Neutral, Large, Featured, and Anti-World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Glass Gallows contains 77 nations, the 201st most in the world.

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The Most Primitive in Glass Gallows

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed to the unknowable will of animal-based spirit gods.

As a region, Glass Gallows is ranked 12,682nd in the world for Most Primitive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Lurid Army under the Spell of The High PriestCorporate Police State“Trust in ME!!!”
2.The Dictatorship of Hasta La VistaCorporate Police State“Kill all, hurt all”
3.The Matriarchy of DareenaPsychotic Dictatorship“For the goddess”
4.The Empire of KablooeiDemocratic Socialists“Pillage to prosper!”
5.The Borderlands of IsaluNew York Times Democracy“In pure dark, we are the light”
6.The Republic of Bmx4lifeNew York Times Democracy“Its a good day to ride hard ”
7.The Free Land of AliondraMoralistic Democracy“All of thee shall live wild and free”
8.The Queendom of KraakenMother Knows Best State“Don't wake the krraken”
9.The Republic of Ignoring ownershipLiberal Democratic Socialists“I'm the best”
10.The Oppressed Peoples of The land of looksCompulsory Consumerist State“No need for people, when you have Diffley”
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Last poll: “To Pant or not to Pant, that is the polling question.”

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Glass Gallows Regional Message Board

Polling topic approved!

I found that ivory image there
Dancing with her chosen youth,
But when he wound her coal-black hair
As though to strangle her, no scream
Or bodily movement did I dare,
Eyes under eyelids did so gleam;
Love is like the lion's tooth.

When She, and though some said she played
I said that she had danced heart's truth,
Drew a knife to strike him dead,
I could but leave him to his fate;
For no matter what is said
They had all that had their hate;
Love is like the lion's tooth.

Did he die or did she die?
Seemed to die or died they both?
God be with the times when I
Cared not a thraneen for what chanced
So that I had the limbs to try
Such a dance as there was danced -
Love is like the lion's tooth.

William Butler Yeats

Maniacal, Aibohphobia, and Mournivalia

The Holy Empire of Non-homotopia. Home to the gracious and dumpster diving Armadillo, a healthily diversified economy and an equitable tax burden upon all socioeconomic groups. People are happy with the amount of Ding Dongs they have, and seem to be using them when random people come to the door. "Hey there, do you want a ding dong? Come on in and preach to me." Not creepy in the least.

And in The Confederacy of Kravallistan, where the cost of deploying peace keepers internationally is usually recouped by pillaging the country they're stationed it. This nation has a frighteningly efficient anti-air system and no flock of birds is safe, fancy dress parties are considered prime recruiting territory for law enforcement and students begin the Long Walk of Death by donating a kidney to pay their tertiary fees.

Hope your weekend is going well whatever you're doing :)

Also this deserves reiteration-

The Chaotic Evil Dominion of Mournivalia wrote:How to vote like a NatSov Boss in 3 simple steps.
1) Vote for all repeals. Seriously, I don't care what the reasons are for repeal, just support that s#!t. Anything that removes WA/SC influence and meddling from your nation is a good thing.
2) Basically s#!tcan EVERYTHING else. I mean have a look, but if it mandates this and legislates that and messes with your sovereign right to govern your country then NO DEAL! Remember that these resolutions also affect your wa nation's statistics.
3) Commendations, condemnations and liberations= Whatever, whatever, Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES.
Let me explain a little. The Security Council uses liberations as a weapon to open up regions whose ideology or actions they don't approve of. This actually strips the password protection form a region even if it was placed there by the founder. Now do I agree with all ideologies? Hell no, but do I agree with that kind of crap happening? NEVER.
So there you go :P


AARRRRgh, screw you Shadowplay! F#cking thing won't record. Ugh.

The Chaotic Evil Dominion of Mournivalia wrote:AARRRRgh, screw you Shadowplay! F#cking thing won't record. Ugh.

Might have to reinstall Open Broadcaster Software...

In The Borderlands of Isalu, people are leaving the concept of democracy by the wayside as they clamor for the latest Barry Trotter book and the exploits of the famous wizard pig. While it's fine to throw around the odd racist comment face to face, television shows have been cleaned up with Jerry Springer relegated to the position of lure at greyhound races...he's not doing so well at that. The national motto is the inspiring "In pure dark, we are the light". Time will tell.

In The Free Land of Runaroundanddontbothermea children are the future of two linguistically distinct futures. Scientists are trying to make up for widespread voter apathy by cloning people, but the clones usually exercise their constitutional right to free speech and tell them to get f#cked. I tried to ask the Leader how Cheeseburgers have acquired sentience (probably those same scientists), but was simply told "Don't bug me i'm sleeping".

Welcome guys, hope you had a good weekend :)


I should be able to vote several times in this given my nations motto and... everything really :P

I've pissed off both Maxtopia and Bigtopia. I've now gone to war, and bombed both of them. Mission accomplished.

The Empire of Raecmund wrote:I've pissed off both Maxtopia and Bigtopia. I've now gone to war, and bombed both of them. Mission accomplished.

That is nice.

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