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Glass Gallows only approves embassies from regions with whom we share regional characteristics.
Creativity is celebrated and rewarded and we are looking for those who have a desire to share their inspiration.
Founded on the 7th June 2012 as the heir of Tiamat.
Glass Gallows once boasted a membership of over 350 nations and the WAD held over 60 endorsements.

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Fantasia's Juke-LinkSonic Lunchbox. updated 8.4.14

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Motto of the week or until I decide to change it- “Freedom is life(and tanks too)” ~ The Republic of Destral nui

Embassies: Unknown, Ainur, New Warsaw Pact, Community of Independent Nations, House of Five Leaves, Osiris, The Independent Order, The Brotherhood of Malice, Lone Wolves United, Gatesville Inc, The New Galactic Empire, and Sanctuary of Syl.

Construction of embassies with Cimmeria has commenced. Completion expected in 1 day 19 hours.

Tags: Featured, Anti-Security Council, Anti-World Assembly, National Sovereigntist, Medium, Casual, and Neutral.

Regional Power: Moderate

Glass Gallows contains 16 nations, the 877th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Avoided in Glass Gallows

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, Glass Gallows is ranked 17,631st in the world for Most Avoided.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Barrier of Black KnightCapitalist Paradise“BB”
2.The New Hope of SignificanceWA MemberCorporate Police State“Always finish business”
3.The GangLand of 7-5WA MemberCapitalizt“干都我的敌人们:F.A.M.E.”
4.The Rogue Nation of ValodorFather Knows Best State“A broad mind lacks focus.”
5.The Federal Republic of Wild TurkeyIron Fist Consumerists“Deo Vindice”
6.The Militarized State of Brotherhood Of DarknessCorporate Police State“You will live a life of constant fear.”
7.The Profound Inanities of Red and Blue FishCivil Rights Lovefest“Oh me! Oh my! What a lot of funny things go by! ”
8.The Dancing in the Depths of ManiacalCorporate Police State“For Every Goliath...There Is A Stone filled Trebuchet”
9.The Chaotic Evil Dominion of MournivaliaFather Knows Best State“The enemy of my enemy is next.”
10.The Empire of The Republic of FantasiaIron Fist Consumerists“Of course I won't betray you... -EJB ”
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Glass Gallows Regional Message Board

I think "Irked" or "Indignant" would be more accurate, but I don't do hugs.

No one has anything else to say on this? No one is going

"Hmmm, maybe we should get our s**t together finally!"


"Hmm, I'd sure like to have GG doing raids and whatnot again!"

Nobody? Anyone out there tired of inactivity who has a vision?

I got your back 7-5
but, I In had voiced that opinion much earlier...
We will get our act together
Just, prob not right now

The Federal Republic of Wild Turkey wrote:We needed a late updater not under the watchful eyes of defenders at the last minute to pull the NS version of wading through the creek to throw the bloodhounds off your scent. One time deal and it won't happen again.

GG does not update late and it is known as a raider affiliate of sorts.

The Empire of The Republic of Fantasia wrote:I got your back 7-5
but, I In had voiced that opinion much earlier...
We will get our act together
Just, prob not right now

To h**l with that! We *can* do something right now.

Here's a good observation/plan:

1. WW is busy with real life. No disrespect to him, but if GG is going to be around, we simply cannot rely on his initiative anymore.
2. This is fine, he still cares and does what he can. We just can't wait around for his a** to do it.
3. We have smart, capable people here (just a few) who have the time to take action collectively.


First Step: Elect an effective WA delegate.
Why this is the first step: Since WW is simply *not* going to give up the foundership (as well he shouldn't!) the only way to really function in this region, through the game, is via the WA delegate.
How we go about this: -Have an election (nothing fancy, candidates post their plans and argue, person with the most endorsements wins) -Newly elected delegate ramps up activity by "doing stuff" and delegating "other stuff" to willing, active members.

Second Step: Once the above has proven it's effectiveness, convince WW to make the WAD position executive.
Why this is the Second Step: Once we are strong enough to maintain an EWAD, we will be able to do even more actions without WW's initiative and therefore ramp up activity of our own accord, quicker.

Third Step: Establish and maintain a military again.
Why: Military activity is essentially advertising.

No waiting around for offsite forums. No complaining that sending out recruitment telegrams is "too hard" or "not worth it". No more loyal members pimping our weak a**es out to their controversial friends. Action.Now!

Don't think anyone will attempt this? F**k you! I'll run for WAD right this f***ing second!

Vote for me! I have the time to at least:

Once Weekly:
-Do a poll
-Change a fun factoid on our announcement
-Maintain contact with embassies with my patented quick updates (who remembers those?)


-Delegate writing of recruitment telegrams to willing & eloquent members.
-Post meaningful articles in our announcement, no more 100+ day old things few have read.
-I don't take sh** from anyone. This game allows for such an attitude.

I have a vision for GG to work without offsite forums or un-needed trinkets.

Who will run against me? I encourage ALL who are willing to action! And in order to help keep our pride safe, I will not withdraw my endorsement of the current WAD until we all agree on when we're voting!

Who will rise to this occasion?!

"Announcement"= World Factbook Entry.

Sorry, other game jargon making into my writing.

nowadays recruitment=stamps.
Anyone wanting to learn the basics of military gameplay should contact me via The Chaotic Evil Dominion of Mournivalia. As for the rest, activity does tend to build upon itself.
Personally I don't have time to manage the forum atm, which is why I'm not there :P
Can the factoid be anything or does it have to be NS related? Thoughts?

Post self-deleted by Esperossa.

To h**l with stamps! I will personally send mails to regions asking them to join; All of which will be personalized! I challenge anyone & everyone to do similar!

Activity may build on itself, true, but consider this: Without some form of authority in-game, we will get less respect from others and therefore be able to pull off less. We *need* an active founder and/or WAD. All remaining active members come here multiple times a week, if only to check on things, to commit to a poll once weekly or a quick update as things happen in-between homework/life is nothing.

You hear me? NOTHING!
I grow tired of people saying "I have RL duties!" when they are here at least weekly. Let a game that depends on interaction with people enrich your life! Let it be a source of pride in your day and no longer suffer the excuses of weaker people! I mean every word I type right now!

Let me be clear, here: I am *yelling*, SCREAMING, at all of you in GG who would call yourselves veteranos! I have tied every plan and scheme I've had since I left Ainur to this region, waiting & waiting! I will no longer wait. I will see action done, but I refuse to act alone. Even if no one deigns to choose a new WAD as I have suggested, I will be active with anyone willing to do so with me. Simply telegram me! Come to me in private or public and state if you are down or not!

Because if no one will, if my words can motivate none here, I will go. I will take all my drive and hardheadedness somewhere else seeking such a person. This is not betrayal to me, I will not be part of a dead region any longer! I will stand with those I respect and either breathe new life into this association of people or go off alone to new pastures.

Who will send out messages with me?! Who will think of fun, new updates to put into the factoid?! Who will make contact with our region's embassies with me?! WHO!?! Come out now or languish in silence!

@Manicial: Who cares what is in the factoid? We are not beholden to any preconceived notions of convention in this game! Enough debate! Enough theory! Let us put things up there as we will if it will draw in others! Put up the active members' thoughts on the subject if you wish!


Esperossa: You think speaking to me in such a way will garner my respect? Speak as you will and tell me what you think of me here and now if you would tell me to f**k off!

The GangLand of 7-5 wrote:

Esperossa: You think speaking to me in such a way will garner my respect? Speak as you will and tell me what you think of me here and now if you would tell me to f**k off!

God I hope not 7-5! I'm just being cheeky. :P

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