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WA Delegate: The Fallen of Dephire (elected 1 year 12 days ago)

Founder: The New Gothic Empire of Automagfreek

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Bronze and Iron, Fire and Ice. Neither benign nor malevolent, we are the nations of Gholgoth. The Dying Ground, The Shining Obelisk, we are but night and day. Avert your eyes, fool, for here lies your doom. On these vast lands we stand as one, intimidated by nothing, living or dead. We are the 30 Angels, we are the 30 Plagues.

Gholgoth now hosts the largest number of nations condemned by the World Assembly.

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IRC: #Gholgoth (Member's Only), #Gothic_Sanctum (Public) at irc://


Embassies: Haven, Varathron, Greater Dienstad, Nova, United Defense Directorate, The Dark Lands, Greysteel, and Sondria.

Tags: Offsite Forums, Map, Modern Tech, Password, Role Player, Imperialist, Medium, and Post-Modern Tech.

Regional Power: Moderate

Gholgoth contains 27 nations, the 408th most in the world.


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Today's World Census Report

The Best Weather in Gholgoth

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Gholgoth is ranked 16,124th in the world for Best Weather.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kylarnatian Imperial Colony of Anglo-KylarnatiaDemocratic Socialists“Enim Silvier, charissimu mater.”
2.The Kingdom of HridbjodDemocratic Socialists“Til Valhall”
3.The Second Empire of Anemos MajorInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Loyalty Unto Death”
4.The Reino of IzurbaPsychotic Dictatorship“Adelante!”
5.The Crowned Republic of AmastolInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit”
6.The Concordant of VelkyaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Libertas ac aequitas per totus.”
7.The Matriarchy of JagadaAnarchy“Ashes upon ashes”
8.The United Socialist States of Schultaria PrimeCivil Rights Lovefest“Go forth and spread throughout the universe”
9.The Ganosian-Vecerian Empire of Ganos LaoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“La Nation, la Loi, Le Monarque”
10.The Skybound Republic of HavenskyCivil Rights Lovefest“In the Darkest Night the Faintest Light is Blinding”
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Gholgoth Regional Message Board

Imo, if we run this concurrently, I still believe ICly it'd be reasonable for Goths to fight alongside each other. And Kraven would still have stuff to do, so the focus would not have to be primarily Vetalia assets. Up to region how we run it.

The Skyans would never fight side by side with Kraven. If the omnibellum occurred *after* Swords than we'd enter the omnibellum as diplomats/humanitarians. (At least until somebody attacks us.)

If it happens concurrently - then we'd already be at war and this would just be a continuation of the conflict. We'd rally the Reich's enemies and continue to be a pain in thier ass.

The Skyans should fight along side Kraven, because what better way to learn how Kraven fights for future reference than to be along side them when they do it, plus you can do humanitarian stuff and The Reich won't blow your hospital ships up because you are part of the Gothic Crusade, in fact, the Reich would go out of its way to defend your assets during the invasion

Havensky, did you forget how pragmatic the Reich is?

Oh, we know....but then there was the time he raided our academy, kidnapped our secretary of state, that he tried to kill Ironwing, that time he got put on trial, the time he tried to kill our queen...after awhile we start to take that stuff personally!

Haha, it's quite a rap list, still I'm so pragmatic, I'll be your friend one minute then quite happily shoot you in the face the next!

New Plan: I'm going to throw a new thread into the Omnibellum called "The Lonely Position of Neutral" - Esstn, we're going to wrap Swords in a way that creates a peace between Kraven/Skyans. However, we're still a democracy and the People arn't going to be willing to go crusading. Instead, we'll declare neutrality and assume a diplomatic/humanitrian role. Expect lots of gnashing of teeth and 'survivors guilt' over the last war ending without a clear conclusion

I will be more than happy to pursue a new career in making weapons and providing supplies to the war- I mean Unholy Crusade!

The Vetalian Orthodox Church will formally oppose all of this.

There are churches in Vetalia? The orld has gone mad! Might as well be civil rights in Scandivan!

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