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Founder: Alezibethia

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Hurp Durp.

Tags: Featured, Founderless, and Minuscule.

Gaiaphagia contains 4 nations.


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The Best Weather in Gaiaphagia

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Gaiaphagia is ranked 15,769th in the world for Best Weather.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Shimmering Isles of Dark OneInoffensive Centrist Democracy“E Pluribus Unum”
2.The Nomadic Peoples of The Hero With A Thousand FacesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A hero is someone who gives their life to something big”
3.The Supreme Socialist State of Union of Confederate Socialist RepublicsWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Workers and soldiers unite!”
4.The United Kingdom of Wu Tieh NiDemocratic Socialists“A witty saying proves nothing.”

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Post by Vegangelicalism suppressed by The Tiger.


1 year 206 days ago

Come join I at Rastanarnia where I and I and our blessed Idren are fighting the downpression of the poor and lowly and the politricks of the Downgressing The Council of Narnia. I and I itininualy worship I God and I King, Lord Ras Aslan, inna this ya iwa! The Idren partake of the sacred gift from Jah Aslan, the sacramental ganja. So for greater overstanding and to aprecilove I God and I king, Jah Aslan, join us here at Rastanarnia! Let the Lion of Narnia roar! Jah bless and Jah love!


We have our own radio! ^_^


Post by The Leather Uniformed LSS Adolf Hitler suppressed by The Tiger.

Move to the Greater German Reich to help Us fulfil Our evil plans of expanding Our power, conqvering new lands and oppressing Our inferiors! MARSCH!
Ve vill dominate zhe Vorld togezher as Our armies march across zhe face of zhe planet, terrifying subjugated peoples vizh zhe unison of Our goose-stepping spurred patent leather riding boots.


Post by Thetopiat suppressed by The Tiger.

Hi there! Hidalgo is a small, but growing region created by Mcallenton, designed to be a home style community. Hidalgo is a place where you can enjoy and explore all the different aspects Hidalgo offers. Founded recently, this region is looking for loyal nations willing to make it their home.
Small or large, Hidalgo always needs new nations to be a part of its vast and growing community. There are many positions available, and any nation is able to apply, simply send Mcallenton a telegram and you will automatically be considered for that position.
So please I ask you to strongly consider joining Hidalgo, we may be small, but that means that our unity and attention can be focused more on each other, and together create that community we call home.

Sincerely, Thetopiat, Secretary of Recruitment

So many puppets why

1 year 175 days ago

The puppets will descend!

This place still has nations?


Post by The Empire of Acitcratna suppressed by The Tiger.

IMPORTANT: Come help us! There are innocent regions in danger!

Regions rely on us everyday to help them! Become a hero, and come help us liberate the conquered and oppressed by joining The Ancient Empires of The World!

There are many options available, and many different types of Ancient Empires for you to become a part of, each with its own purpose:

Atlantis-liberates and defends regions from The Black Riders.
Jericho-Defends the home region from spies and attack.
Sumer-liberates and defends regions from The Black Hawks.
Assyrian-Helps rebuild other regions!
Mongolian-Invades old, miniscule, founderless, and inactive regions to unite them as defenders.
Roman- Defends our large territory.
Rumor has it that there are some Secret Empires too, in the shadows, performing secret operations…
More divisions coming soon!

We wish you good luck in any region you choose to join!
The Pre-flood Empire of Acitcratna
Jericho citadel

(Telegram one of us if you have any questions or ever need help!)

I would just like to say this region shall not fall.

Damn it not again.

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