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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Pokemon Clones of BlackGreenWhite

World Factbook Entry

We are a just and compassionate region aimed at defending free people, creatures, spirits, and souls from those who would enslave them. We are the only fiction/fantasy-themed antifascist region. You can ride a dragon, carry heat-seeking arrows, and protect your comrades with awesome (albeit geeky) magical abilities. Or you can BE the dragon. Or you can have a flag of Rosa Luxemburg throwing a Poké Ball. Whatever fits your imagination.

You don't need to be fantasy-themed or even that active, but you can NOT be any kind of malevolent dictatorship and/or promoter of hatred, especially:
1. Any kind of fascist.
2. Any "anti-revisionist" communist - that includes Stalinism, Maoism, Hoxhaism, and Juche, plus sympathetic Leninists.


Embassies: Pokemon World, Antifa, The MT Army, Jewish Justice League, Union of Nations Against Fascism, The Internationale, In The Flesh, Argentina, Celtic warrior, Kanto, Johto, Redwall abbey, united socialist states of indi, United Empire of Islam, North Africa, Suomi, and 255 others.Pony Lands, The Communist Union of Soviet Russia, Aizengard, Leninist Russia, Batman, Justice League, Psychotic Islamophobia, Sharing is Caring, White America, White Nationalist Alliance, New England Province, The American Fascist League, The Glorious Maoist Utopia, Trotsky League, Requestionaria, Fascists United Front, The Schutzstaffel, Minoa, Soli Deo gloria, Communist Alliance, Communist Eastern Europe, Right to Life, The Anti Judaizing League, Union of Soviet Republics, United Federation of Britain, Nazi Deutschland, Nazi States, Nazi England, National Socialist Union, The Homeland, Sagittarius Arm, Fatherland, Aryan Taskforce, The Hellfire Club, Mossflower, The New Hetalia Order, The Greater German Republik, National Anarchism, The Epic Pony Region, Eeveetopian empire, The Free City of Danzig, The Crusades, Communist International, Avatar Incarnate, The Greatest German Reich, Spanish state, The Grand Council of Equality, Land Der Judischen Holocaust, Occupied Austria, The Union of German Nations, Occupied France, Occupied Norway, Occupied Czechoslovakia, Occupied Luxembourg, Teen Titans, Philosophy 115, Honolulu, United Mexican States, Spanish Guinea, Christian anarchy, The Republic of Haiti, The Alliance Pocket Universe, Heer, Macau Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Taiwan China, The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, Fascist Japan, Memorial, Reichstag, Der Totale Krieg, Central Deutschland, Das verld assemblech, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Tavis, The Blacklands, Northern Deutschland, The Axis of Swag, Reichskommissariate, Iron and Blood, Southern Deutschland, Weltreich der Blut das Deutscher, National Socialist Germany, Greater Dictaorship Republic, Dictatorships Of The World, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Gale Islands, The Land of Denmark, Shanghai, The Liberals, Rebel Brigade, Benevolent Dictatorships Union, Moderate Christians, Axis Powers of Europe and the Pacific, The Glorified Union of German Australis, Volksgemeinschaft, State of Palestine, The National Socialist Brotherhood, Final War, Conservative Dictatorships, The New World Order, QIAOFENIA, Nationalist prosperity alliance, Dictators Union, The Reichsfuhrer, The Corrupt Dictatorlands, Dumbledorian, Ekos and Zeon, The Northern Hemisphere, Vereintes Deutsches Reich, Fascist Communist Alliance, Warzone 2051, Republic of Ireland, Polen, State of Israel, Maoist Khmer Rouge Alliance, National Socialist United, Fascist Resistance, Northwest territory, Sky haven temple, Dictators of Insanity and Evil, International Gestapo Courts, Schwarze Sonne, The imperial alliance of kiezer, Lacombe, Danemark, Department of National Security, Belgien, Gulag, Griechenland, Niederlande, Slowenien, Ungarn, Lebensraum, Planet Earth, Turkei, Rumanien, The Confederation of Dictatorships, Guanxi, Peoples Dominion, The League of Fascist Governments, Region of Nationalist Governments, Fascist Governments, The Luftwaffe, Republican Spain, The Legion of Evil Dictators, American Reich, United Supreme Dictators, The Fifth German Reich, Nephilim, Pennsylvania Avenue, MIA, Occupied Poland, National Socialist Party of NationStates, Territory of Croatia, Territory of Serbia, Territory of Iraq, Territory of Estonia, Territory of Pakistan, Territory of South Africa, Territory of Iran, Territory of Sweden, Territory of Slovakia, Territory of Argentina, Territory of Latvia, Republic of India, Horst Wessel, Territory of Australia, Territory of Ukraine, Wehrwolves, Anchorage, The Republic of Belarus, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Territory of Portugal, Stalinist International, The Church of Enlightened Eugenicism, League of Christian Nations, Francia, The Tyrannical Union, The Ultimate NS Army, NSO, Communist Party of Nationstates, The Cooperative Union, Alamiralia, Riyadh, League of Independent Nations, The Cross, Romanov Russian Empire, Bill Cosby, The Kingdom of Bulgaria, Galilee, Territory of Belarus, Hail the Trinity, The KGB, Equestria, CSSR, Minecraftia, The Darwin Allied Republics, Strasserism, ACA, Trav khar, House of Congress, Marxists, Territory of Kosovo, Ivory Tower, Women, Atheist Empire, Norway, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, Latin America, The Roma Confederacy, Hispania, Antifascist Allstars, Republic of Korea, People Democratic States, The Derpy Dominion, Angels of Derp, Freecomunism, Jewish Europe, Schloss Wewelsburg, Neo Otaku Utopia, San Diego, Japanese Pan Asian Co Prosperity Sphere, Korean Union, Camp Half Blood, Cuito Cuanavale, The Shadows Of Dawn, Nigel Thornberry, TheChurchofJesusChristChristian, The Roma Confederacy Graveyard, Czechoslovakian Republic, The White Resistance, Council of The Federated Nations, Judean League, The Illuminati, The United Coalition of Butlers, Harlem, The City of London, Failed Region, Taskforce 141, The Americas, Interstellar Union, Territory of Crimea, Montreal, Territory Of Canada, Pirates Who Dont Do Anything, Allied Forces, The Fluttershy Legion, Altera, Survey Corps, Russian Federation, Aryan Nations, Aryan Alliance, Sparthens, and The Empire of Rome.

Construction of embassies with Paraguay has commenced. Completion expected in 3 hours.

Construction of embassies with International Fascist League has commenced. Completion expected in 1 day 3 hours.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Offsite Forums, Puppet Storage, Video Game, Game Player, Surreal, Independent, Eco-friendly, Democratic, Silly, Anime, Social, and 10 others.Casual, Defender, Fandom, Outer Space, Role Player, Multi-Species, Minuscule, Magical, Invader, and Serious.

Freedom and Justice Alliance contains 3 nations.


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The Largest Mining Sector in Freedom and Justice Alliance

As a region, Freedom and Justice Alliance is ranked 16,284th in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Defender of Freedom of Dolphin with an AK-47Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Defending freedom since 2012”
2.The In The Flesh of Mr ForeverLeft-wing Utopia“♪♪But I am of the Universe♪♪”
3.The Pokemon Clones of BlackGreenWhiteDemocratic Socialists“Mewtwo: Back in my day, Pokemon looked interesting!”

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Freedom and Justice Alliance Regional Message Board

I'll be closing the region for the zombie apocalypse. I encourage everyone to research a cure.

sup my homies

Not much. Pretty quiet here. I'll try to be more active once finals are over.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I swear, that's the third time I've lost a region because the "apocalypse warning" email didn't get sent despite me making sure I had checked the box. Apologies for this and for the general lack of activity.

This agreement is called The Nation States Monetary Bank. In this there are 3 sectors.The Monetary Nation States Fund is one of those three. It deals with the actual distribution of wealth. Any kind of income is based off of the different types of Economical Bases such as Powerhouse or Frightening. That is all added to The Monetary Nation States Fund. 5% of that is added to ACA treasury and the rest is calculated for legitimacy then sent back to you region. A region can do anything with their money that they want. That includes buying stocks in a nation or region. Region Stock is based off their weekly income. You cannot buy stock in a private Region unless you are in it. Stock will earn you a 20 Regional Standard dividend. Your Regional Standard is the type of currency your region runs on. Your Regional Standard is calculated in the second piece of The Nation States Monetary Bank, The Global Treasury. You must choose between these currencies.
-Yen=0.0098 Standard
-Dollar=1 Standard
-Pound=1.65 Standard
-Krown=0.050 Standard
-Egyption Pound=0.14 Standard
By signing this you are recognizing that these Standards may go down or up in Value. If you take out a loan from The Nation States Monetary Bank or from another region then you MUST PAY IT BACK. They may also charge interest on this loan. The outstanding debts must be posted in your factbook. And all debts will be calculated in The Nation States IRS. The Nation States Monetary Bank is hosted and fun in ACA. All Income Tax from your region will count as weekly income in ACA. If you would like to change currencies then you must wait 4 weeks before you have converted. If you owe a region more than 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 then the founder must leave the region. Money can be used for anything such as help to fights back a raid. On WA Delegate Campaigns.
By signing this agreement you are stating:
1.You have a Treasury
2.You can go bankrupt
3.You have actual in game money
4.The value of your money can go down
5.You are a piece of a global community
All money and transactions are made through ACA and all regions must have a Puppet which is named after the region it is from. If you owe somone a dept that you cannot pay back then it is their choice with what to do with you. Any changes to the Agreement you must comply with.

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Welcome back Dolphin :)

Welcome Mr Forever!

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