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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Confusion of Misplaced States (elected )

Founder: The Reticulated Splines of Luna Amore

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Most Cultured: 371st Most Cheerful Citizens: 457th Nicest Citizens: 513th+16
Most Rebellious Youth: 686th Highest Drug Use: 713th Best Weather: 782nd Smartest Citizens: 813th Most Beautiful Environments: 870th Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,001st Most Inclusive: 1,147th Most Pacifist: 1,212th Most Nations: 1,234th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,383rd Most Advanced Public Education: 1,471st Nudest: 1,568th Largest Populations: 1,600th Most Influential: 1,674th Largest Publishing Industry: 1,788th Highest Economic Output: 1,825th
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Come on in, stop by. Now with: active founder.
This space for rent. Only 99 RWF!Everyone welcome, including invaders; you can't skip out on your bill this time.
Sh, this is not here.This is a certified 'Region Hopper Friendly' region.

We Are A Quiet Unassuming Region Which Goes Through Bouts Of Inactivity But Never Gives Up The Ghost.

Originally Founded by Jacobstalia in mid-2003; refounded February 10, 2011 ~/|\~ Featured Region on March 12th, 2011; March 5th, 2012; July 25, 2014; and February 19th, 2015.

Embassies: Philosophy 115, Testregionia, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Quiet Cottage on the Edge of the Cosmos, and The Speculative Evolution Territories.

Tags: Issues Player, Featured, Anarchist, Anime, Casual, and Medium.

Regional Power: Moderate

Free Thought contains 11 nations, the 1,234th most in the world.

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The Fattest Citizens in Free Thought

World Census takers tracked the sale of Cheetos and Twinkies to ascertain which nations most enjoyed the "kind bud."

As a region, Free Thought is ranked 16,365th in the world for Fattest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Anaphylaxis of Equinox ParallaxCivil Rights Lovefest“*choking*”
2.The 1st Free Thought WFE Puppet of We Are A Quiet Unassuming Region WhichAuthoritarian Democracy“I come first.”
3.The 2nd Free Thought WFE Puppet of Goes Through Bouts Of Inactivity ButAuthoritarian Democracy“Second I am.”
4.The 3rd Free Thought WFE Puppet of Never Gives Up The GhostAuthoritarian Democracy“Bringing up the rear.”
5.The Psychedelic Fur Shadows of Urbane Night GuardianDemocratic Socialists“And love, love, love... You can't give it away ”
6.The Soft and Squeaky Nation of Vand0osaIron Fist Consumerists“The meaning to life, the universe, and everything”
7.The Reticulated Splines of Luna AmoreBenevolent Dictatorship“Ask not for whom the bone bones; it bones for thee.”
8.The Technocratic City-state of RandomeeLeft-Leaning College State“Logic is illogical.”
9.The Mariachi Band of ZeuhlLibertarian Police State“Quack”
10.The Slumber of The Tofu IslandsScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Zzzzzzzzzzzz.”

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Free Thought Regional Message Board

Declaring war on a mods region? is that safe?

Says the person who invaded us.

Hrumph, War never changes

The Reticulated Splines of Luna Amore wrote:Says the person who invaded us.

EEP... that was an accident.. I was so scared when I noticed a mod founded it..

At first we thought it was a miss but your delegate position has loopholes..

Can we keep the zombies as pets this time?

Does anyone else have a craving for pure butter?

The Sorta Large Nuclear Crater of Communerica wrote:Does anyone else have a craving for pure butter?

That's too much butter.. but I do like a lot of it on stuff..

Pure butter is easy to make--put some heavy whipping cream into your mixer and ramp it up to full speed. Beat until the butter reaches the consistency you want. If you're going to go to that much trouble, you might try adding some herbs for a flavoured butter.

The liquid left over when you remove the milkfat solids as butter is called "buttermilk"!

If you watch the TV show Top Chef, you will see that a rookie mistake in making ice cream is to church it too long, making the mixture into butter. I've yet to see any of the contestants do this in earlier rounds in order to make a fancy homemade butter. It's probably too much effort for not enough payout (unless the herbs going into the butter are a basket ingredient).

Philosophy 115 looks forward to working with you and your members again this Halloween. Here is a copy of an article I wrote last year in order to help you have a top score in the zombie apocalypse:

Halloween Edition

Regarding the Zombie Apocalypse in this game-within-a-game, as of last year, there are three basic approaches (there's no guarantee this year will be exactly the same):

(1) Kill the zombies;
(2) Cure the zombies; and
(3) Join the zombies.

If you decide on option 1, you will develop roving death squads that turn zombies into dead people. After about an hour, you can send your Tactical Zombie Elimination Squads into other nations in the region to kill their zombies, too. If your region is embracing the zombies and you want to save yourself, this is the best option. You will lose some 20% or so of your population, but you will save the majority of your population (unless someone else infects you with zombies). If you decide to storm another nation in your region, be aware that you will only kill 1 million zombies per attack in the beginning. If a nation has billions of zombies, this will take impossibly long to have an effect. However, all three approaches tend to get more effective as time passes.

If you decide on option 2, you will tell NS that your nation is "researching a cure." After about an hour, your nation will start building cure missiles which you can fire at other nations in the region. Once a nation is zombie-free, it tends to stay that way unless it has chosen option 3, or someone else who has chosen option 3 re-infects it. To fire a missile at a nation, open that nationís page and click the FIRE MISSILE button. At the very beginning, the timer will not show, so you have to guestimate 20 seconds between shots. If you try to fire too soon, you will misfire and have to wait another 20 seconds.

If you decide on option 3, you will become very infected very quickly. After an hour or so, you will be able to send Zombie Hordes to your neighbours or go to other regions and "spread the wealth." Attacking large nations will create many more zombies than attacking smaller nations, as the other two approaches, too, are more effective with large nations.

If you want to survive the ZA and emerge infection-free (highest score), here's the plan:

I. Just before or at the beginning of the crisis, have the Founder or WA Delegate temporarily close your region's borders to keep out unwanted "guests."
II. I strongly suggest EVERYONE in your region research the cure. Researching a cure is the most efficient way completely to rid a region of hidden pockets of infection after youíve used your cure missiles on most of the region; thus you wonít have to systematically go through EVERY nation in the region looking for zombies. This is obviously critically important for larger regions. Do NOT marshal your forces to kill the zombies! The point of the game is to have the most survivors; dead people don't count. Zombies can be converted into uninfected, living humans, while the truly dead canít. If you can only devote an hour to the game during the crisis, devote that hour to firing cure missiles as soon as they become available to you. Keep the zombies from gaining a firm foothold in your region, which will slow down the cure and also begin to generate dead people.
III. Anyone who wants to join the zombies should voluntarily leave the region or be temporarily ejected for the duration of the crisis. Cunning saboteurs will join your region hours or days before Z-Day begins, so be on the lookout for people ďbuilding a zombie empireĒ and especially those actively attacking other nations.
IV. Particularly at the beginning, when your cure missiles are weakest, target the largest nations first--your first few missile strikes will go a surprisingly long way with those nations with 20,000,000,000+ populations. I have had beginning level cure missiles cure 200,000,000 zombies in the first strike on a nation with 2 billion+ zombies! These large nations also hold the largest reservoirs of zombies, so you will de-zombify your region faster by working on the largest nations first.
V. As the largest nations become zombie-free, turn your attention to other nations, especially apparently inactive ones. Your missiles will be getting stronger, so it won't be QUITE so tedious to rid medium and smaller nations of zombies. If you leave even one million zombies, they will start multiplying again, so be sure the nation you're curing goes completely infection-free.
VI. It takes 20 seconds between cure missile shots (and the other two approaches, too), so I advocate that you have 2-4 nations (or more if you're really efficient or have someone helping you) online at the same time with different browsers. Different internet access works, too, like having a laptop next to your desktop. You might have nation W on Chrome, X on Opera, Y on MSIE, and Z on Safari. Once you fire one cure missile, immediately switch to the next nation and so forth. By the time you've used your last browser, the first one will be ready to go again. Iíve found that Chrome and Opera are the most dependable, while MSIE and FireFox are the slowest and most likely to crash; the last time I used MSIE for this, it crashed 4 times and I eventually just stopped using it. MS Edge performed acceptably well. As a bonus, it certainly appeared that Chrome and Opera completed the 20-second countdown faster than MSIE.
VII. Be aware that when a nation is hit with any of the three approaches, it cannot do anything for 3 minutes, so if you see nations being very active, don't strike them at first. Wait until they stop firing before curing them. If some well-meaning n00b fires at you, just switch to a different nation. If you are one of those rare people on NS with just one nation, I suggest you create 3-4 clones ahead of time to use for these purposes, even if you plan never to log into them again after the Apocalypse is over.
VIII. Perhaps you and 1-2 friends can tag-team a particular nation at a time, continuously bombarding it with cure missiles--it will become infection-free MUCH faster that way.
IX. As the night wears on, network with other awake nations to find any obscure nations with remaining infection. Donít stay up all night for this unless you really want to. Youíll likely find when you log back into NS that your region is now 100% infection-free. Remember, itís just a game.
X. Report any nations building a zombie empire for ejection, particularly if they are launching zombie hordes at other nations. If your Founder/Delegate/Border Control Officer is unavailable to eject this menace, completely curing it will bring a temporary reprieve; remember, too, that if you launch 1 cure missile at it every three minutes, it will remain helplessly paralyzed until it can be dealt with properly. Hopefully it will become frustrated with the situation and leave your region for the duration of the crisis. Just because you completely cure a zombie-loving nation does not mean that it wonít become re-infected; it will gain new zombies every hour, completely cured or not.
XI. Once the region is completely infection free (usually the next day), you might consider voluntarily leaving your region to help out some other region, which will be deeply appreciated. Target regions with high level of infection and few or no dead people. IMHO, itís a waste of time curing a few zombies in a nation or region thatís already 80%+ dead. Be sure you return to your home base before the end of the crisis so your population counts in the scoring.
XII. Even if you don't plan to stay up at all late, still be sure to research the cure in the first hour of the crisis, so you can at least heal yourself and contribute to the regional cure. STARTING EARLY IS KEY. If you wait until 99% of your population is zombified or dead, you won't have any resources to research the cure, since all your scientists and military members will be in the bellies of the walkers! :D

If you and your region decide to embrace your inner zombies:

A. Starting early remains critical. Be aware, though, that zombies naturally die eventually from the infection or starvation.
B. Since the game is biased in favour of zombies, a region that willingly embraces the zombies will become totally infected rather quickly. Note that even when you reduce a nation's living population to 0, living people will spring out of the thin air at the updates.
C. You should play with 2-4 nations, too, each on a separate browser. Particularly once you leave your home region to spread the zombie love, you will want to be able to respond disproportionately if some fool fires a Cure Missile at you. Show them no mercy!
D. When possible, you should case the region you want to infect to find the largest nations. Your first ravenous horde or two will create many more Zombies than they would in a smaller nation. It is particularly useful to infect large nations with 0 zombies, so that the zombies you create will create more zombies every hour they are not curedóthe joys of compounding interest!
E. Especially when you're raining on the party of some do-gooder region, work quickly, as you will probably be ejected once the populace realizes your mission unless you've gone to a Founderless region with no WA Delegate. Suckers!
F. The feeders and sinkers tend to become blood baths, as do larger regions without a survival plan. Since the mega-large feeders can have massive losses and still make a showing on the "Most Survivors" board, give them payback for not allowing adspam on their RMBs anymore! If any nation has wronged you in the past, the Zombie Apocalypse is the time for payback! If you keep getting ejected, you can always just stay in the Rejected Realms to create mischief. You canít be ejected from there.
G. Be aware of what your prey is doing or not doing. If they are also spreading zombies, leave them alone unless you want to send them a bloody valentine, so to speak. Inactive nations should be your favoured prey.
H. Should a group of undead bigots totally cure you, you will continue to make more zombies and you can always ask a zombie patriot to re-infect you, too. If you donít personally know any zombie-loving nations, you can always head to ZombieLand or Hell and simply ask the RMB to be infected and Iím sure your wish will be granted.
I. Should you decide to call it a night early, be sure you're joining the zombies and in a zombiephilic region when you log out. There's nothing worse than seeing a string of Cure Missiles have been fired at you all night while you slept the Sleep of the (Un)Dead. ;)
J. You CAN research two or all three paths. Since the primary score is the number of living, uninfected citizens, sending in a band of death squads to kill Zombies may be a more effective strategy at lowering a region's score, since the Really Dead cannot be cured. Perhaps you could alternate between infecting your victim and sending in death squads to grind that nationís population into dust.

Remember, this is a game, so have fun playing with the zombies! Note that once the crisis is over, there will be no permanent effects on your nation--everyone will return to their complete populations, no more zombies, etc.


Oh I look forward to those zombies! I won't be active here and likely won't pick an option that day.. I'll be busy helping to cure in Yggdrasil or eat everyone's brains in my other two regions. Might do a little zombie raid attacks with raiders. I won't need WA mobility to do zombie raids so that will be fun!

Butter and zombies, now there's a combination you don't see every day.

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