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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Ravanian Watchtower of Justice for the Free Peoples

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Welcome to Free, The Ravanian Justice Region!

Operational headquarters have been moved to The Iron League
This region tries to bring justice to the free peoples.
Detags executed by Ravanian Justice-nations : 656

Justice-detag list:

Dec 21st: Democratium
Dec 21st: The Land of the Wolverines
Dec 21st: Scythia
Dec 21st: Umbara
Dec 21st: Galilean
Dec 21st: Mushroom Kingdom

Detag to-do-list:

Unban banned defender nations
Ban the left-overs from the raid
Check the WFE
Check the flag
Check the RMB
Check the embassies
Check the tags

Embassies: Ravania, Castle On The Hill, Kyzikos, Teh West Pacific, Mythical HQ 85, Justice Society of Nationstates, Santa Catalina, and The Iron League.

Tags: Password, Social, Defender, Minuscule, and Game Player.

Free is home to a single nation.

Password required

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The Most Avoided in Free

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, Free is ranked 15,046th in the world for Most Avoided.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Ravanian Watchtower of Justice for the Free PeoplesDemocratic Socialists“Justice for all!”

Regional Happenings


Free Regional Message Board

Fifty-sixth log of detags executed by justice-nations

May 16th: FISH
May 16th: Wadiya
May 18th: The Union of High Society
May 18th: The Imperial Realm
May 18th: Pareidolia Islands
May 18th: Not NATO
May 22nd: VCWA Violent Corners of the World Assemb
May 22nd: Second Star to the Right
May 23rd: A Nice Warm Cave
May 24th: Terrafirma Canyon

Fifty-seventh log of detags executed by justice-nations

May 24th: The Indian Ocean
May 24th: United Supreme States
May 25th: Chechnya
June 1st: The United Countries II
June 1st: Northeastshooterstan
June 1st: Outer Planets
June 1st: Libertarian Socialist
June 1st: Green Planet
June 1st: Reagan States
June 19th: ZZ 9 Plural Z Alpha

Fifty-eighth log of detags executed by justice-nations

June 21st: Xerox
June 21st: Lake Ilopango
June 21st: The Golden Land
June 21st: Vegetableland
June 21st: Canadian Goose Land
June 21st: Aequivalere
June 21st: Schuylkill Valley
June 25th: Universe9
June 25th: The AGS Commonwealth
June 25th: The Supranational Union

Fifty-ninth log of detags executed by justice-nations

June 25th: Venetia
June 27th: Humankind Solidarity
June 27th: Ocean Islands
June 27th: The Bad Lands
June 27th: Saint Tifa
July 3rd: Kittens with Doorknobs
July 3rd: Shivering Isles
July 3rd: Djevik Kshar
July 5th: Hill Valley
July 5th: The Montopian Allied States

Sixtieth log of detags executed by justice-nations

July 9th: Marijuana 4 The Masses
July 9th: The Bloody Stump
July 9th: The Dark Side
July 9th: Anfield
July 9th: Koprulu
July 9th: Democratica
July 9th: Appalachia
July 9th: Scarlet Borderlands
July 10th: Phusis
July 10th: 7th Street Brigade

Sixty-first log of detags executed by justice-nations

July 10th: The Creepylands of Zalgo
July 10th: Land of Evil Oppression
July 10th: Aequivalere
July 10th: Free Bobby Fischer
July 10th: Continental Union
July 10th: Helio Ocean Two
July 11th: Republic of the Seven United Netherlands
July 11th: National Socialist Republics
July 11th: Pendolaplex

Sixty-second log of detags executed by justice-nations

July 11th: Fortuna
July 11th: Felinia
July 12th: The United Nations of Gaither
July 12th: Over the Hills and Far Away
July 12th: GIGA Federation
July 13rd: The Conclave of the Raptor
Nov 10th: The Emerald Heights
Nov 10th: Akiviiri
Nov 10th: The Great Republic of Dixie
Nov 10th: The Land of Amani

Sixty-third log of detags executed by justice-nations

Nov 10th: Richmond
Nov 10th: James Island Model UN
Nov 10th: Khora
Nov 10th: The International Union
Nov 11th: Sacred Camel
Nov 12th: Castle Black
Nov 12th: Second Order of the Eternal Knights
Dec 8th: Orion
Dec 8th: Shangrila
Dec 8th: Westernlands

Sixty-fourth log of detags executed by justice-nations

Dec 8th: Anne Frank
Dec 8th: Derbyshire
Dec 8th: Fun Times
Dec 8th: Independent Pacific Nations Union
Dec 8th: The Risk Takers
Dec 14th: Slava
Dec 14th: Esteros
Dec 14th: Afroeurasia
Dec 14th: The Earlham Confederacy of Crazy
Dec 14th: Land of the Dead

Sixty-fifth log of detags executed by justice-nations

Dec 14th: Religious Union of Dradogoonism
Dec 14th: Tepeco
Dec 14th: Premoirpatrik
Dec 16th: The United Coalition of Butlers
Dec 16th: Spartania
Dec 16th: Swusia
Dec 16th: The Rogue Nations of Horses
Dec 16th: Trashbin
Dec 16th: The Lazy Space
Dec 21st: Soviet Communist Union of Socialist Stat

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