Free RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Ravanian Watchtower of Justice for the Free Peoples

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Free, The Ravanian Justice Region!

Operational headquarters have been moved to 11135
This region tries to bring justice to the free peoples.
Detags executed by Ravanian Justice-nations : 483

Justice-detag list:

Oct 15th: Scarlet Borderlands
Oct 17th: The Domain of Mischief
Oct 18th: The Heart
Oct 18th: Bootline
Oct 18th: Top Secret HQ
Oct 18th: 1000 Flowers
Oct 20th: A Nice Warm Cave
Oct 20th: Austria
Oct 20th: Antico
Oct 20th: Absolute Nowhere
Oct 25th: Battleship Park
Oct 25th: Teutonic States
Oct 25th: Lake Ilopango

Detag to-do-list:

Unban banned defender nations
Ban the left-overs from the raid
Check the WFE
Check the flag
Check the RMB
Check the embassies
Check the tags

Embassies: Ravania, Castle On The Hill, Kyzikos, Teh West Pacific, Mythical HQ 85, Justice Society of Nationstates, and Santa Catalina.

Tags: Password, Social, Defender, Minuscule, and Game Player.

Free is home to a single nation.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Most Authoritarian in Free

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, Free is ranked 3,080th in the world for Most Authoritarian.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Ravanian Watchtower of Justice for the Free PeoplesDemocratic Socialists“Justice for all!”

Regional Happenings


Free Regional Message Board

Thirty-seventh log of detags executed by justice-nations

Feb 23rd: The Empire of Cats
Feb 28th: Pedestria
Mar 3rd: Coalition of Christian
Mar 5th: The Empire of Cats
Mar 5th: Liberal Haven
Mar 14th: The Knights of Columbus
Mar 16th: Island of the Moon
Mar 17th: Italy
Mar 17th: Arcturus Galaxy
Mar 17th: The Place of Complex Issues

Thirty-eighth log of detags executed by justice-nations

Mar 18th: Rock Island
Mar 18th: The Mercenaries
Mar 25th: The Free Land
Mar 28th: Transilvania
Mar 28th: Theia
Mar 29th: Vegan
Mar 29th: Iraq
Mar 30th: The Empire of Cats
Mar 30th: Galsec 299
Apr 1st: Grey Sea States

Thirty-ninth log of detags executed by justice-nations

Apr 1st: Iraq
Apr 1st: Organization Islamic Nations
Apr 1st: Federation of Allied Nations
Apr 4th: The Astral Planes
Apr 5th: Myth Busters
Apr 5th: The Supreme States Congregation
Apr 5th: San Esperito
Apr 5th: Int
Apr 8th: Great German Empire
Apr 8th: Punjab

Fortieth log of detags executed by justice-nations

Apr 8th: The Free Land
Apr 8th: Liberal Haven
Apr 8th: Priory
Apr 10th: Topia
Apr 14th: The Astral Planes
Apr 14th: Coconut Paradise
Apr 14th: Koprulu
Apr 14th: The Global Revolutionary
Apr 20th: Ninuar

Forty-first log of detags executed by justice-nations

May 1st: DK Country
May 18th: German Tamriel
May 18th: Quarry Lake
May 30th: The Tenth Reich
May 30th: The Topless Towers
June 1st: Island of the moon
June 1st: Allied Military States
June 1st: Worst Villains Conglomerate
June 3rd: Foodlandia
June 3rd: National Socialist Republics

Forty-second log of detags executed by justice-nations

June 4th: Union Soviet Socialist Republic
June 4th: The Democratic Socialist Empire
June 5th: Orthodox
June 6th: The Glorious Fourth Reich
June 6th: United Defense Directorate
June 6th: The Grenvali United
June 10th: Melonesia
June 11th: Intergalactic Alliance
June 12th: The Realm of Middle Earth
June 12th: Il Aureus Republique

Forty-third log of detags executed by justice-nations

June 12th: Civilization Nation
June 12th: The Island of Misfit Toys
June 12th: Hollywoodland
June 23rd: Nya Hosossepthetah
June 25th: FISH
June 25th: The Arab League
June 26th: Luna
June 28th: Coalition of Christian Communities
June 28th: Benevolent Capitalism
July 2nd: Liberal Haven

Forty-fourth log of detags executed by justice-nations

July 16th: National Socialist Republics
July 16th: The Arab League
July 16th: Confederation of Dolores
July 16th: The Tabletop
July 16th: The Doctor Who Universe
July 16th: Barony of New Canaan
July 18th: Khazan
July 18th: derhimmel
July 23rd: Northern States Alliance
July 29th: The Continental Drift

Forty-fifth log of detags executed by justice-nations

July 29th: Persis
July 29th: The Black Aspen Republic
July 29th: The United States
July 29th: Norway
July 31st: Liberatrian Socialist Federation
Aug 7th: Farwelia
Aug 7th: Iraq
Aug 7th: Gaiaphagia
Aug 8th: Persis
Aug 8th: The Confederacy of Independent Systems

Forty-sixth log of detags executed by justice-nations

Aug 8th: The Promised Land of Israel
Aug 9th: The Peoples Allied Proletariat
Aug 9th: Dun Eideann
Sep 17th: The Imperial Realm
Sep 17th: Sapientia
Sep 17th: United Supreme States
Sep 23rd: Josesa
Sep 23rd: Not the Axis
Sep 30th: The White Lotus Alliance
Oct 15th: Moon Base of Earth

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