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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Ravanian Watchtower of Justice for the Free Peoples

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World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Free, The Ravanian Justice Region!

Operational headquarters have been moved to The Iron League
This region tries to bring justice to the free peoples.
Detags executed by Ravanian Justice-nations : 897

Justice-detag list:

Dec 6th: Politica Universalis
Dec 6th: The Realm of the Mind Potatoes
Dec 6th: The Environmental Protection Region
Dec 6th: Brohalla
Dec 6th: PHSwagger
Dec 6th: Operation Blame Sopo
Dec 6th: Null

Detag to-do-list:

Unban banned defender nations
Ban the left-overs from the raid
Check the WFE
Check the flag
Check the RMB
Check the embassies
Check the tags

Embassies: Ravania, Castle On The Hill, Kyzikos, Mythical HQ 85, Justice Society of Nationstates, Santa Catalina, and The Iron League.

Tags: Password, Social, Defender, Minuscule, and Game Player.

Free is home to a single nation.

Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Most Extreme in Free

The World Census developed the following ranking based on a rather vague survey of nations to uncover 'odd or fundamentalist social, economic, or political systems'.

As a region, Free is ranked 9,082nd in the world for Most Extreme.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Ravanian Watchtower of Justice for the Free PeoplesDemocratic Socialists“Justice for all!”

Regional Happenings


Free Regional Message Board

Eightieth log of detags executed by justice-nations

Sep 24th: Alliance of Empires
Sep 24th: Vendusi
Sep 24th: Sith United Nations
Sep 24th: Pirate Warriors
Sep 24th: The Forgotten Vale
Sep 24th: Socialist Nightvale
Sep 24th: Arialis
Sep 24th: Sons of Islam
Oct 8th: Atlantic
Oct 8th: Marijuana

Eighty-first log of detags executed by justice-nations

Oct 8th: Sanctuary
Oct 8th: Assos
Oct 11th: MLG Faze Clan 420
Oct 11th: The Holy Terror Assiciation
Oct 11th: Adyl
Oct 11th: Montiac
Oct 11th: Arialis
Oct 11th: Orr
Oct 11th: The Tauri
Oct 11th: The Spudland Collective

Eighty-second log of detags executed by justice-nations

Oct 12th: United Communist Republics
Oct 12th: Sons of Islam
Oct 12th: Non Conforming Alliance of CBHS
Oct 12th: Protera
Oct 12th: Future Nations of Terra Priima
Oct 12th: The United Nations of Anarchist
Oct 12th: Wing Chun
Oct 13th: The Plane of Madness
Oct 13th: World Federation
Oct 13th: Aryan Army

Eighty-third log of detags executed by justice-nations

Oct 13th: Socialist Middle East
Oct 13th: The Great Fascist Circle
Oct 13th: Ontario
Oct 13th: Cult of Butterfly
Oct 13th: Anti Communist International
Oct 15th: The United Northern Countries
Oct 15th: Aurea Republica
Oct 15th: Alliance of Southern American States
Oct 16th: WCHS
Oct 16th: Rose

Eighty-fourth log of detags executed by justice-nations

Oct 16th: International Democracy Union
Oct 16th: Ferelden
Oct 16th: Commonwealth of Sovereign Crowns
Oct 16th: The Forgotten Vale
Oct 16th: Empire of Nyonia
Nov 6th: The Duxian Isles
Nov 6th: Socialist Nightvale
Nov 6th: Union of the North Pacific Islands
Nov 6th: Jiggmin
Nov 6th: Narnia

Eighty-fifth log of detags executed by justice-nations

Nov 6th: Aurea Republica
Nov 6th: Fondor
Nov 6th: Gloriana
Nov 7th: Inceptum
Nov 7th: NOZW
Nov 7th: Kizzderong
Nov 7th: Badass 2
Nov 7th: The Big lake Conglomerate
Nov 7th: The League of Potatoes
Nov 7th: Slytherin

Eighty-sixth log of detags executed by justice-nations

Nov 7th: The Farlands
Nov 10th: Ardmaria
Nov 10th: Otaku
Nov 10th: Acheron
Nov 10th: Cult of the Butterfly
Nov 10th: Creative Nothing
Nov 10th: Music
Nov 10th: Bethel Park
Nov 16th: Star Trek United Federation of Planets
Nov 16th: Hesperiae

Eighty-seventh log of detags executed by justice-nations

Nov 16th: Laniakea
Nov 16th: Gulf of Maine
Nov 16th: Biker Radio Asylum
Nov 16th: Ferelden
Nov 16th: Whirlpool Hall
Nov 17th: The Shire
Nov 17th: Fascist Europa
Nov 17th: MLG Faze Clan 420
Nov 17th: Ardmaria
Nov 17th: Union of Aristrocratic Empires

Eighty-eighth log of detags executed by justice-nations

Nov 17th: Coalition of the Western Islands
Nov 17th: The Resistance
Nov 23rd: The Royal Ministry
Nov 23rd: Oceanic
Nov 23rd: Land of Yetis
Nov 23rd: Pamerica
Nov 23rd: Islas Camaalot
Nov 23rd: Mahometopia
Nov 23rd: Deathly States of Corruption
Dec 2nd: The Continent of Avathar

Eighty-ninth log of detags executed by justice-nations

Dec 2nd: Spunkys Funland
Dec 2nd: Fail Federation
Dec 2nd: The Duxian Isles
Dec 2nd: Communist Alliance
Dec 2nd: Citadel United
Dec 2nd: International Model UN
Dec 2nd: DTT
Dec 5th: The League of Communists
Dec 5th: Wholehearted Love
Dec 5th: Nesal Suarubia

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