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The Fifth Empire Ideal is built upon the pillars of Loyalty, Honor, Obedience, Dignity and Respect.
Those who serve under the Shield of the Fatherland are worthy of its protection.


Führer: The New State of P0RTVGAL
Grand Consul: The Slavenska Narodna Republika of Haritopia
Ministry of Law: The Leventian Colony of DarkKiller
Ministry of Truth: The Neo-Finn Imperium of Atsuria
Ministry of Economy: The Glorious Republic of Madsutopia
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Fifth Empire contains 30 nations, the 448th most in the world.

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1.The Federal Republic of BrasirWA MemberCorporate Police State“Spürdo Spärde.”
2.The Fiefdom of ReegakistanPsychotic Dictatorship“Together we fall, United we fail!”
3.The Imperium of The Vekta-Helghast EmpireWA MemberCompulsory Consumerist State“Duty, Loyalty, Honour.”
4.The Slavenska Narodna Republika of HaritopiaIron Fist Consumerists“Čitav svijet je nama podanik”
5.The Glorious Republic of MadsutopiaCorporate Police State“Loyalty is truth, loyalty is freedom”
6.The Holy Empire of HercullandIron Fist Consumerists“Praise Hercule Satan”
7.The Holy Empire of XozaneroIron Fist Consumerists“God, Glory, and Gold!”
8.The Rogue Nation of BudeniaCorrupt Dictatorship“Not all who wander are lost.”
9.The New State of P0RTVGALIron Fist Consumerists“Against the cannons, march, march!”
10.The United Socialist States of EqualitestriaWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Equal pay for equal work”
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The New State of P0RTVGAL wrote:>the issues of morality and justice would be solved by the government
An irreligious government is as flawed as the average joe. And polyreligion should be out of the question in any country.

Nations like the USA and Germany for instance, which have a mixed population of protestants and catholics as the religious majority, can only be polyreligious. This goes especially for countries with a very mixed religious structure, like Russia, Bosnia, Albania, and so on.

Religious morals are basic human morals, thus an irreligious fascist, conservative government will still perform no different than a religious one would, but unlike a religious one it would not be tied to the thoughts of religious institutions.

The people are becoming more and more irreligious as the falsehoods of it become clearer, but, the illogical basis of the leading western religions and judeo-abrahamic mythology are not topics which we should talk about here. Never the less, the irreligious people are not free of moral boundaries, and we should not let anyone lose his or her moral compas.
The people do not need the dogmatic aspects of religion, as the dogmatic parts of the abrahamic faiths, if seen literary, are simply horrible, but what the people do need are the cultural and moral aspects of it. I guess we can all agree that the religious morals should be the foundation of any nation, as, like I said, they are simple human morals for a healthy society.

Religious institutions having power over the governments has never, in the history of mankind, given any possitive effect. What it did bring were needless wars, persecutions, huge setbacks and so on. For the love of it, the catholic church has not just been against scientific facts, but also against things like public baths, and even streetlights. Giving power to such institutions seems quite scary to me.
That an irreligious government can be as bad is true, but it depends on their political orientation. A fascist irreligious government has no flaws which it's other irreligious counterparts could have, as the fascist ideology binds them to the defending of all cultural heretige and the very foundations of the nation.

Poll for the future of our regional map is up.

If we use the European map
I call dibs on Lichtenstein :3

The Leventian Colony of DarkKiller wrote:If we use the European map
I call dibs on Lichtenstein :3

[quote=darkkiller;15373501]If we use the European map

it is quite clear that we will be using a custom one,which is good

I agree with Atsuria.

Please, make my nation with the shape of a benis.

I want a circle nation, yeessssss

The Leventian Colony of DarkKiller wrote:I want a circle nation, yeessssss

Sure thing,this way we all will have so much fun invading you piece by piece from all sides ;)


But I just make technology ;~;

To be honest I would love a nation shaped like Italy, if we make the map ima just trade to all neighboring states with all mah knowledge

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