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The Fifth Empire Ideal is built upon the pillars of Loyalty, Honor, Obedience, Dignity and Respect.
Those who serve under the Shield of the Fatherland are worthy of its protection.


Führer: The New State of P0RTVGAL
Grand Consul: The United States of Haritopia
Ministry of Law: Karathi
Ministry of Truth: The Neo-Finn Imperium of Atsuria
Ministry of Economy: The Holy Empire of Xozanero
Ministry of Agriculture: The Union of Sentar
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Fascist iron islands
Ministry of Media and Communications:The Union of Sentar

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Fifth Empire contains 86 nations, the 151st most in the world.

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1.The Armed Republic of RhotaraCorporate Police State“The best weapon against an enemy is another weapon”
2.The Republic of The Gr8 M80 OdaikWA MemberPsychotic Dictatorship“U wot m8? ill bash ye fukin ead in swer on me mum”
3.The Holy Empire of XozaneroIron Fist Consumerists“The Lord let us conquer this poorer nation.”
4.The Holy Empire of Saranthian RepublicIron Fist Consumerists“Es ist Gottes Wille , wir sind Seine Diener”
5.The One-Man Democracy of Piero SraffaCorporate Police State“In Sraffa we Trust, or Else”
6.The Glorious Republic of MadsutopiaCorporate Police State“Loyalty is truth, loyalty is freedom”
7.The Empire of United Nationalistic AmericaFather Knows Best State“Strength through Unity ”
8.The Red Engineers of The Movers of That GearFather Knows Best State“Got to move that gear up”
9.The Neo-Finn Imperium of AtsuriaPsychotic Dictatorship“Per Aspera Ad Astra!”
10.The Dominion of SariliIron Fist Consumerists“Ruled by the Gods, governed by the Vizier”
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Topic Starter: In your opinion, what should we do about political dissenters, if anything at all? Should we have a secret police to crack down on them? Should we put them in prison camps or even kill them? Should political dissent even be a crime? Can we be fascist and still have free speech? If we have free speech, should it at least be a little regulated? Should there be specific times or places where people can speak freely but not at other times or in other places? Isn't political dissent and criticism of the government a good thing, because it allows us to know what is wrong so we can help the people? Should we only allow certain types of dissent? What do you all think?

Where is everyone? Haha

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The Totalitarian Republic of Belmora wrote:Where is everyone? Haha

i guess you asked too hard question for anyone to answer :D

The Neo-Finn Imperium of Atsuria wrote:i guess you asked too hard question for anyone to answer :D

Haha well its just what your opinion is haha I can answer first if you guys want :p

The Totalitarian Republic of Belmora wrote:Haha well its just what your opinion is haha I can answer first if you guys want :p

I think perhaps limiting the right to criticize the government to citizens only. That way a person must work their way up through a meritocratic system to earn their right to vote and their right to protest (in a police monitored area outside that requires a scanning of some kind of ID to get in and participate. That way it is guaranteed to be peaceful and constructive.). The reason I say this is because citizens will have then gone through formal education (an enhanced high school education), completed their sortition civic service, finished their secondary education (compulsory and more specialized free college education), and completed a citizenship test/civil exam (testing their knowledge and loyalty). By that time, they will highly educated, skilled, experienced, loyal and in their early 30s, making it highly likely that they are in a professional field (which sort of limits how much they can protest anyways) and they will be much wiser, not to mention preoccupied with family as well. I believe that will curb political dissent itself quite significantly, as the youth will be trying to attain citizenship and the citizenry will be mature enough to not want to protest, but if they do decide to, then it will most likely be a calm, or at most, a heated discussion rather then an actual protest. All of which would be monitored by police in a monitored area. If there is a real protest from the citizenry, then there is really something wrong. If there are youth protests, of which are not allowed and against the law, the youth will be arrested and brought specifically to a political rehabilitation center to be integrated back into society. I know, I know, it sounds like a reeducation camp and propaganda, blah blah blah, but in reality, I want people there doing their best to enlighten these troubled youth and make them willing submit to the state, rather then forcibly subjugating them. I don't think they should be in a real political prison and I don't think they should be beaten on worked to death just because they decided to protest. Though I hate protesters, they are just stupid kids who need love, discipline and understanding. So I don't think there is a need for secret police or imprisonment, and I think that they should be able to criticize the government through free speech on their own, but not on media and they cannot organize themselves to protest unless they are citizens, and even that will be heavily monitored by the government and should be more of the form of a British Question Time type thing (but more respectful and calm). What do you think?

The Neo-Finn Imperium of Atsuria wrote:i guess you asked too hard question for anyone to answer :D

Alrighty, guess that didn't work haha


So how is everyone doing tonight?

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