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Founder: The Guerrillas of Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias

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"There is more repression of individual freedom here, than in any country we’ve been to; the police patrol the streets, carrying rifles, and demand your papers every few minutes . . . the atmosphere, here, is tense, and it seems a revolution may be brewing. The countryside is in open revolt, and the army is powerless to suppress it." - Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, 6th July 1952

Originally founded by GGR-allied forces (for whatever reason), refounded and liberated by
The Red Fleet, who were lambasted and demonised for doing so by characters who turned out to be GGR-linked! haha!

Embassies: Madrid, Lima, Antifa, The White House, Communist Beach, Red Defence Coalition, Communist International, Aztlan, FMLN, and Mexcaltitlan.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Socialist, Communist, Anarchist, and Minuscule.

FARC is home to a single nation.


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As a region, FARC is ranked 10,064th in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

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1.The Guerrillas of Fuerzas Armadas RevolucionariasLeft-wing Utopia“Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias”

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Post self-deleted by Noemi sanin.

Post self-deleted by Noemi sanin.

Actually Noemi sanin, FARC was refounded, not 'created' and me thinks someone is a little upset that they did not get to refound FARC themselves. :)

Columbia's successive right-wing governments despises terrorism because it desises competition.

Same thing with narcotraffiking. Columbia's government would never do such a thing, naturally. :)

It hates competition. :)

From Wikipedia quoting the UN and Amnesty:

"Right-wing paramilitary groups have been blamed for the vast majority of human rights violations in Colombia. The United Nations has estimated that approximately 80% of all killings in Colombia's civil conflict have been committed by paramilitaries, 12% by leftist guerrillas, and the remaining 8% by government forces.[72] In 2005, Amnesty International stated that The vast majority of non-combat politically-motivated killings, "disappearances", and cases of torture have been carried out by army-backed paramilitaries.[10]"

Are you going to be all up in arms if there is a region called The United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, named after the murderous Columbian government-backed and US-backed Right-wing paramilitary movement that is comprised of bombmakers, death squads that have murdered men, women and children? :)

Because I'm guessing not. :)

Your false outrage about human rights violations is a masterclass in irony and hypocrisy and is actually an insult to those who have died at the hands of right-wing paramilitaries, who you don't condemn for commiting much the same if not worse that you condemned FARC for. :)

Indeed it's an insult to all who have died as a result of human rights violations. Because your indignation is politically-slanted. You condemn the side you oppose, but speak nothing of those who defend the status quo and who massacre to do so. :)

Shame on you. :)

It is also more from the fact that you were beaten to the refound, that seems certain. :)

Seeing as you've declared war on The Red Fleet, you're regarded as a hostile here.

Post self-deleted by Gustavo petro.

Whatever ever the fate of FARC, history shall decide, so will the the future.

FARC's failings can be compared to that of the Columbian government which is also influenced by drug money and which has supported attacks against the civillian unarmed population.

And we come to the argument that yet again, where you are in the world has a bearing on whether a viewpoint is valid.

As Comrade Marxingrad said on another subject: I may never have been to the place, but knowledge is not simply procured from standing at any one point in time or space, if it was, we may only truly hold claim to the knowledge of our own bodies which we possess (which within itself is flawed, as I guarantee you, a doctor/surgeon understands your body far better than you yourself!)"

But seeing as your region has declared war on The Red Fleet for merely refounding a region that already existed, you are also regarded as a hostile. :)

Socialist colombia

2 years 78 days ago

Al Jazeera English is broadcasting their Witness documentary on Colombia's peace and justice process for victims of the right-wing paramilitaries. Sunday nine PM GMT until ten PM (in UK) if it is later added to the library of their programmes available online I will post a link.

Socialist colombia

2 years 73 days ago


Socialist colombia

2 years 68 days ago

The forty-eight years of struggle of the FARC-EP is the best proof that a people conscious, organized and disciplined cannot be overcome even by the most powerful enemies. From Marquetalia to date, the growing and increasingly trained Colombian armed forces have harassed us in fierce predatory activity, counting their time with the Pentagon's military advice and financial assistance. Each of the successive governments have promised to beat us; oligarchy that has been frustrated in their purposes and instead left behind a bloodied country.

Against Imperialism! ... For the Fatherland against the oligarchy! ... For the People!


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