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Welcome to Esquarium, an open roleplaying region! We welcome all! Have a nice stay in our region. ---Your Esquarian Community - please endorse our delegate Democratic Koyro to ensure regional stability.

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Esquarium does not recognize the existence of real world countries or nations in other regions.

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Embassies: The Alliance of Grittonia, Funen, Central Eastern Europe, Groland, The Czech Republic, Minoa, Gay, The Darwin Allied Republics, Greater Dienstad, The Allied Republics, The Cyrillic Empire of New Slavica, Atlantis, Atlas, and Orbit.

Tags: Democratic, Enormous, Offsite Forums, Silly, Social, Casual, Neutral, Modern Tech, Map, Independent, Pacifist, and Role Player.

Regional Power: Very High

Esquarium contains 201 nations, the 58th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Information Technology Sector in Esquarium

As a region, Esquarium is ranked 76th in the world for Largest Information Technology Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The People's Republic of DivitaenWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Down with inequality! Down with prejudice!”
2.The Christian Republic of LuziycaWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“Ista terra promissionis, quam dedit nobis Dominus”
3.The Pavonistadian States of PavonistadeWA MemberAnarchy“Veritas, Caritas, Comitas”
4.The Democratic Republic of KilowattWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
5.The Federal Monarchy of GeilinorWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Frieden und Wohlstand”
6.The Republic of SarvadiaWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Liberty, Equality, Prosperity”
7.The Federal Commonwealth of New ZepuhaWA MemberFather Knows Best State“All things must bow to safety”
8.The Greater Ziegenian Reich of ZiegenhainPsychotic Dictatorship“Strength by Unity, Unity by Faith, Faith by Loyalty”
9.The Non-Island Nation of Iglesian ArchipelagoWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“United and Eternal”
10.The Grand Theocracy of Vashta NeradaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“La peur est pour les faibles”
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Esquarium Regional Message Board

The Christian Republic of Luziyca wrote:No, that's Unolia. All hail the Sport Tsar, ruler of all the balls... and so forth and so forth and so forth.

Well, time to take it by force then.

The Christian Republic of Luziyca wrote:Yeah. Elysium seemed to want to become a new Esquarium, and it failed. :P

More than that, it literally copied everything Esquarian. They had NEDO for NOSDO, copied and pasted the threads about tax rates and just filled in details etc.

I didn't mind the Elysians in general, most of them were just persuaded by Ghant's absolute BS, and then quickly realised how terrible of a leader he was. He destroyed one region, almost destroyed Esquarium, and then destroyed Elysium.

God that guy was a prick.

The Kingdom of Fjaalberg wrote:2013: Got really involved in a region called the Social Liberal Union, back when I was a left-winger.

I was there in 2013, under the guise of Fulflood.

What was your nation's name?

The Christian Republic of Luziyca wrote:An idea for a globe: < okay, less distortion now

New Waterford

Hate week Hate week Hate week Hate week

hate for everyone

The Pavonistadian States of Pavonistade wrote:A mass suppression of posts, said to be unfriendly by one side and said to be harmless on the other side. It's stuff like this that can make the region less friendly than what it claims to be for newcomers.

Yes. All it would have taken was someone tellingme politely that my comments seemed unfriendly and I would have automatically deleted them.

I did not come here to offend. I came here hoping to find a friendly region that enjoys humor and RP.

The Greater Ziegenian Reich of Ziegenhain wrote:Hate week Hate week Hate week Hate week

hate for everyone

gas the kikes race war now
ron paul 2016

The Republic of Vyvland wrote:I was there in 2013, under the guise of Fulflood.

What was your nation's name?

Fjaalenborgen, or something like that. Unoriginal, I know.

Early 2012 (Maybe late 2011, don't really remember) - First joined NS as a gameplayer; answered issues and shіt.
Mid 2012 - Participated in my first (outrageously shіtty) RP as Zvandinia. Link for your own amusement: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=175163&p=9042039&hilit=zvandinia#p9042039
Early 2013 - Abandoned Zvandinia and founded Eskavia, with which I participated in one or two mediocre, but nevertheless markedly better RPs.
Mid 2013 - Abandoned Eskavia and founded Vjaarland, which I had intended from the beginning to be an NSwiki (and later IIwiki) centric nation. Esquarium was actually a huge inspiration to me in creating my first nation page, and I came to highly regard pages such as Hippostania and Geadland.
Late 2013 - Joined Esquarium just a few weeks before Ghant. He was actually how I first got significantly involved in regional affairs; before that I was primarily just siting by and working on my IIwiki page.
Mid 2014 - Joined the Dark Side (Elysium) for a few weeks, before moving back to Esquarium due to my discontent with the quality of the RP atmosphere.
2015 - Vjaarland holds all encompassing power over Esquarium, and is revered as a God by his loyal subjects. All praise to our glorious eternal leader.

Looking back, it's absolutely amazing to me how I've gone from a shіtty RPer, looking at this region as a paragon for RPing, to being an accepted and well recognized Esquarian (and realizing the truth about some of the people here :P). Back when I first created Vjaarland, I probably would have laughed if anyone had told me that this is where I would be two years down the road.

April, 2011 - Our Great Reichsmarschall's first post on the NS forums as 'Bewaffnetland': viewtopic.php?f=23&t=96432&p=5526583#p5526583
May, 2013 - Great Reichsmarschall creats 'Everia', and moves it to Esquarium shortly after.
Mid-Late 2013 - Swilatia is a twat and Esquarium is so far not that bad of a place. Great Reichsmarschall befriends what would eventually be the main members of the future Triumvirate Alliance of Eternal Glory against Social-Imperialism.
Zoom - I made Ziegenhain because DEUTSCH, but keep Everia for lalz
Dark Ages - Ghant and Co. arrive to Esquarium, bringing promise of more RPing and people. Esquarium and Great Reichsmarschall are at first glad to see new people, but the ugly truth is revealed that Ghant and Co. are actually social-imperialist pig-dogs who are on a bloody conquest of taking over the region. The Pig-Dog demon is eventually defeated by the Great Reichsmarschall and the Paramount Leader and the Sports Tsar, but at great cost and the rival region of Elysium was created. Several loyal Esquarians defected to Elysium. Swilatia also left which was a great thing.
Age of Light - The whoredom of Elysium has fallen, and former loyal Esquarians who were brainwashed by the Pig-dog demon return as faithful subjects once more. Esquarium has transitioned from good to volatile state.
August to November - I go to USMC Recruit Training and wonder what the hell I just did. 13 weeks of pain and misery are over and I graduate as a Marine Nov. 21, 2014. 10/10 would do Crucible and Reaper again
December - I go to MCT. It's not bad, but not great.
January - I go to 29 Palms for MOS School and am able to return to Esquarium and NS actively.
Current, 2015 - The Great Reichsmarschall has returned from his hiatus, and the region of Esquarium has fully transitioned to the Oligarchial Benevolent state it currently is. Praise the Great Reichsmarschall.

I am the greatest yes

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