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WA Delegate: The Constitutional Monarchy of Island Union (elected 63 days ago)

Founder: The Ravenous Zombies of Equinox Founder

World Factbook Entry

Founded on June 21st, 2008. By our Founder: Falconias

Welcome to the region of Equinox! The region of Equinox was at one point the third-largest player-created region in NationStates.

You can visit our offsite forums: Linkhttp://s4.zetaboards.com/EquinoxNS/

Please endorse your World Assembly Delegate: The Constitutional Monarchy of Island Union.

Discussions on the New Era of Equinox have begun, voice your opinion on the Regional Message Board, or on our offsite Forums!

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Embassies: The Illuminati, The Universal Allegiance, and Region Inc.

Tags: Offsite Forums, Medium, Silly, and Neutral.

Regional Power: High

Equinox contains 20 nations, the 588th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Authoritarian in Equinox

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, Equinox is ranked 11,362nd in the world for Most Authoritarian.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federation of CalondiaAuthoritarian Democracy“Through peace we will achieve victory!”
2.The Republic of Boy101WA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Boy101 welcomes careful drivers”
3.The Shadowy Dominion of Lamont CranstonCorporate Police State“Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts of Men...”
4.The Free Land of ZisaiphararCompulsory Consumerist State“Things fall apart”
5.The Rogue Nation of ZysalmyrWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Amentia est mirabiliter suscepto”
6.The Constitutional Monarchy of Island UnionWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“From Ashes We Arise”
7.The Queendom of Rabbit HQDemocratic Socialists“Eh, whats up doc?”
8.The Borderlands of IctusDemocratic Socialists“Every obstacle is an opportunity”
9.The People's Republic of Sutland repWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Died or revolt”
10.The Democratic Equal Giant of KittypawsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Freedom for all”
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Regional Happenings


Equinox Regional Message Board

Monarchs are generally not liked, as when the monarch goes inactive the region dies.
However I would support either Falc being monarch in name only, while you can be president. (since Falc is already inactive it would be ceremonial)
Your term should just be indefinite until we are stable enough to have elections.
Also I support you having de-facto forum administrator rights for security however if you are (in the future not-elected) you do not lose those rights, only your political power.
That way the region can be both stable and dynamic.

Also if you decide to stop entirely you could just transfer forum authority over to someone else or just add a new admin.
I feel monarchy is almost discouraging to new players as they feel restricted since they can never "become king", but as a democracy they have that ability and you also increase your legitimacy by winning elections as I would endorse you and so would others.

If you didn't mean for yourself to become king and were referring to falc I would only agree if he had no power essentially so he cant come in and usurp control, even if he decides to become active he should only have limited powers until he's elected or something.

Anyways I support a republic after we are stable and as our (for lack of a title) I nominate IU for Executive Director/President and Chek for Vice President/ Assis. Dir..

King: Falc (ceremonial)
Pres: IU
Vice: Chek
Culture: Me (indolent)
Interior: IU (message me if you need help) (will you also handle new membership and forum masks?)
Military: ?
Diplomacy: ? (I can also handle this if necessary with Caledonia, and body with puppets ect.)

I think we can shelve any judge or whatnot for now and IU or Chek can assume leadership of all court cases and forum warnings.

Adding onto what I just posted, if monarchy is not chosen (or is ceremonial) the cabinet should be the executive and we should forgo a senate for now; maybe follow in Europeias example and have a "citizens assembly" to propose legislation and the VP/P veto it or allow the law to pass. (everyone can propose in citizens assembly)

The cabinet should be appointed until elections start then, they should be elected only if there are multiple candidates. If there is only one candidate he/she occupies the post until challenged and an election starts. Obviously after the first general election the ministries start their own time table essentially.

Military should be volunteer.

Q. Should citizenship/forum account be mandatory for region membership?

If monarchy: Then I assume IU would be King.
Chek could be military leader or chancellor.
I would only help with regional news. ect. ect.
I guess we could have a citizens assembly as well, not enough people for a senate or anything else.

I'm mostly against monarchy but will agree with the most popular decision of course.
Regardless, IU and Chek (both would be preferable) should have forum admin rights to keep things going in case of an unforeseen issue. (I dont suggest myself since I have spurs of inactivity, but I will try to be as active as possible) :b

I have another idea actually, IU, we can have guilds choose the government.
I imagine they were like parties.

I will start the REPUBLICAN GUILD when the new forums start up. Which will abolish the monarchy if in power.
IU if you wish can start the Monarch Guild, or the Hereditary Guild, or another name with a different ideology. (You don't necessarily need to BE king, whoever you want can be)
That way being a "King" is only relative to the party, and makes guilds more important since they affect the region more.
Someone can also make a guild that is more democratic but does not abolish the monarch but is balanced.

Of course again, forum admin powers are separate from this.
Anyways just another idea in the pot.
1. republic
2. monarchy
3. guilds (corporatism)

Of course if we use option 3: we will have to have elections for the leading guild, if the guild chosen supports a monarch then we will have to choose a monarch at that time.
If say, my guild is chosen, then we can just have elections for president. Someone who is not a member of the republican guild can still be elected president but cannot change the core mandates of the guild.
Also say a Democratic/Socialist Guild that also supports the monarchy is elected then in addition to electing a president, a king and their responsibilities can be chosen at that time.

The government stays the same until a new guild is chosen, if three successive guilds were monarchist and then my republican guild was elected the government could be radically altered. This in my opinion would stop things from going stale.
But its possible not much would change in-between the different monarchist parties besides the members and candidates. Though once a king is chosen, this should be permanent (meaning no elections) until a republican guild abolishes the office; if after that another monarchist guild is elected, then they should at that time during presidential elections/ or guild leadership choose a king to support or support the previous one. (keeping it literally dynastic)

Think of it like factions, some are similar, some are radical. And if say someone is unaffiliated and is running for leadership/president then the status-quo is preserved if they win unless they support a guild before the elections starts.
These are just my ramblings though and these ideas if enacted would have to be refined over time.

I turn my head away for a second, and all of a sudden the RMB explodes :o I think the most important things to worry about now would be the creation of a new offsite forum for the region, recruitment, and the proposed governmental structure for Equinox. IU seems to have all three mostly fleshed out, from what he's told me, if not already told to others. Everything else we can work on as it comes up. As far as a starting government, it should be just a president/executive/monarch/[insert leader title here] with a few advisers (Chancellor/Vice Chancellor for WA and in-game concerns, General for military meta game management, Cultural for regional forum and RP). As we gain stability and security, we can either elect to keep the current system or choose a more diplomatic approach. These decisions can be made at anytime, and can even be changed repeatedly as needed for the region's continued stability.

Yes Check you are correct, I was just giving my opinion on how I feel about static governments; they are boring.
However for the time being whatever you guys decide is fine.
Sorry if I overwhelmed you with my posts. ;b

Your best bet for getting this figured out is going to be to make an IRC chat or a new forum. On that forum, the founding (or rather, refounding) members need to figure out what type of government the region should have, preferably one with a strong executive branch, an open legislative so that people can participate, and a small judicial branch to act as an intermediary. You should figure out the rough government structure, then put it on paper and hammer out the details. Put it into place, get the forum ready, get your recruitment system ready, get yourselves ready, then advertise Equinox as being reopened. And don't stop posting.

No one likes being invited to an awesome party, then showing up and no one else is there. If you do that, you'll turn people off to Equinox in general, much more so to actually participating in its forum. Plan out everything, then execute it. Don't try to figure stuff out as you go. If you'd like help, I'll help.

Hadisthe, from what I can see that is exactly what is happening but the founder is back so IU is waiting for a reply.
Message him for new forum link.

Your help and advice is always welcomed Hadi :) Im currently setting up the new forum and getting things together before we officially "reopen" to the public.

All this is nice news! :)

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