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Oh, my facts are correct. I checked them before posting.

But you have to ask yourself how it is that Belgium (population 11m) and Costa Rica (population 4.8 million) can produce teams of the quality they have when England (population 53m) can't. Granted the Messis and Peles only come along from time to time but there has to be a reason why. I say it's because we are hothousing foreign players at the expense of our own - and because our style of football is known to every other nation because they all have players who play here. Name me one English player that plays in Costa Rica, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia or even France or Germany!

I see your point, and it's good. But it's usually the top 10% from wherever, regardless of the countrys size. We have maybe 10 decent Belgian players in the Premier League, it's all good.

And the need to go elsewhere isn't great when we have one of the best leagues but I do believe young Buttner from Manchester United is away to Russia next season. Dips and dives my friend, the place is in balance.

As a Yank, I just have to say that the argument that the rest of the world gets to see England's best in the EPL and can therefore counter them just doesn't FEEL right.

My favorite team sports are hockey and baseball, and while there's no global competition in the latter, I don't think having the NHL operate on American soil hurts the US when it comes to Olympic hockey. I raise this point because we have a very similar situation here in the US w/re to the NHL and global hockey as England has w/re to the EPL and global football (or soccer, as we call it on this side of the pond): During the Sochi Olympics, almost every top-ranked team featured one or more key players from the NHL (including, BTW, the Russians, a number of whom would normally be considered "hometown heroes" here in Southeastern Michigan, as stars on the Detroit Red Wings roster).

Yet that didn't stop either the US or Canada (and the NHL is pretty much a shared Canadian-American product, when push comes to shove) from both getting to the semis in 2012, nor did it stop Canada from winning back-to-back gold in both 2010 and 2014 (or, for that matter, three of the last four gold medals in hockey, failing only in 2006).

So if English football has a problem at the global level, it isn't from having their players' styles and weaknesses exposed to foreign eyes. It MIGHT be from having too many players never having the chance to play at the highest levels of the game due to roster limitations and the large number of foreign players in the EPL, but limiting foreign participation in the EPL isn't going to correct that (because, as others have noted, it will only water down the overall level of play).

I don't think you can compare (ice?) hockey with football. In most countries it is not as big as it is in Canada and the USA and anyway, from the little I know we have a lot more Americans and Canadians playing over here than there are Brits playing over there.

Bear in mind the numbers we are talking about too. 65% of EPL players are not eligible to play for England. Are there really that many foreigners over there playing Hockey? In the German Bundeslige for example only 40% of players are not available to the German national team.

I think that there are lots of reasons why such high numbers of foreigners playing here are a bad thing. I wouldn't go to war though with anyone who disagreed over the impact of the different reasons though.

I'm not arguing for no foreigners being allowed to play - but I do think there is a strong case for a quota. The Germans look like a good model to me. Nobody could accuse them of under-performing!

(Ice) hockey may not be as popular in as many countries, but it's insanely popular in more places than just the US and Canada (such as Russia, for instance, where it is pretty much the #1 sport).

According to the NHL, over 33% of its players hail from outside North America. Quoting their web site (http://www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=26372):

"Last season there were 71 NHL players from the Czech Republic, 64 players from Russia, 50 from Sweden, 38 from Finland, 25 from Slovakia, six from Germany, five from Latvia, four from Ukraine, three from the United Kingdom, two from Poland, two from Lithuania, and one each from Belarus, Norway, and Switzerland."

Those numbers pretty much match recent medal performance (in the last 20 years, the Czechs have reached the semis twice [1 gold, 1 bronze], the Russians four times [1 silver, 1 bronze, and 2 4th place finishes], the Swedes 3 times [2 gold, 1 silver], the Finns 5 times [1 silver, 4 bronze], and the Slovaks once; against this, the US has made it 3 times [2 silvers and a 4th place finish] and Canada 5 times [3 gold, 1 bronze, and a 4th place finish]; the only other team outside this group to make it to the semis in the last 20 years was Belarus [in 2006]).

So essentially, you have 7 teams representing the top tier in terms of performance worldwide; and all of them have a couple of dozen players in the NHL. The rest of the league is mostly Canadian, with Americans representing maybe 20% of all players overall.

The question we must ask, then, is this: Does having only 20% of the league be American hurt the US? I don't think so; on the contrary, I think that regular play against the best in the world helps raise the quality of US players overall.

So now what I'm wondering is whether or not the level of play in the EPL is better, the same, or worse than the level of play in the Bundeslige. The Premier League may attract great players from around the world due to the monetary rewards it offers, but is England getting its money's worth overall in terms of the quality of football theyre buying?

Fair questions. I think though that the EPL is set up for the benefit of the EPL, not for our international team. The EPL is one of the most competitive leagues in the world as is demonstrated by the success of English teams in the Champions League. However the club managers managers (most of whom are not English) do not have the national team in mind when building their teams. The consequence is that at international level we always fail to perform.

If you think about it, the extreme (albeit highly unlikely) situation could be that there was not a single English player playing in the premier league. The justification would be that the clubs got the strongest teams by buying from abroad - and it might indeed be that the standards in the league were extremely high as a result. It goes without saying though that as a consequence the national team would seriously weakened. Given that inescapable fact it has to be that for the sake of the national team there NEEDS to be a limit to the number of players we have here from abroad. The only question is how many. The answer surely has to be that the number is big enough for the England manager to have an adequate pool of players to pick from to build a balanced, high performing team. All the evidence of this and previous competitions is that the current pool is not big enough.

Election time:

Once again, it's time for the quarterly WA delegate election. All interested WA nations are to announce their nomination on the regional message board. As the current WA delegate, I intend to stand for election. In the event that there are no other candidates, the incumbent will elected in unopposed.

Nominations close 11:59pm (GMT) Thursday, 24th July.


Good day,
I am the administer of the United Regions and this is an official message from the organization. I personally have failed in my duty to effectively lead this organization and mould it into an alliance which member regions deserve. This coupled with the fact that I have my final school exams in September has led me to the decision of relinquishing control of this organization.

I am looking for a successor to administer the organization and bring the success which I am not able to provide. Therefore, if any nation is interested, please contact me @ The Republic of United Regions Diplomat. I require a nation with:

  • an extensive evidenced Interregional experience

  • an unimpeachable record

  • proven leadership skills

  • knowledge of the workings of the United Regions

  • and a stern determination to get things done

Nations without any of these necessary qualities need not apply. Applications close in a week.


Nominations have closed for the quarterly election, and the incumbent WA Delegate has been re-elected unopposed.


The Earldom of Hungerford wrote:The question we must ask, then, is this: Does having only 20% of the league be American hurt the US? I don't think so; on the contrary, I think that regular play against the best in the world helps raise the quality of US players overall.

So now what I'm wondering is whether or not the level of play in the EPL is better, the same, or worse than the level of play in the Bundeslige. The Premier League may attract great players from around the world due to the monetary rewards it offers, but is England getting its money's worth overall in terms of the quality of football theyre buying?

There is one major difference though - USA has the biggest population of the major ice hockey playing nations. It should dominate ice hockey at the Olympics completely. The fact that it doesn't may well be due to the foreign players in the NFL.

Also, in football, more than any other sport, the results tend to be very close and can turn easily on a single event. A single mistake from one individual. Furthermore, the major international competitions are partly knock-out based so the results in these don't really say that much about the actual abilities of the nations. It's just which team performed best on the day. To really assess it properly you'd need a season long league of national teams, but I doubt that'll ever happen.

A few other things have particularly affected England though:
- The other major European leagues also have large numbers of foreign players, but their native players go abroad. English players rarely do.
- Professional football in England seems to mostly draw from the poorer and less educated sections of British society. Rugby and cricket get the wealthy and well educated players. This leads to a culture of ignorance within the native game, where overt signs of intelligence are shunned. Foreign influence has changed this somewhat, but the national side has suffered from a lack of organisation and good leadership. Particularly the available choices of team coach.
- Loosing top players to other home nations. Ryan Giggs, Gareth Bale and George Best being the most obvious examples. Wales in particular shouldn't be a national side because its top clubs play in the English leagues.

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