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Welcome to England! We are one of the oldest player created regions in the NS world. We are active, we welcome everyone!

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The region is currently under password protection, although this is only a temporary measure. Please telegram either the Founder or the WA delegate for the password.

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England contains 54 nations, the 217th most in the world.


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The Smartest Citizens in England

Tests were sent to random citizens from various nations in an attempt to determine which nations are the smartest and best educated, on average. Those citizens who failed to return their tests were scored poorly.

As a region, England is ranked 2,658th in the world for Smartest Citizens.

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1.The Global Uniculture of RhanukhanCapitalizt“The citizen who dies working, dies happy!”
2.The Holy Empire of 1CCorporate Bordello“Never have children, only grandchildren.”
3.The Supremely Democratic States of HirotaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Numquam paenite”
4.The Empire of The mighty TimDemocratic Socialists“Techno techno techno”
5.The Evergreen Domain of MorekaiWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“quod tibi fieri non vis, alteri ne feceris.”
6.The Banana Republic of Bogans and BoozersWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“There's always money in the banana stand ... .”
7.The Cute lil empire of Faerie-princess-amiFather Knows Best State“Daisuki Desu”
8.The Nonchalant Land of Wilkosaurous rexWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Don't Panic”
9.The Kingdom-Federate of LessingiaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Una nota supra La semper est canendum Fa”
10.The Strawberry Fields of TokeizLiberal Democratic Socialists“Peace and love be with you, one and all.”
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England Regional Message Board

Election time:

Once again, it's time for the quarterly WA delegate election. All interested WA nations are to announce their nomination on the regional message board. As the current WA delegate, I intend to stand for election. In the event that there are no other candidates, the incumbent will elected in unopposed.

Nominations close 11:59pm (GMT) Thursday, 24th July.


Good day,
I am the administer of the United Regions and this is an official message from the organization. I personally have failed in my duty to effectively lead this organization and mould it into an alliance which member regions deserve. This coupled with the fact that I have my final school exams in September has led me to the decision of relinquishing control of this organization.

I am looking for a successor to administer the organization and bring the success which I am not able to provide. Therefore, if any nation is interested, please contact me @ The Republic of United Regions Diplomat. I require a nation with:

  • an extensive evidenced Interregional experience

  • an unimpeachable record

  • proven leadership skills

  • knowledge of the workings of the United Regions

  • and a stern determination to get things done

Nations without any of these necessary qualities need not apply. Applications close in a week.


Nominations have closed for the quarterly election, and the incumbent WA Delegate has been re-elected unopposed.


The Earldom of Hungerford wrote:The question we must ask, then, is this: Does having only 20% of the league be American hurt the US? I don't think so; on the contrary, I think that regular play against the best in the world helps raise the quality of US players overall.

So now what I'm wondering is whether or not the level of play in the EPL is better, the same, or worse than the level of play in the Bundeslige. The Premier League may attract great players from around the world due to the monetary rewards it offers, but is England getting its money's worth overall in terms of the quality of football theyre buying?

There is one major difference though - USA has the biggest population of the major ice hockey playing nations. It should dominate ice hockey at the Olympics completely. The fact that it doesn't may well be due to the foreign players in the NFL.

Also, in football, more than any other sport, the results tend to be very close and can turn easily on a single event. A single mistake from one individual. Furthermore, the major international competitions are partly knock-out based so the results in these don't really say that much about the actual abilities of the nations. It's just which team performed best on the day. To really assess it properly you'd need a season long league of national teams, but I doubt that'll ever happen.

A few other things have particularly affected England though:
- The other major European leagues also have large numbers of foreign players, but their native players go abroad. English players rarely do.
- Professional football in England seems to mostly draw from the poorer and less educated sections of British society. Rugby and cricket get the wealthy and well educated players. This leads to a culture of ignorance within the native game, where overt signs of intelligence are shunned. Foreign influence has changed this somewhat, but the national side has suffered from a lack of organisation and good leadership. Particularly the available choices of team coach.
- Loosing top players to other home nations. Ryan Giggs, Gareth Bale and George Best being the most obvious examples. Wales in particular shouldn't be a national side because its top clubs play in the English leagues.

The Barely Disguised Contempt of Disposablepuppetland wrote:
- Loosing top players to other home nations. Ryan Giggs, Gareth Bale


The Barely Disguised Contempt of Disposablepuppetland wrote:Wales in particular shouldn't be a national side because its top clubs play in the English leagues.

So basically you're a bit upset that Giggs, Bale, and the likes of Ramsey are playing for Wales instead of England and Wales should be abolished as a national team because of it.

Got it.

Presumably if Scotland or Northern Ireland produce a core group of talent in their teams you'll be calling for them to not have a national side either.

Inger-lund, inger-lund, INGER-LUND!

Oi oi.

Soooo Scottish Independence anyone?

Really hoping it is a no vote to be honest

Sodoff has a long history of Caledoniaphobia (see "Sodoff - A Brief History in Print" in the national histories on the Democratic England website). Let's just say I'd like to see a smoked Salmond on the menu.

Whatever happens I think they've wrecked their relationship with the English. I don't think the scars will heal in a long time.


HI! Welcome to England.

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