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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Empire of Great Celtic Empire (elected 14 days ago)

Founder: The Imperial Majesty of King John XI

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Welcome to the Empire of Oceania

The Empire of Oceania is a friendly region that serves as a home and peaceful community for our residents. At it's height the Empire of Oceania contained nearly 200 nations and maintained a successful raider military and an active forum.

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The King: The Imperial Majesty of King John XI

Prime Minister: The Empire of Great Celtic Empire

Embassies: Cat Burglars, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Empires of Earth, The Land of Kings and Emperors, Unknown, and The Commonwealth of Kings.

Tags: Small, Democratic, General Assembly, Security Council, Game Player, Monarchist, Independent, Featured, and Role Player.

Empire of Oceania contains 7 nations, the 1,931st most in the world.

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As a region, Empire of Oceania is ranked 17,887th in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Parliamentary Duchy of ArchweldWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Libertatem aut mori!”
2.The Empire of Great Celtic EmpireWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Live together, work together, fight together”
3.The Imperial Majesty of King John XIInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hail the King!”
4.The Commonwealth of Gran-SpiraWA MemberPsychotic Dictatorship“Glory to Gran-Spira”
5.The Linn of LannInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We rock!”
6.The Peoples Goverment of CorcationWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Serve the country, serve the people”
7.The Trotskyist Union State of HolyNusWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Trotsky will rise again!”

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Empire of Oceania Regional Message Board

My apologies. I tried to make a post here yesterday, but it appeared it didn't come through.

Now, I had proposed recrutiing a couple of months ago. The sentiment then seemed to be that people were against the idea. With the addition of Rift/NS++ we have the ability to recruit automatically using the in-game functions. If we are to recruit it would be relatively simple and I could set it up at a moments notice. It might not be as effective as recruiting with stamps, but it is free, and available to us.

Secondly: the last time we had a forum, i was one of the few people who posted. GCE and HolyNus rarely visited it, and I can't recall if you ever did Corcation. There is nothing wrong with the old forum. But personally, I do not think we need to use a forum. We have been using our RMb for a long time, and my preference would be that we have a largely game-based community. We could use the RMB for a heap fo disussion, and use the in-game poll feature for elections, vote on legislation, etc.

Finally, dispatches can be pinned to the WFE to distribute information to the region.

My proposal would be that we form a triumvirate government. I will be the head of state as founder/King. Finally the triumvirate and executive power is invested through me into the triumvirate: Great Celtic Empire, Corcation, and Holy Nus. The four of us should need to exercise our powers for some time until recruitment and activity picks up. That is my proposal.

It's a decent proposal from both of you in my opnion and that other system does sound pretty effective if it's free. A triumvirate government would work for me and should only become more effective as time goes by especially as we are not investing complete executive power to one nation alone.

In regards to the forum it should still be workable and at by last check there was nothing wrong with it. The problem with my activity in it was I only began using it as we became inactive and so it kind of went out of action soon after. If we become active enough again with enough members willing to use it I say that we do. It will help us with more structured conversations which are only that way here at the moment because there isn't that many of us.

I'd like to add a few comments of my own in regards to the forums. First off if you truly want to come off as a more professional and serious Region here on NationStates. I find it imperative to have a real domain name. Rather than a subdomain off of a cheap knock off forum. To follow up, with the forum software that both Corcation and myself use, its very user friendly, mod/hook/addon expansive, not to mention the vast potential that it'll grant you guys in regards to future expansion and growth. You will be able to hold various things in a far more effective manner. Such as holding votes for delegates, government positions, etc. But also you can create a truly unified commutative experience for all those who are apart of the region.

We can always add in an economy system that we can tweak to function for a role-play kinda area. We could use something as a common form of currency that is traded among nations for various things via the forums. But of course this is all in just a consideration. But I can say this much, the current forums look god awful and make my eyes burn. Too bright of colors for the theme. And it seems very disorganized.

I'm just the person here for the coffee, restocking and occasionally blowing up buildings. If we have a political system, then I'll step in to annoy everyone else. Otherwise, free coffee on me!

Corcation and Gran-Spira

The forum we currently have is in need of maintenance. I moved a significant amount of stuff out of the public eye. So I am sure it looks even worse for a person with guest privileges.

I completely disagree with you on the domain name. Serious regions will not worry about that when considering opening relations with us. I've been delegate of the largest region in the game, so trust me on that. I'd also say that I've seen domain names create more problems than they solve.

Given our history on the old forum, I'd prefer we adapt that one if we decide we need one. My preference would be to grow in game activity first and to make use of in-game features before we decide a forum is needed. Most people won't use the forum at all.

Well I'm fine with whatever will help us as a region. So whatever works best is good by me.


i agree celtic.

Well, I appreciate the comments. I'd like to know what the thoughts are regarding the triumvirate arrangement, and who would like to take what position.
Please send me a TG or post on the RMB about your ideas.

Finally,w e need someone to draft a recruitment telegram. I will begin sending them out as soon as we have something prepared.

What exactly would be the indivudual roles divided between the triumvirate powers?

Finally my rmb is working... jessh. Same question I wonder.

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