Empire of Andrew RMB

WA Delegate: The EPCOT and Conch Republic of Timmy City (elected )

Founder: The Colony of Imperospheric Reclaimation

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Most Cultured: 526th Largest Information Technology Sector: 558th Highest Poor Incomes: 568th+26
Most World Assembly Endorsements: 590th Largest Black Market: 621st Most Scientifically Advanced: 682nd Most Developed: 693rd Most Rebellious Youth: 825th Largest Publishing Industry: 880th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 947th Smartest Citizens: 1,007th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,047th Most Nations: 1,048th Highest Average Incomes: 1,095th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,118th Most Inclusive: 1,146th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,248th Highest Economic Output: 1,509th Largest Governments: 1,552nd Healthiest Citizens: 1,566th Nicest Citizens: 1,664th Most Devout: 1,666th Most Advanced Public Education: 1,685th Lowest Crime Rates: 1,731st Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,836th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,958th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,971st Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,972nd Most Efficient Economies: 2,078th
World Factbook Entry

Marshal and Vice Delegate of the Empire of Andrew: The Socialist Imperial Republic of Socialist republic of Andrew
Le Enforcer: The Federation of The Orson Empire
Interim WAD:The EPCOT and Conch Republic of Timmy City
Minister of Territorial Affairs and Homeland Officer: The Constitutional Empire of Novo Wagondia
Minister of Surveillance and Counter-Terrorism: The United Republics of Sovjetia
If you want to join the EOA, please telegram Socialist Republic of Andrew or WAD.
LinkOur Regional Map!
There will be wad and other elections in the future.

Embassies: Sunalaya, Strategos Prime, World Alliance, Atlas, International Republican Union, United Federation of Planets, United Empire of Islam, Hellenic Civilization, Eastern Roman Empire, Union of Free States, The Republic Nations, Lower Canada, Nintendo, Asiana, Astyria, Greater Dienstad, and 31 others.Alliance Of Armed Nations, The Legions of Heaven And Hell, urkalgurk, The Illuminati, Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions, The Atlas Union, Continent of Xenonia, Eladen, Stupor Mundi, Republic of Channel Island, Nelborne Union, World Space Administration, The Average Confederacy, Palm Beach, Dill Country, The Worldwide Union, League of Christian Nations, The Constitutional Union, U R N, The Atlas Federation, The Species Alliance, The Dirt Alliance, Nova Chrysalia, New Palm Beach, PPW, Ultimaverse, The Embassy, Unmoderated, IndePAnAYcK SiNGDAPORe SiDeYrEVA UniVAtl, The Meme Must Go On, and Rossferry.

Tags: Democratic, FT: FTL, Capitalist, Communist, Casual, Modern Tech, Future Tech, Password, Socialist, Past Tech, Role Player, Medium, and 3 others.Imperialist, Post-Modern Tech, and Regional Government.

Regional Power: Moderate

Empire of Andrew contains 16 nations, the 1,048th most in the world.

Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Most Primitive in Empire of Andrew

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed to the unknowable will of animal-based spirit gods.

As a region, Empire of Andrew is ranked 20,018th in the world for Most Primitive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of OcearaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sentience is Beauty, Persistence is Victory!”
2.The Constitutional Empire of Novo WagondiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Forward, Upward, Onward Together”
3.The Colony of Imperospheric ReclaimationFather Knows Best State“PUPPET NATION OF SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF ANDREW”
4.The Second Republic of Alejcan StatesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Give us your poor, neglected, opressed... and be free”
5.The Commonwealth of United Kingdom of PolandScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Live and Let live”
6.The Immortal Totalitarianism of QethoFather Knows Best State“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night”
7.The United Republics of SovjetiaFather Knows Best State“None”
8.The Draka Republic of Santa LucijaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Qua Patet Orbis”
9.The Infinite Empire of Cybus1Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Nos autem vitam et mortem.”
10.The Galactic Union of CorsahnimFather Knows Best State“Live to learn to live to be free.”

Last poll: “Should there be another regional rp or event?”

Regional Happenings


Empire of Andrew Regional Message Board

The Socialist Imperial Republic of Socialist republic of Andrew wrote:Pakistan and Afghanistan: Andrewian ground units are defending their positions under the heavy support of Andrewian air and artillery support, along with auto-tri turrets attempting to mow down the advancing Orsonian soldiers and anti-air defenses and fighter jets are dog fighting Orson air units.
Same defense strategies are being carried out in the African and Middle Eastern fronts as well, but the naval fleets deployed and anti-ship defenses on the coasts are using their tactics to combat the Orsonian naval ships.

Orsonian soldiers have continued to advance towards the border very rapidly, hoping to overwhelm the defending Andrewian forces and push them back. The auto-tri turrets and Andrewian fighter jets are being target by Orsonian laser and railgun cannons. The other artillery guns have begun firing shells of Sarin gas, an extremely deadly chemical weapon, at the Andrewian forces in hopes of forcing them to retreat.

The Ocearan Empire has begun a scramble of all of it's fighters and bombers in Ghana and the Ivory Coast -- it appears that the Ocearan Empire is preparing for a full-scale war in Africa.

The Empire of Oceara wrote:The Ocearan Empire has begun a scramble of all of it's fighters and bombers in Ghana and the Ivory Coast -- it appears that the Ocearan Empire is preparing for a full-scale war in Africa.

In 2020

The Representative Democracy of Felucian Planetary Republic wrote:What about the Security Council? The last time I remember them actually doing something was when they managed to get the Black Riders to basically disband. And that was quite a time ago (though not too long ago).
Just now thinking about it, I still have one of the telegrams from when I was a part of the Black Riders using Skedoria.

The Representative Democracy of Felucian Planetary Republic wrote:A couple of days. I didn't see myself staying in the region I was in, so I left not too long afterwards.If I had stayed, I would have had one of the member nations take me under their wing to learn about raiding and what not. That is what I was told in one of the telegrams from one of the nations in the region.
This was before I moved Skedoria to the EOA...I just don't see myself as a raider.

"Skedoria, to start raiding:
Bob moran
(2) Register on our forum, copy and paste the underlined link ➙ http://s4.zetaboards.com/The_Black_Riders/index"

The only remaining tg I have from the Black Riders.

Peregrine Missile-fighter
Designed: 2016
Role: Standard issue fighter for Air-to-air combat at extreme range.
Crew: 1 Pilot (Can be AI-controlled as well)
Designed in 2016 to become the standard issue fighter for the Ocearan Military, The Peregrine Missile-Fighter (Aka. PMF or Peregrine MF) was designed to be able to be extremely fearsome for periods of more than 20 years and maintain a low casualty rate of planes even in full-scale war situations where most aircraft would be useless from the sheer amount of Anti-aircraft fire that such situations would involve. The Peregrine Missile-fighter was designed with Oceara's most advanced scanners to be able to reliably detect objects larger than 2 Meters at distances up to 30 miles with some reports of being able to detect objects up to 100 miles out. The Peregrine uses one central plasma thruster for it's engines and several Reaction control thrusters for faster emergency turning, for weapons systems it is equipped with Three belly-mounted Peregerine Micro-missile railgun turrets which each turret has 20 railguns designed to fire 20 micro-missiles at hypersonic speeds(They tend to slow down before reaching the target due to air resistance, and are only hypersonic to shorten the amount of time the missiles to reach the enemy and thus reduce the distance the enemy will travel and thus decrease the amount that the AI has to lead the target. But the micro-missiles can be used in close range to obliterate targets outright with kinetic energy, but that is not their primary purpose.) at enemy aircraft these micro-missiles have their own thrusters and are about 2 inches wide with a length of 10 inches with a "Compression Cone" detonation system designed to ignite a small payload of thermite on impact with any object. (To burn through their systems and increase the chance that if only a few missiles make it to the enemy fighter that they will do enough damage to down the enemy fighter)

This means each fighter can unleash a salvo of 60 micro-missiles, and the standard squadron size for these fighters is 9 fighters (1 Squadron leader with 8 AI-controlled fighters under their command) meaning one salvo from a squadron is 540 missiles designed to hit targets at extreme range while being hard to detect (being small missiles, these missiles can't maneuver on their own and are "Dumb-fire" they use the small size and numbers to overwhelm an enemy in a surprise attack, the idea being that an enemy won't perform evasive maneuvers if they don't detect incoming fire and that the long-range fighters can map out the enemy's flightpath and fire accordingly.) The standard doctrine for these aircraft is to fly forward until an enemy is detected, then to turn and fire a salvo then retreat back into friendly territory for the long reload (the reloading systems for the fighters are complicated and it can take up to 2 minutes to reload all 60 missiles for another salvo) While the next squadron moves in to fire their salvo and to continue to push forward using this "Loop" maneuver. They are not designed for fighting deep in enemy territory and are designed to prevent enemy aircraft from attacking friendly forces by keeping close to ground/sea forces and using distance to protect them (Since they are fairly large fighters and they fire "Broadside" like old battleships, they have to be further back to provide a smaller target to the enemy)

It's biggest weaknesses are it's large size, and long reload time, making it an easy target to hit at closer ranges and a sitting duck after it fires it's salvo of missiles. (which is why they fly in multiple squadrons that fire at different times and then retreat)

Cybus1 and Felucian Planetary Republic

The missiles also include some of the technology from the Fortification Guns such as the material that the Cybusian Government gave to the Ocearan Empire that absorbs light and thus would mask the light from the engines and from the ablative shielding on the cone burning up.


Interesting Fact: The Artificially Created planet known as Drakonus, referred to as the "Brother of Felucia", was built in the same star system as Felucia and was made to be similar to Felucia in every way, but was larger in size. Drakonus was destroyed in a battle between an army of T-100000s, a newer model of Terminator considered to be the most powerful out of all of the models, and the Republic Elites and Presidential Guards, who are considered the most experienced and powerful of all of the soldiers in the Republic. The planet was torn apart and its crust and mantle were split from the core, leaving the molten core to ooze out into space while the chunks of the planet deteriorated into the sun of the star system.

Donald trump is the new lord of our new religion.

Zues Scovel has died from a heart attack at age 150.
Donald Scovel is taking the throne.

His first new bill is that all men must serve 10 years and than will be given a job depending on what he did while serving.


Interesting Fact: The Tripod Walker is a little over 2x more taller than the AT-AT (2.032 times more taller to be exact) as the AT-AT stands at 22.5 meters (73.8189 feet) tall and the Tripod Walker stands at 45.72 meters (150 feet) tall. This makes the Tripod 23.22 meters (76.1811 feet) taller than the AT-AT. Also, the AT-HDT was once thought to be the tallest land-vehicle in the Republic's arsenal until measurements were taken, showing that the AT-HDT stands only at 45.1104 meters (148 feet) while the Tripod stands at 45.72 meters (150 feet), making the Tripod the tallest mech and land vehicle in the Republic Military by 0.6096 meters (2 feet).

OOC: I know this isn't really interesting, but I was going to have a picture to show the size comparison, but since I am using a school laptop, I am heavily limited to just a few things to use. So I didn't make an image.


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