Empire of Andrew RMB

WA Delegate: The EPCOT and Conch Republic of Timmy City (elected 12 days ago)

Founder: The Colony of Imperospheric Reclaimation

World Factbook Entry

Eternal Admiral General Emperor and President: The Federation of Socialist republic of Andrew
Enforcer: The Federation of The Orson Empire
Secretary of Regional Trade and Finance:The EPCOT and Conch Republic of Timmy City
Minister of Territorial Affairs: The Constitutional Empire of Novo Wagondia
Minister of Surveillance and Counter-Terrorism: The Imperial dictatorship of Sovjetia
If you want to join the EOA, please tg the Socialist Republic of Andrew or WAD.


Embassies: Panessos, Sunalaya, Strategos Prime, The Gulf Empire, GREAT Britain, World Alliance, Horses and Bayonets, Land of Israel, The Darwin Allied Republics, Atlas, International Republican Union, Libertatem, United Federation of Planets, The United League, New Republica, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, and 38 others.The Roma Confederacy, United Empire of Islam, Hellenic Civilization, The Federation of Dethklok 1000, Eastern Roman Empire, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, The Virtus Alliance, Union of Free States, The Republic Nations, Antartic, Lower Canada, The Axis of Resistance, Leninist Russia, ISSU, Alliance of Absolute Monarchs, The Species Alliance, The United San Diego States, Nintendo, Asiana, Astyria, The National Alliance, Greater Dienstad, Kingtonian Commonwealth, Black Mesa Islands, Democratium, Alliance Of Armed Nations, The Legions of Heaven And Hell, We Welcome You, Ocearan Isles, urkalgurk, The Illuminati, The Empty Quarter, Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions, United Nations of the Imperial Union, United Nations in Solidarity, Brannack, The Aeutik Sphere, and The Sassinian Dominion.

Tags: Democratic, FT: FTL, Capitalist, Communist, Casual, Modern Tech, Future Tech, Password, Socialist, Past Tech, Role Player, Medium, and 3 others.Imperialist, Post-Modern Tech, and Regional Government.

Empire of Andrew contains 21 nations, the 515th most in the world.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Most Beautiful Environments in Empire of Andrew

World Census researchers spent many arduous weeks lying on beaches and trekking through rainforests to compile a definitive list of the most attractive and best cared for environments.

As a region, Empire of Andrew is ranked 15,169th in the world for Most Beautiful Environments.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of United Kingdom of PolandWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Live and Let live”
2.The EPCOT and Conch Republic of Timmy CityWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“LIVING LIKE LARRY!”
3.The Representative Democracy of Felucian Planetary RepublicWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Da pacem, Domine, sperantibus.”
4.The Constitutional Empire of Novo WagondiaWA MemberAnarchy“Forward, Upward, Onward Together”
5.The Democratic Republic of The Unified Nations of FeluciaMoralistic Democracy“The Republic is my home, and no one can change that.”
6.The Nicknamed big deal of AndrewlaniaNew York Times Democracy“Screaming war count 0 screaming peacemaking count 0 ”
7.The Infinite Empire of Cybus1Iron Fist Consumerists“For the Empire!”
8.The The Indepedent Land of of Taitung PinyinInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Free for all, and come all ye people.”
9.The Jingoistic States of Eastern African RepublicCivil Rights Lovefest“A Strong East Africa, A United East Africa”
10.The Most Serene Republic of WhaditreaIron Fist Consumerists“الله، الجماعة، البلد”
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Regional Happenings


Empire of Andrew Regional Message Board

THIS JUST IN: Emperor Andrew and Empress Marisa, with the backing of the Andrewian Ministry of Energy, have announced, that the Andrew government will be funding and organizing the construction and running of new wind farms with turbines and solar power plants with solar generators, across the entire Andrew Empire and SRA, to act as more environmentally friendly energy and power sources.

We of course, will still be relying mostly on nuclear energy, however, the increase in the wind and solar power/energy sources will make it much more greater for us.
And it will work definitely for much of our territories, especially in Africa and the SRA, due to it is extremely sunny there all the time, so the solar power plants will work greatly, and they are also windy, so the wind farms will produce a good number of energy.

In fact, a new solar power plant, codenamed "HELIOS 1" is going to be built near Fort Andrew and Andrew Air Force Base, under strict military and government control, to act as a backup power source for these two areas, due to the primary power source is a hydo-electric damn built on the Andrew River.

Emperor Andrew stated in a live press conference, that he wants the SRA and Andrew Empire to now purse a greater interest in gaining solar and wind energy, and actually becoming a eco-friendly power sources, not needing to rely on fossil fuels, which we mostly did with mostly having nuclear energy, but even those nuclear energy has been reliable and still is, we see it as time to get a good backup source of energy, and since we have plenty of sun and wind, we decided that solar plants and wind farms, to produce backup energy sources for us.

The Infinite Empire of Cybus1 wrote:http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/347/f/2/big_steam_by_waldemar_kazak-d34ti7y.jpg

Some very old Cybusian ships, compared to a coastline.

They look interesting.

Does your nation allow for multiple political parties to reign, or just 1, if so, what is that 1 political party?
We only allow for 1 political party to last, and that party is the Socialist-Nationalist Workers' Party of Andrew, headed by Emperor Andrew as the party's eternal General Secretary of the SNWPA(abbreviation of our party).
So this means that you must be a member of this party, if you wish to run for a position in government or such, and usually only the senior members and veterans of the party, can get big government positions, like as premier, minsters, territorial governors, member of the Governance council, etc.
But junior members are usually elected/appointed to smaller positions like mayor or city council, and our Imperial Senate is actually mixed between both junior and senior members of the party.

Here is Vice President Hickenbottom as of now:

The Representative Democracy of Felucian Planetary Republic wrote:Here is Vice President Hickenbottom as of now:


Also guys, i changed my national/imperial motto.

It was, "if you win power, remember why you wanted it."
But now, i changed it to, "Divide et Impera" which is Andrewish for "Divide and Rule". This is due to Emperor Andrew recently divided power between him and Empress Marisa(his wife) and they are now ruling the empire and nation jointly now.
So they divided the powers up with each other, and rule the empire together as husband and wife.

And a fun fact about Emperor Andrew and Empress Marisa: They are actually seen as a global power couple, due to the amount of wealth and power they have.

I am going to add another Division to the IPDF, though I am going to have to think of some information and a back-story for the Division first.
The name of the Division will match the Division's Symbol, but as of now I can not think of anything.

Here is the Division's Symbol:

Does anyone have any suggestions?

The Federation of Socialist republic of Andrew wrote:Well alright...then that might be a cousin of his, however, he doesn't really know Henry. As stated before, he has a lot of cousins, he knows some of them, but there are still a lot he knows very little to nothing about.

He only found out about Henry, due to he asked around his family a bit.

But anyways, it was said that Henry actually moved out of the Andrew Empire in Belgium, and renounced his Andrewian citizenship, for Belgian citizenship, is this correct in your records as well?

He doesn't have Belgian citizenship, never renounced his Andrew citizenship, and visited the EU on his SRA passport,
He had gotten a one year multi entry schegen visa from the Danish Consulate in the Dominican Republic.

The EPCOT and Conch Republic of Timmy City wrote:Nope.
He doesn't have Belgian citizenship, never renounced his Andrew citizenship, and visited the EU on his SRA passport,
He had gotten a one year multi entry schegen visa from the Danish Consulate in the Dominican Republic.

Hmm, well he doesn't seem to have an Andrewian citizenship on our computers, but now we want to see this Henry so we can figure out who he is exactly.

They will be allowed through, but must head to Fort Andrew immediately. They will receive a ASP escort to Fort Andrew once they cross over to the SRA.

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