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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Empire of Borduria22

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First founded by Kingdom of Mitchabe, the region has been annexed by Bordurian troops on 14.05.2014 and converted into a command and control centre of The Bordurian Empire. All Military operations to annex Islamo-Fascist regions are conducted from here.

The Enemy:
i. United EMpire of Islam
ii. Genuan Rebirth

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At War:

Embassies: Pax Imperium, The Bordurian Empire, World Union, Alliance of Free Nations, The Royal Knights, Grand Union, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Draconian Alliance, Coalition of Progressive Empires, Alliance of Liberty, Commonwealth of United Crowns, The Malazan Empire, Islamic Republic Of Pakistan, United Coalition, Grand Islamic league, The Aezean Combine, and 42 others.Commonwealth of Crowns, The Island of Jaxandria, Romili, The United Coalition of Nations, The United Federation of Regions, Islamic illuminati, Greater India, League of monarchist states, The league of empires, The Union of Democratic States, Allahu Akbar, Genuan, New Persia, The Commonwealth Empire, The Great Union of Empires, The Grand Union Of Empires, The Defender Alliance, Wolfmania, Parthian Empire, Global Federation of Nations, The Illuminati, World Federation States, United Nations Organization, United Commonwealth of Islam, World Caliphate, Islamic Union, Tanos, The Grand Federation, Genua, The Islamic Caliphate, Interregional General Assembly, The Smoking Section, The Genuan Rebirth, The United Monarchist Nations, The Federation of Kievan Rus, The Imperial Order, The Pirate Bay, The Liberty Republic, Global Union, Holy Russian Empire, Cosmic Islands, and Iura Pecunia et libertas.

Tags: Totalitarian, Imperialist, Medium, Anti-Communist, Invader, and Monarchist.

Elite Region Of Global Command contains 14 nations, the 872nd most in the world.


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The Largest Insurance Industry in Elite Region Of Global Command

As a region, Elite Region Of Global Command is ranked 1,498th in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of HectangiaDemocratic Socialists“For the Glory of the Empire!”
2.The Military Nation of ILN founderCorporate Bordello“The ILN resurrects only to merge with the CoC”
3.The Colony of SchechaMoralistic Democracy“De scientia est libertatis”
4.The Commonwealth of Crowns founderInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Long live the CoC”
5.The Grand Duchy of Monte ChristoDemocratic Socialists“In service of The Bordurian Empire”
6.The Kingdom of BotoxCapitalist Paradise“Bbbbb”
7.The Kingdom of HimalayasInoffensive Centrist Democracy“CoC prevails”
8.The Principality of City of SzohodInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hail Emperor Phillipe Aristotle”
9.The Republic of OIS FounderInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Fffffff”
10.The Empire of Borduria22Moralistic Democracy“For the Bordurian Empire”
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Regional Happenings


Elite Region Of Global Command Regional Message Board

Post by Chromania suppressed by a moderator.

Well, we are planning a mission to take down ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). We would appreciate your help.

Post by Chromania suppressed by a moderator.

We got Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ---two Jihadi Regions and demolished their ideology.

We hereby declare war on The Dominion for having usurping our territories in our absence.

We have taken over a host of Islamic regions and expelled all Islamists .Our expanding Islamic Empire consists of:
i) Islamic Republic of Pakistan
ii) Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
iii) islamic Union
iv) Teachings of Islam
v)Darul Islam
vi) World Caliphate
vii) United Commonwealth of Islam

Our mega target: United Empire of Islam and RORMS.
We need to demolish these two terror centres .

Another genuan region Genua annexed.
We shall prevail over all Genuans. Genuan Rebirth will be ours soon.

We lost control of The Coalition of Sovereign States --a region which we controlled since the days when it broke of TOIS after the demise of ILN. A sad moment for the Bordurian Empire. But we shall prevail.

The Syrillian Kingdom has declared war on The Bordurian Empire and on December 9, 2014, invaded and conquered several of our erstwhile colonies including Free State Alliance, which we had taken from Syrillia earlier. Our old regions include, Pangea and Holy Christian Union.
Borduriaa will endeavour to reconquer the SYrillian occupied territories.

Due to the tremendous internal problems iun Borduriaa, the Bordurian troops have not been able to resist the invasions of many imperialistic regions and have, in totality the following regions which it once controlled:

Troy, The Ottoman Empire, Muslim Brotherhood,The Democratic Union of Allied Nations, Democratic Union of Allied Nations,British Overseas Territory,The Galactic Empire, North American Union;The Union of Sovereign States;The Westford Union;CommonWealth of Solaris;New Pacific Order;The Global Alliance,Verona,Union of Epic Nations;Imperial Commonwealth League of Crowns;Liberty Republic;League of Crowns;Queens Realm;The Legion Empire;Federation of Democratic Republics;Coalition of Sovereign States;The Kingdom;The Organization of Independent States;Heavens;Icelandic International Community;The Free Republics;Pangea;The Holy Christian union; Hong Kong City; The Coalition of Equality;Blackreach;Slavland;The United Legion of Nations;Revolutionary Base;Free State Alliance;

Several Military Generals have been court marshaled on this huge failure of the Bordurian Troops to defend it's overseas territories.

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