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First founded by Kingdom of Mitchabe, the region has been annexed by Bordurian troops on 14.05.2014 and converted into the command and control centre of Pax Imperium. All Military operations to annex Islamic & Communist regions are conducted from this base. Our political headquarters are at: Pax Imperium --the seat of the Imperial Govt in the capital City of New Szohod.

We are aligned with Iron Europe in purging Islam and Commies from NS.

The Enemy:
1. United Empire of Islam
2. Genuan Rebirth
3. The Imperial Dominion
4. Red Fleet
5. Antifa

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Embassies: Pax Imperium, The Bordurian Empire, World Union, Alliance of Free Nations, The Royal Knights, Grand Union, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Commonwealth of United Crowns, Romili, Alliance of Liberty, The Malazan Empire, Islamic Republic Of Pakistan, United Coalition, Commonwealth of Crowns, Islamic illuminati, League of monarchist states, and 50 others.The league of empires, The Union of Democratic States, Genuan, Allahu Akbar, New Persia, The Commonwealth Empire, The Grand Union Of Empires, The Great Union of Empires, The Defender Alliance, Parthian Empire, Global Federation of Nations, The Illuminati, World Federation States, Islamic Union, Tanos, Genua, The Smoking Section, The Genuan Rebirth, The United Monarchist Nations, The Federation of Kievan Rus, The Pirate Bay, Global Union, Cosmic Islands, Iura Pecunia et libertas, Coalition of Progressive Empires, United Commonwealth of Islam, The Grand Federation, The United Federation of Regions, Abyss, Medieval Europe, The Kingdom Of Iraq, The Empire of United Nations, Nysa, Beyond The Superpowers Of Earth, The United Coalition of Nations, The Liberty Republic, Islamic Union Of Free States, Arab Islamic Republics, The Islamic Caliphate, Teachings of Islam, The Atlantic Union, The Imperial Order, Aurelius, Brotherhood Of Muslim Nations, Union of Loose Allies, Dutopia, Defender Security Alliance, Israeli Freedom Fighters, Commonwealth of Independent Nations, and The Union.

Construction of embassies with The Fascist Union has commenced. Completion expected in 13 hours.

Construction of embassies with the Greater German Reich has commenced. Completion expected in 13 hours.

Construction of embassies with Alliance Of Neutral Nations has commenced. Completion expected in 13 hours.

Construction of embassies with Darul Islam has commenced. Completion expected in 1 day 13 hours.

Construction of embassies with United Alliance Of Nations has commenced. Completion expected in 2 days 1 hour.

Construction of embassies with The Knights Templar has commenced. Completion expected in 2 days 1 hour.

Tags: Small, Totalitarian, Fascist, Monarchist, Conservative, Imperialist, Anti-Communist, and Invader.

Elite Region Of Global Command contains 10 nations, the 1,620th most in the world.

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The Most Primitive in Elite Region Of Global Command

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed solely to the unknowable will of the gods.

As a region, Elite Region Of Global Command is ranked 11,077th in the world for Most Primitive.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of DUAN IInoffensive Centrist Democracy“DUAN shall prevail”
2.The Republic of GUE founderInoffensive Centrist Democracy“GUE lives on”
3.The United Kingdom of Xanadu IslandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bring the world to our Control”
4.The Free Land of DarujhistaNew York Times Democracy“Freedom Forever”
5.The Empire of Borduria22Moralistic Democracy“For the Bordurian Empire”
6.The Empire of Slavic RegionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Borduria triumphs”
7.The Kingdom of PhillipeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“TBE prevails”
8.The Kingdom of Troy founderInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Troy lives on forever”
9.The Colony of SchechaIron Fist Consumerists“De scientia est libertatis”

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Elite Region Of Global Command Regional Message Board

Due to the tremendous internal problems iun Borduriaa, the Bordurian troops have not been able to resist the invasions of many imperialistic regions and have, in totality the following regions which it once controlled:

Troy, The Ottoman Empire, Muslim Brotherhood,The Democratic Union of Allied Nations, Democratic Union of Allied Nations,British Overseas Territory,The Galactic Empire, North American Union;The Union of Sovereign States;The Westford Union;CommonWealth of Solaris;New Pacific Order;The Global Alliance,Verona,Union of Epic Nations;Imperial Commonwealth League of Crowns;Liberty Republic;League of Crowns;Queens Realm;The Legion Empire;Federation of Democratic Republics;Coalition of Sovereign States;The Kingdom;The Organization of Independent States;Heavens;Icelandic International Community;The Free Republics;Pangea;The Holy Christian union; Hong Kong City; The Coalition of Equality;Blackreach;Slavland;The United Legion of Nations;Revolutionary Base;Free State Alliance;

Several Military Generals have been court marshaled on this huge failure of the Bordurian Troops to defend it's overseas territories.

Welcome Darujhista , to our Imperial headquarters. Help us in our militaristic endeavours.

Hey why did we join Iron Europe ? Aren't they fascist? I thought we hit only the Islamic terror things . I think we should not antagonize the Commies.

Well, Iron Europe has returned "The Islamic Caliphate" to us, which they succeeded in annexing from us earlier. We have a debt to repay. And as we are monarchists, we are naturally opposed to Commies. I hope this answers your question, Greece.

And here is a link to further answer your queries:


Psalm 67
1 May God be gracious to us and bless us
and make His face shine on us
2 so that your ways may be known on earth,
your salvation among all nations.
3 May the peoples praise you, God;
may all the peoples praise you.
4 May the Nations be glad and sing for joy,
for you rule the Peoples with equity
and guide the Nations of the earth.
5 May the Peoples praise you, God;
may all the peoples praise you.
6 The land yields its harvest;
God, our God, blesses us.
7 May God bless us still,
so that all the ends of the earth will fear him.
Happy Easter

Post self-deleted by England Representative.

This is the beginning of great relationship between two regions with similar ideologies and strrategies. I hope we can together have joint operations to eliminate the scourge of Islam ( our prime motive) and communism from NS. Glory to the Lord.

We scored two major successes:
i) We retrieved Defender Security Alliance --our old imperial possession.
ii) We annexed Dutopia--- a region we had been eyeing for long.

We annexed Commonwealth of Independent Nations today --a region with origins in 2011.

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