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Founder: The Imperial Capital of Borduria22

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,736th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,794th Most Cultured: 1,811th
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Trample the Reds , Liberals & Jihadists ! Glory to the power of God, his Son and the holy Spirit ! All Kingdoms belong to the Son of God.

Hail the Lord of the Cross ! ! Knights of Templar, Set forth and conquer all Commie and Islamic terrorist lands ! We resolve to destroy every citadel of the Communist and Islamic terror alone or in alliance with anticommunist and anti jihadist solidarity forces.



Our troops currently part of the Nazi Europaoccupation in : The Arab League
Click here for our past operations in alliance

Embassies: Nazi Europa, BLITZKRIEG, ANTICOM, The New World Fascist Alliance, Eastern Roman Empire, Cosmic islands, Nysa, Defender security alliance, The Islamic Caliphate, Global Federation Of Nations, Brotherhood of Muslim Nations, Allah, Alliance Of Free Nations, Islamic Illuminati, Grand Union, Teutonic Order, and 60 others.Jammu and Kashmir, Darul Islam, Allahu Akbar, The Union, Baluchistan, The Unsettled Lands, Commonwealth of Crowns, Global Union, The Embassy, The Union Of National Socialists, THE REICHSWEHR HEADQUARTERS, Fifth Empire, The conservative christians, Islamic Union of Free States, United Commonwealth Of Islam, DonaldTrumpland, Zarathustra, The Christian Nations, Nazareth, Mr Money Headquarters, The Empire of Nova Roma et agros captos, Yarnia, NS Army, Bracara et Caralis, The Revolutionary Council, Viet Cong, Apartheid South Africa, The Organization Of Independent States, The Genuan Rebirth, Union of Epic Nations, The Royal Knights, The True Rebirth, The Bar on the corner of every region, Baltic States Alliance, Confucius, Maritime MAST, The Second European Empire, League of Imperial Nations, Eurabia, Alliance Against Nazis, Teachings of Islam, Queens Coming Into Our Own, Racoonist Confederation, The Alliance of Dictators, Atlas Union, The Imperial States, Christian Empire, New Worcester Empire, The Great East, League of Democracy, The Wolf Syndicate, Region Of Reunited Muslim States, The Phantom Knights, German Army, North America Paradise, Terran Blood, Scythia, The United Forces of Darkness, Federation of Free States, and Leftist Interregional.

Construction of embassies with Solar Alliance has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Capitalist, Totalitarian, Fascist, Game Player, Monarchist, Mercenary, Theocratic, Conservative, Imperialist, Multi-Species, Minuscule, Invader, and 1 other.Anti-Communist.

Elite Region Of Global Command contains 3 nations.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Colony of SchechaIron Fist Consumerists“De scientia est libertatis”
2.The Imperial Capital of Borduria22Capitalist Paradise“For Bordurian Empire and Elite Region of Global Command”
3.The Bordurian Imperial Guard of Regnum IVCorrupt Dictatorship“TBE triumphs”

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Congrats Borduria on our successful infiltration of The Arab league. Our experience in espionage has helped us get this one for our ally, Nazi Europa. Good to see Woody mentioned us in the WFE of The Arab league.

The Stormcrow Perihelion of Captain Woodhouse wrote:You crack me up, NNR.
Just got word from NE ally Borduria of Elite Region of Global Command, that he's okay with me disclosing his fine infiltration work secured The Arab League's password.
TAL was originally founded in 2003 and has six pages of NS History under it's belt. Great target. Hail, Borduria!

Woodhouse acknowledges our contribution !

Very thought provoking words from our Commander in The Arab league occupation:

Surfin safari wrote:We're not here to promote fascism. We're not all fascists, yet we're targeted and shunned for our region name, tags and embassies.
We're here to address your anti-fascist members and Antifa alignment. The leftists who tried to liberate TAL Monday major update have targeted innocent capitalist regions for their region tags and embassies. Some of your members clearly support their destructive efforts.
No matter how you try to spin it, The Arab League's Antifa embassy and anti-fascist and liberal tags made fascism and nationalism look bad for you. Had The Arab League been tagged anti-communist, capitalist or conservative, the commies wouldn't have participated in the liberation attempt last night. They believe TAL belongs to them. A former TRF soldier has drafted a liberation of TAL. Anti-fascist alignment is all over this region.
I'm not a fascist. I'm an American who digs Amendment I. I think it's dangerous to silence opinions—no matter how ugly they are. The Left tried to silence mine in a region that had no fascist connection whatsoever. It was an apolitical region. At the time, the Left was running roughshod over anything that smelled funny to them. They were ramping up attacks on capitalist and imperialist regions and regions with the word 'German' in the name. In many instances, they fabricated a fascist connection where none existed. Anyone who opposed communist aggression was labeled a fascist. That mindset still dominates communist gameplay.
I joined Nazi-fascist gameplay to answer leftist aggression because no one else was doing it.
How do you figure NE has a 'fake' goal when we've built an empire that proves our objective is 100 percent genuine? We have a real nice Middle East collection. nation=stefan_george/detail=factbook/id=154838
Let's talk about bullies. In 2013, vulnerable, founderless NAZI EUROPE had no military and wasn't bothering anyone. Old NE was moldering behind a password. We were constantly under attack from almost everyone in the game—including raiders with whom we maintained embassies. We were down to 10 WA. I couldn't identify a fascist or National Socialist in the region.
The real bullies in the game—the GCRs and huge witch-hunting UCRs like Europeia weren't satisfied with NE dying of natural causes. They had a pow wow to decide how bury us pronto. It yielded Resolution 109. viewtopic.php?f=24&t=7503&p=13685158&hilit=nazi#p13685158
One Oh Nine was designed to kill NE. It eventually did. Remaining core NE members vowed to come back swinging. We'll stop swinging when NAZI EUROPE is returned to us. I've offered to release Islam in exchange for NAZI EUROPE. The real game bullies won't give up their prize.
It's weird that a region called 'The Arab League' doesn't understand the concept of revenge. An eye for an eye kinda dominates Arab culture, yeah?

Cormac has drafted a liberation proposal for TAL:


The back door entry when their military got defeated !

Christian Kuwait has been banned for blasphemy.


Hello, buddy ?

I am going to give you the password to ANTICOM Central Command so that you can move a puppet there and I can grant you all officer powers. It was originally meant to be a region for captured embassies but we may need to use it as our central headquarters down the road.

OK! Will do so.

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