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Pound for Pound Toughest & Most Well Rounded Region in NS since 2009. 

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Top Region Ranks(15/1/2015)

Population: 124th
Defense: 22nd
Economy: 32nd

Manufacture, Retail, Auto, Fishing, Insurance, Cheese: 5th
Basket: 6th
Timber, Agriculture: 7th
Pizza, Beverage: 8th
Arms: 9th
Mining, Furniture: 10th

Gambling: 12th
IT: 14th
Publishing: 15th

#1 in NationStates

Most Armed, Most Crime, Most Dangerous, Most Polluting, Largest Beverage Sector, Largest Gambling Sector: The Empire of Little Flowers

Most Police: The Holy Empire of Klesh

Largest Fishing Sector: The Confederacy of Undivulged Principles


Embassies: Forest, The Axis of Evil, Cat Empire, The Maritimes, Pony Lands, Tareldanore, The Alliance of Dictators, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Philosophy 115, The Vast, Holy Lands, Zarathustra, The Bastion of Slavery, United Empire of Islam, The Nightmare Realms, Heiwa Space, and 40 others.The Illuminati, Sonnel, Vissella, Commonwealth of Liberty, Union of Nationalists, The Covenant of Shrek, United Iran, The Erviadus Galaxy, Austritaria, European Region, Iura Pecunia et libertas, League of Sovereign Nations, The Atlas Union, Nova Sanctorum, United Governments of NationStates, The Novus Teronia Galaxy, Engeos, Empire of Andrew, Judean League, Avadam Inn, POLATION, Silverstar, Bus Stop, Time for Britain to leave the EU, A Region, Dill Country, Caeteris Paribus, The Savage Garden, Hollow Point, Iron Gate, Auralia, The Balkan League, Alakor, Crime Infested Region of South Detroit, Pasargada, The Christian Nations, Turkic Union, The New Alteran Empire, The Constitutional Union, and National Federation.

Tags: National Sovereigntist, Free Trade, Future Tech, Independent, Map, Mercenary, Featured, Outer Space, Fantasy Tech, Role Player, Medium, Multi-Species, and 2 others.Regional Government, and Magical.

Regional Power: Moderate

Eladen contains 45 nations, the 248th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Average Tax Rates in Eladen

Although some nations have similar tax rates for all citizens and others tax the rich much more heavily than the poor, the following provides a rough guide to the most taxing governments.

As a region, Eladen is ranked 1,304th in the world for Highest Average Tax Rates.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The CUP Imperial Province of The CUDLibertarian Police State“Me ne frego, je m'en fous, I don't care”
2.The ELF Macabre Desolation of Demons of ValkarthPsychotic Dictatorship“Death to All”
3.The Naukanatsiya of ArbatWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Courage & Knowledge ”
4.The Holy Empire of KleshCorporate Police State“Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”
5.The CUP Fortified Enclave in and of The Grove of EladenNew York Times Democracy“My Land, Not Yours, whether you like it or not”
6.The Oppressed Indigenous Eladeni of Jungles of KleshFather Knows Best State“Death is Freedom”
7.The Harmonious Political Haven of TrueChristianityTyranny by Majority“Peace, Love, Harmony, Compassion”
8.The Tough Old Crusty Professors of History of EladenFather Knows Best State“His Story Is Written Here”
9.The Capellan Confederation of House LiaoFather Knows Best State“I Own The State”
10.The Rude Lewd Invincible Refuge of CUP New YorkersCapitalizt“Endorse Liberidad before Endorsing Others Or Get Kicked”
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Eladen Regional Message Board


New Resolution at vote:

Repeal Living Wage Act

The World Assembly,

Praising GAR #21, "Living Wage Act", for its well-intentioned attempt to ensure a decent well-being for the most vulnerable members of society,

Dismayed that the resolution uses illogical means to achieve its ends,

Baffled that the resolution defines poverty lines "on an area basis, and sets no limits as to how any nation may define such areas save that they must lie wholly within the nation's boundaries", effectively allowing nations to negate the wage mandate by maliciously defining poverty line areas,

Disturbed that the resolution authorizes wages below the poverty line for individuals receiving national income or benefits, effectively permitting unequal pay for the same work,

Disappointed that the resolution fails to exempt tip-based professions from the wage mandate,

Troubled that the resolution does exempt "convicted criminals who are required to perform work in the course of their sentence", effectively approving of unethical punitive labor camps,

Concerned that the resolution defines the "basic poverty line" to include "one week's rent for an average one-person dwelling" and the "Dependent Poverty Line" to include "one week's rent for an average two-person dwelling", which will endlessly inflate the price of housing and make housing unaffordable by continuously increasing the average price of rent,

Confused that the resolution requires "that no person in full-time employment be paid the equivalent of a weekly net wage of less than 25% over the Dependent Povery Line unless that person has no dependents and explicitly waives this right", resulting in all persons in full-time employment receiving the weekly net wage of no less than 25% over the "Dependent Poverty Line", regardless of whether they have dependents or not,

Perplexed that the resolution "defines the Dependent Poverty Line as the Basic Poverty Line" to include "the pro-rata weekly cost of schooling for a dependent" regardless of whether the dependent is in school or not,

Concerned that the resolution essentially mandates that low-skill workers be permanently unemployed,

Further Concerned that the resolution "requires that power and water supply be deemed appropriate utilities", whereas power may be considered an extravagant luxury in less-modernized nations,

Acknowledging the absolute necessity to assist the poor,

Noting the serious flaws in GAR #21, "Living Wage Act", and its unsustainability,

Hereby Repeals GAR #21, "Living Wage Act".

Voting ends in three days.

The Confederacy of Undivulged Principles wrote:Hey. Traveling atm with intermittent Internet. I should be back in a couple of days.

Klesh speaks!

Time for a coupe!

Klesh has spoken!

*speaking as myself*
Hi I am new here, but to be honest I have no idea what to do and I quickly looking at the people at this region, you guys seems to be way out of my league. I have only started this 5 days ago so I am new, but I chose this region because it seemed to be quite less oriented on a specific type of ideology and it is quite acclaimed as a region. If it turns out that I am not good enough for you then I understand and you can kick and that could be the main reason why you have only 45 nations. Well anyway if anyone could help me I would appreciate it.

By OO, The Sultanate of Manchunistan Sultanate

PS: I didn't know that Sultanate would appear twice. I am ashamed of myself and my terrible choice of names, I am not even Asian, I am a 6'5 black guy who plays to much EU4 while trying to beat the Ming Empire.

Welcome, Manchunistan!

Eladen is very laid-back, so we don't have any particular requirements for membership. If you like it here, you're welcome to stay.

Regarding your name, while you can't change your nation name, you could change your classification ("The Sultanate of...") to something else.

The Holy Empire of Klesh wrote:Klesh speaks!

Time for a coupe!

Klesh has spoken!

I think you meant coup. :)

We are quite laid back here but coming direct from a raider region and then immediately applying for the WA is a sure fire way of getting kicked from the region.


The Confederacy of Undivulged Principles wrote:I think you meant coup. :)

Thats my boy!

I vote for the resolution.

Welcome aboard Manchunistan Sultanate!

Tbh I'm not even French, my French sucks and well, whatever. I was also new when I boarded Eladen, and for some reason I became the WA Delegate doing nothing, so I just went along with it.

I am very much against that resolution.

Hello. I'm a post-modern tech nation. Is it ok if I stay here without future tech?

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