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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Principality of Liberidad (elected )

Founder: The Confederacy of Undivulged Principles

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Pound for Pound Toughest & Most Well Rounded Region in NS since 2009.

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Top Region Ranks(15/1/2015)

Population: 124th
Defense: 22nd
Economy: 32nd

Manufacture, Retail, Auto, Fishing, Insurance, Cheese: 5th
Basket: 6th
Timber, Agriculture: 7th
Pizza, Beverage: 8th
Arms: 9th
Mining, Furniture: 10th

Gambling: 12th
IT: 14th
Publishing: 15th

#1 in NationStates

Most Armed, Most Crime, Most Dangerous, Most Polluting, Largest Beverage Sector, Largest Gambling Sector: The Empire of Little Flowers

Most Police: The Holy Empire of Klesh

Largest Fishing Sector: The Confederacy of Undivulged Principles


Embassies: Forest, The Axis of Evil, Cat Empire, The Maritimes, Pony Lands, Tareldanore, The Alliance of Dictators, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Philosophy 115, The Vast, Holy Lands, Zarathustra, The Bastion of Slavery, United Empire of Islam, The Nightmare Realms, Heiwa Space, and 37 others.The Illuminati, Sonnel, Vissella, Commonwealth of Liberty, Union of Nationalists, United Iran, The Erviadus Galaxy, Austritaria, European Region, Iura Pecunia et libertas, League of Sovereign Nations, The Atlas Union, Nova Sanctorum, United Governments of NationStates, Engeos, Empire of Andrew, Judean League, Avadam Inn, POLATION, Silverstar, Bus Stop, Time for Britain to leave the EU, Dill Country, Caeteris Paribus, The Savage Garden, Hollow Point, Iron Gate, The Balkan League, Alakor, Crime Infested Region of South Detroit, Pasargada, The Christian Nations, Turkic Union, The New Alteran Empire, The Constitutional Union, National Federation, and The Fertile Crescent.

Tags: National Sovereigntist, Free Trade, Future Tech, Independent, Map, Mercenary, Featured, Outer Space, Fantasy Tech, Role Player, Medium, Multi-Species, and 2 others.Regional Government, and Magical.

Regional Power: Moderate

Eladen contains 43 nations, the 274th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Armed in Eladen

World Census experts took their lives into their hands in order to ascertain the average number of weapons per citizen.

As a region, Eladen is ranked 13,143rd in the world for Most Armed.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of Little FlowersCompulsory Consumerist State“Roses have thorns!”
2.The Confederacy of Undivulged PrinciplesAnarchy“What goes around, comes around.”
3.The Decadent Opulence of Gray MouserCapitalizt“Molte nemici, Molto onore”
4.The Bandit Kings of Pale Mountains of KleshAnarchy“I Tread on You Before You Tread on Me”
5.The CUP Imperial Province of The CUDLibertarian Police State“Me ne frego, je m'en fous, I don't care”
6.The Rude Lewd Invincible Refuge of CUP New YorkersCapitalizt“Endorse Liberidad before Endorsing Others Or Get Kicked”
7.The Tang Clan of WuCorporate Bordello“Shaolin!”
8.The Epitome of the Constitution of The United States PersonifiedAnarchy“Life, Libery & the Pursuit of Happiness”
9.The Rebel Structural Engineers of Feral IndustriesAnarchy“Cue: Rebel Yell”
10.The Rogue Nation of DarkHuntersInoffensive Centrist Democracy“From Today Through Tomorrow to Yesterday”
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Last poll: “New Energy Advisor”

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Eladen Regional Message Board

Our structural engineers have developed all sorts of energy. Hydro, solar, thermal, mineral, wind. We don't have brainwave tech but it sounds useful. If I was Energy Advisor I would promote it.

The three banners on my page are a dunelizard fighter, a royal tie interceptor and a yt-1300.

The Confederacy of Undivulged Principles wrote:I vote yes to the resolution.
I wanted to know if you could elaborate on what toy meant by brainwaves as an energy source.

We harness and store theta waves taken when we dream and use the electrical energy gained to power most of our equipment.

Dream weavers are used to enhance dream experience.

The dream weaver then prompts deep sleep to heal the mind and rejuvenate.

Our people are psions.

We use other energy sources but brain waves are dominant source.

The Principality of Liberidad wrote:[WA]
Resolution at Vote:
Proscription of Living Shields

Singing the praises of this Assemblyís many successes in the realm of protecting the unarmed and innocent in times of armed conflict,
Enthusiastically hoping further measures to be unnecessary, yet
Pessimistically noting the above to be exceedingly unlikely,
Remembering the protections extended to all manner of noncombatants and civilians in war by this august Assembly,
Disgusted at the increasing incidence of these protections being used against the very states sworn to uphold them,
Finding the practice of using individuals as living shields to be deliberately contrary to the historic goals of the World Assembly of protecting human rights and ensuring peace, and
Righteously amending this wrong,
1. The World Assembly defines the use of living shields as the act of an armed party intentionally utilizing unarmed noncombatants, be they volunteers or otherwise, to shield themselves or tangible assets in such a way as to compel a strategic or tactical advantage by way of manipulating a third partyís obligation to respect the protected status of the noncombatants or their perceived value therein.
2. The World Assembly further defines noncombatants to include both civilians who belong to a protected status or are otherwise taking no direct part in the hostilities, and those belligerents who, having been granted Prisoner of War or hors de combat status, are unable to take a direct part in hostilities.
3. Member states shall consider the use of individuals as living shields in the course of armed conflict illegal and a war crime.
4. Member states shall consider the use of individuals as living shields to be an aggravating circumstance when prosecuting or otherwise dealing with violators of international law, and are encouraged to take the necessary steps to protect those hostages from harm.
5. Member states shall consider a belligerentís use of living shields a mitigating circumstance when dealing with the prosecution of troops who, due to the enemyís violation of these provisions, find themselves directly or indirectly responsible for the accidental violation of a noncombatantís protected status, and are encouraged to acquit the accused in situations wherein gross negligence cannot be ascribed.
6. Member states are permitted to prosecute unarmed noncombatants who voluntarily serve as living shields as they would prosecute combatants who utilize such living shields.
a. Member states are encouraged, in instances where it cannot be determined whether an individual was voluntarily or forcibly taken as a living shield, to offer to resettle those individuals in an area away from the conflict.
b. If those individuals refuse and, subsequently, are repeatedly utilized as living shields in a manner that calls into question the non-voluntary nature of their participation, member states are permitted to prosecute and detain them accordingly.

Voting ends in 3 days



New Resolution at vote.

Researching New Ecosystems

Encouraged by the ongoing efforts of the international community to invest in biological research,

Impressed by some of the potential technologies and cures that have developed from this research, but

Concerned by the rate at which unique ecosystems are disappearing, either to man-made activity or to natural changes in climate,

This august World Assembly hereby enacts the following, subject to any limits imposed by earlier resolutions that are still in force:

Defines for the purposes of this resolution:

'unique ecosystem' as any area which is reasonably likely to contain flora and fauna that are unique to the larger ecosystem,

'man made activity' as action or continued inaction taken by sentient beings that endangers the biodiversity of a unique ecosystem, up to and including mining, logging, construction or introduction of invasive species, but not counting acts of war,

'natural changes in climate' as any foreseeable, long term natural event or change that endangers the biodiversity of a unique ecosystem, such as long term drought, rise in sea levels or global cooling;

Requires nations where man-made activity may be reasonably expected to seriously compromise a unique ecosystem to make reasonable expeditions, within their abilities, into the unique ecosystem to take stock of and collect samples of unique flora and fauna within the region;

Requires nations with ongoing natural changes in climate that threaten to seriously compromise unique ecosystems to make reasonable expeditions, within their abilities, into the unique ecosystem to take stock of and collect samples of unique flora and fauna within the region.

Expands the duties of the World Assembly Science Program (WASP) to include:

Monitoring global climate changes to identify unique ecosystems under threat, and to notify nations of said threat to their unique ecosystems,

Storing and providing access to raw data from nations who have shared with the WASP,

Raising and providing funds and scientific support for nations who do not have the capacity to conduct a reasonable scientific expedition;

Encourages nations to share raw data from above expeditions with the World Assembly Science Program (WASP)

Voting ends in 3 days.

Post self-deleted by Undivulged Principles.

I am in favor of the resolution.

That was a pitiful invasion attempt.

I am waiting on a reply from our current justice advissor befoore opening up the post.

The Rebel Structural Engineers of Feral Industries is our new energy advisor. Congratulations

I'm a transgender slave from Women Empire for exchange with 2 nations of male slaves for the cruel amusement of DOMINA Chessmistress Empress ! I'm a very sexy slave and beautifull ,the work of tongue is my speciality

Have you guys seen the news? It looks like NationStates will now allow us to appoint regional officers as part of the game. Hahaha

The "Little Flowers" have say to "Teodora" slave of DOMINA Chessmistress of the Women Empire a the exchange of Tdjxdgf with 2 nations of males slaves for heavy forced work in chains .The exchange no done ! For order of DOMINA Tdjxdgf come back !

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