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WA Delegate: The Ecotopian Republic of Allemonde (elected 1 year 93 days ago)

Founder: Mizuumi

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Welcome friends to Ecotopia, a green, eco-friendly region of peace loving folk. The region is open to all and there is only one rule: no invaders or region crashers.

I've created a new blog for the Ecotopia Region that has my bio and I hope we can have some great

discusions. LinkEcotopia Blog

WA Delegate: Allemonde- btw my name is Nick if anyone wants to know.

LinkOdum School of Ecology
LinkGlobal Greens
LinkGreen Party of the United States
LinkThe Molecular Biology of Paradise

Embassies: Forest and House of Lancaster of Wessex.

Tags: Small, Democratic, Future Tech, Eco-friendly, Password, Socialist, Pacifist, and Founderless.

Regional Power: Moderate

Ecotopia contains 9 nations, the 1,506th most in the world.


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Today's World Census Report

The Most Authoritarian in Ecotopia

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, Ecotopia is ranked 14,739th in the world for Most Authoritarian.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Independant State of Sophisticated horrorsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Live in fear, die in vain”
2.The Community of Nova AmericaWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Love Conquers All”
3.The Peopleīs Republic of Incredible BumsLiberal Democratic Socialists“Think for yourself !”
4.The Ecotopian Republic of AllemondeWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Where Happiness Lives!!!!”
5.The Republic of New Daleks IILiberal Democratic Socialists“A new dawn rises.”
6.The Free Lands of Coffin-BreatheWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Home of the free and disgusting”
7.The Confederacy of San Onofre EcotopiaLeft-wing Utopia“Welcome friend!”
8.The Nomadic Peoples of BeidiansLeft-wing Utopia“Liberty, Freedom, Capitalism!”
9.The Republic of Pala of HuxleyCivil Rights Lovefest“All Hail Huxley!”

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Ecotopia Regional Message Board

...just to add : the "politicians issue" I meant is called "a matter of trust"...

Hey, our region has fallen back from the 48th to the 57th place for "happiest people...
Those ungrateful bastards that call themselves "citizens" - Iīll teach them, how to feel happy, even if I have to imprson and torture everyone back to happiness with my own hands...;-))

Hey, does anyone have a look at "World Census" sometimes ? Today was stated, that our region is among the first 70 (and the first one with more than 10 member nations) regions in which the average citizen can enjoy a very long life; we should be really proud of this...
Seems like having high social standards, investing in good and (as I guess, free) medical care and having an eye on environmental conditions does finally pay off in the long run.

Well, gentlemen (and ladies ?), thereīs an "zombie apocalypse" approaching on Halloween again; what will we do this year ? Will we even care about (participate in this somehow childish and stupid entertainment game) ? Or will we just "let it happen, as the dice roll" and continue after the planned three days ?
I strongly suggest, that (as I remember, last year it was kind of "everyone in the region for its own"), if we can agree that we all participate in it (which means, react to "systems" settings), we take the same path to "resolution", and for me the best seems to be "research for a cure", since almost all nations in this region are very peaceful (few or almost no weapons, little or no military budget, little or no "public fighting and killing skills", small police forces, etc.), but on the other side very developed, strong in science, health-care and education. Scientific research and relying on good, very sophisticated and functional social and medical services should serve us best, the more, if we all can agree to react early enough, not split up and as a "regional team" (I seem to remember, that last year Allemonde was left rather alone in "research" somehow, and since - according to last years "systems rules" - quality and effectiveness of "scientific research" improves, the more nations in a region are doing it...), while for example my nations (I simply recognised the "apocalypse" to late, which should do for an excuse ;-) ) were reacting far to late. This shouldnīt happen again (this year), therefore - thereīs a clock ticking for us, just have a short look at "news"...
As long as thereīs no other kind of "agreement" in here, coffin-breathe this year will go for "search for a cure", just to let you know...

Sophisicated horrors could easily provide you all with superior arms for the so-called "zombie apocalypse" (what a boost for our arms industry), but it would be not so easy to teach your people the skills needed for their effective use in such a short time.
So, though there is of course no doubt in the abilities of our great and glorious leader, our invincible men-at-arms and our never-sleeping and numerous peacekeeping and eagerly serving police forces to keep a possible "zombification outbreak" under control and our people safe, we, the people of the great and glorious nation of sophisted horrors are severly concerned about the well-beeing of our fellow region inhabitants, which means you, and will gladly contribute to the honourable cause of protecting our wonderful region by providing the vast and high-grade sophisticated ressources of our scientific research facilities and laboratories to the community.
So shall it be; we will find a cure for the plague or vanish into oblivion united...

"Zombies" prefer a diet of human flesh, especially brains, right ? But how can a civilised nation like ours deny some people their right to get nutritions; or even "kill them", when trying to get "some food" ? But, on the other side, itīs a governments duty to act in the best possible way for the population of its country. Therefore the best way for us (the government in the name of all (of) incredible bums)seems to try to find a way to change the behaviour of these "zombies" when going for their "sufficient dietary intake", which seems in the end to lead to whatīs called a "cure for zombification", because this also implies a change of their nutritional needs.
Also, whom will those zombies eat, if thereīs no living human left (in the case, for example, incredible bums would "join their forces") ? The sooner or later, they will starve to death (donīt know, if thatīs possible, since they seem to be dead already; weīll have to research this too). This leads to the logical conclusion, that itīs for the zombies (not to mention, as well as in the interest of living; who wants to end up as a "tasty snack" for some undead glutton ?) own best if there would be a "cure for the plague", which has to be resarched for, and pooling all our regional ressources promises some advantage for every "researching nation".
Therefore incredible bums will agree to participate in a regionwide "search for a cure".

In the light of recent events : since when is there a kind of "censorship" on the regional board ? Does anyone happen to know ? Itīs not the Kindergarten in here, weīre all (the more or less) grown-ups, and if I use the term "wtf" (or similar), then I have usually a d....d good reason for it (even if itīs simply a rhetorical one), and, well, I surely donīt need any "system" to prevent me from using any "political or otherwise uncorrect words", aka "four letter words".
"Protecting" people from reading the word "f..k", but producing real guns for six year old children and killing thousands of foreign people, calling it "collateral damage". What a "culture"...

A happy new year to everyone.

SEVERE WARNING ! The option "abolishing and redefining the national tax system" on the issue about "tax system overload" sent my economy down for 60 (in words : sixty) points.
Whoever allowed this consequence for one simple decision to pass should definitely be sent to a mental hospital...seems like there are some really brainless idiots "overlooking" this game...

thatīs the issue : #221: Outdated Tax Code Crushing @@NAME@@? [Padosistan; ed:Reploid Productions]

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