WA Delegate: None.

Founder: Supreme bharata

World Factbook Entry

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! This region proved no match for a charge by The Black Riders!

Occupied by LinkThe Black Riders! Our lair can be found Linkhere

Into the battle rode the following riders:
Bob Moran
Gladio III

Embassies: The Black Riders.

Tags: Founderless, Minuscule, and Recruiter Friendly.

DFI contains 3 nations.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Politically Apathetic Citizens in DFI

These results were determined by seeing how many citizens of each nation answered a recent World Census survey on the local political situation by ticking the "Don't Give a Damn" box.

As a region, DFI is ranked 5,588th in the world for Most Politically Apathetic Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Captains of CappadoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Carpe Diem”
2.The Community of 3DCorrupt Dictatorship“Time is never wasted when youre wasted all the time.”
3.The Federation of TrisevitopsFather Knows Best State“Three times the fun!”

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How about establishing an embassy between Israel and us ?



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Supreme bharata

3 years 7 days ago

LMAO the stupidity ranking is back and so is our leader in that dept :D


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LMAO... guess who is most heavily armed. Moi...


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GDP has breached 10 trillion :)

How to see the defence force level ?


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Supreme bharata

2 years 344 days ago

Most Popular Tourist Destinations!!

Thats right...unlike friches stériles.


Post by Dharitri suppressed by Onniihseseizuso.

This is aerokan on DFI. Just created demo-craptic re-pubic of Dharitri :D


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Move to the Greater German Reich to help Us fulfil Our evil plans of expanding Our power, conqvering new lands and oppressing Our inferiors! MARSCH!
Ve vill dominate zhe Vorld togezher as Our armies march across zhe face of zhe planet in goose step, terrifying subjugated peoples vizh zhe unison of Our spurred patent leather riding boots.


Post by Venico The Night Father suppressed by Defender Soldier 4.

Hello! On behalf of The Brotherhood of Malice, I would like to welcome you to the game of NationStates. We're one of the newest regions in NationStates and we are striving to expand our military influence over the entirety of the game, along with providing a comfortable atmosphere for games and roleplay.

Now you may be asking what our military does. Let me explain: In NationStates, nations are by default required to be settled in a region. Regions in this game are kind of like guilds or clans in other games. The person who created the region, called a founder, has access to the regional controls which allow them to change pretty much anything. But sometimes these founders don’t log on and so they cease to exist (CTE). When the founder nation CTEs, the nation with the most World Assembly (kind of like the United Nations) endorsements from other nations in the region gains the ability to access regional controls, and their power is only limited by their time spent in the region and the amount of endorsements their nation has. Raiding is the art of going into the founderless region, ceasing the delegacy and then having fun while in control of the region.
In The Brotherhood of Malice we put an emphasis on raiding, roleplaying, and playing games. Our military, The Malicious Forces, will soon be knocking at founderless regions’ doorsteps and conquering their lands. In some of the other regions that you may have read about, power is often concentrated in a few hands and ways to get involved are limited. In The Brotherhood of Malice we're always looking for our brothers to be more involved with our region.
Our region is focused on two things: our military and our culture. We strive to provide a home for raiders where we can chill and hangout but also establish a base for our military operations. Ultimately, our region is about having fun and raiding until the break of dawn.
The Brotherhood of Malice is the best place for you to have fun with some of your raiding friends and flourish as a raider!

To join The Brotherhood of Malice:

1. Please click here where it says The Brotherhood of Malice
2. Click on "Like What You See? Move [your nation] to The Brotherhood of Malice!"
3. And congratulations, you are now a resident of our awesome region!

If you still have questions, telegram me and I'll get back to you!

See you soon,

The Grizzled Assassin of Venico The Night Father


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Are you a creationist?

Consider visiting Creationism


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179 days ago

This region could not withstand a charge from The Eternal Knights!

Join us in our quest!

All hail The Eternal Knights:
The Sapientia

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