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Deutschland feiert derzeit den zweiten
Jahrestag seiner Neugründung. Also besucht
uns, feiert und lasst uns eine Nachricht da!

Deutschland is currently celebrating the
two year anniversary of its refounding. So
come visit, celebrate and leave us a message!

Embassies: 10000 Islands, Deutsch, France, Romania, Israel, United States of America, New Europe, Philosophy 115, The SOP, ITALIA, Australia, Scandinavia, Peninsula Iberica, Empire of Japan, Poland, Laissez Faireholm, and 10 others.United Poland Union, Union of Confederate Regions, Costarrican liberal and socialist states, La France, Germanic Confederation, Vendettaland, Free State of Wisconsin, Westphalia, The Colonies of Australasia, and Konfoederation deutschsprachiger Staaten.

Tags: Democratic, Non-English, Medium, and Casual.

Regional Power: Moderate

Deutschland contains 32 nations, the 378th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Public Sector in Deutschland

Nations ranked highly have relatively large governments and offer the most extensive public services.

As a region, Deutschland is ranked 332nd in the world for Largest Public Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Confederacy of SchwoizerlandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Wir tolerieren alles, ausser Touristen ohne Geld.”
2.The Republic of SteamEngineInoffensive Centrist Democracy“No coal, no steam”
3.The Fiefdom of F2Conservative Democracy“Behind every great fortune there is a crime.”
4.The Friedensland of Batavian RepublicInoffensive Centrist Democracy“FRIEDE, FREUDE, EIERKUCHEN”
5.The Principality of LoichtenreichInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Führe Fürst fürs Fürstentum.”
6.The Green Democracy of RazorendiaDemocratic Socialists“Qui non est hodie, cras minus aptus erit.”
7.The Other Way of KromdraaiScandinavian Liberal Paradise“there is always another way”
8.The Theocracy of ScorgoliaWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“The ball is round. ”
9.The Theocracy of State of the Teutonic Order in PrussiaFather Knows Best State“With God, all things are possible”
10.The Baden-Württemberg of Baden-WuerttembergWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Ländle”
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36 days ago

Mag jemand hier Frankreich?

Frankreich ist ein Land, das Franzosen enthält.


The Holy Empire of Donersland wrote:Frankreich ist ein Land, das Franzosen enthält.

... Und auch reich ist!


An Frankreich mag ich besonders.......Martinique und Guadeloupe! xD

Man kann nicht Französisch-Guayana vergessen. Das französische Weltreich lebt!!!

Ein Gespenst geht um in der Welt – das Gespenst des Französischen-Guayanas. Alle Mächte der alten Weltordnung haben sich zu einer heiligen Hetzjagd gegen dies Gespenst verbündet, der Papst und der Putin, Merkel und Hollande, französische Radikale und deutsche Polizisten.

Wo ist die Oppostitionspartei, die nicht von ihren regierenden Gegnern als französisch-guayanisch verschrien worden wäre, wo die Oppositionspartei, die der fortgeschritteneren Oppositionsleuten sowohl wie ihren reaktionären Gegnern den brandmarkenden Vorwurf dieses Landes nicht zurückgeschleudert hätte?

Halo :)

Guuuten Mooorgen Deutschlaaand! Aufwachen! :-D

Steward: "Herr Kapitän, wir haben einen blinden Passagier an Bord, was sollen wir mit dem machen?"
Kapitän: "Werfen Sie ihn sofort über Bord!"
Ca. 10 Minuten später:
Steward: "Und was machen wir jetzt mit dem Hund?"


10000 Islands Monthly Emissary Update
Month: May 2015
Population: 10000 Islands is home to 1,899 Islanders
Delegate Endorsements: 323


Current Council of Nine (Government of 10000 Islands) members:

Grub (Founder and Chief Executive)
Aersoldorf (Delegate)
Randomain (Minister of Education)
The Candy Lane (Minister of Immigration)
Paffnia (Minister of Labor)
Barry (Senior Senator, Himes West)
Louisistan (Senator, Lyonesse East)
Coreyo (Senator, Blue Canaria North)
Takaram (Senator, New Republica South)

Politics News

NS 209-1, “Criteria For XKI Houses”, relating to the minimum criteria for a nation having their own House, and authored by Minister thecandylane, was passed and adopted. Link: [RESTRICTED]

NS 209-2, “Closing the 10KI Investment Corporation”, was passed by the Council to close the long inactive 10KI Investment Corporation. Minister Paffnia developed and implemented the distribution plan for the corporation’s funds, pursuant to the terms of the new legislation. Links: [RESTRICTED] and

• Elections were held for the Senate seats for New Republica South and Blue Canaria North. Takaram was elected Senator for New Republica South, receiving 39 of 62 votes; and Coreyo was elected Senator for Blue Canaria North, receiving 44 of 67 votes. Links: [RESTRICTED] and [RESTRICTED] - NOTE: The voting history for all Senate and Delegate elections in 10000 Islands may be found at:

• Markanite was awarded the TITO Legion of Merit by Chief Executive Grub. The award is the highest non-TITO medal in 10000 Islands and was conferred upon Markanite for his two highly successful terms as Delegate and for his many years of great work and active service. Link:


Current TITO (Military Force of 10000 Islands) executives:

Grub (Founder and Commander-in-Chief)
Malecia (Executive Officer)
Markanite (Temporary Executive Officer)
Elite (Tactical Officer)
Klopstock (Tactical Officer)
Louisistan (Tactical Officer)


• TITO Day was celebrated on May 8 to commemorate current and fallen veterans in the service of TITO. Links: and

• All nations that participated in the liberation of Lazarus, whether TITO or non-TITO, received the Lazarus Liberation Medal. Link:

• Klopstock was awarded the Silver Star, and Ananke II and Louisistan were each awarded the Bronze Star, for their outstanding service and contributions to the liberation of Lazarus. Link: [RESTRICTED]

• Escanaba earned his 300th Battle Star to become a TITO Knight Legion Commander. Link: [RESTRICTED]

• Smugglers and Mercs earned his 100th Battle Star to become a TITO Knight Commander. Link: [RESTRICTED]

• Harperians earned his 50th Battle Star to become the 76th Knight of TITO. Links: [RESTRICTED] and [RESTRICTED]

• Louisistan was promoted from from trainee TO to full Tactical Officer. [RESTRICTED]Link:


Another busy month in the Immigration Department which saw over 20,000 Telegrams sent out. Most notable were the achievements of Coreyo and Escanaba whose combined efforts saw over 500 new nations brought into the region. Coreyo sent out the most telegrams this month, and so for the first time in over a year Escanaba is not our Top Recruiter of the Month. A hearty 'thank you' and congratulations to both! We also thank Lower Columbia, for sending out over 3,500 telegrams and maintaining a 3.6% success rate. And of course our thanks go to all the other recruiters - whether you spend hours or minutes recruiting, your help is appreciated.

Population Rank: 10th

Total Telegrams Sent: 24,953
Total Points: 62,298
Total Recruited Nations: 785
Average Success Rate*: 3.15%
(+ 0.64%, compared to April 2015)
*Total Recruited Nations divided by Total Telegrams Sent

Recruitment telegrams are becoming more effective in bringing in new recruits into 10000 Islands. According to the following table and graph, percentage of nations being recruited via recruitment telegrams shows an increasing trend:
Recruiting Percentage Table(Since June 2014):

Recruiting Percentage Graph(Since June 2014):

• The Sixth House Cup & Shield competition was held, run by Senator Louisistan. Both the Cup and Shield were captured by the House of Ater Nox, while Coreyo completed the sweep for the Ater Nox clan by bringing home the Sceptre. Link:

- The Candy Lane, Minister of Immigration


This month saw a huge amount of confirmed new islanders on the forum, even compared to recent months when the number has steadily been increasing, so this means our Buddies have been kept busy for the month. I’d like to thank the buddies for their hard work and efforts.

XKI University

Dean of XKI University: Witchcraft and Sorcery

University Class List
- French
- German
- Introduction to Rocket Science
- Spanish
- Geography
- Ancient Philosophy
- Economics
- Japanese
(8 courses offered)

- Randomain, Minister of Education

It's jobs, jobs, jobs at the Department this month. Almonaster, Renisia, and Randomain had images chosen as XKI Rift-theme banners, and Lower Columbia was picked as emissary to the Rejected Realms. Still open are a designer for Harperians' knights statue, a deputy RRC, designers for TITO Rift-theme banners, and the Poet Laureate Contest; details in the table below. For news and more info, please stop by office!

Around the Islands

• Designs submitted by Almonaster, Randomain, and Renisia, were selected by Grub as the new, official XKI Rift-theme banners. However, one or two banners are still needed to be designed for exclusive use of TITO nations. Link:

• A new XKI news service, The Islands Gazette, was created by Flemingisa. Link:

• Entries were opened for this year’s FRAVision contest, which is being hosted by the Renegade Islands Alliance. Links: and

• The Jackpot of 105,000 Tacos was won by bloodsuckeranonymous in the XKI Lottery’s Big Draw Game on May 1. Link:

• The 42nd game of Werewolf: Life, the Universe and Everything, was awesome. It was hilariously hosted by Tierre de Madre and won by the Sneaks (wolves): Elite, Sauron, and Campinia. The consensus MVP was Aersoldorf (sneak/wolf). Links: and

• The 43rd game of Werewolf: The GM Sucks!, is being hosted by Elite. Link:

• The third tournament in the five event Cross Regional Tennis Season, The Varangian Open Tennis Championships, was hosted by Galicia-Volhynia in Wysteria. The Men’s Championship was an all XKI Final, won by Philip Raul of Ater Nox over Ken Madigan of Barry, while the Women’s Finals went to Yanina Wickmayer of Jahmurai (Mordor). Link:

The XKI Basketball Championship got underway. It is being hosted by the XKI Sports League and run by The Jensmonian Empire. Link:

• Senator Louisistan opened sign-ups for the War of the Houses 2, to be conducted throughout June. Link:

• Islanders visited The Rejected Realms on May 1-3. Links: region=the_rejected_realms and

• Sign-ups were opened for the Poet Laureate Contest, which will be run by Paffnia. Linki:

Written by: Coreyo

Tut mir leid, diesen Monat wird mir die Zeit leider nicht für eine vernünftige Übersetzung reichen.

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