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1.The People's Republic of BirchwaterScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Ars longa, vita brevis”
2.The Althing of RatateagueDemocratic Socialists“ᴀʟʟ ɍᴀᴛʜᴇʀs ᴄᴀʀᴇ ɍѳʀ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ sѳɴs”
3.The Green Communes of LaevendellLeft-wing Utopia“What's mine is yours as well.”
4.The Spiritual Union of MettiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
5.The Socialist Republic of TaurideLeft-wing Utopia“Fieles a nosotros mismos”
6.The United Socialist States of Awesomeness YoloSwagLiberal Democratic Socialists“Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!”
7.The Socialist Commonwealth of SuceavijaLeft-wing Utopia“Love, integrity, and perseverance shall make us great.”
8.The Social Republic of Democratic FranceLeft-wing Utopia“To each according to ones needs”
9.The Commune of BorqScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Sure, why not?”
10.The Semi-Autonomous Protectorate of OniriancLeft-wing Utopia“Courage de rÍver, courage d'Ítre.”
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Co-operatism (economic democracy) is also a form of Owenism, as it slots into the Utopian Socialism philosophy.

I chose democratic socialist (although my ideology is constantly prone to changes; a year ago, I was more of a social democrat)

Anyhow... have you heard the news about the earthquake that happened in central Italy? Thankfully I live in northern Italy and I didn't even sense a little tremor, but I'm very sad for all those who lost their lives or their relatives'/friends' lives. I'll pray for them (if that matters in any way)

The Republic of Alitone wrote:Oye nice on anotehr note my space-related flag is better(From a vexiological view anyway) than yours!

Meh, I still like mine better. ;)

And I'm sorry to hear about the earthquake in Italy. I'll pray for them also.

The game is following me... I get an issue with my nephew in it, and it gives his actual (first) name >.>

I consider myself Marxist but I should read more. Being a socialist (or at least thinking from a socialist perspective) has made me gradually less nationalistic and xenophobic over the years (not that I was that xenophobic, but I've held less than correct [by which I mean both literally and from my current viewpoint] views). I'm just glad I haven't fallen pray to the alt-right types >.>

Suceavija and Lemur Isles

There's always going to be arguments over semantics, but for what it's worth, here are my definitions for each of the categories.

Liberal: In this context, I tend to mean the left conscience of mainstream bourgeois political thought. So, they basically accept the neoliberal consensus of a free market, while maybe arguing for a social safety net of some sort, as well as whatever state intervention is necessary to prevent a total economic collapse during crises. In other words, "Third Way" politics as advocated by Clinton or Blair. I guess this definition differs slightly (though not entirely) from classical liberalism, which I imagine would be covered under "not even particularly left wing" option.

Social Democrat: A little more left wing, maybe outside the comfort zone of most of the capitalist class, while still not fundamentally threatening the capitalist system. So, think the reforms advocated by Bernie Sanders for free higher education, a public healthcare system, etc. for which modern day capitalists would be loathe to pay the necessary taxes.

Democratic Socialist: Democratic Socialists differ in that they envision a wholly different type of society where capitalism may eventually be abolished, but are wary of the idea of revolution. So they envision a transformation on the basis of using democratic institutions that already exist, like parliament. For all intents and purposes, they probably mostly look like social democrats, though they are usually braver in terms of posing more radical immediate demands. This category could maybe be personified by Jeremy Corbyn, or Tony Benn before him.

Leninist: Leninist here is the catchall term for Bolshevism and its offshoots (Trotskyism, Maoism). As with all Marxists, Leninists believe that capitalism is only a passing historic mode of production that can be overthrown by the organised working class. But Leninists also believe that a revolutionary party is crucial when it comes to educating the working class before and during the revolution, and for coordinating the destruction of the bourgeois state (namely the police and military).

A different type of Marxist: This category covers the Marxist tendencies apart from Leninism. Some maybe believe in the possibility of a more spontaneous revolution (perhaps arising through a general strike) than the Leninist conception, i.e, without a centralised party. Others maybe have a similar view to Democratic Socialists, except with a more marxist understanding of class and economic than ordinary DemSocs. Some are quasi-anarchists who have read 'Capital'.

Anarchist: Anarchists want to create a socialist society of some sort without hierarchy, to the extent that elements of hierarchy or centralised decision making even within organisations of resistance are distrusted. Anarchists tend to focus on both individual direct action in confrontation against the state, as well as collective organisation on a smaller scale (any thing from local soup kitchens to self-defence militias). A lot of anarchists also have a syndicalist orientation.

Suceavija, Bananaistan, Basiliania, Alitone, and 1 otherTerdesuni

I don't know what socialist creed I fall into:
I believe industries should be owned and operated by the workers who work their.
I believe Government should be subordinate to the people, transparent, elected, accountable, and tasked with the job of providing basic services such as healthcare, utilities, Policing, Public Transit, and Welfare.
Freedom of Speech and Religion, unconditionally.
Freedom to do whatever you want that doesn't hurt someone else, but promotion of a code of conduct that must be followed by all elected and/or any other high government officials.
Environmental protectionism/eco friendly/green/whatever eco term that floats your recycled material boat.
Expansion to Outer Space.

Alitone and Atlantistaria

Post self-deleted by Tauride.

I consider myself a socialist, but I'm not really a Marxist (I do believe that the Marxist tradition provides powerful insights into the workings of capitalist society, but I don't agree to its main anthropological tenets, nor to its philosophy of history). Even though I'm now an Agnostic, the Catholic Franciscan education I got when I was younger somehow oriented my later understanding of socialism in an ethical way. Above all, I'm very critical of the productivist ideology which permeates most varieties of Marxism and bourgeois political thought, and therefore I'm also an environmentalist. So, I chose "democratic socialist" for lack of a better expression, but I'm not really confident in our parliamentary institutions: I regard center-left political parties as the lesser evil within the frame of bourgeois democracy, but nothing else. In a way I find myself closer to anarchism (or, in any case, to a grassroots view of socialism) but I don't think it's possible (nor desirable) to abolish the state...

Lemur Isles and Atlantistaria

The Socialist Republic of Tauride wrote:In a way I find myself closer to anarchism (or, in any case, to a grassroots view of socialism) but I don't think it's possible (nor desirable) to abolish the state...

In retrospect, I probably should have included a category "Libertarian Socialist" for those who want a more grassroots alternative to parliamentary democracy, but who don't necessarily identify with all the connotations of "anarchist".

For my part, I went with "Leninist" because at the end of the day the Bolsheviks are the only example of a socialist party successfully leading a proletarian revolution that broke with capitalism (the Cuban, Chinese, and other revolutions are slightly different in that they were largely anti-imperialist rebellions that aligned with the already existing USSR). Revolution in 1918 failed in Germany and Austria for the reason that Social Democracy proved its inherent conservatism, and there were no effective revolutionary alternative parties with a strong base in society to lead the working class to power.

I do lament what became of the Soviet Union under Stalin. But I don't see this as being due to the original sin of Lenin and the Bolsheviks, and much less Marxism in general. I accept the Trotskyist analysis that Stalinism was the result of the isolation the new state faced, along with the technological backwardness in Russia, and the Civil War.

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