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This is a democratic socialist region that welcomes socialists, democratic communists, left-wing anarchists, environmentalists and civil libertarians. This region is against imperialism, fascism, and totalitarianism. Capitalist nations are viewed with suspicion and distrust.

All nations with civil rights or political freedoms ranked less than "some" are banned. All nations in prohibited categories are banned. For a complete list see the Charter, Article I, Section I.

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Ambassadors: Vacant

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Regional Power: Moderate

Democratic Socialist Alliance contains 5 nations, the 2,675th most in the world.

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#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Human Rights Activist of Cynthia McKinneyCivil Rights Lovefest“We are all Palestinians”
2.The Dhammic Socialist Republic of Nava SiamWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“The greatest gain is to give to others.”
3.The Resource-Based Federation of Grand CaledoniaLeft-wing Utopia“Paradise or Oblivion!”
4.The Republic of Co-operative commonwealthLiberal Democratic Socialists“From each according to ability to each accordin to need”
5.The People of The LonghouseWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Haudenosaunee”

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Merry Christmas Comrades!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm proud to be #1 in the region for The Most Income Equality!

Cynthia McKinney

Great job Grand Caledonia!

What do you all think about the refactoring changes that are going to mess with every nation's economy, taxation, and government spending? I think some of the stat changes are way too extreme. The change that really needs to be made is to make it easier to improve civil rights. Its way to difficult to improve civil rights once your civil rights get up into the 90s. My civil rights have been stuck on 94 out of 100 for what seems like forever no matter how many issue choices I make that are suppose to increase civil rights.

I'm concerned about it too. I've been trying to improve civil rights for ages, but nothing I do seems to make a difference.

Why did my civil rights go down 5 points for prosecuting minors as adults that are accused of murder? My civil rights instead should have increased for protecting people's safety by punishing violent criminals regardless of their age. Why does it say toddlers are imprisoned for assault? Nowhere did the issue talk about toddlers. My crime rate should have also improved yet it still says I have a major crime problem.

I don't think "safety" is something that counts to civil rights. Imprisoning more liberally, however, should probably indeed harm civil rights at least a bit; also, it says in the FAQ under "Why is my nation so weird?" that "Everything is exaggerated a little. Well, okay, a lot. Your decisions affect your nation very strongly, so your country might seem like a more extreme version of what you were aiming for. Unless you have radical politics. In which case you probably think nothing's wrong."

Furthermore, your crime rate may well have decreased, but not enough to change the classification given from a "major crime problem" to something better. You should probably try to increase your Law & Order department more (it's currently non-existent: nation=cynthia_mckinney/detail=government).

I don't like to fund the police because they usually want to turn the country into a police state or surveillance state.

The Human Rights Activist of Cynthia McKinney wrote:I don't like to fund the police because they usually want to turn the country into a police state or surveillance state.

A balance of education, social welfare and law & order seem to work for Caledonia. Besides, you don't need to over fund the police, which would lead to a police state. Somewhere around 2% of GDP would certainly be okay in my books.

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